Two Less Lonely Again

Big Clit

She was still at work inputting data into the computer that should have been completed yesterday. Her desk was piled high with paper and forms to be filled out in triplicate. She yawned stretched and got up from her chair to get a bottle of water from the frig. Stepping out in the hall she realized that she was the only person in the building, so she did a door check to make sure that all the outside doors were locked.

Going back to her room she straightened one of the student artist pieces and picked up a pick of paper off the floor. She started back to her computer when her cell phone began to ring.

“Hello” she spoke into the phone.

“Hey sugar” he answered

A smile crossed her face as she responded, “right back at ya there.”

“What are you into this evening?” he asked.

“Trying to get the damn paperwork caught up.” she answered.

“So you are still at school?” he queried

“mmm, yes, probably be here for several more hours” she said.

“Any one else there besides you?”

“On a Friday night, are you kidding, it’s just me and the hamster” she laughed.

“I think that I’d like to play school this evening, you game?” he suggested.

“Yeah right, you going come down here and screw me on the desk,” she laughed.

“As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I’m going to do,” he said, “but I’ll bring you dinner too.”

“Dinner I’ll take you up on, I could use a break, but no fucking in school. Got it?” she said.

“Spoil sport” he bemoaned.

Twenty minutes later she heard a knock at the side door. She went out to let him in. Pizza and soda, was the menu for the evening. They sat on small chairs at a low table eating and making small talk. She threw the containers in a plastic sack to take out with her when she left. The smell of stale pizza was not an appetizing thought for Monday morning.

She felt him close behind her. His almanbahis giriş arms went around her waist and he began kissing and nibbling on her neck. She lay back against him enjoying their closeness. His hands began to knead her breasts and she moaned a long, low sound. She turned toward him, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him close for a kiss. Their tongues darting in and out of the others mouth, he put his hand under her blouse and felt her nipple harden through the lace of her bra as he pulled on it.

His head dipped and he began sucking on each nipple, still leaving her bra in place. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her close, she could feel his cock bulging through his jeans. He backed he against the wall and pulled her skirt up around her waist. His hips moved in a grinding motion as rubbed his clothed cock against her pantied pussy.

“Hey we are going to have to quit this or we aren’t going to be able to” she said as she continued to place light kisses up and down his neck.

“That’s the idea sugar, not stopping” he told her as he put his hand inside her panties, one finger sliding inside of her. “You are dripping wet, baby, do you really want me to stop? he teased.

“Oh hell everything is locked and the blinds are closed” she said wiggling against his hand. “You knew what you were going to do when you called me” she accused.

“Sugar, you knew you were gonna let me when you opened the door” he laughed.

He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it and her bra off. She pulled at his shirt until it came off over his head. Her hands ran up and down his chest. She could feel his warm body under her hands, his heart beating faster as she touched him.

He unzipped his pants and let them drop far enough to let his stiff hard cock have some breathing room.

“Suck me sugar.” he said.

She dropped to her knees in front almanbahis giriş of him, circling his cock with her tongue and sucking the head into her mouth.

“Oh God, yes” he breathed as she continued to suck and stroke him. He could feel the precum leaking out of him, she licked it off. Her head lowered and she stated to caress and lick his balls. She slowly took one of his balls into her mouth and held it there. Her tongue moved in little circles as she gently mouthed each of his balls. Cupping them in her hands, she moved back to attend to his cock.

His hips moved rotating as he began to fuck her mouth. His hands held her head steady as he moved in and out of her hot mouth. His cock throbbed and jumped as he felt his balls tighten against his body.

“Get ready, sugar, I’m gonna shoot it” he said, and at the same instant slammed hard into her face as released his cum into her willing mouth.

“Drink all down baby, damn you do that good” he said as she licked his cock clean. He pulled her up for a long kiss. He could taste his cum in her mouth and the thought excited him even though he had just emptied himself into her mouth. Kissing her still he pulled down her panties dropping them to the floor. He pushed back the papers stacked on her desk to clear a space for her to sit on the edge of the desk. He was between her legs pulling up her skirt. Her legs fell over his shoulders.

His tongue ran the length of her slit. Her pussy was freshly shaved and as smooth as a baby’s skin. His cheek brushed against her mound and her pussy juices dripped onto his face. He opened her legs wide and began to lap at her pussy lips. His thumb found the tiny button hiding under the hood of her clit and he rubbed it gently.

She pushed her pussy into his face, as he buried his tongue deep inside of her.

“Oh darlin,” she moaned “I love it when you eat my pussy.”

He almanbahis yeni giriş moaned against her, the vibrations of his moan against her clit sent lighting strikes up and down her spine. He sucked her clit into his mouth sucking on it. his fingers searching and finding her hole he began to suck and finger her at the same time. She moved against him wildly. Totally out of control as one orgasm and then another and another tore through her body.

He let her recover for a minute and then turned her around her breasts pushing against the desk and her ass high in the air. He opened her ass and began to put one finger inside of her. He used her own cum to lubricate her opening and continued to slide his finger in her ass. He moved in and out of her watching as his fingers fondled her asshole. He knew his cock was hard again.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy now sugar” he breathed into her ear.” I’m going fuck you so good that you aren’t gonna be able to set down the rest of the weekend. Then I’m gonna take that marker and write my name right across your ass.”

He took his cock in his hand and stroked until he was rock hard. He pushed the head into her pussy and stopped.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked in a low voice.

“Yes, darling fuck me hard,” she answered, “fill up my pussy with your hot cum.”

He rammed himself into her, pumping hard and fast. She met every thrust with one of her own. Her pussy was so wet and hot, it swallowed his cock and squeezed it deeper inside her. He knew that his orgasm was going to come quick and hard this time, but the way she moved with him, he knew she wouldn’t be far behind.

Again and again he slammed into her pussy. Her body stiffened, her heard her cry out as her muscles started to contract into orgasm. One last stroke and he released himself into her.

Slowly they eased themselves down onto the carpeted floor, each of them satisfied for now. He held her to him and brushed her hair away from her face. Her eyes moved to the clock on the wall.

“I know,” he said

“I have a little while longer.” she answered.

No other words were spoken, they both knew what would have to be.

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