Twins Marrying Twins Ch. 01


The four of us arrived within minutes of one another at our grandparent’s farm Sunday evening. My identical twin brother, Mark, had picked up Kammi, his fiancée, from her college campus about an hour from his campus. I had picked up Mandy, Kammi’s identical twin sister, my fiancée from her campus on my way here.

I won another self-bet when I saw that we had all matched again. The girls were in their similar short print sun dresses with tall strappy sandals while we both wore dark shorts and IZOD polo shirts. It had been like this since we meet the Bright sisters three years ago.

We had met them at an International Twins Conference in Phoenix AZ, because our father, Josh Greener – Senator Josh Greener (Democrat) from Texas, was running for office again. He felt this would be a good photo op to showcase his family and his twin sons who were attending their first year at prominent colleges.

The sisters were there to meet other twins while showcasing their computer app and website for twins. There were already over 5000 members for twins only website, because of some privileged info being shared.

I was looking at the twins of all ages milling around on the open level below us when I heard Mark excited explain “Rod, will you look at that! That has to be the hottest set of twins I’ve ever seen.” as he pointed to the pair of curvy redheads standing off to one side of the crowd.

I agreed, so we quickly made our way down to them to introduce ourselves. From then on we were in-separate able. Mark, being older by seven minutes, picked Kammi for himself and I was with Mandy from then on.

We were staying at the farm after finishing our last finals before graduating to start the paperwork for our weddings in two weeks since all of us attended schools out of our home state on full scholarships.

The first thing Monday morning we each separately went to the court office to file for our wedding license. Later we met up at a doctor’s office, with a member of our family, for our blood work.

After a late lunch, we returned to the farm and relaxed poolside till by Wednesday. We all were bored silly. We were all excited when early Thursday afternoon our father’s limo showed up to take us all to a charity fundraiser in Dallas.

The fundraiser was for some off-the-wall charity for getting art supplies and instructors for third-world countries. Our parents were attending to be seen, not from any type of commitment. When the driver showed up at twelve thirty we were all ready to leave and were all a little tipsy from the drinks that were refilled almost after each sip.

After we arrived at the farm we all went to our separate bedrooms. The girls had declared before coming they didn’t want to have sex again till after we got married and for sure not in our grandparent’s home.

I was laying in the dark, with the covers thrown back over the footboard of the bed, slowly stroking my cock. I was thinking about all the things I was planning on trying to do my wife on our wedding night.

When my door opened and someone slid in from the dark hallway into the bedroom. “Shish” was all I heard at first. Then there were the sounds of clothes sliding over flesh followed by the quiet rustle of those clothes falling to the floor.

Footsteps came toward the bed until I made out the nude form of Mandy walking toward me.

When she got to the bed, she crawled onto it pushing my hand off my cock. Whispering she said “I’ll do that for you. I’ve been going crazy with no sex for so long and being so close to you.”

She crawled up on top of me laying full out on me and squirmed to rub our bodies together sexually. Her hard nipples and breasts moved back and forth across my hairy chest until I was harder than before she came in. She pushed with her feet to separate my legs until she had cradled herself between them. Then she started rubbing her wet pussy up and down my cock. At the bottom of every stroke, she gave a little wiggle for extra friction for her clit.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down for a kiss that begin hard with my tongue attacking her mouth, but as it continued it became a battle to see who more in control of it was.

She began pushing away from me with her arms. She said, “Let me go to do what I want.”

I released her to see what she had planned because tonight she was showing a much hotter side of herself than I had seen before.

She started sliding down my body suck kissing my neck, and nipples, and then past my swollen cock to suck my engorged balls. My balls were covered with her juices and my pre-cum, but she sucked each one in while moaning with pleasure.

When she moved up to go down on me I rose and grabbed her body swinging her around, putting a leg on each side of my head as I buried my tongue between the smoothly shaven lips of her pussy alternating between deep thrusts, full-length licks, and stopping at the top to torment her engorged clit. She was flowing like a storm-filled creek and tasted salty and seks hikayeleri sweet.

As she tried to squirm away from my tongue I captured her hips and ass with both arms. After wetting a finger in her lake of pussy cream I started rimming her anus before I inserted a finger slowly inside her. As my finger was completely buried her moans increased and her body started vibrating

When she started cumming she quit her attempt to deep-throat me while poised over me on my hand and knees. When she calmed down somewhat she said “Let me go and let me try to do to you what you just did to me. What a monster cum you just gave me!”

She clambered down in between my legs, rising inside my legs, held up my cock, and preceded licking it like a Popsicle, cleaning off the pre-cum and her frothy pussy cream. Then she licked the head before deep-throating me. When she finally had her lips buried at the base she slowly slid up till only the head of my cock was in her mouth. She put my hands on her head making stroking motions.

I quickly understood and firmly grabbed the sides of her head pushing and pulling her onto and off my cock till it was buried in her throat. About every second stroke I let her have only the head of my cock in her allowing her a few quick breaths before pushing her all the way down to the base of my cock.

Being only seconds away from cumming I warned her and tried to push her away, but she grabbed onto my hips while keeping me halfway in her throat. I bucked upward and cumming in her five times before finally stopping. I felt her swallowing each pump of my cum slightly gagging, but never pulling away.

She crawled up beside me and we lay there stroking each other while kissing. She said, “I wasn’t sure you wanted to kiss me after what I had done.” I answered by giving her a deep probing kiss.

After a few minutes, I rolled her onto her back and slid between her widening legs. Rising over her I rubbed myself up and down her very wet pussy until she said “Enough teasing. Please. Fuck me hard and deep. Now!”

I drove forward into her until I was bottomed out and then started stroking hard and fast. I pulled her legs up and caught them with the insides of my elbows. Then I raised them higher until they were pressing on the outsides of her breasts over my shoulders. Unlike the stories of heroic fucking sessions you hear and read about after about twelve minutes we came together.

After cumming I reminded her how happy I was making love to her without a condom for the first time.

I lowered her legs down while caressing upwards towards her tight ass as I did. Stroking that amazing ass I felt the round bandaged bump on her right butt cheek.

I instantly knew I had Kammi in my bed not Mandy because earlier that day she had been stung by a bee as she was walking thru the garden to the pool. I quickly pulled my hand away while rolling over to lie beside her, staring up at the ceiling.

Then I felt soft fingers stroking my right hip. She was feeling for the check-mark-shaped scar that my brother got from a piece of barbed wire years ago.

Finding my voice I said “Kammi, it isn’t there. Somehow we both got into the wrong beds.”

Kammi answered, “I hate to admit this but halfway thru I was sure you weren’t Mark because he thinks of sex in very limited ways. You did things to me I had only thought about and I did things to you that were only in my wet dreams before.”

Laying there for a few minutes locked in our thoughts I absently started stroking the leg that was pressed against mine.

“Rod, I’m glad you started first because I was seconds away from groping you.”

Turning toward each other we started making love again. For a few minutes, me pushing first one finger then two while thumbing her clit as Kammi stroked my cock. Kammi started growling and yapping softly.

“Can you guess what I want to try?”

“No. But get on your hands and knees on the side of the bed I’ll try to figure it out.” I kidded.

She scrambled to get to the side of the bed. I slipped behind her and slowly buried myself into her pussy in one slow stroke. Grabbing her hips I pulled her off and on my cock until we both came together again.

After I slide out of her flooded pussy and sat on the bed beside her my alarm softly rang. I went around the bed to turn it off. Turning back I saw Kammi scrambling to pick up her clothes and then wrapping her robe around her as she opened the door.

Looking over her shoulder she said “We will talk about all this later today! Thanks for everything,” as she quietly closed my door.

Setting back down on my bed groaning, “What had we done? Not once but several times. After that how are we going to go on as if it never happened? Will we be able to go back to what we had before knowing what we were missing?”

After taking a double shower, first, remove the mixed odors of our night lovemaking. The second was a cold one to tame the hard-on I grew sex hikayeleri thinking about last night.

Going down to breakfast on the back patio where everyone was already seated with their plates in front of them. Mandy said “I heard you coming down and I ordered your breakfast. It should be here any second. I have to practice taking care of you.”

Slightly sickened I kissed her cheek and whispered thanks as my plate was delivered by a maid.

Mid-afternoon we all went swimming until Kammi knocked her phone into the pool. Crying loudly she dove in to retrieve it.

“I need to get it replaced ASAP, so I can get e-mails about the app or website. I know everyone but Rod and I were going to play cards with the grandparents in a few minutes. Rod, could you take me into town now? Please.

Twenty minutes later we were on our way. After a quick stop for a replacement phone, we drove over to an out-of-the-way café to talk.

I started first “After last night I don’t think I can hide the way I feel about you and how I want you in and out of my bed from now on. All day I’ve had erotic dreams about you, but they were me remembering last night.”

Kammi smiled and answered “I feel the same way! I can’t go back to the life I had before with Mark. If I could work everything out so all of us get what we want and need from now on. Would you go along and trust me?”

“Yes, I trust you, but how?” I questioned.

“I’ve got it 90% figured out now, but when I visit you tonight I’ll explain all the details.” She said grinning. Reaching into her handbag she pulled out a tan Sharpie marker, pulling my left hand in front of her she drew a small round dot on the web of my thumb. Then she drew one in the same place on her left hand too. Then she said, “Before you talk about us make sure that I have the dot and I’ll do the same.”

Before we started back we called the house to see how everything was going. We were assured they were busy playing cards and why didn’t we take in a show or something? We did but didn’t see much of it because we necking getting ready for later that night.

When Kammi slipped into my room at about 1:15 I had almost decided that she wasn’t coming. She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I quickly moved my hand up her leg till she grabbed my hand as it went under her robe while saying “Talk first play later. Cross my heart” She opened her robe exposing her left breast waving her hand over it in a cross. Giggling she covered back up.

She then proceeded to outline how we were going to get married and everyone would be happy ever after.

I just stared at her, before it sunk in that it might just work.

When she saw my small smile she stood up and dropped the robe into the floor and crawled onto my bed laying on her back and asking “What are you waiting for?”

The rest of that night and every night until our wedding we spent together. Each night we tried different variations and positions. Whenever I tried to play with her anus again Kammi mocks angrily stopped me saying “I’m saving myself for my husband on our wedding night!”

How we made it to the morning of the weddings on as little sleep as we did was a medical wonder.

Standing with our father and the minister at the front of the church I prayed Kammi’s plan worked.

When the music started and Ben Bright, the girl’s father, slowly walked down the aisle with one of his daughters on each arm. In the end, he handed a daughter off to each Mark and me after kissing their cheek. We clasped hands with our brides-to-be. Kammi and I both looked at the thumb web for the dot, which was there.

The minister led us in a long prayer followed by an announcement before the vows. “As they have in everything else in life the twins want to say their vows together.”

The four of us turned and faced both the minister and the crowd in the pews.

He then started our vows having us repeat after him:

“Will you, Kammi/Mandy, have Rod /Mark to be your husband? Will you love him, comfort and keep him as long as you both shall live?” They answered, “I will.”

“I, Rod/Mark, take thee Kammi/Mandy, to be my lawfully wedded wife, and before God and these witnesses I promise to be a faithful and true husband.”

He asked for the rings. “With this ring, I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, ’til death do us part.” We all four slide the rings onto our new spouse’s fingers.

Afterward, the minister said a short prayer, turned us, and introduced each newly married couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Mandy Greener.

Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Kammi Greener.

Gentlemen, you may kiss your Brides.

A gasp echoed thru the church but was quickly stifled. We all walked the center aisle thru the main doors into a corridor of rice-throwing friends, family, and reporters. The stretch limo was covered with streamers, and a “Just Married X 2” sign was painted on the back window.

When we were all seated and on our way to the reception at the local convention center Mark spoke “What the hell just happened back there? Did we just marry a different sister than we thought we were when we woke up this morning?”

Mandy spoke up and said, “Our minister handed our wedding certificates to me as we turned to leave.” She held up a pair of envelopes: one with “Mr. & Mrs. Rod Greener” and the other with “Mr. & Mrs. Mark Greener” and she handed one to Mark and one to me.

I opened my envelope and slipped the paperwork out. It was all filled out, signed, and sealed with Kammi and me as husband and wife. I sighed in relief, but Mark sighed and blanched.

Mark questioned “What are we going to do? Go back to the courthouse and apply for an annulment?”

After a couple of minutes, Mandy spoke up “I think not for a lot of reasons.

Mark: you and I often said if things were different you and I would be getting married because we are so compatible and work together so well.”

“I also think it wouldn’t help Josh’s re-election if either the mix-up or we getting our marriages annulled.”

“I think if things don’t work out with the couples after a goodly length of time we could set up an incapability divorce.”

“Would the rest of you like to try the marriages with our wedded spouses? I mean real marriages not pretend.” She questioned.

After a short time, I spoke up and said “If Kammi is good with it I would like to try it.”

Quickly the rest said they would like to try it too.

Mark asked, “How would we tell all the guests what happened?”

Kammi answered “We can announce that we decided to hide the change of who we were marrying from everyone, but a few close to us. We felt that way the reporters wouldn’t have a field day reporting their views of what happened between us before. If we had a small conference with the parents before the reception to make sure everyone has the same story. It should work out fine.”

After a quick meeting with the two families, we entered the reception where Josh and Ben announced the lines we had requested them to use. After a few joking comments it was accepted.

Dancing the ritual first dance with our new wives, I noticed Mark and Mandy were dancing closer than I had ever seen either of them do before with anyone.

After receiving best wishes from everyone there for about an hour the four of us went to change clothes before leaving by limo to a private airport.

On the ride there sitting as couples, we congratulated each other on how well our plan went. Before getting in our private helicopters, ours to San Antonio and Marks’s to Galveston, we all hugged goodbye. I saw Kammi blush as Mandy whispered to her before quitting their hug.

As we were flying I asked,” What did Mandy say to you that made you blush?”

“She thanked me for changing the licenses and rewriting the wedding forms, for us to marry who we wanted. She thought something was going on beforehand because of the marks on our hands plus me not being in my room night after night.”

We laughed most of the rest of the way about being found out and maybe being aided unknowingly.

When we landed there was a rented car waiting for us, so we quickly were on our way after loading our bags. Our suite at the Hotel Valencia on the River Walk was already set up, down to personal wedding gifts with our right names on them. We both laughed saying Mildred, my dad’s assistant, did it again.

Throwing our bags in the corner I grabbed Kammi saying in a gruff voice “It has been long enough. I need you to perform your wifely duties even if you’re not ready.” With that, I turned her away from me as I pulled the zipper down on her summer dress from the low neckline to the middle of her ass. Pushing the dress off her shoulders I found the bra she had on was built into the dress leaving her nude to the waist. Running my hands down her sides easing the dress over her hips onto the floor. Now she only had a lime green thong on and a pair of 5″ fuck me” shoes the same color as the thong.

After lifting her out of her dress I pulled her back against me as I grabbed both of her breasts scrapping her nipples with my thumbs till they expanded to their fullest.

She whirled in my arms saying “My turn to strip you”. She grabbed my shirt front and jerked it away from my chest. If it hadn’t been a snap-front shirt there would have been buttons scattered all over the room. As she started on my pants belt and zipper I removed and tossed the shirt away from us.

After she had my pants and briefs lowered past my knees she pushed me into a nearby chair. Then she turned around facing my feet straddling my legs bent and pulled off my boots, socks, and clothes from each leg. Watching her perform these acts in only a thong and “fuck me” shoes was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen.

Standing back up she stepped back a step sliding her thumbs under the straps at the sides of the thong and slowly started wiggling the thong down over her hips and ass. After it was passed her ass but still almost covering her pussy she turned away from me and pulled them further down by bending over from her waist till she had to raise each foot to remove them altogether.

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