Uncle Jerry’s Laptop


My uncle has been staying in our guest room since he lost his job as a security officer and to say the least… it has been a bit awkward. Most of the time it’s him and I alone at home while my parents work and I have online classes.

To add to the awkwardness, my uncle is a 40-year-old pothead who walks around shirtless most of the day. Needless to say, that leaves room for lots of uncomfortable interactions.

Like when I was walking to our shared bathroom with my towel on alone and bumped into him in the hall, or when he brought back some woman to his room and I’d see him walk her out while I was in the kitchen.

His presence also led to a lot of forced interactions. My mother often felt like I wasn’t close enough to her family so she’d often try to get me to talk to my uncle, probably hoping he’d become some sort of trusted adult figure in my life. I’ve just turned 18 but she never stops the lectures on sex and drugs and other teenage issues.

But my uncle just wasn’t the type of guy to look up to or trust. He looked almost homeless on a regular day sporting only a pair of white shorts while bareback. His beard is always stubbly and littered with gray hairs. And while I would never classify him as fat, he had some sort of beer belly going on. He wasn’t ugly but he could be seen as some sort of grunge dad type

This also means that friends are basically in love with him since dad bods are apparently in style. While I can see the appeal, he’s mostly the bane of my existence. No patience, smells like cigarettes and his eyes lean on me too long but what can I do except accept it?


The house phone echoes its rings throughout the house, my uncle ignores it leaving me to drag myself out of bed to downstairs. Of course, he ignores it, he’s probably in bed smoking so much weed his head is in another dimension… That’s all he’s really good for. Sitting still, fucking, and playing pretty. I rush down to answer it and end up searching the kitchen to the point where it stops ringing.

I press the locator on the phone base and follow the sound around the house since I know I’ll probably need the phone later. After ten minutes of looking, I made the reluctant trek to the one place it could be… Jerry’s room. I prepare myself for the smell of beer and weed. But I’m not met with it.

Instead, Jerry’s room is as clean as a hotel. Clean white sheets on his bed, his desk against the window is nicely cleaned up, his dirty clothes are swept up in a basket, and the ground is clean. The only sight of his unruly lifestyle is the weed plant near the patio. I scoff, of course.

I notice the phone light up near his pillows and reach for it, stopping its incessant beeping.

The end of that noise allowed me to hear a new noise… moaning. I pause. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m home alone. I checked everywhere for the phone and saw no one so my eyes quickly scanned the room for the source.

It landed on a laptop on the side table. The screen was off but still, I was sure the moans emanated from there. I considered the laptop simply being in inactive mode and lightly tapped the space bar.

The screen lit up and sure enough, on the screen, a porn website was locked and loaded. The moans come from a video left playing titled “Hot busty redhead secretary gets taken by married boss.”

In the scene playing, she was propped off over his desk, her boobs spilling out of her bra, her hair falling all olgun gaziantep escort over her head and her glasses sliding off her face as he pounded himself into her at a fast and hard speed. “You like that slut? Huh! You like your boss fucking you on his work desk.”

“YES! Please! Harder, fuck me harder boss!” she moaned as her eyes watered from the rough fucking.

He started collecting her hair in her hand to hold it in a ponytail as he raised her head to face him and kissed her while grabbing a fist full of her boobs while still thrusting into her. All while producing some of the nastiest sounds of wet skin that I have ever heard.

“What’s it like fucking a married man huh? I bet you like it don’t you whore!” He slapped one of the boobs. “Your pussy is even tighter than my wife’s for such a whore you are!”

Slowly I felt myself getting wet at his words and before I knew it I was sitting back on Jerry’s bed massaging my calves and sliding myself further up the bed till I reached the middle.

“Do you fuck her as hard as you fuck me oh my god!” the woman moaned while her eyes remained clenched from the speed of his thrust.

His hand trailed down to rub her clit while one remained on her waist to keep up with the steady thrust. “Shut up whore! I’m the one asking the questions here. You’re just a little desperate wet whore.”He slapped her pussy a couple of times causing his thrust to become a little awkward but garnering squeals of joy from her.

I found myself in the middle of the bed at this point rubbing myself through my silk shorts and grabbing my nipples with one hand each. A whisper of swear words escaped my mouth as I slowly rubbed myself.

My hands sped up as the scene before me progressed to a different position. Now they leaned back in his chair as she rode his dick and he continued slapping her body. “Ride my dick slut! Come on, faster, hop for me baby!”

Soon my fingers matched her speed and I could start to feel my wetness through the fabric. “That’s it baby girl, take my big dick, cum on it for me, cum for me!” Her moans became more frantic and her hip did shorter jumps on his dick instead opting to go back and forth with little rising.

I found myself sliding off my shorts and underwear while opening up my silk pajama shirt. A chill went up my back as my nipples met the coldness of the room. My fingers found the opening of my tight virgin pussy and forced it to accommodate its sudden rough thrust to meet the stars of the video. The sight of me fucking my bald little pussy turned me on even more.

Unfortunately for me, the video, which was only a free version, ended before I could come. So I attempt to conjure up an image of being fucked in a missionary position as is. I try to picture as many men as I can and almost jump when uncle Jerry pops into my mind… But that somehow made me wetter. Maybe it was the taboo of it or maybe it was the fact that I was currently spreading my juices on his bed or maybe… it was both. But nothing shocked me more when his name escaped my mouth.

“Please uncle Jerry fuck me…”

I was wrong. Because two seconds later, I was more shocked.

This time by the sound of another voice. ‘”Gladly.”

There was little time to react as two hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed. The shock started to wear off and I found myself struggling against the hold of gaziantep olgun escort Jerry. “What are you doing!? Stop!?” I groaned, twisting my body to escape but that was my first mistake as I found myself on my stomach.

“Look at how wet you are, even your ass is wet from your pussy. And wow, what an ass is this!?” He gave it a little slap annoyingly giving my pussy a jolt of arousal.

“Let me go you perve!” I groaned trying to pull myself to the other side of the bed.

He chuckled.”I’m the perve?? You’re the one on my bed fucking yourself to the thought of me!”

I hesitated as he made his point considering that that was the situation but he continued speaking.

“That’s the thing about you little girls, you make these bold accusations from situations you put yourself in.” He grumbled giving my ass another smack. “You’re all just little sluts in dire need of discipline.”

“And no one is bold enough to do it.” Another slap.

God, I hated how wet this made me. “STOP!” He yelled, the aggression making me freeze.

“I’m gonna take what I want so you might as well stop acting like you don’t want it.”

Before I had a chance to move he dove in and slid his tongue in between my pussy lips to my asshole. A loud moan escaped my mouth no matter how much I tried to hold it in. He did it again and again and again slapping my ass every time he came up.

In the blink of an eye, he wrapped his arms around my legs forcing me on my back and giving him a better angle at my most sensitive nerves. He kissed the inside of my thighs, flattening his tongue over the twin mounds of my labia, and sucked my whole vulva into his mouth; he licked my juices until soon I began rocking harder,

His hands forced my thighs apart further while his tongue dipped into my hole before sliding up to my clit which he bit for a second before twirling his tongue at a fast speed over it. “Fuck! Oh god…”

With the tip of his tongue nuzzling around my clitoris, he sucked it gently till it became gorged and gradually changed from soft and small, to a firm, urgent swelling. As he sucked my clitoris he slid his tongue in and out of my little, tight vagina hole.

My legs shifted over his shoulder pushing him further into me with the soles of my feet. “I’m so close jerry please…”

“Please what…”

“Fuck me! Fuck your tight virgin niece!”

“That’s what I like, baby girl…you taste so good…” He kissed and fucking my pussy with his tongue a couple more times before sitting up on his knees. He leaned over me and forced his lips on mine forcing me to taste myself on it. He grabbed my boobs, giving them two swift slaps before bending down to take my nipples in his lip.

I moaned loudly and melted in his arms which kept me still around my waist.”I’m gonna fuck your little pussy so hard.”

“But first… Show me what you got.” I lay confused till he zipped down his pants and crawled his way up my laid-down body.

He grabbed my hair just like the man did in the video. He pulled out his cock making my heart freeze for a second. It had to have been at least 9 inches of hard thick cock. He forced my head up to meet it and instinctively I took it in my mouth.

“Virgin my ass, you already know what to do..”

‘”Or are you a lowkey cock whore… huh? Do you suck all the small dicks of those Lil boys at your school? Bet I’m a monster compared gaziantep olgun escort bayan aren’t I? AREN’T I?” he pulled me from his dick and saliva spilled all over my face while I nodded and was immediately stuffed back with his cock.

“Yeah… take my cock you little slut, I bet you fucking love this huh.” he pushed himself further causing me to gag and my eyes to water as he fucked my face.

He groaned louder and louder. “That’s it little bitch… fuck yeah… suck your uncle’s cock.”

He spits on me causing me to flinch but not stop sucking his cock. “You’re a nasty little girl aren’t you? Not many whores out here fucking their uncle…”

“Yeah just like that… hold it hold it.” He kept me still for a few seconds before pulling out and slamming my face on the bed. He crawls off and settles himself between my legs again.

“For so long I’ve watched you strut around here like you’re untouchable…” He rubbed the tip of his dick along my slit. “Coming out of the bathroom in those short, short towels… Teasing me… I bet you were jealous of all my whore weren’t you.”

He teased my hole pushing the tip of his dick in before pulling back out and rubbing it along my clit spreading my wetness. “What do you want whore? Come on baby girl tell your big uncle what you want..”

I let out an exasperated breath holding onto the last bit of my stubbornness earning my boobs a swift slap. “Come on slut, say it, say how much you want your uncle to pound this pussy, you nasty little girl.”

He slapped my clit with his dick a few times. “SAY IT!”

I broke. “Please uncle jerry please fuck me, fuck you dirty incestuous niece… I’m so wet for you uncle, just like the dirty slut that I am. FOR YOU. Please, Please fuck me.”

He smirked looking down at me before a look of determination spread over his face.

Four seconds later with no warning, he slammed his cock into my tight pussy. His face scrunched and he bit his lip feeling me wrapped around him. “God, you’re so fucking tight babe. It’s been so long since I felt 18-year-old pussy.”

He pulled out and then slammed into me again. Tears escaped my eyes as my pussy adjusted to his size and losing my virginity.

I didn’t have much time to adjust as he slammed into me again. “You feel so good baby, so nice and wet and gripping the fuck out of my hard dick.” Again though this time, the pull-out is shorter and the slam is faster.

“This pussy is mine now, whenever, wherever, however. Mine…” His pulls turned into fast thrusts and the pain started to turn into pleasure but still, a slight burning feeling resided. “Look how creamy and wet you are wrapped around me…”

I moan wantonly as he dives into me with a fast hard thrust. His hands go palm down on both sides of my neck as his hips go fast and finally feeling the building of pressure in my bottom I rise to meet his fast thrust. “Fuck uncle! Fuck me! Fuck you niece! Make me cum!”

“Oh god uncle, you’re — you’re getting so big inside me, Please, cum for me, let me make you cum, cum in me, cum in me,” my whispers hot and urgent, “make…a baby in me,” I gushed, startled, surprising myself hearing those words.

“Fuck your little girl, use me, make my little pussy yours,” squeezing him inside of me. “Your sexy little whore, for you, your private little whore, whenever you want me,” I said, milking my uncle’s surging hot hard cock throbbing so deep inside my warm little belly as he gripped me hard in his arms.

My breast moves in sync with our thrust and a layer of sweat coats our skin. He hides his face into my neck as he bites haphazardly at it bound to leave questionable marks on my parents. “I’m so close… I’m gonna cum in you…”

And I let him. We meet in one more slam of the hips as he cums in me and I rotate myself around him to tip my orgasm.

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