Twin Vacation part 1

Kissing Lesbians

My twin sister and I were gifted a week at an all-inclusive resort for our graduation from High School. Being twins we were almost identical except I am male and she is female, so we kind of just kept to ourselves in High School. We had friends of course but we really wanted to spend a week together just us as we got ready to start our lives separate from each other for the first time since she was alone in the world for 8 minutes. We were both going to different colleges so it was important to us to have one final twin outing on our own. We were very close Tiffany and I, much more like best friends than brother and sister. She would tell me about her boyfriends and I would tell her about my girlfriends. She would walk into our shared bathroom in just shirt bayan escort beylikdüzü and panties. It was perfectly natural to us. As far as I could tell there was no sexual tension between us whatsoever. The day we arrived was horrible. Our flight was delayed and we did not get into the resort until 11:00 PM. We were tired but wired at the same time. But there was nothing to do. So Tiff went to the living room to watch TV and explore our suite. I went to my bedroom to unpack and settle in because I wanted to get up early and go for a run. I had just pulled off my clothes down to my boxers to get some sleep, when Tiff burst into my room and said, “OMG you have to come to my room and see this.”“What I replied. I want to get escort bayan beylikdüzü some sleep.” I replied.“Just come on it will be worth it I promise,” she retorted and grabbed my arm yanking me up. When we get to her room the lights are off but she pulls me to the private balcony she has. She shushed me and pointed to an open area in the walking path that went behind our building. Silhouetted in the light were two figures. One was squatted down in front of the other head bobbing. Obviously giving a blowjob. I was stunned and immediately turned on. Tiff whispered, “See I told you it would be worth it.”I just nodded. Tiff leaned against the rail of the balcony to get more comfortable. I was transfixed watching this open kayaşehir escort display of sexuality. My cock was tenting my boxers. And I could feel the lust rising within me. I looked at my sister and noticed her butt sticking out from under her night shirt. It was bare. My voice was shaking, “Tiff are you not wearing panties.”She looked back at me and I swear she glanced at my crotch and saw that my dick was hard and poking out the hole in my boxers. “No silly. It is a thong,” she said while pulling the hem of her shirt up to reveal a red mesh with black ribbon thong.I gulped. I want to state again up to this point I had never thought or look at my twin sister in a sexual way, but at that moment I was a teenage boy with a cute ass in a thong on front of me. She began rubbing my left cheek, “I started wearing them about three months ago. I love the way my naked cheek feels rubbing against my clothes. Or if I wear a skirt feeling the air blow across my ass feels sooo good,” she elongated the last two words in a way I am not sure I have ever heard before in my life. 

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