University Confessions: Jack


I was an average looking guy back in university, the sort of guy who girls would settle for if they hadn’t been able to find a guy with a dream body to go home with after a night of clubbing. I’d had my fair share of girls but none of them had stuck around the next morning.

There was one girl in my student halls called Grave who’s dorm room was next door to my own. Grace was way out of my league, she was a small slim figure that was out of this world. Her skin was always an eye catching bronze colour, her dark blonde hair straightened hair hung down to the height of her perfectly round shaped little tits, and her tightly shaped ass was perfectly carved to stick out a little. She was sexy and she knew it.

I’d drool over the revealing outfits she wore at the house party’s downstairs and masturbate over her many times. Grace however had hardly even known of my existence as one of her housemates, the closest I’d ever gotten with having a chance of something happening with her was one night when there were a lack of options left for her at the party. I couldn’t believe my luck when she’d started making out with me, but after I’d returned from a quick visit to the toilets a much hotter guy than myself had taken up my place and I could even see him fingering her under her skirt!

After she’d teased me and then abandoned me for another guy I had to listen to her moaning through the thin wall separating our rooms as he fucked her. The next morning I was awoken by another several minutes of screams and moans coming from the other side of the Ataşehir Escort wall. Not long after I heard her door open and close shut, I took a look into the corridor to see the guy leaving and Grace walking to the bathroom with her bathing towel. If I wasn’t going to ever have a chance of fucking her then I’d have to find another way to put and end to the desires her teasing had put into my head.

I quickly snuck inside her dorm room, there were mounds of clothes all over her floor and the bed was left in a mess. I searched the floor hoping to find what I was looking for as fast as possible. I picked up the black G-string thong she’d worn the night before and held it against my nose and breathed in the smelly odour. The sour smell of the thin fabric that covered her asshole made my cock pulse with excitement. I took a long lick of the crusty white cum that had been soaked up by the cotton and moaned in delight. I knew I couldn’t stay long and after a few more licks I returned to my own room and jerked myself off with her taste still on my tongue.

For the next few weeks I waited for her to go for her morning shower and sniffed her used knickers from the previous night. One morning I’d lost track of how long I’d been lingering in her room for, for the first time her thong was freshly soaked with her gooey cum. Wanting to lick every inch of the sweet taste of her fresh discharge as apposed to the musty taste of crust I’d usually have to lick, I’d been to distracted and when I saw the door handle start to move I had nowhere Kadıköy Escort to hide.

“What the hell are you doing you pervert! Get out!!” She yelled.

I was so embarrassed that she had caught me sniffing her knickers with my cock in my hand. I threw them down and ran out of her room apologising as I passed her. I lay on my bed for the remainder of the day feeling sick with dread that she would tell my other housemates what she had caught me doing. I had to wait until everyone had gone down to the Friday night house party before going to the toilet after holding it in all day just in case I ran into Grace along the way. Some hours later I could hear the sound of grace evidently being fucked next door once again and then a sudden silence before a knock came on my door. I opened the door and to my surprise Grace was stood outside in a oversized T-shirt she’d thrown on and dangling her white lace thong from her hand.

“So you like sniffing my knickers then do you? I should have told everyone what a dirty creep you are tonight at the party, but then an idea hit me. I’ve just been fucked whilst wearing this thong, they’ve been soaking up my juices that leaked out of my pussy after a big cock fucked me. The only way your going to get to taste me is if you buy them for £50.” She said.

Without a single hesitation I ran to my find my wallet and handed her the money.

“You can buy another pair in a few days or I’ll let everyone know what you did, do you understand?” She asked.

I nodded and picked up the thong I’d Bostancı Escort purchased after she dropped it on the floor and walked away before sniffing and licking every last ounce of wetness from them. Just as her smell disappeared from each pair I bought she would bring me a fresh pair to buy off her. Every night I would lap up her gooey mess whilst using an old pair to jerk myself of into.

“I’ve got something extra special for you tonight, but it’ll cost your £150.” She said one night.

“I promise I will drop it off for you tomorrow.” I replied in excitement.

She pushed me inside my room and onto my bed. She pulled up her skirt as she climbed up and hovered her ass over my face.

“I’ve just let a guy fuck me up the ass. His entire load is still freshly buried inside and your going to clean me up. If you even dare try and lick anywhere other than my asshole then your dirty little secret won’t be a secret for much longer.” She said.

She pressed her puckered asshole against my lips almost suffocating me. I’d tasted the bittersweet aroma on her thong before but nothing had ever tasted better than the real thing. I licked around her hole and all of a sudden she clenched ass and flooded my mouth with another guys bitter tasting cum. The horrid taste made me gag but since she pressed herself down I had no option but to swallow it’s entirety as I struggled for air.

“That’s better, I told him I was going to clean my ass for him to use again. Now make sure you drop my money off tomorrow!” She said.

By the end of my first year I’d spent the whole of my student loan and a chunk of my savings on keeping my dirty act a secret. I’d never did get to fuck grace but I’d bought countless more of her used knickers and occasionally cleaned her asshole out for another two years.

The end.

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