Unveiled Ch. 03


I woke the next morning and saw that I was still alone in the bed and I had managed to sleep all night in the ladies clothes although I had planned to get up in the middle of the night and slip into one of my nighties and give Cath a nice surprise when she woke up. I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I passed water and brushed my teeth and washed my hands and went down to find Cath.

She was exactly as I had left her the night before and it looked as if she had not even moved. I kissed her on the forehead and she stirred a little bit but she did not wake up. I decided to leave her for the moment and went into the kitchen. I filled the kettle and put it on and went outside and had a cigarette. I usually could plan it so that a cigarette lasted as long as it took the kettle to boil. I heard the kettle click and stubbed out my cigarette and came back into the kitchen.

I made two cups of coffee and took them both into the front room. As tenderly as I could I woke Cath up. I kissed her gently all over her face and she definitely began to wake up. I knew she was definitely awake when she said.

“Stop doing that you daft fucker. You have managed to wake me up now hand me that coffee.”

She sat herself up swung her legs onto the floor and still wrapped in the duvet she took the coffee and had a sip of it.

“Lovely. Just what I needed.” She said.

I took her by the hand and said.

“I love you.”

“I love you too darling.” She responded.

With me sat on the floor looking up at this gorgeous woman we drank our coffee and just generally made chit chat. When the coffee was finished I took her cup from her and asked her if she wanted me to run a bath for her.

“Why do you not run a bath for both of us?” She replied.

I left her alone on the couch and went into the kitchen. Part of the female side of me needed to have a tidy house so I immediately washed and dried the cups and put them back in the cupboard. I then left the kitchen and climbed the stairs to the bathroom. I found the lovely bath foam that Cath only used for special occasions and added some to the bottom of the bath and then I started the water running. I stayed with it until I thought it was full enough for the two of us to get into without causing a typhoon of water to cascade over the side once we climbed in. Once I was satisfied that there was enough water in the bath I went to the bedroom and reluctantly took off my female clothes and wrapped myself in one of Cath’s housecoats.

The silk of the housecoat aroused me and I began to get an erection. I touched my cock and it became even more erect. I had to do something about this. I went downstairs and stood in front of Cath with my erection sticking up under the housecoat.

“Now then pretty boy. I see you like the feel of silk against your naked body.”

I opened the housecoat and showed her the full extent of the arousal I was feeling. I was now throbbing and my erection had begun to hurt. It needed some relief. Cath beckoned me forward.

She opened her mouth and I fed my cock into it. She took all of it and began to suck on it. She stuck out a hand and began to fondle my balls. Nice and slowly went her mouth. Up and down my cock it went. I wanted her to make me cumm but that usually only happened when she wanked me furiously but she was discovering new techniques. It seemed like we both were going through a journey of discovery of our sexuality. She was teaching herself a new technique for sucking my cock and I was loving it.

It actually felt like she was making love to my cock rather than fucking it. I was in sexual heaven and she was taking me to a new level of sexual sensation. What was best was that although I was very aroused her technique was stopping me from cumming. She wanted to show that she was in control- at least with me. On and on she sucked my cock and then she gently went from massaging my balls to squeezing them. She was controlling when I would cumm. I could feel the cumm begin to rise up my shaft until it reached the head of my cock and then with a final squeeze of my balls I began to cumm in her mouth. She knew what was happening so was prepared for it and swallowed all of it. When I had finished cumming she removed my cock from her mouth and licked her lips.

“Mmm that was good.” She said.

“Love the taste of your cumm. Have tasted other men’s cumm over the years but yours is by far the tastiest.”

I blushed at the compliment and closed the housecoat. I pulled the duvet off of her and took her by the hand. I was a little jealous because she looked better and sexier in her outfit than I did. What could I expect? I had a male figure and was never going to look good in female clothes but I loved them so much. I picked her up and took her up the stairs and laid her down on the bed. I then began to undress her getting another erection as her naked body revealed itself to me.

“Have you forgotten about the bath?” She asked.

“That can wait.” I replied.

Once istanbul escort she was naked I began to take off the housecoat.

“Keep it on and just open it up.” She said.

I did as I was told and climbed onto the bed. I snugged into her and watched as she began to play with her naked pussy. She stroked her finger up and down her pussy and was soon beginning to pant a little bit. She then inserted the finger into her pussy and began to masturbate herself. I did nothing I just watched her. God it was a sexy sight. In and out her finger moved. She was now fully aroused and bucking her hips to push her finger deeper into herself. Soon I saw a tear escape from the corner of her eye and I knew that she was cumming. Only if she was really aroused did she let out a scream but this was just a Sunday morning wank. She pulled her finger out of herself and licked herself clean. I thought we were going to go on and make love but she turned to me and said.

“Let’s go and bathe.”

I reluctantly turned over and climbed off the bed and dropped the housecoat onto the floor. Naked I walked to the bathroom and climbed into the bath. I watched as just as naked Cath followed and climbed in. Thankfully we had a bath that had the taps on the side of it so neither of us had that discomfort to look forward to and we could both relax. We laid there for a while and said nothing and just enjoyed the warmth of the water and the softness of the bubbles against our skin but in this new era of openness there were a few questions that I wanted to ask Cath. Some of them were about yesterday but some of them were about the past.

“Darling can I talk to you?” I said.

She opened her eyes and pushed herself up in the bath. She could tell from the quivering tone in my voice that this was going to be an awkward conversation. She had a past that was a bit colourful and she thought I knew nothing about it but then she realised that I was not daft. I had a mental illness but I was not daft. There would have been signs over the years yet she wondered why I chosen now to broach the subject.

I cleared my throat and managed to calm myself and then I said.

“How many men have you had affairs with since we have been married and were any of them friends of mine?”

Cath sat there for a moment and then she began to speak.

“I have had four lovers since we have been married and I had sex with one of your friends before we got married. I will tell you all about them now because you have asked and we have crossed a barrier in our marriage.”

“It was your friend Colin that I sex with. We were having a party when you got a little drunk and fell asleep on the couch. I got up to leave you to sleep it off and I walked into the kitchen and Colin was there with a girl. It was not his girlfriend but she was on her knees sucking him off. I should have just turned around and walked away but there was something arousing and so naughty about it that I was drawn to watch.”

“I poured myself a glass of white wine and propped myself up against the kitchen wall. Colin opened his eyes and saw me watching them and said.”

“Take your jeans and knickers off Cath and masturbate because it is only going to get hotter in here. He had such a dominant tone to his voice that I found myself putting down the glass of wine and unbuttoning my jeans and taking them off along with my knickers. I stood there against the wall for just a moment then I began to masturbate. As the girl on her knees sucked his cock I began to play with myself. I was transfixed and had an orgasm when he came in the girl’s mouth. He pulled the girl off his cock and just discarded her.”

“He approached me and pushed me quite hard back against the wall of the kitchen. I was surprised when he then started kissing me. He was quite rough and this just seemed to turn me on. You had always treated me like a lady but this was something that was new to me and I actually enjoyed it. He was actually being really rough with me and I was getting turned on. There must be something wrong with me I thought.”

” Then as we were kissing he picked me up and placed me onto his cock. I was surprised when he just slid in. I was that slick that he just slid in and then he began to fuck me. There was no love here this was just sex. He fucked me hard and fast and because he had cumm in the girl’s mouth he seemed to go on for ages and I had orgasm after orgasm and I began to wilt and would have fallen off of his cock if he had not been holding onto me. He eventually came in my pussy and he just plonked me on the floor and left me alone in the kitchen.”

I managed to stagger to my feet and get dressed and then I reached for my glass of wine and took a large gulp to try and calm my nerves. I went back to the party and managed to get you upstairs and stripped off and tucked into bed. I went back downstairs to re-join the party but it soon began to wane and I was left alone with my glass of wine and my thoughts. I mulled istanbul escort bayan over in my mind what had happened and could not get a handle on it. I had just let a man have sex with me and I had found that I loved it and I wanted more of it and I wanted to find out more about it. I went to the computer and turned it on and whilst it warmed up I went and got another glass of wine.”

“I trawled the internet for a couple of hours looking at adult sites and reading stories along the same lines as what had happened to me and found that I was what was known as a submissive. Having got a diagnosis I turned the computer off and joined you in bed determined that when you had gone in the morning I would research it further. I could not believe it in the morning when you woke up and you had an erection. We made love that morning with Colin’s spunk still in my pussy.”

“When you had gone I had a shower and cleaned yours and Colin’s spunk out of me and then I got dressed and went downstairs. I switched the computer on and made myself a cup of coffee and then I spent the morning researching all about being a submissive. It was interesting yet shocking to me. I resolved that I would keep it quiet from you and never did anything about it again until after we had married in fact I thought the feelings were gone and it was a one off.”

“I was in love with you and when we were in bed you were so tender that I fooled myself into thinking that it was just a young adult thing and would never happen again. Then one night I was invited out by the girl’s in the office for a few drinks. I rang you to let you know that I would be late home and what I was doing and you said that would be fine. We were in a bar when I noticed that a man was looking at me. Some of the other girl’s noticed as well and imbibed with alcohol they encouraged me to go and chat to him even though they knew that I was married. I downed the glass of wine that I had and plucked up the courage to go and chat to him. As I did I noticed that the girl’s had got up and left and I was alone with this man.”

“He took me to a quiet corner of the bar and we chatted and then all of a sudden he just said.”

“Suck my cock.”

“I was shocked at his words but my pussy gave me away. It began to leak juice. I actually found myself putting down my drink and getting down on my knees in the bar. I undid the zipper on his trousers and fished out his cock. It was not a monster but it was bigger than you. I masturbated it for a couple of minutes before he said.”

“Just get on and suck it bitch.”

“I did what I was told to do. I opened my mouth and took his cock into it and it felt amazing. I was now wetting my knickers and I did not care if you found them or not when you were doing the washing. I was enjoying being told what to do. My old submissive side came out again. It had lain buried for so long and now it was ripping free from my body. I took his cock and worked on it until he came in my mouth. He made sure that I swallowed all his cumm and then he said.

“You are coming home with me.”

“I just nodded in agreement. I looked lovingly up at him and then I stood up and followed him out of the bar. He ordered a taxi and once we were in the back of it he turned to me and said.”

“Strip naked.”

“I did not care that the taxi driver was watching the action going on in the back of his cab. I stripped off all my clothes and handed them to him. He just opened the taxi window and threw them out. He allowed me to keep my stockings and heels and handbag. We arrived at his house and he said to the taxi driver.”

“How much mate?”

“For that show you can have it free.” He replied.

“Cheers.” He said.

“He opened the door of the taxi and told me to get out and walk up to the door of his home. Without thinking about it I did what I was told. Naked apart from stocking and heels I got out of the taxi and walked to his front door. I was conscious of being naked but I did not care. I was being controlled by a man and I loved it. As I walked up his path I was covered in goose bumps, my nipples were red raw from the cold and pussy was leaking juice down my leg. I am sorry darling but he had me. That night he had sex with me in positions I never knew existed.”

“By the time that he finished with me that night I was exhausted. You were still working in those days so I got home and slept the day away and had a shower and made myself look decent before you got home. I actually made you a romantic dinner that night and made love to you afterwards even though I was sore. That was the start of the affair and it lasted for eighteen months before he found someone else. He had turned me into a complete submissive cumm slut and after that things were never the same. For a while I had one night sex but I never felt sated. I loved to be controlled. I found a magazine for subs and managed to find another master and then when he had finished with me I found another and then another.”

I escort istanbul was used and abused by these men and each of them taught me more and more about the role of the submissive and I fell deeper and deeper into that world.”

Suddenly she stopped talking and I just looked at her.

“When did the last one finish with you? I asked.

“I finished with him last night because Madame Fantasy told me too but I will talk to you about that over breakfast.”

With that she cleansed herself and got out of the bath. I just sat there stunned and realised that although I loved my wife I knew nothing about her. I laid there and cried and then I got out of the bath. I dried myself and went to the bedroom where Cath was finishing getting dressed. I noticed how sexy she looked. I did not know what underwear she had on but she a black blouse on that was a size too small and accentuated her breasts and a mini- skirt that just about covered her arse and a pair of stockings.

“Do you think Madame Fantasy will like?” She asked.

I looked at her and said.

“I am sure that Madame Fantasy will be very pleased with what you have got on.”

“I have laid your clothes out. Get dressed and come down for breakfast and I will talk to you some more.”

With that she left the room and I was alone. I looked at the bed and saw what I had to wear today. First of all I noticed the lingerie that was laid there. It was mine. I had worn it often enough so I knew that she had been in my suitcase. I pulled it out and saw that she had broken the lock and got into my case. She had chosen a red bra and matching knickers and stockings and suspender belt for me to wear under a black cocktail dress that she must have bought yesterday. I put the clothes on and went downstairs to join my wife for breakfast. I now felt comfortable wearing female clothes in her presence and when I walked in she whistled at me.

“You look gorgeous now sit did and I will finish making your breakfast.”

She served me my breakfast and she sat down across from me with a coffee. There was a silence at first and then I said.

“So what happened with Madame Fantasy yesterday that made you dump your master?”

Cath placed her coffee cup down on the table and then she began to speak.

“Well you know that I went into that Department Store to do some shopping. Well you would not have noticed but we had already been in that store and I had marked out the clothes that I wanted to buy. I have to admit I got some strange looks from the assistants who saw me buying the same clothes in different sizes. I gathered all the goods together and paid for them and left the shop and then I decided that I wanted to buy some lingerie. I had looked at the size you wore earlier and had an idea of what you liked but I wanted to buy you bespoke so I walked up and down the corridors checking out the lingerie shops but none of them did bespoke so I would leave and look for another.”

“Eventually after what seemed like an age and thinking that you would be getting pissed off I went down this small corridor and right at the bottom I found Madame Fantasy Boutique- Specialists in Bespoke Lingerie. Perfect I thought. I went inside and checked out the goods that she had to offer. They were gorgeous and made of the finest material and there was so much that I wanted to buy but I wanted you there with me. I went to one of the assistants and asked if the owner was about. She disappeared behind a screen and came back with an oldish lady who introduced herself as Madame Fantasy and asked.”

“How can I help you madam?” She asked.

“Have you got somewhere private we could talk?” I responded.

“We could go to my office.” She said.

“She walked away from the shop counter and I followed her. We went down a small corridor until we came to an office marked private. She took a key and opened it and showed me in and told me where to sit. She was telling me what to do and I was the customer and I was getting a little wet. It did not occur to me that she was a dominant I just thought that she was a little brusque. I took the seat that she had shown me to and waited whilst she went behind her desk. She placed her elbows on the desk and propped her head in her hands and said.”

“So what can I help you with madam?”

“I started my conversation with her. Well I have a husband and I have discovered that he likes to wear woman’s clothing. He has a full suitcase of them and apparently as soon as I go to work he slips into them. Well I found about his little fetish yesterday and I actually found that it turned me on. We talked about it and I discovered that I was getting aroused and I wanted to make love to him. He is ever so tender and we have never had sex we always make love. Anyway I digress Madame.”

“I decided that I liked his little fetish so much that I wanted to join him in it and so today I have brought him here so that we could some shopping for him. What he does not know is that is have bought the exact same outfits as him but in my size so each day we can be co-ordinated. To top it off I wanted to treat him to some new lingerie but I could not find a bespoke shop that would cater for both of us until I stumbled upon your boutique. Do you think you could help Madame?”

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