Two Ladies Sharing Their Secrets


Two ladies, their secrets and an afternoon off.

That afternoon Mariel was waiting to be taken to the table she had previously reserved at the exclusive Ailes Doré, where she would have a business meeting and lunch with an important local businessman. Mariel was distinguished, above all, by her punctuality, her affable character, her very formal and attentive personality for the fulfillment of her duties and commitments.

Besides being a beautiful woman in her 40s. It was commendable; her impeccable presence endowed with a great natural elegance that stood out with her undeniable sense for good dressing. As was to be expected in a lady of her status.

Mariel arrived with precise punctuality to such an important appointment, for this occasion; she was dressed in a black one-piece dress, which soberly highlighted her stylized feminine forms. Her beautiful black hair rested on her delicate shoulders.

Somehow; she always illuminated with her presence wherever she went. She secretly liked to stand out among the glamorous parade of beautiful ladies that gathered in that exclusive establishment to enjoy the best international cuisine.

She was extremely careful about every detail of her personal appearance and loved to complement her attire with a matching purse.

The Maître d’ appeared a couple of minutes later; to deliver the letter and an urgent message from Mr. Thomas Connolly, with whom Mariel had the aforementioned business appointment. She was a little disappointed by the announcement of Mr. Connolly’s sudden absence, who complemented his apology with a promise of a substantial donation, to be delivered the next day, to the foundation that Mariel represents. This meant that at least she got the main purpose of the luncheon.

A Little before Mariel resigned herself to being alone during lunch, a dark-haired woman with an elegant appearance and a beautiful face came towards her; she recognized her instantly and now she was in front of her, greeting her with a smile.

Mariel was delighted by the presence of Melina Cutler, a talented and distinguished architect who was actively involved in many charities, and whose material donations and participation filled the various activities of the foundation. This had made the two women, have great empathy for each other.

“Would you like to join me for lunch, Melina?”

Were Mariel’s words, to which Melina agreed instantly. She too had been abandoned that morning and found that invitation very timely.

As the lunch developed; the conversation evolved from some details of the latest professional activities of both, and things became more intimate, when without either of them being able to realize it; Mariel’s divorce came up in the conversation and this; led Melina to talk about the separation she herself was going through, since 3 months ago and which; she was facing with a certain addiction to her work.

After having a few glasses of cognac for digestion, and once a certain barrier of social formalities had been broken, Melina invited Mariel to continue the conversation in a picturesque bar, which she had not frequented for some months. Mariel agreed immediately, as she somehow felt the need to get out of her work routine. And it was obvious that she was enjoying Melina’s company.

Of course, the idea of sharing a few drinks that day was extremely tempting as soon as Melina mentioned that the bar was frequented by very attractive men.

Mariel had left her car in the parking lot of the foundation, which was located a couple of blocks from Ailes Doré. Melina had done the same by leaving her car in the parking lot of her office. Therefore, the most practical option was for both of them to take a cab to the bar and somehow they thought it would be wiser not to drive, after having a few drinks.

Secretly, they both harbored some illusion that some gallant gentleman would take them home and perhaps something else might be offered on the way back. After all; they were both free women and wanted to enjoy the pleasures that bachelorhood can bring to two portents of feminine beauty like them.

The two beautiful middle-aged women were like a bright flash when they arrived at that bar, they were immediately installed at a table and attracted the attention of some diners, who by that time were already very well accompanied.

The first rounds of drinks arrived and the helpful waitress made sure that they continued to arrive while the two women, who were now enjoying an atmosphere of greater trust between them, continued to talk, until they reached a somewhat delicate subject for them, which was the annoying feeling that could be said; it was a little stormy to admit. It was about their personal insecurity, which they felt when they were over 40 years old.

None of them confessed to being over 42 years old; which was true! And it was also true that in the last few years, neither of them had left a certain place of comfort. Both remembered their 20s when casual sex was practically a daily affair! Those spirituous Escort Avrupa yakası beverages brought out some spontaneous confessions about those naughty and secret truths, which made them blush with a lot of nostalgia for those distant and ardent mischiefs that marked their youth.

Mariel left that activity after she got married and by the time of her divorce, there were issues like AIDS. That new and unknown disease, which came to change many things that were part of the sexual revolution, especially when some of her friends fell prey to that terrible disease. In addition to her duties as a mother and, of course, her foundation focused on the development of women in adverse situations, she remained in the shelter and comfort provided by her small group of lifelong girlfriends.

The conversation was bringing them closer to the point where they could feel safe to touch on certain topics, which otherwise; they could never dare to discuss.

“Things sometimes seem to be against me, men of our age; they start dating young girls and the few who want to be intimate with me; they don’t last long by my side! Apparently, a self-sufficient woman; gives them allergy and a mysterious terror.” -Said Mariel with some bitterness.

“Something very similar happens to me, you know; there are days when I can feel; how I burn inside! I think at this point; We can trust each other with certain things.” -Said Melina.

Mariel blushed! For an instant; she felt a deep connection with Melina. It was as if somehow; fate conspired the events of that afternoon, so that they could get closer and share a little of the things they each; kept in their intimacy and found so hard to confess to another person, they both wished to tighten the bonds of what was showing signs of being; a budding friendship.

“You seem like a nice person to me; I like you! And I want us to be great friends. I don’t know if it’s because of the effect of the bourbon, but I want to confide a secret to you. I’m going to tell you something a little embarrassing, but at the same time stimulating… Promise you won’t judge me! Afterwards; you tell me something, that way; we’ll both keep the secret. Do you agree? “Melina said with a certain tone in her voice, which indicated her seriousness and that she expected a certain commitment in return.

Mariel, staring into her eyes as she nodded. Somehow, she also desired the same thing Melina was proposing.

Melina’s naughty and secret slip.

“Once upon a time… when I felt bored with my vibrator…. I wanted to experience something different, so; I put on the tightest, most revealing outfit I could find in a downtown store, put on makeup the way girls do now; and went to a college bar!

I knew this was a one-night stand, but I was feeling full of sensuality as everyone watched me walk by; decked out in that tight, tiny dress. I was eager to misbehave! I made my way to the bar and ordered a beer, lit up a cigarette before taking a seat, immediately; I had already identified who would make me his that night.

It was as if a lustful spell; took over my will that night, I did that leg crossing; that made Sharon Stone famous a couple of years ago. That guy came over, we were able to talk for a few minutes, we left the bar and, in a few minutes,… I was letting him do with me; whatever he wanted!

He was a little clumsy and inexperienced. And me, I was already a little drunk; I felt so anxious! To such a degree, that I didn’t mind at all; that my dress was torn, as he kissed me in the parking lot of the university village and we fell behind the bushes.”-Melina said with a chuckle, as she began to blush.

Mariel was breathless when she heard that, her imagination was working in a hurry; making her visualize clearly every detail that Melina was telling her. Suddenly she found it so sexy; the idea of being able to let herself be carried away by that kind of horny rapture in the arms of a stranger, eager to explore the boiling secrets of her femininity.

“That dress was so tight; it did not admit any garment under its shelter, and I immediately became a prey; of how inappropriate my fantasies can be, when they go to meet my instincts…Suddenly; I was a she-cat in heat! And I took off the remainder of that torn dress, which suddenly represented a hindrance.”

” I Will never forgets his face; as soon as he saw me naked on the Grass clamoring for him to take me right there! I had to take the initiative, at least; he was very docile and let himself be guided by me. It’s amazing all you can subdue a man, once you’ve got him by the cock.”-Said Melina with a playful glow lighting up her gaze.

Mariel was turning all colors as she contemplated the expression that lit up Melina’s face; as she recounted that scene.

“I can’t believe it, so you were already naked and then; you fucked him right there in the meadows!”

“Darling, my body was flooded with adrenaline! All my skin was itching with such intense excitement, telling me to run Ataköy escort away from there, but my body was reminding me; how badly I needed to fuck.”

Melina smiled proudly at her mischief and prepared to conclude her story, she sensed very well what Mariel was wondering at that moment, it had been enough for her to watch her smoking from her cigarette and sipping her glass of whiskey with some nervousness, as she described to her the details of that impromptu encounter; with a manly and eager college student.

“The only thing I might regret; is that I shouldn’t have been so outrageous, as soon as I climaxed. That alerted campus security, just as they were making their rounds a few feet from where we were.

They spotted Harald right away, as soon as he stood up to get dressed and take me to his dorm. I could only hear the scream of the guards and the sound of their boots hitting the concrete heading towards us. I panicked! We had already been spotted, I could only grab my purse and scurry away from there.

I couldn’t pick up my shoes! There was no point looking for the dress; it was already trashed and I was so terrified of getting caught; I didn’t care to look for it at all.

It was a bit embarrassing! I was running in terror; bare-assed all over the university village. My heart almost leaked out of my chest; I couldn’t let them catch me; can you imagine the scandal? But at the same time; it was so exciting! Because I felt alive again; like I was 20 years old again.” -Said Melina sighing with a certain nostalgia and mischief shining in her eyes.

Mariel couldn’t help but be curious about how Melina had managed to evade university campus security. It was to some extent unusual to her, that a prissy, elegant society lady; would relate to her an affair of such a racy nature.

“I don’t know what I would do in a situation like that. I’m not very fast at running, them; I’d have been caught at once! I would die of mortification. And tell me; how did you make it all the way home? The university village is a bit far from the city and it’s not at all easy to get some clothes at that hour.” -said Mariel letting out a mocking chuckle.

“My dear; I was in all my glory! You don’t know how hard it can be; getting a cab at that hour. That gave me a lot of time to think about it while hiding from campus surveillance, deep down I was afraid someone might recognize me and I was beginning to feel some remorse for the outrageousness of my behavior.

On the other hand, though, I was so overcome with adrenaline! That it brought out a certain exhibitionist vein and an inexplicable desire to continue running danger… You know; the effects of being lustfully drunk and I just wished; I could walk around naked, under the cover of night.

You’ll say I’m crazy, but it turns out to be a liberating experience; when you manage to evade your own character, the one with which you must dress up every day, to move safely before society. When you are naked; you can be whoever you want!

I think I have a certain addiction to adrenaline, and when it comes from fear? Like the one caused; by being left without clothes in a public place; this can be very intense, since it is a situation beyond your control and your will. You don’t know what will happen, or who you will meet, or what their reaction will be when they see you; exposed and vulnerable!

But at the same time; it gets so exciting! You meet yourself, that part of yourself that your fears have tried so hard to hide from you… as if they have been silently conspiring for years to prevent you from meeting the real you.

Aware of this; I had a little fun, as soon as a young couple saw me walking in front of them, I was very carefree, as if I didn’t care about my obvious and absolute absence of clothes, wanting to act in a very natural way. After all; I had no reason to feel embarrassed!

I only managed to smile at them with a certain flirtatiousness, while I said good night.

The girl got annoyed with her boyfriend; when he started following me around with that kind of glance that men have; when something takes over their full attention, the poor guys seem to be absorbed, they want to appear like a scientist; before the recent material proof of their postulates and theories. but in reality; they never stop being like children!

I don’t deny it, I really enjoyed that moment when he stopped to observe how I was walking away from there, while I walked with a certain extremely insinuating cadence syncopating on my hips.

I admit that was very cheeky of me, not to mention how inappropriate and questionable my behavior can be. But to be honest and not to be presumptuous, at my age; I still have a very nice ass!

I don’t know how to explain everything I was experiencing; I had gone out of my mind! Noticing two strangers approaching, anyone in their right mind would have run to hide in the bushes!

But a strange feeling made me suddenly; get a little naughty and playful with my circumstance. Şirinevler escort bayan So, I simply showed myself in front of them; I wanted them to see me walking around in the buff! Besides, it wouldn’t have hurt to conclude that night’s adventure by having a wild threesome with them. They were a really beautiful couple!”-Melina said, exhaling a sigh.

Finally; a cab appeared and stopped in front of me, as soon as it saw me walking alone on that street. It was driven by a middle-aged woman; she was very kind to me. At first, she was very worried to see me without a stitch on.

The poor woman thought; that I had been attacked by some maniac! I told her that I was only the victim of an unfortunate circumstance; that she tore my dress and had chosen a bad time not to wear intimate apparel. It is preferable to tell a half-truth!

In fact, she didn’t want to charge me, of course I insisted on paying her. And you know what… if I could repeat that exciting experience; I would do it all over again!” -Melina exclaimed with a mischievous grin plastered on her beautiful face.

They both smiled at each other with a certain air of complicity; feeling that they fully identified with each other in terms of their concerns, they toasted each other very happily as they continued their conversation. Melina was very interested in Mariel’s opinion about the peculiar attraction between young men and women in their 40s. Melina said it was a match made in heaven!

For Mariel, young men never failed to get her attention! She admitted that her vanity deep down; she was flattered to be the secret center of some of the looks she noticed in a particular young man. She immediately felt that the time had come for her to stop keeping to herself those hidden and mysterious emotions that have been whipping her in silence for some months now.

Mariel confessed to feeling a certain shame regarding a part of her desires, she was anxious to stop feeling that somehow that generated a certain moral conflict in her! And although at that moment she was a little drunk, that dark secret was difficult to bring out, so she needed another round of drinks to find the necessary courage before confessing to Melina and reciprocate the trust that had already been placed in her.

At that moment, a girl passing by Melina and Mariel’s table could hear part of the conversation, while she noticed how one of them had been exchanging furtive glances with a man she had been accompanying all afternoon.

Vivian was a 25 year old girl who had a very graceful physical appearance, which went hand in hand with her greed, she had the whole afternoon invested in that man; whose objective was to seduce him and obtain certain benefits.

She felt that her prey could escape, as soon as she recognized Melina. She immediately remembered having seen her weeks ago chatting at the bar, with someone she had been preparing that afternoon; to cast her nets for him!

It all happened so quickly on that occasion; it was when she had gotten up with the intention of going to the powder room. It was evident that the lady had invented a pretext to approach him, with the intention of making a fancy pass at him, which she immediately succeeded in doing! Vivian was filled with anger as he remembered how his prey of the afternoon walked away with Melina on his arm.

It was one of the waitresses who informed her in detail; how that snooty and dolled up lady, in a matter of two minutes; had that man spellbound under her dominion! Which represented instantly; heavy losses to the greedy girl.

Vivian could be extremely possessive, especially when it came to benefiting from a man she had been working with all afternoon. She supposed that history might repeat itself for her, as soon as she saw some competition; which now presented itself as a double threat to her, with the presence of those ladies.

She feared that if she was careless; Melina would approach that man and perhaps… want to propose to him that two elegant ladies of a certain age and experience, might turn out to be; extremely fiery and accommodating! After sharing a few drinks and finding the right man.

She soon rummaged through her purse and approached the waitress; to whom she discreetly handed a 20 kroner bill and asked for some information.

Once Vivian found out all she needed to know about those two women, she gave the waitress an additional 50 crowns; so that the waitress could put in every drink that was going to those two women; a capsule delivered by her, which would bring a little fun to the evening.

Mariel and Melina received a new round of drinks, while Vivian; alerted three of her friends, who were doing the same activity at the bar and agreed to take those two mature beauties off the stage; as they felt some risk to their earnings as soon as they noticed, that those ladies were involuntarily starting to hog; all the male attention in that place.

Vivian soon returned with her goal for the afternoon… she was ready to mark her territory! So she immediately began an active and insinuating playfulness; that would grab all the attention of that man, who minutes later; would take Vivian to a cubicle of the bathroom in that bar, with the intention of getting a little privacy and a lot of fun to leave anchored, all the weight of his crackling anxieties in her.

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