Usha The Young Maid


My wife Maya is very beautiful and smart. Even though we have been married for almost 15 years, Maya has maintained herself well. Both of us work in high-pressure jobs. Since we found little time, we had sent our only son to a boarding school in South India so we lived alone in our big house in a posh area of the national capital New Delhi.

It was perhaps due to the high pressure of work that sex lessened and then almost stopped between us. I feel no sexual arousal when I look at Maya. I am going to turn 45 soon and sex does not seem to interest me any more. That however changed in a very interesting way that I would like to share with you dear readers.

This is a real story and perhaps has a message somewhere. Our previous live in maid had left us and we were finding it difficult to get another reliable one. Finally my wife’s mother sent one from Siliguri where she lived. The new maid Usha we were told left her husband as he had taken another wife. Delhi is very far from Siliguri. In Siliguri Usha lived in a farming community and did chores at farm and home.

Initially, Usha found it difficult to adjust in our urban house in Delhi. We had a tiny lawn but that was no match for the wide fields she was used to. But gradually, my wife taught her to cook and do other household chores in the way we wanted. Usha was about 32 years old, very slim, fair and had a touch of mongoloid features. She was not too beautiful but had a tight and slim body that results from hard work at farm. She remained very quiet but did her work efficiently.

In the daytime, both my wife and I left for our jobs and Usha remained alone at home. She had not much to do and watched a lot of TV. I talked to her minimally and it was my wife who essentially interacted with her. About a year passed peacefully but then Usha started to miss her home. She was accumulating good money but perhaps she longed to be in her village.

In hindsight, she must have missed sex and that would have made her more frustrated. Symptoms started with Usha having occasional tiffs with my wife Maya. At times Usha deliberately did not do her work and was scolded by Maya. The things came to a head on clash one Saturday evening. Usha had a big fight with Maya and wanted to leave.

Maya was frustrated and did not know sex izle how to handle Usha. Usha was crying and refusing to either talk or do any thing. She was just lying face down on her bed and refused to get up. Maya came to me livid with anger and told me that she would just send Usha back as it was getting impossible to deal with her. I consoled my wife and told her that I would go down stairs to see if Usha would talk to me.

When I got down I found Usha lying with her face buried I pillow. She was wearing a deep blue sari and a sleeveless blouse. Her sari had risen up a bit showing her milky feet and a bit of her legs. Her arms were folded over her head and I could see her brown black armpit hair. Pallu of her sari was lying down and skin of her back was exposed in between her blouse and her sari.

I realized at that moment that there indeed was a raw sex appeal in her. I felt a bit odd. I tried to talk to her softly but she did not speak or even moved. I sat down on the edge of her bed and after a bit of hesitation, kept my hand on her back. I asked her to let me know if she had a problem. She just did not reply. I found my self getting a bit bolder. I could feel her bra’s straps under my hand. I started to caress her back. Still nothing. I felt a twang in between my legs. After all here lay a woman whose back I was caressing and the situation was full of possibilities.

I moved my hand to the bare skin on Usha’s back and felt her tight back muscles. My organ was now showing a definite sign of life, a feeling I had not had for a long time. Usha did not move but stopped crying. I moved my hand down to her hips. From over the sari, I could feel her tight small ass. I moved my hand from left to right and felt. Her sari cloth moved freely as I felt her smooth bulges and the ass crack.

I further moved my hand down and could feel her stiff thin back of thighs. I was now thoroughly enjoying my self. I moved my hand up and tickled her hairy arm pits. I heard a muffled giggle as she moved her hands down to close her arm pits. She turned around in bed and I say her smiling. I was now rather bold. I started to caress her breasts from over her blouse. She wiggled her body and covered her face with her hands.

Here we were. I was not her master and she not alt yazılı porno my maid. We were just a pair of male and female. Raw sex was brewing its magic. I felt a strong urge to fuck her and she was probably sensing it, indeed anticipating it. Yet I could not do much as my wife was upstairs and could descend any minute.

I gazed in her face and moved my hand down, rubbing it against her belly and then further down. I realized she was not wearing a petticoat under her sari. I could feel her pubic hair through her sari. I gently caressed her triangle. She parted her thighs and gave me a better access though through her sari only.

My man hood was now fully erect. I heard my wife’s foot steps and quickly got up. I told Usha in a whisper. “I shall take care of you. Now get up and talk to Memsahib properly. Then I rushed up. My wife was pleasantly surprised to find Usha up and ready to do the work assigned to her.

Next day morning, when I went down to kitchen I grabbed Usha from back and felt her pussy from over her sari. My manhood rubbed against her tight her ass and went wild. But I could not do much as my wife could come any moment. Both my wife and me left for work. We work at different places and never came home in the day time. That day I decided to return home in day time, as it would give me an opportunity to be alone with Usha.

I told my office that I had to run an errand and left. I drove excitedly back to home. Usha opened the door. She was wearing a deep green sari with white blouse. I closed the door and saw her smiling shyly. I immediately grabbed her, picked her in my arms and carried her upstairs to my bedroom.

I wanted to give her a good bath before we do any thing else. I tried to pull her sari and blouse away. She showed some mock resistance but then let go of her clothes. What a lovely taught body she had! Tight little breasts and smooth legs like that of a school girl. I took off my clothes and just left my underpants on.

Usha was wearing black cotton panties. I carried her to bath room and turned on the shower. She tried to run away but I held her tightly and pushed her under the shower of warm water. I applied soap on her arm pits and small breasts. I felt her erected nipples for some time then rubbed altyazılı sex izle soap on her back and belly.

I tried to pull her panties down. She resisted and held on to her panties. Finally however I was able to pull them down and away from her legs. Her pussy was now all mine. I applied soap on her pussy and worked up quite some leather, She laughed and clung to my neck.

She avoided looking at my face and kept her eyes shut. I rubbed soap on inside of her thighs and on legs. I felt her pussy hole and inserted a finger. She gasped and held me even more tightly. After the bath, I used a towel to dry her carried her to my bed. I applied some powder and she started to smell nice.

On the bed she sat with her arms around my neck and face buried in my chest. I had brought the bottle of baby oil with me. I took some oil on my right hand fingers and started to massage the inside of her pussy. Her pussy hairs were glistening with the oil I applied. She parted her thighs, as she obviously loved the sensation.

I gently rubbed her clitoris with two well oiled fingers, and asked her to open her legs wider and wider. I had taken my underpants away and my fully erect organ was digging in her back. I applied some oil on my organ and brought her right hand to hold it. She held it and caressed it for a while and then without warning brought her mouth down and started to suck it.

By this time, her pussy was dripping wet as a result of the oil massage I was giving. I laid her on her back on the bed. She immediately opened her legs and pulled me on to her. I positioned my organ on her pussy hole and gently pushed it in. Here was the most beautiful sensation a man can ever have, a hard penis entering a warm, wet and tight pussy.

She sighed and grabbed me tightly even as she parted her thighs to the maximum extant. I pumped my organ in and out and felt the divine sensation of fucking a woman after a long time. Fuchh.. Fuchh… came the sound of my rod going in and out of her pussy now red hot, then an explosion…She was also sex starved woman getting her fill after a long time.

I thought what a fool I had been to overlook her for a year. I could have had great sex with her. Then a strange idea of having the two women together entered my mind. Would it not be great to have her along with my wife. A threesome I had never experienced in my life. Would these two women agree I wondered. It did happen in due course of time but that is another story for another day. This true story will continue if you dear readers ask for more.

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