Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 03 Pt. 01


Ch. 3-Pt. 1 Discovered

Tiffany Ranger was puzzled when at the same time she and her best friend, Chandra, got back from the Friday night football game, her sister, Sarah, was just now leaving. She tried to wave goodbye but her big sister left so fast that Tiffany didn’t even know if she had seen her wave. She couldn’t understand why her big sister had suddenly begun to act so strangely. She had been going out all night, something she hadn’t done since Sarah had graduated high school, and she seemed to be spending quite a bit more money than usual. The concern over her Sarah’s nocturnal activities was so great that Tiffany chose to follow her sister. She turned her car around and followed her sister from a distance.

“What are you doing Tiff?” Chandra asked “Aren’t we going to hang out besides we just got here?”

“Sorry, change of plans. Sarah’s been acting really weird lately and I want to find out what she’s been doing.”

“I’m sure she’s fine…besides I’m fucking horny I wanted to try out that vibrator I just got.” Not only were the two 18 year old girls best friends but they were also fuck buddies who regularly hooked up when neither was currently with anybody. Having just recently dumped her boyfriend Chandra was desperate for a fucking and had hounded Tiffany until she promised to make love to her. “And don’t forget you promised to give me your hot ass for the night.” She reached over and put her hand underneath the skirt of Tiffany’s cheerleading outfit and vigorously rubbed her crotch through her panties. Tiffany pulled her lovers hand away despite the fact that it was getting her wet.

“Stop that I’m trying to drive. And don’t worry once I know what Sarah is up to we’ll go back home and you can fuck me to your hearts content.” Chandra batted her eyelashes and gave her friend the best puppy dog look she could.

“Do you promise?” That look always got Tiffany and her eyes briefly lingered over the body of her sexy Indian (as in the country) lover.

“I promise.”

They drove for nearly half an hour until they finally got into the cities downtown. Tiffany wondered what her big sister could possibly be doing in this part of town. Whatever it was it couldn’t have been for money as they were loaded. She watched her sister pull into an alley and park. Tiffany and Chandra stopped a block behind and waited to see where her Sarah was headed. It was several minutes until anybody came out of the alley and arap escort when a buxom brunette wearing all leather and a mask did exit the alley Tiffany came to a shocking realization, her sister was the Night Terror. She could tell from afar that it was her big sister Sarah that wore the sultry costume of the violent crime fighter; she had no doubts that it wasn’t just a costume as she could see the guns strapped to her sisters legs.

“Holy shit Tiff is that Sarah?”

“Yes. I’m sure of it.”

“Wow, your sister is the fucking Night Terror. God damn that’s nuts.”

“You’re telling me.” Chandra’s eyes locked on to Sarah’s leather encased ass.

“Damn that outfit looks good on her.” Tiffany shot a glance at Chandra, they may have been best friends and fuck buddies but that was something she didn’t want Chandra to say about her sister. They got out of her car and followed Sarah as she headed down the back alleys of downtown.

“You know Tiff we are still in our cheerleading outfits; we stand out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood.”

“I know but I have to find out what she’s doing down here.”

Sarah headed towards Luke’s eager for a good gangbang. She had begun heading their every night that she could and would spend a good hour or two getting fucked before she went out on patrol. She had turned into a complete slut for the massive cocks that were stuffed into her every orifice she even had let a few minor crooks go if they gave her a good fucking. It all reality she really wasn’t much more than a fuck slut who occasionally killed some real bad guys. She took the back way to Luke’s as quickly as possible as her cunt was already sopping wet in expectation of being treated like a two dollar whore. Tiffany and Chandra kept their distance as they followed her down the ally’s luckily Sarah hadn’t noticed them and the ally’s seemed to be devoid of anything more than a the occasional stray cat, rat infested dumpster, and a few heroin addicts that were so wasted that they couldn’t even open their eyelids much less harass the two cheerleaders. Sarah opened the door to Luke’s and went inside, the boys didn’t even bother taking her to the back room anymore as they had altered the store hours so that nobody would be coming in to the facility while Sarah was their. They instead stripped Sarah of her clothing and immediately went to work fucking the sexy crime fighter.

Tiffany escort arap and Chandra watched Sarah enter the store and knew that they probably couldn’t follow her inside luckily next to door was a small window about seven feet off the ground and underneath that was a large dumpster. The two girls climbed on top and peered inside the window what they saw was shocking. Sarah was stripped completely naked and surrounded by four men. Chandra couldn’t help but stare at Sarah’s incredible body; it was almost as good as Tiffany’s she thought.

“Oh my god.” Tiffany whispered “What the fuck is she doing.” Sarah was jerking off two of the men both of which had sizeable dicks while a short white man began to probe her ass hole with his finger and a tall black man felt her tits and pussy. Both girls could tell Sarah wasn’t in distress and Chandra was certain that she was an eager participant from the site of her sopping cunt.

“I think your sister is planning on getting gang banged.”

“Shut up.” Sarah was trying to deny it but it was pretty obvious that the so called crime fighter that was her sister was a nasty slut.

“Deny it all you want Tiff, but Sarah sure looks like she’s enjoying it.”

By Sarah was astride the black man taking his giant dick in her pussy and moaning like a whore. The short white man positioned himself behind her and pushed her big dick up her butt hole. She then began to suck on one of the other men’s dicks. Both Chandra and Tiffany were extremely turned on, Tiffany couldn’t help but stare at the big cocks that were hammering away at her sister and Chandra was very turned on by everything taking place, she needed to fuck. Chandra put her arms around Tiffany and pulled up her skirt and pulled Tiffany’s panties to the side. She began to probe her friend’s cunt with two of her fingers while playing with Tiffany’s DD tits with her other hand.

Tiffany didn’t bother resisting instead she ground against Chandra’s fingers while she watched her sister continue to act like a whore. She watched as Sarah took both cocks that weren’t in her pussy and ass and pushed them both of their heads into her mouth. Tiffany found herself wishing that she was in Sarah’s position, being pounded by four fat cocks, as much as she enjoyed the touch of a woman the idea of being a filthy whore like her big sister drove her nuts. Chandra had unzipped Tiffany’s top and had pulled down her arap escort bayan sports bra to reveal her big tits. She whispered into Tiffany’s ear.

“Do you like what you see?” Tiffany drove herself down onto Chandra’s fingers trying desperately to fill her pussy as her sister was still experiencing ecstasy inside the gun store.

“Answer me Tiff. Do you like it?” She tweaked one of Tiffany’s nipples.

“Yes, oh god Chandra yes I do.” Tiffany was close to coming as Chandra pushed a third finger inside of her.

“Why, what turns you on about it.”

“I want to be in Sarah’s place. I want to be treated like a whore.” She watched as the man in Sarah’s ass pulled out and began to masturbate until he came across her back. At the Same time she could see that the man in Sarah’s pussy was pushed furiously deep within her. After a moment he relaxed and Sarah crawled off of him while the two men she had been blowing pulled away and slowly jerked their cocks to keep themselves hard.

“God damn it look at that slut, and you want to be just like it. I guess sluttiness runs in the family.” Tiffany heard Chandra’s words and new she had to be a slut just like her sister. She wanted to be a filthy whore so bad and this thought coupled with Chandra’s fingers drove her over the edge. Moaning as silently as possible Tiffany came in torrents at the same moment that her sister, now being ass fucked by one man and faced fucked by another began to spray her own juice down her legs and onto the carpet of the gun store. The two men quickly pulled out of her and then blasted their cum onto her face and chest. Sarah caught as much of the cum as possible in her mouth and eagerly swallowed it. To the surprise of Tiffany and Chandra, Sarah didn’t appear to be done yet as she began sucking the cocks that had just violated her. Before long all four had quickly grown hard once again and a wicked idea crossed Chandra’s mind.

“So you want to be a whore just like Sarah, how about we go a join them?”

“What, are you crazy? My sister is in there I’m not going to do that.”

“So what? You’re not gonna fuck your sister. Besides you promised me early tonight that your ass was mine for the evening, and I want you to go get gangbanged like the whore you are.” Tiffany was shocked; she couldn’t believe her best friend could be like this but at the same time her desire was such that it would be hard for her to resist.

“Chandra. How could you? I’m not your property.” Chandra just smiled.

“I’m only giving you what I know you want.” Tiffany knew that Chandra was right, this was exactly what she wanted, to be treated like a filthy slut. “Now put your clothes on I think they’ll be very receptive to a big titted cheerleader eager for some cock.”

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