Two Worlds Collide


As the evening drew to a natural end and the two diners gathered their coats and made their way to the car park.

“Thank you for a lovely evening” Michelle said trying to break the quiet and increasingly awkward silence.

“No thank you for such delightful company” Neil answered forlornly whilst trying to smile politely. Neil opened the passenger door and Michelle sat on the seat before gracefully swinging her legs into the foot well of the car. Neil closed the door gently before going around and getting into the driver’s seat.

They chatted politely during the short journey to Michelle’s house. She was so convinced that Neil only thought of her as a friend so Michelle felt at ease with him. Neil was an attentive man but Michelle believed this was due only to politeness. Michelle was a larger lady and she’d been on dates before which all fell down as people were not turned on by her body. She was fine with it besides she still got a night out and Neil wasn’t a bad dinner companion with his polite conversation. As he got out of the car to open the door Michelle took a deep intake of air.

Neil offered Michelle his hand to help her out of her seat. It felt good her holding his hand. He had been so shy around her that Neil was sure that they had no real future. Michelle was too good for him. She was educated, funny and always seemed the centre of attention. Neil had only basic education had come from a tough family and had been in jail once or twice. This shame had knocked his confidence even though he had built up a good business from nothing. Michelle had known all about his history and had not run the proverbial mile that he had thought that she might. She seemed a remarkable lady as she took everything naturally in her stride.

“Thank you again for your company tonight. I’ll stay until you get in safely!” Neil said he always waited for female friends to go inside their homes especially at night in case anything was wrong.

Neil was shocked when Michelle reached over and gently hugged him. She planted the softest kiss on his cheek. This simple action left him rather flustered and he knew that his face would be reddening into a full blown blush. Neil hoped that Michelle couldn’t see.

“No thank you Neil. It was a wonderful night!” she said quietly looking deep in his eyes. She had noticed his blush and this told her that Neil liked her as more than just a friend. Her heart skipped with excitement. She had fancied Neil since they had met and Michelle had been uncertain how he felt. That was until now.

Neil’s face was inches from Michelle’s; their breathing was shallow and turned to condensation in the cold night air. Neil leant forward so that his lips connected with Michelle’s. Her lips felt so soft against his. She parted them slightly and this was all the encouragement that he needed. Neil let his tongue through his teeth so that it could lick at her lips gently. As he did this Michelle slipped her hands inside his coat and around his waist. Her lips parted and Neil could grain full access to her mouth. His tongue explored her lips and teeth and gently wrestled with her tongue who was trying to explore Neil’s mouth. They soon found a rhythm. As Michelle’s tongue entered his mouth he closed his lips to suck on her tongue gently. Neil’s hands had now copied hers and were inside her coat around her waist. For some extra stability Neil had leant back onto the car and was enjoying this kiss.

Neil’s hands now moved to her ass and he squeezed her flesh closer to him. Michelle moaned softly as he did this feeling his manhood pressing into her. All this kissing had obviously aroused them both. Michelle certainly didn’t want things to end. “Let’s go inside Neil. I think we’ve given the neighbours enough of a show.” Michelle said stepping away but holding her open hand out as an invitation.

Soon they were inside Michelle’s hallway and Neil couldn’t help but return to kissing her. He pinned her against the wall whilst he removed his coat letting it fall in a mess on the floor. Neil was dying to explore Michelle further. He had always fancied bigger ladies but the only women who ever found him attractive had been the stick thin model types after only his money. Michelle was certainly well built and also unusually tall for a woman. This made the experience even more exciting and new. She had so many curves to explore Neil wanted to take his time but this growing erection needed some attention as it was now straining in his trousers. Neil pushed his groin into Michelle to let her know how much she was turning him on. He did this just as his lips found her soft neck whilst his hands found her ample bosoms.

“Wait” she breathed quietly “hang on a minute.” Neil pulled away hoping he hadn’t offended her. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable!” she led him into the front room. She sat him down on a large leather seat and a light appeared on a table nearby. It was a soft light that meant they could see each other but not harsh enough to hurt their eyes. An intimate type of light.

Michelle hd porno stood next to him and undid her coat and gently threw it on a nearby sofa. She reached up and undid the clasp holding her hair up and let if fall down around her shoulders. Michelle slowly got to her knees and her hands found Neil’s bulging trousers.

“Let’s get these off” she said with a broad smile crossing her lips

Michelle carefully began to unbutton his flies before edging down his trousers freeing his large cock from it’s confides of his underwear. Neil was at full attention; his cock bobbed frantically seeking some kind of release. An amount of juice was slowly releasing from the eye and running down the shaft. Michelle looked up to see Neil’s nervous face. She extended her tongue and licked him. His face showed her how much he had needed that. Michelle used her hands to lower his eager shaft so that it could slip inside her mouth without her having to break eye contact with Neil. Neil’s eyes were rolling back into his head soon enough.

Michelle was eager to work her magic with her tongue. She swirled her tongue wildly around his cock. It wasn’t long before Neil was moaning with sheer ecstasy. Michelle cupped his balls in her hands gently stroking them with her fingertips; pulling them gently away from his body. Her tongue found his eye and flicked quickly against it which brought further moans. Michelle knew if she carried on in this manner then Neil would be at her mercy and would not be able to stop shooting his load deep into the back of her throat.

Michelle stopped suddenly and sat back on her heels watching Neil’s cock bounce with delight. A look of bliss soon turned to horror. He had been so close to cumming. His cock was painful and he needed release. Michelle sat back and licked her lips. Quickly she undid her shirt and removed it. She squeezed her breasts roughly before reaching behind her and undoing her straps. Michelle slowly removed her bra letting it fall to the floor. Neil gasped her breasts looked so good. He liked big breasts and he wasn’t disappointed with what he saw. Michelle had the largest nipples he had ever seen and he just wanted to suck them, tease her like she had teased him.

Slowly Michelle got to her feet she reached behind her again and undid her skirt before dropping it around her ankles. This vision was standing in front of him in only a black lacy set of skinny knickers and lacy topped sheer stockings which ran down into her stiletto shoes. Michelle turned around from Neil and walked about two steps. As she did so Neil ripped his shirt open letting his buttons fly and taking his trousers from his ankles.

Michelle bent over letting her butt stick out and showing off her long legs under the sheet black Lycra stockings. She touched the floor in one swift motion before lowering herself to her knees. Neil could take it no longer and left from his chair. Her pussy was calling his cock like a magnet now. Neil opened her legs and knelt between them. As he used his hands to touch the fabric of her panties he leant across and laid soft kisses on Michelle’s back. Her back arched for every kiss. Neil’s hand found Michelle’s hot wet pussy the fabric was already soaked with her juices. Neil wanted this to last but he knew he needed to be inside her. Neil quickly moved her panties to one side and with the other hand guided his throbbing cock inside her hot wet folds. Soon Neil’s balls were banging into her dripped with her sweet juices. It felt good her panties rubbing against his cock and the stockings against his hands. He held onto her thighs through the silky material and went in as deep as he could; Michelle was now the one moaning.

Soon they were moaning and groaning in virtual unison. Neil was close to cumming. When he felt Michelle’s pussy contract with her orgasm. He was soon spraying his cum deep inside her. There seemed to be so much cum shooting from him, Michelle kept having orgasm after orgasm, her muscles milking Neil’s cock dry. They shook for a bit and until Neil’s cock slipped out of Michelle.

They both lay down on the floor breathing rapidly Michelle had needed that frantic sex. Being around Neil all night had built up a lust and she felt somewhat fulfilled. She could feel the hot sweaty cum filled mess between her legs start to run down her slit and down into her arse. Her wet panties were now uncomfortable but Neil draped his arm around her which felt so good. Michelle didn’t want the night to end there so abruptly.

Michelle mustered up her energy and sat up running her hands down her legs to remove her shoes. She gave her arches a quick massage then got to her feet. Neil watched Michelle getting to her feet. He felt the night was now over that he should gather his stuff and leave. Neil certainly didn’t want to. He knew he had come too soon and he wondered if Michelle had thought him a bit of a let down. He needn’t have worried. Michelle turned back towards him with the prettiest of smiles he’d ever seen, extended her hand down sex izle to him.

“Let’s get cleaned up. Come with me!” she said softly but firmly.

Neil got to his feet and reached to hold her hand. Michelle led him to a bathroom with a large cast iron bath. Everything here was white and looked like they had stepped into something from a magasine.

Michelle went to the airing cupboard and brought out some fluffy white towels which she put on a rail next to the bath. She then turned on the shower on the wall letting the water fall into the bath below. He watched her test the water temperature with her hand adjusted some of the controls then Michelle stood back.

“The water’s ready are you Neil?” Neil came up to the bathtub and climbed in, letting the warm water cover his body. He somehow assumed Michelle would leave him to get cleaned up. Instead he watched as she slowly removed her stay ups rolling them down her legs. Then he watched her pull down the black lacy panties and placed them inside the wash bin.

Michelle went to get in the bathtub with Neil. As she did she pulled the waterproof curtain around to stop any water from falling onto the floor of the bathroom. Neil had never taken a shower with someone before and felt a little awkward. Michelle soon put him at ease. She used her hands to clean his body with the soapy shower gel. Her soft hands explored every inch of his body. It felt good her touching him like this. It wasn’t long until he was returning the favour. His hands loaded up with soapy suds finding their way across her body.

Her skin felt so soft against the roughness of his hands. Michelle’s body felt as smooth as marble but so much softer and warmer. She felt so good to him all slippery in his hands. It wasn’t long until Neil felt a stirring in his penis. It was getting hard again. He tried to make it go away so that Michelle didn’t think he was perving on her. He concentrated so hard on washing then conditioning her long hair hoping he would be flaccid by the time she turned around. Neil failed.

When Michelle turned around Neil was at full attention, fully erect. Michelle smiled. “My my you are an eager boy” she said almost as a whisper in his ear. He could feel her body was so close that his cock was pushing at her pussy and was so eager to gently push inside. If only she’d open her legs a little.

Michelle kissed Neil letting their tongues explore. She knew if she parted her legs that Neil would plunge into her again. Michelle wanted him to wait a bit longer. She knew how to tease so she opened her legs a tiny fraction as she kissed him. This gave him room to slip the head of his cock just inside her there wasn’t quite enough room for a full thrust though. Neil rocked his cock gently back and fro at the entrance to her vagina. She would only let him get the smallest entrance into her labia before she would pull away. This drove Neil wild again. God she was good

“Come let’s go somewhere more comfortable” Michele said getting out of the shower. She quickly wrapped her body in one towel and her hair in another. Neil didn’t bother with a towel and simply followed her out of the bathroom. She pulled the cords to turn the shower and the lights off as she left the room. They walked quickly to her bedroom. Neil held her against the door and kissed her pressing his body close to her.

The kisses were long and intense. Neil removed the towel from her head letting her hair fall down to her shoulders. It curled slightly in its dampness and if anything made her look breathtakingly beautiful. Neil stood back against the doorframe, to look at her and gain back his breath.

He reached across and took her hand leading her to the double bed. Neil threw open the duvet and manoeuvred Michelle so that she was now sitting on the bed. Neil picked up Michelle’s feet and laid her down on the bed. Nail straddled Michelle keeping his weight on his knees and hands as he leant over to kiss her. Her soft lips felt so good touching his.

Neil sat back on his haunches and let his hands slowly undo her towel. Soon Michelle was as naked as Neil and he was going to explore every inch of this angel. Neil let out a gasp when he saw her completely naked. She was a vision and he knew he’d have to work very hard to satisfy Michelle.

He lay next to her warm body and started kissing her lips. He wrestled with her tongue as it started to explore his mouth. He needed to show her that he was in control. Michelle’s hands started to move around the back of his neck caressing Neil bringing him closer. Neil took her delicate hands inside his large rough hands and pinned them back onto the bed. He watched as her puzzled expression turn slowly to one of excitement as a broad smile crossed her face.

Neil moved his lips to her neck and her soft ear lobes. He played with her earrings and sucked at her ears. Then he moved his mouth to the softest skin of her neck. Neil used his teeth to pin Michelle to the bed she moaned in sheer joy. She loved a man being in control. altyazılı porn Michelle submitted to Neil; this might be a whole lot of fun. Michelle let her body go limp. Only then did Neil continue. He moved slowly kissing her soft flesh from her neck downwards. Soon he had reached her breasts. Michelle moaned gently her head was buzzing as no man had ever spent so much concentrated time on her before.

His mouth covered each nipple in turn whilst the other was engaged with his thumb and forefinger. Neil’s tongue flicked across her stiff nipple. Michelle couldn’t remain limp for much longer. Her nipples were sensitive and soon her back was arching and it felt like she could cum if this continued. Just as she was on the brink of cumming Neil moved slowly down her body.

“Damn it” Michelle shouted abruptly “make me cum!”

“I will. I promise you. Be patient. It will be worth it!” Neil said quietly in-between long kisses to her stomach and side. Soon the intense throbbing of her clit cooled and Michelle soon returned her concentration to what Neil was doing to her.

Neil was stroking his hands softly across Michelle’s stomach while he manoeuvred himself between her legs. Michelle opened her legs and Neil guided them so that her knees were bent and her feet were close to her butt. Michelle looked down at Neil who was kneeling between her legs one hand resting on her left knee. With the other hand Neil was masturbating himself.

“You look amazing” he started “your pussy lips look so inviting. I could easily slip my cock inside you but this is about you. I’ll satisfy myself after I know hat you can’t take anymore.

Michelle had been holding onto the bed frame to stabilise herself but now she left go and began massaging her breasts. Neil lowered himself and started kissing Michelle’s thighs. Michelle flopped her knees down inviting Neil to her eager pussy. Neil slowly kissed and licked closer and closer and soon was letting his tongue slide into her hot, wet and creamy slit. Her juices were intoxicating to Neil. He started licking at her labia and sucking the juices from her tender lips. Neil moved his fingers and continued to explore her soft wet folds. Michelle’s clit was swollen and stood to attention. Neil flicked his tongue across her sweet bud. Michelle started to moan and arch her back, the quicker his tongue the louder she became and the more she appeared to thrash about on the bed. Neil eagerly sucked at the sweet juices she was pumping out of her pussy. Michelle was loud now swearing and thrashing around like a woman possessed.

“Fuck me, I need your big cock inside me” Michelle screamed at Neil.

Happy to oblige Neil got to his knees. His cock was leaking and throbbing painfully. He needed release also now. He leaned over Michelle holding himself up with one hand and guiding his cock to her now tired wet pussy. He then put his other hand next to her head and lowered himself inside Michelle very slowly. If he had rammed inside her he would have exploded straight away. Neil wanted to feel her pussy cum before he did. It was different from the earlier sex as Michelle was in far more control. As he had lowered his cock into her she had wrapped her legs around his back pulling him in deeper.

She then used her hands to pull her legs back as far as they would go.soon they were around Neil’s neck and were controlling how fast and deep Neil could thrust. Neil moved himself so that he was kneeling on the bed still fucking her pussy. His hands now held onto Michelle’s ankles. She was so very flexible. She crossed her legs across his chest and Neil returned his hands either side of Michelle’s head. He’d never done this position before but Michelle was at the perfect angle. Her pubic bone rubbed against his shaft so fantastically and he got so very deep inside. The added bonus was that he could watch the excitement on her face, hearing the swearing and moaning coming from her so delicate lips. When he did extra deep thrusts his lips touched hers. These stolen kisses were amazing.

Soon Michelle’s muscles were clamping around his thick shaft. He shook violently as he sprayed every last amount of his cum inside her. Wave after wave of orgasm flew through Michelle. Her eyes were rolling back inside her skull. Michelle’s legs dropped down to a more normal position. Her arms pulling Neil down on top of her. He had little strength to argue. Michelle started giving Neil kisses to his forehead and cheeks. She felt safe with him pressing down on her frame. He soon moved to a more comfortable position lying tight in next to her and his leg intertwined with hers. They both fell asleep exhausted from their activities.

When Michelle woke up it was still early the sun had not yet risen in the sky. She stretched out feeling her muscles tense as she yawned. Michelle turned her head on her pillow to see Neil lying next to her. He was flat on his back still fast asleep.

Michelle had been pleasantly surprised at how confident Neil had been with her last night. She had thought that she’d have had to take control if anything. During the date Neil had seemed so shy and she thought he hadn’t fancied her at all. She had been shocked that he had taken control of her and that he knew just how to handle her.

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