Unexpected Surprise after a Meeting


Disclaimer – All participants are above the age of 18.


I’d been working for VIPC (very important personal console) for three years as a product manager which gave me the opportunity every now and again to travel. Whether it be within the UK or abroad, I was always happy to go.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t enjoying this particular meeting that I’d been requested to attend. It seemed to be a complete waste of my time as the clients were looking for something that hadn’t been released yet and no matter how much money they offered me to secure the deal, I didn’t have any sway with the company holding back on the release date. I’d tried to persuade them to take one of our similar products, at a discounted rate, but they just weren’t interested.

“I’m afraid, Mr Thompson, that I have to call this meeting to an end with you as we can’t seem to come to an agreement and we do have other pressing matters to discuss.” Rachel, the manager informed me.

I gave her a tight smile. “No problem. I’m sorry that we can’t accommodate your requirements this time, but as soon as I hear more on the release, I will contact you.” I started packing up my things and pushed back my chair.

As I stood, I held my hand out to Rachel and she placed hers in mine. Her grip was firm but her skin was soft. I felt a tingle at her touch and raised my eyes to hers where she stared back at me with a twinkle.

“Thank you Mr Thompson.” She smiled ever so slightly before withdrawing her hand.

I left the meeting on a high, despite not being able to secure some more business from them. Rachel’s touch had lightened my mood and I felt aroused as I walked to the bar, imagining what I could so with her. She’d been a fairly new placement for this client and from what I heard, she was doing well. I couldn’t deny that she was attractive and I’m sure others thought so too.

I’d been settled at the bar for roughly half an hour when I saw people leaving the meeting room that I had been in. They headed straight for the hotel foyer so must have been on a day release to attend and now they had to get back to the office. I on the other hand, had an overnight stay.

“Hello Mr Thompson.”

I heard her voice to the left of me. I swivelled slightly on my stool. “Hello Rachel. Please, call me Jack.” I smiled at her.

“I thought you’d have left by now.” She gestured at my beer. “Don’t you have to drive back?”

“No not at all. I’m here for the night.”

She tilted her head ever so slightly at my remark porno and a fleeting smile crossed her lips. “Oh really? You have the joys of being wined and dined then? Are you meeting anyone?” She asks while placing her pert little bottom on the stool next to me.

“No, it’s just myself tonight I’m afraid.” I took a sip of my beer. “Would you like a drink?”

She pauses, “Actually, would you like to come up to my room?”

I glance at her quickly and clear my throat. An image of her splayed over the bed with her legs open revealing her wet pussy and her nipples standing to attention, crosses my mind and I feel my cock tingle with excitement.

“I’ve been thinking about the products you mentioned in the meeting and I have something in my room that I’d like you to check.”

Of course. How silly of me. How could I have thought that she’d be inviting me up for anything different?

“Of course, I’d be delighted to help.” I gulp down the last of my beer and stand up.

“Brilliant. Follow me.” She flashes me a smile.

I grab my briefcase and follow her up to her room. I watch as her ass swayed backed and forth with each step and I imagined spreading my hands over her backside while pulling her closer to me. My cock throbs and I realise that I’m hard.

As she swipes the hotel card through the lock, I hold my breath, waiting for the familiar click and green light.

“Here we go.” She almost whispers as she pushes open the door.

Before I can fully step through, she’s pulling me in, her hands find the back of head and her fingers tug at my hair. Her lips take mine and she kisses me passionately. She pushes the door to with her foot before whispering in my ear.

“I wanted to do this as soon as you stepped in to the meeting Mr Thompson.” Her lips trail down my neck. “I hope you’re ready.”

I wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me, pushing my crotch against her to show her that I am.

“Oh you naughty boy. I know your type Jack.” She growls at me while undoing my shirt. ” I know what you want.” She tugs at my jeans, unzipping them and pushing them down. “Oh my …” She whispers, then lays her hand over my erect penis. “Commando style I see.” She giggles.

“Rachel, I’m …” I gasp at her touch.

“Sssh. I know Jack. I know.” She silences me. “I won’t tell your wife if you won’t. I promise. Besides, I’m going to give you what you want baby.”

She leads me to the bed and pushes me down, flat on my back. I watch her strip out of her tight blue dress and I groan out loud at the sight of her naked body. All thoughts of my wife gone although I’d wanted this from the minute we shook hands, I’ll admit that I hadn’t really give my wife much thought.

I sit up and take her breasts in my hands, tweaking each nipple then running my tongue along each one.

“Oh Jack. No. You have to do as I say.” She tells me, pushing me back down on to the bed.

I watch her slink in to the bathroom and moments later she returns. “Rachel?” I ask her with confusion on my face.

“Don’t fight it Jack.” She strolls over to me with her hands around the strap on dildo that she’s just put on. “I know you want this.”

“Wait, what?” I shake my head.

“Oh Jack baby. We’ve talked to many times online. Your deepest fantasies…” She smiles at me.

Realisation hits me as I figure it out. “You’re babydoll45?”

She doesn’t need to answer as it’s already very clear. She moves closer to me and kisses me once more. Her hand wraps around my cock and I moan as she pumps me ever so slowly.

“I know you want it.” She takes my hand and places it on the dildo. “I know you do.” She thrusts forward so the dildo slides in my hand. “That’s it.” She tells me as I moan once more.

She pushes me back on to the bed and climbs on top of me, laying down fully over me so that our cocks lay together, she rubs herself up and down me, trailing kisses along me shoulders. I can’t help moaning as she does this and I wrap my arms around her tiny body, spreading my legs on the bed so allow her access – inviting her. I want to be fucked. I want her to fuck me deeply. Wriggling out of my arms she moves down my body, dropping kisses on my chest, my stomach and finally, she reaches my cock which she takes easily with her mouth.

“Ohhh.” I shudder.

Using her hands, she spreads my legs further apart and spreads me cheeks. I grunt as her tongue flicks at my hole. She takes me asshole with her tongue, caressing it, loving it with her mouth.

“Rachel!” I gasp out.

She licks me once more before climbing back up me, ensuring she presses her dildo in to my body and she reaches over to the bedside table, withdrawing a tube of lube.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” She states, rubbing the lube up and down her dildo. I simply nod. My eyes begging her to take me, but I can’t find the words to ask her. She moves back down and positions the tip of the dildo against my hole, pushing against me slowly. I feel my cock throb every few seconds in anticipation, with excitement. She pushes a little harder and I take a breath as I feel the tip of the dildo push through and enter me.

“Sssh..” She places her hand around my cock, her eyes on mine and she pushes in to me a little further. I stare in to her eyes as she continues to push in to me. I groan as she enters me more and more with each little push.

“Oh fuck…” I mutter and find myself pushing my ass towards her.

A smile crosses her lips as I do this and she thrusts once more, forcing the rest of the dildo deep in to me. I moan at the fullness and feel myself leak precum. She pushes herself deep in to me and re-positions herself slightly, I grab her ass and tug her forward, making her jerk inside of me.

“Urgggh” I grunt loudly and tug her once more.

“You like this Jack?” She whispers to me, her eyes on mine as she thrusts in and out of me slowly. She places her hands on legs and quickens her movements. “You’ve been fucked like this before.” She states.

“No..” I grunt at her. She raises her eyebrows. “Not with a dildo.”

“With a man?” She asks me, surprise flashing across her face.

I nod at her and tug her deeper in to me once more. “Fuck me hard Rachel.” I whisper.

She thrusts in to me harder, trying to fulfil my request. After each thrust, she withdraws slowly, pleasuring me further as I feel everything then before the tip slips out, she pushes deep in to me, embedding the entire dildo in to me. I grunt and I groan as the feelings overtake me. I feel her shiver and smile, knowing that she’s been pleasured doing this to me.

“Come here.” I lift my legs and tug at her ass, pulling her deep in to me once more, wanting her body against mine. She grabs my shoulders and uses them to pull herself up and push back down. Each thrust feels stronger, harder, deeper.

“Rachel…” I groan her name as she hits my prostrate. Another thrust – “Ohh fuck!” I grunt.

Her next thrust causes her to shudder and I feel my cock throb before exploding, spewing cum between us, on to our skin. She lets out a moan as she shudders on top of me, jerking inside of me as she herself lets go.

With a sigh, she places a kiss on my chest and I feel her smile against my skin.

“Do you want to stay the night?” She looks up at me.

I look in to her eyes and feel an overwhelming feeling of love for this woman. Of course it isn’t love, but satisfaction, happiness. She’s given me the one thing I’ve been fantasising about for years. “Yes. Yes I do.”

And I think to myself that I’m so very glad that I came to the meeting after all.

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