Waking Up


The land shark was almost on me now, it’s teeth whistling through the air as it snapped at my heals. I just couldn’t run fast enough to escape the beast, and yet it seemed the approaching cliff edge was racing towards me faster than ever before. I could vaguely hear the sound of the valley beyond sucking me to my certain death. I glanced back to see the hooves of the beast digging in for one last leap – it would get me for sure this time – so I leapt at the edge of the plateau, knowing that being crushed on the rocks below would be an easier death than being shredded by the gleaming metal teeth of the predator behind me.

As I floated into the valley, I saw the foggy air clear to reveal a colorful spring meadow with a clear spring stream running through it. The land shark seemed a million miles away as I was overcome with a warm, wonderful glow, and still I was inexplicably sucked toward the inviting water of the stream.

My descent slowed gradually until I was laid gently on my back in the shallow water. It was warm and it flowed around my body, but it didn’t seem to touch my skin … well, almost – I was becoming aware that I was naked and the water was touching only my cock and balls. The water surrounded and fondled my genitals, and again I heard the sucking noise that drew me into the valley itself. At first the water completely engulfed my soft dick and shaved balls, but I soon felt myself growing long and hard, and the action of the water began to alternate between my shaft and nutsack. The sucking sounds grew louder and louder….

For a few moments, the world around me disappeared, and there was only the sensation of the river sucking my cock. All of a sudden, a small bird landed on a large rock on the shore next to me. istanbul escort We looked at each other and he smiled, but there was something about his smile … something devilish. He opened his mouth wide and emitted a horrible buzzing screech. In a flash, a wave erupted from the stream and clumsily knocked the bird across the rocks. For a few seconds the water withdrew from my cock while it thrashed at the noisy bird. The tiny animal kept getting knocked further from the edge of the water, but didn’t stop it’s insistent alarm.

Suddenly all of the water in the river flowed onto the shore, pulling me with it and bashing my head upon the same rock on which the bird had originally landed.

I awoke with you on top of me on the floor, my head aching from the contact with the nightstand; my cock and balls dripping with your saliva. “Sorry, baby,” you say. “I meant to turn off the alarm before I started. Good morning!” and you lean down to kiss me gently on the lips. “I could tell you weren’t having a very nice dream, so I decided to wake you up in the nicest way I could think of. How’d you like it?”

“Mmm, I loved it, but .. um … I think I’m still a little groggy.” A sheepish grin crosses my mouth as I glance down at my semi-erect dick. You wrap your fingers around my glistening member and let the head slip in and out between your fingers as you inspect my shaved cock. “Hmm, you’re right,” you purr, “I’ll not be accused of leaving a job unfinished.”

You slide back down between my legs with your arms on my thighs. Both hands are flat against my body with your thumbs around the base of my cock. You look into my eyes as your tongue slides out to lick the underside of my shaft while it is still slightly soft and draped istanbul escort bayan across the backs of your fingers. You lick from the base to the tip, leaving a nice, thick trail of spit, and each time your tongue lifts off of the head, a long string of drool and precum forms between it and the hole in the end of my cock.

Just a few licks and I am almost as hard as I can be, so you lift me into your mouth and start to slurp between your warm, luscious lips. I love the sounds you make as your head moves up and down in my lap. You open and close your mouth as you carefully try to take me deeper into your throat, and the sounds of your lips peeling away from my slippery shaft push me closer to the edge.

Now you can sense that I am close, so you move around to kneel on my left side next to my chest – the slight curve of my cock to that side makes it easier for you to get the entire length down your throat. This position also gives me a fantastic view of two things: your neck as it expands with each time you swallow my thick cock; and the curvature of your hips and ass as you rock back and forth on my tool. Your back is arched and your cunt and asshole are straining against the fabric of your sexy lace teddy. I can see where the fabric is darkened with the juices of your pussy, but you are so involved with pleasuring me that you haven;t touched your pussy once while I have been awake.

I get a whiff of the smell of your wet cunt and it totally sends me over the edge. I begin to thrust upward into your mouth as my cock expands to its thickest and hardest proportions. You jerk me off as you suck on the head, waiting for the final thrust to signal my impending climax. I reach my arm under your waist and pull escort istanbul you close to me just before I cum. With one final thrust, every muscle in my body contracts, and I can feel my load begin to squirt up through my cock. You take me forcefully into your throat and I think I can see my spasms in your neck as I pump my thick cum into you. You wrap your arms around my ass to hold me inside while I listen to you begin to gag on my hard cock. Finally, the size is too much for you, and you pull off while coughing up a huge glob of cum all over my cock and balls. The strings of spit and cum flutter as you inhale deeply and relax your throat muscles. I am still pumping out the hot spunk, so you bring up both hands to jerk off the remaining cum, watching it pour onto your fingers as you squeeze me in your fists.

As my spasms subside, you spread my cum on your face and neck, licking some of the larger drops into your mouth. You neatly attend to my softening cock, being careful not to rub my sensitive member while you clean me up with your lips and tongue.

For a few minutes, you lay with your head on my thigh, looking over my limp cock to my eyes as I look back down at you. Your face is shiny with my cream smeared into your skin, and I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You smile sweetly as you stroke a fingertip along the smooth shaft of my dick. “You know, you still have to go to work this morning,” you say in a voice so sweet and quiet it’s almost a whisper.

I toss an arm across my face. “Noooo … I don’t wanna go!” I whine.

“Yes. Time to get up, babe.”

“Oh, all right!”

You raise up to sit on your knees as I sit up and lean against the bed. You put your hands on my shoulders and lean forward to kiss my cheek. “I love waking up like this,” I say. “And I love waking you up like this!” you whisper in my ear. “Would you like to join me for a shower?” I ask. “Mmm, very much!” you purr, and we both rise and head for the bathroom. Of course, what follows is another story…

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