Two Halves Of A Dream


I woke this morning with thoughts of last night running through my head. My cock was hard and it was particularly pleasurable to stroke it as I conjured up those images of my wife. I looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Here I was, in a hotel room, 3000 miles from her, while I had some loose ends to tie up before we could start life in our new home.

I slid out of bed, walked over to the window and drew back the curtains allowing the sunlight to stream into my room as I stood there, surveying the cityscape. I felt kind of free, exposing myself to the world through that window. Except, with being on the 17th floor, I wasn’t revealing myself to anyone save for a passing bird. I turned and looked at her photo on the bedside table, my body casting a shadow on the carpet. As I moved towards the picture, I laughed out loud at the shadow of my erection bobbing about.

I crossed to the desk and opened my laptop. I quickly found what I was looking for and read, again, what she said to me last night. About a dream she’d had the night before involving a friend of mine.

It’s us in our new house, you invited him to visit and, from the beginning, we could feel the tension between him and I. So me being me and not being afraid of confrontation, I cornered him and asked him why he hated me so much without even knowing me. He said it was because I had stolen you away from him and he couldn’t indulge his fantasies, wanking at your place anymore.
So I told him to stop acting like a jerk and grow up for a change…that marrying me didn’t mean you guys couldn’t be friends anymore or that if and when he came to visit us he couldn’t wank if he wanted to. I talked to him until I asked him if we could, at least, be civil to each other for your sake, as you didn’t like to know that your best friend and your wife couldn’t stand each other. We agreed to disagree and called some kind of truce. We gave him a tour of the house and all the while, I kept rubbing myself on you and whispering to you that I couldn’t wait to get you all alone as I was wet and wanted you to fuck me bad. We got seated for dinner and I dropped my fork on the floor. I asked you to pick it up and when you got under Porno 64

the table, I opened my legs to show you that I was sans-panty and really wet.

After dinner, you guys went in the living room while I was doing the dishes and some cleaning, then I asked you both if you wanted to watch a movie…but that if you said yes I was to choose what we would be watching. You both said yes and I made sure to not show you what movie I had put in the DVD. I sat beside you and put a blanket on our knees. The movie started and you were both surprised to see it was some porn.

I turned to face him and told him “Well you see, I’m human after all and if you want to wank, go ahead I’m not keeping you” (lol) He said he wouldn’t but that it was nice of me to try and show him that nothing would change between you two.

Well, the movie got to me and I started rubbing my hand on your cock, taking your hand for you to rub my very wet and swollen pussy. You were trying to act as if nothing was happening but it was obvious to see that you were enjoying me being so naughty in front of your friend. After a while I excused myself from him saying I had something important to do and dropped my head on your lap, got your cock fully out of your pants and started to suck you.

I woke up just when you were telling me that you were cumming.
I don’t think I’d ever be able to do something like that in real life…I’m not exhibitionist..

“Wasn’t it out of his sight? Were you sucking me under the blanket?”

No…in full view…as soon as I dropped my head on your lap I took the blanket away.

“Well…you were very turned on…that can override other things.

Hmm I don’t think so…turned on or not, there are things I would never do…and public sex is one of them.

“Yeah…but that wasn’t so public…it’s like you were teasing him…showing him what he couldn’t have.”

Yeah you might be right…I didn’t try to analyze the dream too much. Good thing it’s only a dream too…I’m sure you’d kill me if I ever did something like that…lol

“Not the way you described it…I think the ‘dumbstick’ would probably take over”

Oooh that’s pretty Konulu Porno perverted of you 😉 …I mean doing it in front of your friend.

“I’m not so sure…my lovely wife is wanking me to hardness, secretly, before going down on me. It’s not like I have time to think about him being there before you make me cum in your mouth.”

But it set me thinking. I remembered how, before we were married, I would play with her in her parent’s house. Tweaking her nipples and squeezing her exposed breasts in front of her dozing mother who only had to open her eyes at the wrong moment. Bringing her to orgasm in the kitchen, while just through the doorway, sat her parents. And that memorable occasion when I had her panties down and fingered her cunt on her bed, right in front of the open door. She was past caring that her dad could appear in the doorway any minute. Lust took over and she came just as his footsteps were heard on the landing approaching the bedroom, but turning off just before.

Was this exhibitionism or the thrill of getting caught?

My cock was still hard. Closing the laptop, I walked back to the bed and arranged the pillows. Making myself comfortable I stretched out and stroked my erection. I was going to finish her dream.

After I came in your mouth, I looked at my friend and could see he was uncomfortable. Not with what happened, with the discomfort in his pants. He excused himself. Was he going to wank? I didn’t care. All my life he was the one to get the girl. Now it was my turn.

You look at me giggling as you swallow my cream. I kiss you, holding you close, telling you how wonderful you are…as my hand slips between your thighs, feeling how wet you are.

“He might come back” you say, as I slide a finger inside you.

“You want me to stop?” I ask, pushing in further, knowing what the answer will be.

You nod your head ‘yes’, but quickly shake a ‘no’ as you cling to me, whimpering. I’m good with my hands and you are having your first cum since I began fingering you under the blanket earlier. Before you recover, I have you with your knees on the sofa, arms resting on the back and I’m kissing you Porno İndir from your neck, down your spine and onto your bottom. As my tongue moves between your cheeks my hand cups your pussy and you gasp. I know it won’t be long before I have you orgasming again. The pleasure I get knowing I made you come, coupled with the sight of your ass has made me hard again. I move up behind you and you offer a slight protest that you hear him in the bathroom. But, tellingly, you spread your legs a little wider to give me access to your cunt. And anus. I ease my hard cock into you and soon we are fucking.

“Hurry, please”… you say…”make me come again, I hear him.”

I wet my finger and apply it to your little hole. It’s tight, but it gives a little. You hear him coming down the stairs and you madly push back onto my cock, desperately trying to come before he gets here. I stop moving into you, delaying your orgasm until the time is right. Just a few more steps…

“But…he’ll see…us”

He’s at the foot of the stairs now and we start fucking again. You are so near coming as I wet my finger with your cunt juice and push it back where it was just now. He walks through the door and stops dead. He can see I’m fucking you, but all he sees is your face. He can’t see that my finger is in your ass as my cock pushes you into the sofa. He can’t see that your nipples are stiff and red as your tits are rubbing into the cushion. But he watches and sees that we are not stopping. You close your eyes as if not seeing him means he can’t see us. You feel my finger ease its way out, followed by my cock. You open your eyes and see he is no longer in the doorway. You look around at me confused, until you feel my hardness pushing into where my finger was. Your ass has loosened for me and you feel my cock slipping into it. Immediately you feel all those sensations you feel when you are ass fucked. Your head swings gently…and you catch sight of him at the end of the sofa. But you were so close to coming before and you are there again. It doesn’t matter that he sees you with my cock embedded in your ass. All that matters is your husband’s cock is where you love it and you come just before you feel my hot liquid ejaculating into you.

As we recover a little, any embarrassment is neutralized a little by the look on my friend’s face as he leaves the room muttering about wishing he could do ‘that’ with his wife..

In the hotel room I’m shuddering as my cock spurts.

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