Under the Mistletoe


Note from Slickman: Company holiday parties have a history of employees crossing the lines drawn up by the HR departments. Booze lowers their inhibitions as well as their concern about getting down with their fellow workers. Bill Bennett is a big believer in allowing his employees to enjoy the festive season as well as each other. Please read “Whores and Pimps” before reading this story. All rights reserved. Enjoy.


Ron Holmes saw the invitation to Bennett’s Christmas party and laughed. The ol’ horny owner of the Bennett Law Firm was up to his old tricks again.


You and your significant other are invited to attend the 2005 Bennett Holiday Gala. The affair will be held on December 19, 2005 at the Bennett mansion off Cloverdale Road. The happy hour starts at 7:00PM. Dinner follows at 8:00PM and at 9:00PM Santa will introduce a fun game that will lead to some very nice gifts. Please let my secretary Terry know what size clothing you and your significant other wear because costumes for the occasion will arrive at your home next week.

Bill Bennett”

Ron looked out his office door at his new office assistant Emily Thomas and wondered if she was going to the party. He read the invitation again and realized Bennett didn’t ask if his employees were going or not because it was expected for them to come. He picked up his phone and called Emily.

“Hi Emily. Would you come into my office?” She said yes and he hung up the phone while looking at her chair as she swiveled it around towards his doorway. He grinned when he saw her short skirt high on her tanned legs and then a quick flash of her white panties. He looked down at some papers in front of him as she walked in with a note pad.

“Yes sir?” She asked as she moved to the large chair in front of his desk and sat down while pushing her connected knees to the side to prevent giving him some naughty peeks.

He laughed. “You can put the pad down. I was just wondering if you and Tim are going to Bennett’s party.”

“I’m not sure,” she said. She had just had a conversation with an older lady who had warned her about Bennett and his risqué parties.

“You should know he expects everyone to come and if you don’t he will hold it against you somehow.” His eyes roamed up from her smooth thighs to her taunt abs to the zero sag breasts pushing out her pure white blouse.

“Have you ever gone to his parties?” Emily blushed not feeling comfortable talking about personal things with her new boss. “Someone told me that they…….you know….they get out of control.”

Ron and his wife had gone to the “Whores and Pimps” party and it had turned out to be a hot night for both him and his normally conservative wife. He remembered her complaining about wearing the sheer blouse and short skirt and even her pink nipples that could be seen through the blouse. They had not talked about what they had did that night but one time he saw her jerking off one of the senior partners and another time saw her lying down on the sofa as a young office clerk had his head between her thighs.

“Well yes they do sometimes go overboard but nothing is forced on you,” he responded. “Not directly anyway,” he thought.

“Does your wife go to the parties too?” She asked. Emily had met Ron’s wife Jamie a couple of times and she seemed nice and friendly.

“Yes, and she enjoyed it quite a bit,” Ron smiled. He again remembered back to the party and remembered how Mrs. Bennett had cornered him in an upstairs bedroom and had pulled out his hard-on and fucked him while he massaged her huge breasts. He didn’t know if Jamie had fucked or sucked any of the men but she did have a lot of Bennett Bucks when the night was over.

“What kind of costumes do you think we will have to wear?” She asked as she turned slightly towards him.

Ron didn’t hide the fact that he was looking at the small gap up under her skirt. “Probably very revealing and sexy,” he grinned as he tried to picture Emily wearing the Whore costume.

She gulped. “I’ll have to discuss it with my husband.” She had only been married for two years and had been trying to have children but Tim’s sperm count was very low. They had recently made the decision to adopt since artificial insemination was way too costly for their incomes. She saw her boss again look down at her lap and knew he was leering at her legs. “Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?”

“No, but I was hoping you would come,” he grinned.

“I’ll think about it,” she blushed as she opened her legs to stand knowing he would see far up under her skirt. She hoped he could not see the damp spot that had formed on the front of her silky undies. As she walked from his office she could actually feel his eyes on her round buttocks.

As Emily rode the elevator down another girl, who started the same week as she did, got on. “Hi MaryAnn.”

“Oh hi Emily,” the younger girl said. “Did you hear about the Holiday party?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure if I’m going or not.”

“Me almanbahis giriş neither,” MaryAnn whispered. “I hear they have sex and stuff like that.”

“Didn’t you just get married?” Emily asked looking at the wedding band on her finger.

“Yes, two weeks ago,” she answered.

“How is working for Elaine working out?” Emily asked. The whole office knew Elaine was a lesbian since she told just about everyone.

“Good,” she grinned. “She is very nice to me.”

“Has she ever you know?”

“No, not really but sometimes I see her starring at…….my body,” the girl blushed. “It feels kind of weird.”

“No different than a man,” Emily whispered as the elevator stopped and they exited. She thought about Ron always checking her out when she turned her chair around in her cube. “They both want the same thing.”

“I guess you are right. I mentioned the party to my husband today at lunch and he seems to want to go. Of course he doesn’t want me to mess around with anybody.”

“Typical man,” Emily grinned. “Meanwhile he will be hitting on everyone else.”

“I think we will go. Maybe I’ll see you there.”

“Maybe,” Emily said wondering what her husband’s reaction will be.


“Bennett is having a Holiday Party in a few weeks,” Ron announced to his wife when he went home that night. Jamie was standing on a step stool while hanging some new curtains in the kitchen. He moved over and put his hands up under her jeans covered ass cheeks.

“Ron, you are going to make me fall,” she giggled.

“He is sending out more costumes.”

Jamie stopped what she was doing and turned around on the stool to face him. “Costumes like the Pimp and Whore costumes we wore to the other party?”

“Probably,” He grinned as he pinched her zipper tab and slowly pulled it down revealing her black thong.

“I see the thought has gotten my husband pretty horny,” she giggled when he released the snap on her jeans and pulled them down until they bunched at her feet. “You know we never did talk about what we did at that party.” His fingers pulled her thong down to her ankles as well.

“Did someone do this at the party?” He whispered as he pushed his middle finger up into her shaven lips. Her pussy lips were shaven but she still had her pubic hair above them shaped into a butterfly.

“Ummmm,” she moaned. “Maybe….I’m going to fall if you keep that up.” She suddenly felt his hands reach around her thighs to pull her forward across his shoulder. With her bare ass sticking upward he carried her into the den and dropped her on the sofa. As soon as she landed his fingers jerked away her jeans and panties.

“Did anyone do this?” He asked as he licked slowly up her thighs until he tasted the sexual juices flowing from inside her vulva.

“OH God Ron………….yes…..a man licked me,” She moaned. She had also spied on him that night and had seen him do the same thing to one of the other lawyer’s wife’s. It was much later that night when she peeked into a bedroom and saw Bennett’s wife and him fucking which was something she did not do that night.

“You let a man lick your pussy?” He asked looking up at her with his chin pushing down into her pinkness.

“Don’t even go there,” she laughed. “Maybe I know what all you did.”

“Really?” He moved his body up onto hers while unzipping his fly and pulling out his hard-on. “What did I do?” The spongy crown pushed into her dampness.

“That,” she moaned as his seven inch thin prick pushed fully into her.

“Shit,” Ron thought. “She knows I fucked another woman and doesn’t seem to mind.”

“You think I fucked someone else?” His stomach was slapping hard down against hers.

‘OH GOD YES!” She cried out. “I saw you fucking Bennett’s wife!”

Both of them were about to pop. “And you are not mad?”

“No, because I knew he would have another party and I would get my turn,” she giggled. “I did suck his huge penis.”

“OHHHH!” Ron screamed when he climaxed. She was right behind him. “Fuck me!” Their moans and screams filled the house.

Finally their bodies stopped.

“You sucked Bennett’s cock?” He asked as he moved next to her on the sofa.

“Yes, he gave me a hundred Bennett Bucks,” she whispered. “I did it for you.”

“And I fucked his wife for you,” he chuckled. He thought about Emily. “My new assistant will be coming.”

Jamie smacked his arm. “And you want to fuck her.”

“Well………you are going to fuck Bennett.”

“She is a lot younger and better looking,” Jamie said somewhat jealous. “How do you know she would even consider it?”

“Did you consider sucking off Bennett before the Pimp and Whore party?”

“Oh, I guess you are right.”


Emily was quiet during dinner with her husband until he asked how work was that day. “We got an invitation to Mr. Bennett’s Holiday Party.”

“Wow, like at his huge mansion?” Tim said sitting upward.

“I’m not sure I want to go,” she said not looking at him.

“Why almanbahis yeni giriş not? I’m sure the food and drinks will be great.”

“I……….uh……..heard that his parties get wild.”

“Wild? Like drinking and……….sex?”

“Yes,” she said now seeing the excitement in his eyes.

“Don’t worry I’ll be there to protect you,” he grinned. He had seen some of the knockout women who worked near her cubical.

“So you……..want to go?”

“Hell yes,” Tim said. “It will be a lot better than my Christmas party.” He worked at a small insurance company which had their party at a nearby Italian Restaurant that was over by 8:00PM.

Emily stood and carried the dishes to the dishwasher. “We will be receiving some costumes to wear.”

“What are they?”

“I’m not sure,” she said. She thought of her handsome older boss and wondered if she could wear something revealing in front of him.


“Make sure you have all of their sizes,” Bill Bennett said to his new assistant Terry. “Also, check with the mistletoe company and find out where the berries are.

Terry looked at the mistletoe order. He had ordered a large box full of coded mistletoe berries. There were 100 white berries, 100 green berries, 50 blue berries and 50 red berries. Why are there different color berries?” She asked her new boss. Terry had worked for a junior lawyer on the second floor until Mr. Bennett walked by her cubicle one day. She was nervous talking to him and was really surprised when Human Resources called to tell her he wanted to interview her for his assistant job. She had not applied for it because she didn’t have a college degree nor did she have enough service time. She had heard the rumors about Bennett hitting on his employees but the $70,000 a year job was more than twice what she was making.

“It is hard to explain,” he grinned as he pushed the small button under his desk top and watched the automatic door close behind her. “I think I should show you.”

Terry panicked when she heard the door close and moved back from his desk. “You can tell me,” she whispered as he walked around the desk and stood next to her.

He didn’t respond while turning to pick up a sample bunch of mistletoe with the white berries. “This one is obvious,” he grinned as he held it up over his head. “Go ahead.”

“No, that’s OK,” she said moving backwards. “The white berries mean a kiss.”

“I’m waiting,” he said seriously.

“I’m married,” she said softly.

“So am I and you and your husband will be kissing others at the party anyway.”

Terry knew she had to kiss him or probably lose her high paying job. “OK,” she said forcing a grin as she moved forward and leaned up to lightly kiss his rough cheek.

“Terry, Terry, Terry,” he laughed. “That’s not a kiss.” She was close enough now for him to grab onto her waist and pull her thin firm body into his. Her eyes opened wider when his huge mouth moved down to hers and his thick tongue forced its way into her lips and mouth.

“UMMPHHH!,” Terry grunted as she tried to pull back from his invasion of her mouth and tongue. She felt his hardness against her lower stomach and bit down on his tongue.

“OUCH!” Bennett said when he pulled his sore tongue from between her lips. He still held her close to him and she was not pushing away anymore.

“We shouldn’t be kissing like that,” she whispered. His huge penis rubbing against her stomach was giving her mind mixed feelings. She knew she had to go along with this game and hoped it wouldn’t go all the way. She was not ready to have intercourse with this powerful man.

“How should we be kissing?” He asked realizing that her body was slowly swaying which caused his prick to now rub her upper stomach area.

“Like this,” she grinned as her eyes closed and she leaned upward to gently brush her soft lips against his. Her tongue darted out, licked and retreated. His fingers moved dangerously down her lower back to the top of her hips. She knew he could feel the straps of her thong through her thin dress. She pulled back and smiled.

“That was nice,” he grinned. “Why don’t we try another color of berry?”

“I’m not sure that we should,” she whispered as he turned his body to pick up the green berry mistletoe. He held it up over her head and smiled. “Now what?” She asked.

“We get to touch each other,” he said as his one hand still on her lower back moved down and cupped her small buttock giving it a good hard squeeze.

“Don’t,” she said knowing that he wouldn’t stop. His hands as well as other parts of his body were so much bigger and stronger than her wimpy husband who barely weight 145 pounds.

He only smiled as he dropped the mistletoe on the desk and moved that hand up to gently cup her 34B breast. His thumb found her raised nipple and flicked it back and forth.

“Ohhh,” Terry moaned. It had been weeks since she and Tim had made love.

“You want me to stop?” Bennett asked with a smile. He could see she almanbahis was losing it.

“Yes……….no……..Oh God,” she moaned. She had always wondered how a big man’s hands would feel on her body and now he was fondling her ass and breast.

“Touch me,” he whispered.

Terry’s fingers on her right hand trembled as she moved them from his side to the front of his belt. She looked down between their bodies as she aimed her small pink fingers at the huge tent in his slacks. “It can’t be that big,” she thought as her fingers pushed down over the large tip and she curled her fingers around the covered log. Her fingers only made it half way around it.

“Ha-ha,” Bennett laughed as she explored his manhood. He had met her husband and was not impressed. He knew she was hot and had one more test to prove it. As she stroked and squeezed his giant salami he moved his hand from her ass down the back of her leg to her bare knee and then moved it up under her skirt feeling her panty hose.

“Mr. Bennett,” she moaned when his fingers pushed the pantyhose and soaked panties into her dripping pussy.

As one finger moved into up to his thick knuckle he asked, “Do you like the green berries?

“Yesssss,” she moaned. The whole room was now spinning as her body heat reached its max and her mind was about to explode.

“Then you are going to love the blue berries,” he laughed.

“Oh God,” she thought when his fingers moved from her swollen breast to find a bunch of mistletoe with blue berries. He put them in her free hand and told her to hold them over her head. She let go of his bulge and felt him reaching behind her to unzip her dress.

“What if someone comes in?” She whispered as it fell to her feet. As he released her bra and pulled it from her small breasts he said, “This is my office. No one comes in unless I ask them to.” He pulled out her panties and looked at her light brown bush.

“What are you going to do to me?” She asked.

“The blue berries mean I’m going to eat your wonderful pussy,” he grinned.

“Ohhh,” she said as he pushed down and off her panties and then moved her up onto his desk. She slowly moved down onto her back and opened her thighs. “I love blue berries,” she thought when his hot tongue dove deeply into her moist folds. “I love blue berries!” She said loudly.

After a few minutes of bringing her close to climaxing he moved back. “I like blue berries too.” He unzipped his fly and watched her eyes open wider and wider as he pulled his thick long pink shaft from his pants.

“You……..you want…..me to……..?”

“Yes dear, we both get to enjoy each other’s taste.” He smiled as he walked around the big desk and guided her tiny mouth to his enlarged tip.

“I’ve never………” She started saying before his thick cock pushed between her lips and teeth. Her cheeks swelled outward as she tried to breath. She had refused her husband this pleasure because she was the boss in her family. Now she was the slave and Bennett was the master. She managed to get about three inches of his large cock into her throat before pushing back and gasping for air.

“Breathe through your nose honey,” Bennett laughed as he pushed his crown back inside.

At first the taste and the huge object in her mouth was not pleasurable but when she moved her tongue across the small hole she heard him moan. She did it again and again and felt good that she was giving him pleasure. She kept her mouth on him as she turned on the desk and swallowed another inch. She remembered what her college roommate had said about giving blowjobs and stroked him as her mouth moved up and down.

“You’re a fast learner,” Bennett whispered. She was so good that he was getting close. “However we have one more berry to go.” He pulled her up until she was kneeling on the desk.

It was obvious what was left so Terry only grinned as she moved her legs out towards him and shifted her hips forward until her opened pussy was lined up with his thick cock.

“Please go slow,” she begged as she picked up the red berry mistletoe and held it up over her moist pussy. “OHHHH GODDDDD!” She cried out when his thick tip moved into her tight hole. “YOU BEAST!”

As much as it hurt she wanted more. “DO IT! MAKE ME A REAL WOMAN!” She screamed. He had about five inches in when her body relaxed enough for the pain to stop and the pleasure to begin. “GIVE IT TO ME!”

Bennett had seen it in her eyes that day when he first saw her sitting in the cubicle. He pulled some strings to get her as his assistant and now realized she was a lot hornier than he had thought. She was a fucking wildcat. Her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms pulled his remaining three inches inside. Her whole body lifted up from the desk when she wrapped her hands around his thick neck. Suddenly she was riding a bucking bronco and his cock was her saddle horn.

“FUCK!” Bennett said as she pounded her tightness up and down his pole.

“YOU ANIMAL!” She screamed just before she climaxed. “NOW………NOW!”

Bennett had held out waiting for her and smiled as he emptied his full stock of juices up into her tight canal. When they were done he slowly lowered her spent body down onto his desk and zipped up his pants. “I have a meeting to go to,” he grinned.

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