Unexpected Day Off

Amazing Ass

She is jolted awake by the phone ringing. She finds the phone and is surprised it is work calling, how perfect an unexpected day off. She resets the alarm for 8 am and lazily rolls over back to sleep.

Her subconscious feels him leaning over her, staring at her, gently caressing her leg and inner thigh, lightly brushing up and down her pussy and then she is wide awake with anticipation and need. Her husband, he is staring at her with a smile, nothing else on, just a smile and the continued rubbing of her clitoris that is enlarging and throbbing impatiently. She knows what he wants and she wants it to. He throws the covers back to stare at her nakedness, at the curves of her body, the rise of her breasts, he slides his hand back to down to her pussy and feels that she is already engorged and wet. She reaches up and pulls him to her. She thinks to herself that he will just have to be late for work because now her mind is racing with thoughts of lust and passion.

She spreads her legs for him, he looks at her and raises porno indir his eyebrow. She reaches down and touches herself and starts to give herself pleasure. Her husband watches for a time as her body begins to shake and quiver and then he dives into her. Spreading each lip, licking it, sucking it. Taking his tongue and fucking her pussy while rolling her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He reaches up and pinches her nipple. Her breathing is rapid, she screams and moans as he changes course and begins to suck and nip at her clit while his fingers dip deep and hard into her pussy, hitting that spot that makes her orgasm multiple times. She feels the waves of ecstasy and knows she must be soaking the bed with each orgasm. She hears him swallow and knows she is squirting, he moans in pleasure at her squirting, spilling herself into him. She finally screams and pushes his head back, he has her clit in a suction grip and won’t let go, she screams again and bucks her hips up and crashes back to the bed.

She rokettube is in a frenzy, she must have him and with that she grabs his huge dick and begins to lick and suck his balls while stroking him up and down. She moves from his balls up the shaft licking and stroking until she reaches the head and she circles the head with her tongue and then she takes him, all of him. He grabs her head and pushes deep she moans as she can tell he is receiving pleasure. She is going to bring him to the brink, maybe she will for once let him come in her mouth. She continues to suck him, up and down, up and down, massaging the balls and that are right between his balls and ass. He is trembling.

She stops now and asks him to eat her one more time and he pushes her face down on the bed and grabs her ass and eats her pussy from behind while tickling her ass. She was wrong she thinks, she has pushed him to far and then all at once he is in her, thrusting deep, thrusting hard, grabbing her hips his fingers dig porno into her sunburned flesh. She wonders if there will be bruises. She is coming again, squirting everywhere. All the heat and passion colliding into one massive orgasmic wave and then her husband begins to pound and thrust faster, he slaps her ass leaving a hand print and then lets out a guttural moan as his body shivers and he comes. She collapses on the bed, tries to move away from the wetness and falls back into unconsciousness, thankful for a beautiful way to start her day.

She hears a distant noise and gradually realizes it is the alarm she reset this morning after the phone call from work. She smiles and remembers what a wonderful morning she had and feels for the wet spot on the bed, there is no wet spot. She kicks back the covers and looks down, she has her lacy thong on and silly Cancun Made Me Do It t-shirt. Here mind is confused and dazed, it had all seemed so real, it felt real, each and every orgasm. She calls her husband to ask if they had sex that morning before he left for work. Her husband laughed and explained he would have loved to but was running late and had rushed out the door. She lays back and begins fantasizing about the most real dream she can ever remember having. Wow! it was just a dream.

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