Two Fridays – Part 3:Mother’s Unwitting Example


This story follows directly on from my previous story, Two Fridays – Part 2. Once again, Saturday morning came, and for a second time, I awoke to memories of what my sister Tina and I had done the night before. Had we really fucked each other like that, and taken each other’s cherries? I felt that roller coaster feeling, and then the hardening of my cock, as I lay there, contemplating what Tina and I had got up to, and then after a few moments, I heard a knock, even though my bedroom door was already open.   I looked over at the door, and saw Tina standing there, in her brunch coat, untied at the front, showing her pink satin nightdress underneath. She must have put them on after she woke up, but I was still naked under my blankets, because I had simply walked from Tina’s bedroom to my own, thrown my clothes in the corner, and jumped into bed.   Tina walked quickly but quietly from the doorway to my bed, and sat on my left, with a big smile on her face, and said, “I can’t believe we did that last night.”   “Well, we did it all right,” I answered. We were speaking quietly because we knew our mother would have been having her Saturday morning sleep-in.   “I’m still tingling,” Tina smiled, and she put her hand on my chest and leaned closer, “but I don’t think we should go that far again.”   “Guess not,” I answered, dropping my gaze.   “Not the actual screwing part, anyway,” Tina smiled, “but I think the other stuff should be okay,” and she reached down and squeezed my half-hard tool through the bedclothes, and added, “I think you’re still tingling, too.”   She got up off the bed, and tied the sash at the front of her brunch coat, and said, “You coming out for breakfast?” She left the room and went to the kitchen, while I got up and threw on some pyjamas, and went out to join her.   Breakfast was much the same as any other Saturday morning, as we sat and talked, with the music video show on TV in the background. Once again, as soon as she finished breakfast, Tina went and stripped her bed, and put her sheets in the washing machine. She passed me in the hallway with the bundle of linen in her hands, and said, quietly, with her mischievous smile, “Better destroy the evidence.”    The weekend passed as usual, and nothing more was said between Tina and me about Friday night, and then it was Monday, the beginning of another school week. At school that day I told one of my friends about the porn DVD, although I didn’t elaborate on what watching it had led to, and he asked if he could borrow it. I saw no reason why not, so I told him I’d bring it to school for him the next day.   The next morning, of course, was Tuesday, and after our mother had left for work, Tina and I sat at the breakfast table, and I remembered the porn DVD.   “I was talking to Jamie Bohringer about the porn movie, at school yesterday,” I said to Tina across the table.   “I hope you didn’t tell him about us,” Tina said, looking at me.   “Do you think I’m mental?” I asked, smiling, and added, “I just told him Katie loaned it to you and I watched it. He asked if he can borrow it for a couple of days.”   “Can’t see why not,” Tina answered, and she got up and went to her room to get it. She returned a minute later, and put it on the table next to me, and I looked at it and smiled, remembering. I looked up and Tina was smiling, too.   I got up to go and clean my teeth, and then Tina and I left to catch the school bus, and it wasn’t until my friend, Jamie, asked about the DVD at school, that I remembered I’d left it on the table at home. No problem, I thought, I’d just get it off the table and hide it when I got home from school, before our mother came home from work.   That would have worked okay, but when we got home from school that day, my mother was already home, and she told us she had got off work early because the air conditioning broke down, and when istanbul travesti the guys came to fix it, the manager had sent everyone home early. I looked over at the table, and the porn DVD wasn’t there, so I assumed my mother must have found it, and put it away, and I’d be in for a lecture later on. She didn’t say anything about it, and I didn’t bother telling Tina, because our mother would probably think it was mine, and it would never occur to her that Tina had anything to do with it.   I wasn’t expecting any big dramas from my mother about the movie, because she was pretty cool about most things, but I kind of expected she’d lecture me about leaving that kind of thing around where Tina might find it.   Tina got changed as soon as we arrived home, and left to go around to Katy’s place, leaving me, and our mother at home. I thought my mother might use the opportunity to bring up the dirty movie, seeing we were alone now, but she said nothing about it. She was already cooking dinner, and she said, “Steve’s taking me to the movies tonight, so I thought I’d get dinner ready early, and you and Tina can either eat before I go, or have it later on when you feel like it. You can just heat it up in the microwave when you want it.”   “We’ll probably have it later on,” I said, “Tina’s gone round to Katy’s, so she won’t be back for a while.”   I chatted with my mother in the kitchen for a while, as she prepared our dinner, and I watched her while she was moving around the kitchen. Our mother, whose name was Stella, would be forty next birthday, and she seemed to be holding her age pretty well. She still had a good figure, and looked like an older and slightly larger version of Tina, but with very dark brown hair, where Tina’s was light brown, and she had hazel eyes, instead of the blue-grey eyes Tina and I had inherited from our father. She was about an inch taller than Tina, and she was wearing a pale blue pleated skirt, that went to just above her knees, along with a darker blue blouse.   Her boyfriend, Steve, was ex-navy, and he kept himself fairly fit, and he carried himself well. He was a couple of years older than Mum, and handsome in a mature sort of way. He worked as a manager for an engineering company, and he got on well with Tina and me, but for some reason, our mother never let him stay the night at our place, although it was obvious their relationship was sexual. A lot of kids our age were disgusted at the thought of their parents having sex, but as far as Tina and I were concerned, we thought it was great that our mum had found someone she was happy with, and if he was satisfying her in the sack, then good for her.   I looked at my mother, as we had our conversation, while she prepared dinner, and it occurred to me that most men would have thought she looked pretty good, especially in that pleated skirt, the way it showed the curve of her hips, and flowed down her shapely legs. Her boobs weren’t big, although they were bigger than Tina’s, but if anything, that had helped to stop them getting too saggy as she approached middle age. Overall, most guys would have thought she looked pretty good.   After a while, I said, “I think I’ll go and see what Tina’s up to at Katy’s place,” and my mother said, “Steve’s coming to pick me up six-thirty, so I’ll probably be gone when you get back. Make sure you don’t stay up too late, you’ve got school tomorrow, and that goes for Tina, too.“   “Okay,” I said, and my mother kissed me on the head as I walked to the door, and she said, “See ya in the morning.” I walked around the block to Katy’s place, and the back door was open, so I walked straight in. I found Tina and Katy in Katy’s bedroom, and nobody else was home. Tina was wearing a short blue denim skirt, and a pale blue sleeveless top, and Katy had some pink shorts on, with a casual top, and the three of us sat around talking istanbul travestileri and watching TV at Katy’s place for quite a while after I got there.   Katy Hutchins was my age, and I had known her since I was eight, when she moved in around the block from our place. She had always seemed to know more about sex than I did when we were younger, and she would sometimes tell me dirty jokes that went over my head when we were in primary school. She was also one of the two girls, apart from my sister, that I kissed, those times when we were fooling around at her place. These days, she talked big about sex, but as I sat there with her, and my sister, I wondered to myself if she’d actually had any. As often happened when Katy was around, the conversation got around to sex, and the girls started to talk about guys around town and at school that they’d like to go to bed with.   We had a few laughs about that, and the girls started to challenge each other, asking how far they’d go with particular guys they knew, whether they’d just give head, or go all the way, and stuff like that. Now and again, they’d ask me if I’d screw a particular girl from school, but interestingly enough, they never asked if I’d go down on any of them. I have to admit that the conversation was making me pleasantly aroused, sitting there with my sister in her short skirt, and Katy in her snug-fitting shorts, talking about screwing and giving head, but eventually, Katy’s parents arrived home with her little brother, and some Chinese food for their dinner, and it was time for Tina and me to go home.   Tina and I left Katy’s place, and walked around the block in the dark, and when we got to our house, Steve’s Cherokee was parked in the driveway, behind our mother’s car. “Looks like they’re still here,” Tina said, as we got to our driveway.   Tina and I walked in the back door, and I expected to find Steve and our mother in the kitchen, or in the family room, but they were nowhere to be seen. We walked into the family room, and the TV had a blue screen, like someone had been watching a DVD and had taken it out of the player, but not switched the TV back to normal broadcast signal. Then, I saw the case for the porn DVD Tina and I had watched, on the stand next to the TV. Tina saw it, too, and she looked at me when I picked it up, but it was empty. Then, we heard the sound of voices from our mother’s bedroom.   I walked into the darkened hallway, with Tina behind me, and I saw the flickering light from the TV in my mother’s room, at the opposite end of the hall from Tina’s and my bedrooms. I looked at Tina, and we both walked to our mother’s open bedroom door, and looked in.   The first thing I saw was my mother’s TV screen. She had a DVD player in her room, and I saw a scene from the porn movie playing on her TV. It showed a dark haired girl fucking a square-jawed, muscular, blonde-haired guy, cowgirl style, and she was bobbing up and down on his massive cock like she was on a pogo stick, screaming, “Fuck me, Waylon! Fuck me deep! Fuck my cunt, Waylon!! Ohhh, Waylon, fuck my cunt!! Pound my pussy!! Fuck that thing!!”   The guy she was fucking was saying lot of deep and meaningful porn movie stuff, like, “Ohhh, baby, your pussy’s tight! I’m gonna make you come hard, baby!! I’m gonna fuck you deep,” as the camera zoomed in on their onscreen fucking, but that was by no means the only action going on in that bedroom.   I saw my mother on her bed, on her knees, with her head down, facing the TV screen, and she still had had her dark blue blouse on, but no skirt. Steve was kneeling behind her, and he was fucking my mother doggy-style. In fact, the word “fucking” just doesn’t do justice to what he was doing to my mother at that moment. Steve was relentlessly pounding my mother’s pussy, hammering it like there was no tomorrow, slamming into it like a jackhammer. travesti He was holding her by the hips, like he didn’t want her to get away, but the sounds she was making, and the things she was saying, made it clear she was perfectly happy to stay right where she was, and Steve was only holding onto her for leverage.   “Oh, Steve,” I heard her call out, “that’s fantastic!” She gasped, and went on, “You’re amazing!! Don’t slow down! I’ve already come twice, but I can feel another one on the way!” She made a throaty groaning sound, and said, “I think it’s gonna be a big one.”   I looked at Tina, standing beside me in the dark, outside the door, and her eyes were like saucers, as she watched the spectacle taking place in my mother’s bedroom. Tina glanced at me, her mouth hanging open, but said nothing, and then looked back at our mother, being royally fucked on her bed. For a guy in his forties, Steve had a lot of stamina, and he was showing a certain amount of style, as he thrust relentlessly into my mother, fucking her like some kind of Terminator. I almost expected him to start talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he said, “Stella! I can’t believe how wet you are! And you’re so tight! I can never get over how tight you are.”   “I’m wet because you made me like that,” my mother answered, lifting her head off the bed, and taking a deep breath through her mouth, “You always make me so wet!”   Steve kept on thrusting hard, each thrust deep, hard and precise, fucking my mother like a machine, like the machines he helped design and engineer at work. His body had become a precision instrument of pleasure, slamming my mother’s pussy with mechanical precision, going so deep with each pounding stroke, there could not have been a millimetre of her that wasn’t totally full of cock. “Are you close?” my mother asked, lifting her head to speak, an urgent note in her voice. “If you are, just hold on a little longer,” pausing, taking a gasping breath, “You’re getting me right in my sweet spot.”   “Just go for it, Stella,” Steve said, “I can hold on, but you’re makin’ it hard.”   “I like it hard,” my mother answered, pausing for another throaty gasp, “ And you never disappoint me.” I felt Tina touching me on the belly with the back of her hand when our mother said that, as if to say, Did you hear that?   Steve’s cock was doing serious business with my mother’s pussy, and somehow, on some level, it was making me excited to see our mother, the woman who had brought Tina and me up on her own, and who had given us as much love as two parents, working hard to give us a happy, secure home, keeping us well fed, making sure we wore warm clothes when it was cold, doing all that motherly stuff, was now lost in a world of ecstasy, talking about the wetness of her pussy, and the hardness of her man’s cock that was being driven into it. My throat was dry, and I felt that oily feeling of arousal in my lower belly, as Steve pummelled my mother’s pelvis from behind, immersing himself in the pleasure it was giving him, to fuck the woman who was my mother.   I wondered for a moment if my mother had come like this, the night I was conceived, and in a strange way, I kind of hoped that she did, and that in creating me, she had experienced such unbridled pleasure. Tina and I should have left, and gone somewhere to let Steve and our mother get on with it, but we were transfixed by what we saw, so we stood there in the dark, two teenaged voyeurs, watching our mother impaled on a man’s rigid, unyielding cock.   “You’ve got a beautiful body, Stella,” I heard Steve say, a little breathlessly, “Fucking beautiful!” he added, as he kept on thrusting, and I heard my mother say, “I’m glad you like it,” pausing, gasping, “Because it’s yours any time you want it.”  She put her head back down on the bed sheet, and then I saw her arch her back, changing the angle of her pussy slightly, and she began to thrust back harder at Steve, as he pounded into her. “I’m gonna come, Steve!” she said, and then louder, lifting her head, arching her back, she said, “I’m,” pausing, gasping again, “gonna come!!”   My mother’s back arched again, and she clenched her fists on the bed in…

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