Uses For a Wingbacked Chair


The armchair is in his study. It’s upholstered in exquisite jacquard-woven fabric, with wings at the side to shield his face from the glow of the fire, propped on short, stout, sensuously curved legs, as is typical of the style.The study reflects his tastes – it’s a picture of Victorian luxury – filled with objets d’art, shelves of books and rich furnishings. A low fire flickers in the fireplace, and the smell of newly – heated coal permeates the air. The Persian rug beneath her knees is an intricate mandala of reds and and blues. The wood panels on the wall glow dimly in the firelight.She leans her head on his thigh and he caresses her hair.”Are you warm enough, my dearest?” he inquires.”Yes,” she whispers.He runs his hand down her naked back and her skin is blazing hot. She murmurs at his touch.”Are you happy to be here?””Yes,” she says, and strokes his shins lovingly. “I’ve wanted to be here for a long time.””Even though you know what I require of you?””Yes, that too.”They sit in silence for a while, listening to the crackling of the flames.”I have never let any woman know my true nature before.” he says, after a pause. “And I am afraid you will not think so much much of me when I have exercised a little of my desire upon you.””You can trust me.” she replies.”But you cannot trust me, my dearest. This is a point of no return for you.””I know,” she says, and runs her hand up the inside seam of his trousers, to the welcoming bulge between his legs. Her palm lingers there momentarily, and then travels back down.”But I give myself to you. You have earned me. Now teach me your pleasure.”He smiles and presses her hand to his manhood once more. “Tell me again how much you desire this.”She raises herself on her knees. “Oh, my love, I want nothing else. I have never wanted any touch but yours, I dream of things with you that leave me burning in my lady’s place. I can’t tell you…there aren’t words…please let Sarıyer escort me see it! Please let me touch it!” She looks to him and there is no denying the fervor in her eyes, the lust that plays around her slightly opened mouth, inexperienced as he knows she is. “It will touch you more deeply than you can imagine.” he says, with a smirk – and then a change comes over him. “I cannot control this any longer!” With this he seizes a handful of her hair and stands up, almost dragging her up beside him; such is his agitation.Her face contorts with pain and she seeks to free his grip. “Oh! What have I done? Are you angry?””I am not angry, dearest, but this is something you must get used to.” he says, and with his other hand pulls a bundle of cord from his pocket, and throws it on the seat of the armchair. “You’re going to bind me? But why?”He laughs, and drags her nearer to the chair. “No more questions now, dearest.”She is kneeling, facing the chair now, and her hips are up against the seat. With one hand he pushes her forwards, so she must hold on to the sides to keep her balance, and with the other starts forcing her thighs apart until she has a knee beside each chair leg. He loops the cord around them and lashes her legs to the armchair in this way.She cranes her head around with a look of astonishment. Without a word he manoeuvers her head to face into the chair again and delivers a sharp smack to her buttocks. She squeals. “Dearest, don’t make this harder than it needs to be. You’re mine now.”The sight of her pink ass jutting towards him, and the glistening folds of her labia hanging gaping beneath are pleasing in the extreme. He crosses to the back of the chair, takes her hands and raises them over her head, wrists crossed. These he secures whilst watching every move of her face. She seems not to see him now – there is a strange look in her eyes, part resignation, part Escort Silivri lust. She does not seems afraid and allows him to manipulate her like a rag doll. He has her arms stretched to the top of the chair now, and runs the excess cord down over the back and behind it to where he has fixed an anchor just for this purpose. Her spine is bent in a shallow curve, and her ass juts out over the seat. He steps back a moment to admire his handiwork. She twists her hands a little in the bonds, perhaps to test them. He walks around the chair, enjoying the view from every angle. He particularly enjoys the view of her breasts rendered fuller and more shapely by gravity.”I could do anything I wanted now.” He smirks. “I could whip you, violate you, and just leave you here for the use of my friends. What could you do about it?” He yanks her head back by her hair “Tell me!””Nothing!””That’s right, petal. Absolutely nothing. You are completely helpless.”He’s kneeling at the side of the chair now, and crushes one dangling breast in his hand. She inhales deeply and he hears a tiny rippling sound as her flower opens up and produces fluid.”Oh, you naughty little girl!” he laughs, and pinches her nipple cruelly, making her yelp.”What would your fiance say?””Ohhh, I don’t care!”He lets go of her breast abruptly, it bounces back into its former position. The sight of this sends a lightning bolt to his cock. He is so tempted to leap on her right now, but this light torment is too mentally exciting to him. He has never seen a woman look more feminine and vulnerable than she does now, he could just devour her whole.For her part she has never felt more feminine either, the sensation of the very air on her exposed and offered nether regions is exquisite, and knowing that he is looking at her, inspecting her, and that she can deny him nothing – not that she ever would – means her nipples are hard Topkapı escort bayan amber beads and a thin stream is coursing down her thighs. She needs to feel his hands upon her again, even if they cause pain.He moves behind her, places his spread hands on her buttocks and sweeps them gently down the backs of her thighs. That pussy is so inviting, the way it hangs like an orchid; inviting him towards the nectar. Her pearl is engorged, and her hole shows no evidence of former conquest – the opening is tiny. Her hymen is maddeningly intact.”What are you doing?” she asks, trying to look over her shoulder as much as her bonds will permit her.”I’m looking at you.” he replies, simply.She can’t see him, but she can feel his breath on her pussy. It’s excruciating.He traces a finger between her inner and outer lips, first one side, and then the other, brushing her pearl with the lightest of touches. At this, a rivulet of her fluids gush out and she moans:”Ohhhhh – please!”He chuckles. “Am I being too gentle for you, my petal?” and starts stroking her tender parts a little more brusquely.”I didn’t know it could feel so good!” she purrs.”Oh yes, my dearest, that is why virginity should not be treasured as much as you seem to think.” He pokes the tip of his finger into her entrance and tickles.”Ohhh no!””Ohhh yes!” he mocks. “Remember who you belong to. Remember whose whore you will become.” He straightens up and leans over her, suddenly gripping the back of her neck in his left hand. “My whore!” and thrusts his forefinger into her roughly, eliciting a scream.”Oh! Oh God!” she cries, but it serves only to excite him further. He feels her tighten around his finger – in response he forces in another one, and another until she sobs.”I have you nice and wide for me now, but not quite wide enough.” he says. “It’s time to make a woman of you. I’ve waited far too long for this, already.” He unbuttons his clothes.”No, no!””Are you denying me!” he hisses, as he frees himself from his pants and his rod springs out to attention.”Beloved, it’s not that…it’s…he’ll know!”He pauses for a moment, a drop of pre-cum falls onto the whiteness of her body.”How will he know?””He…he likes to look at me too.” She is right.

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