Twin Cities Tryst Ch. 07


Disclaimer: Bork bork bork. I don’t feel like writing out the full disclaimer. Anyone portrayed fucking or having sexy-time is 18 or older. There you go.

Chapter 7 — Does It Have To End?

As any man can tell you, few things are more wonderful than waking up to the feeling of a warm, wet mouth bobbing up and down on your hardening cock. That’s exactly the sensation I woke to, along with quiet moans from my beloved Janie. My hands snaked down and began caressing through her blonde hair, causing her to shiver and moan again. Her hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, while her head moved up and down rhythmically.

“Mmm, am I doing a good job for the man I love so much?” she murmured, pausing for a moment to speak.

“You’re doing a wonderful job, my love,” I replied, still stroking her hair. “How about you let me return the favour, so we can start this day off right together?”

Janie nodded rather eagerly and began swivelling herself around so that her hips were over my face, her knees on either side of my head. Her pussy was already wet, and I latched onto her thighs and planted firm kisses on her lips before sliding my tongue deep inside her. Janie moaned around my cock in pleasure, determined to make sure she did right by me.

My tongue slithered around inside her, making her squirm on top of me, occasionally coming out to flick along her throbbing clit before pushing back in. Janie’s body was already warm and sweating, pumping against my face in need. My thumbs slowly massaged along her netherlips, pulling out gently to give her a tiny, stinging stretch. She loved it and groaned in appreciation.

“My ass …” she murmured around my shaft. “Please, play with my ass …”

Of course, I couldn’t say no to the girl I loved, so my index finger teased her knot, tapping against it and making her shudder. Before too long, I’d pushed the finger inside her, passing each knuckle until it disappeared. Janie let out a loud moan of perverse pleasure at the penetration.

“Mmmm, I feel pinned to you,” she panted, jerking my cock with her hand, drooling on the head. “I won’t be able to leave, now …”

She attacked my member again with a will, using gentle twisting motions with her fingers while her tongue slithered around the shaft wetly. Her pussy gripped my tongue, growing wetter with each passing moment. Her whole body writhed eagerly, her tits squashed to my stomach. I squeezed her ass cheeks while my finger probed inside her and my tongue lashed her clit. She was already clearly horny, and this was putting her over the edge.

Without a word, we both instinctively knew it was time, and she reared up and clambered around until she was straddling my midsection. She still had hold of my cock, and she toyed the head against her pliant pussylips. She sighed with pleasure as she teased me around her clit, but then groaned loudly and in no small relief as she simply placed me back at her entrance and sank down, taking my cock all the way inside her.

Once she had bottomed out on me, she sat still for several seconds, head nodding forward, eyes squeezed shut. She seemed to be almost memorizing what this felt like, to have me so deep inside her. Her fingers flexed gently against my chest, and tiny trembles were the only movement from her for nearly a minute. When she finally opened her eyes and looked at me, she was smiling, but her eyes were glassy.

“Our final day together …” she said quietly, her voice almost as wet as her eyes, and full of emotion. “I can’t keep you inside me long enough, Michael…”

She began to rock back and forth on me, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. They were shining with pleasure, yes, but there was something else in there too, and it was in the way she moved as well. Maybe I was just sensitive to it, because I was feeling it as well, but I could really sense her deepest desire to never let this moment end.

“This isn’t fucking,” she breathed, still rocking on me slowly, and squeezing my cock with every motion back and forth. “It’s lovemaking. Because I love you, I’m … in love with you …”

I reached up and gently caressed her cheek, and she almost purred as she leaned her head into my palm, her eyes closed. My hand trailed down her lovely neck and over her shoulders, before I found her breasts. She shivered and moaned as I took them in my hands and squeezed them, pressing down on me even harder. She bit her lip and began moving her hips in circles. She was already so wet, I could feel it all over my midsection as she gyrated.

“Oh God …” she murmured, snaking on top of me, losing herself in our union. She felt so good, her pussy wrapped around me, squeezing and throbbing, wet and warm. I pushed up slightly with my hips, and she whimpered as I touched deep inside her. “Oh God, right there …”

Janie leaned down lower to look into my eyes while her hands caressed my face, almost tracing my features, Acıbadem Escort again trying to memorize me, what I felt like, what I looked like. Her blue eyes were full of love, but there was something behind them, like a worry, or even a fear. She was dreading our parting, and her eyes couldn’t hide it.

Her fingers grazed over my lips, her eyes still locked with mine. She squirmed and pushed against me, her body growing warmer by the moment. As we made love, her breathing became panting, and her skin took on a pink shade, damp with sweat. Her scent drove me wild, and I reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, making her groan. I massaged the cheeks as I pushed inside her while she pushed back, matching my thrusts.

“We can slow down a little bit,” she managed to say, her hands now resting on the pillow on either side of my head. She was leaning low enough that her nipples were grazing my chest as she rocked. “I want … I want you to take some video of us, to send to Hannah.”

“We don’t need to, not this particular time,” I said gently, smiling. “I’m sure we’ll –“

“No, it’s okay,” she gasped, rocking rhythmically to pace herself. “She has this coming, and I want her to see how wonderful this is. A wet and sticky middle finger.”

I almost chuckled as I reached over to the nightstand beside us, fumbling around until I found our phones, which we’d kept within easy reach for just such an occasion. I handed Janie her phone while I powered up mine. We each began taking video of our lovemaking, with Janie spending more than a little time smirking at the camera.

Then she clambered off me and turned about, kneeling over my hips and facing down my body. She took me inside herself again, and I filmed the lovely sight from behind, her wet pussy swallowing my cock just below her lovely ass. She rocked back and forth, and I filmed as my glistening shaft slid in and out of her. The sticky, wet sounds were delightful to hear, and I was certain they’d drive Hannah crazy.

Janie got ambitious and lay back now, her body stretched along mine, but her knees still bent beneath her outside my hips. She wailed loudly as felt my cock pressing inside her, tight against her upper wall. She shuddered, but then managed to control herself. We both began filming again, starting at our faces, where we turned our heads in and pressed our lips together, kissing feverishly. Then trailing down over her breasts, my free hand groping them. Her belly undulated for the cameras before we focused on her pussy greedily swallowing my cock repeatedly, rocking back and forth.

“Okay, okay …” she gasped, dropping her phone from her trembling hand. “I think she’s got the point. I need all of you …”

I nodded as I put down my phone as well, one hand remaining on her breast while the other found her pussylips and clit, strumming over them and making her groan wantonly. One of her hands stroked along my cock shaft as it plunged in and out of her, while the other joined me in mauling her breasts. She gasped and groaned, occasionally mewling my name, punctuating the sounds with kissing me, her tongue tangling with mine.

“I want you on top,” she said in a ragged voice. “Please get on top of me …”

I nodded and helped push her up into a sitting position. She didn’t climb off, seemingly getting stuck on bouncing up and down on my for several seconds, before finally reining in her desires and pulling herself off my cock. The room was warm, but it felt strangely cold around my throbbing member, robbed of its confines. Janie lay on the bed and spread her legs immediately, desperate to have me back inside her. There was an almost tortured desperation in her eyes as she held her arms out.

I moved between her legs, and felt her hands come to rest on my shoulders. Without further ado I sank deep inside her, and she didn’t even try to stifle the groan she let out. Anyone else on the floor would’ve heard that one. She shook beneath me, crossed her ankles behind my back, and held on. I remembered this was lovemaking and began long, slow thrusts into her pussy. Janie whimpered and sighed, her eyes closed as she buried her face against my shoulder. It was almost as if she couldn’t look at me.

She squeezed around me with each thrust, a wonderful sensation we both loved so much. It was hard to fathom how I could possibly do without this after today.

“I love you,” she whispered in a voice almost too soft to hear. “I love you so much …”

I bit her at the juncture of her neck and her shoulder, and she shuddered and gasped loudly, her hips pushing up against me reflexively. Her pussy quivered around me, gripping me tighter with each passing moment. She was getting wetter and wetter, rocking against me, panting again. She wasn’t going to last much longer, and neither was I. We both knew it and did nothing to fight it. We wanted to cum together.

Her eyes flicked open and stared deep into mine Acıbadem Escort Bayan as she pulled harder against me, taking me as deep inside as she possibly could. I pressed down for all I was worth, arching my back, but keeping my gaze locked with hers.

The love I could see in them for me …

Janie may have wanted to scream, but she didn’t. She sighed loudly, but kept her eyes on mine as she came, her whole body shuddering beneath me. For my part, I could feel my cock throbbing and pumping my pearly cum deep inside her pussy. My fingers were gripping the hair on the sides of her head, flexing as I growled in relief. Her womanhood clamped around me tightly, as if it would never let go.

We kissed now, the pleasure still blossoming through us, a mutual euphoria that twined our souls, our very beings together. What I wouldn’t have given for this to be an eternal moment I never had to let go of. Just the unreal warmth of her soft form, her muscles clenching around me, milking me, her tunnel giving way before me as I gave her my essence.

We collapsed into one another, breathing heavily. If my eyes were open, I couldn’t see, and I still found her lips to kiss. There was no relief, just fulfilment: a deep bliss we shared, and gave to one another completely and freely. So much more than physical, this felt spiritual. The rest of the universe meant nothing to me at this very second.

The kiss, however long it had been, finally ended. We rested against one another, still breathing deeply. But then I felt a wetness against my cheek, and pulled up slightly to look down at her. She was smiling at me, her cheeks rather red, but her eyes leaking tears. Not sad tears, at least, not as far as I could tell in any event. She was so beautiful, even when she was almost crying.

“Sorry,” she almost choked, still looking up at me. “I guess today is hitting me a lot harder than I was willing to admit it would …”

I kissed her and caressed her cheek, not knowing exactly what to say, but letting her talk. I didn’t want to give her any pat, placating answers, after all. I wasn’t at all sure how I felt about having to leave.

Of course I knew how I felt. I hated it. Back to life without this girl I was so very in love with? Had our little game of ‘being in love for the week’ backfired on us both? It sure felt like it had. And we both hated it, this feeling of … not regret, just … somehow being cheated. Why did it have to be this way?

“I’m so in love,” she cooed, caressing my hair away from my face. “Letting you go doesn’t feel at all right, you know.”

“I know,” I replied, nodding. “It’s … unfair.”

“Unfair …” she murmured, her gaze distant now, another tear trickling down her cheek. “Unfair that I’ve fallen so in love with you, and I need to let you go …”

I didn’t know what to say. I agreed with her, but what could I say? Did I just kiss her? Mumble a helpless agreement?

Janie made the decision by pulling my face to hers and kissing me deeply, desperately. It didn’t keep her from crying, but we kept kissing, her wet tears on my face.

Would that I could have joined her.


Janie had composed herself and we’d finally disentangled from each other. She giggled as my cock came out of her with a wet ‘pop!’ and I rolled onto my back next to her, looking wearily up at the ceiling. That mutual orgasm, charged with emotion as it was, had taken a lot out of us. We lay still for some minutes, holding one another’s hand.

“Well, we’ve still got the whole day to make memories,” she mused, her thumb stroking along my skin. “Room service for breakfast, and the hot tub?”

I nodded readily, and Janie turned on her side to use the phone, ordering continental breakfasts for us. Regretfully, I put on a robe until the food arrived, wheeled in by some staffer. Janie simply used the lightest blanket to cover her nudity while she stayed on the bed. I tipped him and shooed him back out the door, since he was plainly getting an eyeful of Janie while he could.

“Ooh, you couldn’t get rid of him soon enough,” she said, smirking. “Were you getting territorial about me?”

“Damn skippy I was,” I muttered as I brought her tray to her and set it down. She relaxed her grip on the sheet, letting it fall away to expose her breasts to the room again. “Get his eyes off my woman.”

“Mmmm, your woman …” she purred, smiling up at me while I brought my tray over and sat down next to her. “A gal could get used to that concept.”

“Sounds good to say,” I agreed. We nipped into our food and discussed possible plans for the day, tacitly avoiding the subject of my departure that evening on a bus to take me back home. Probably not the right thing to do, but the subject bothered us both enough that it went unmentioned. “So, most of our day here in our hotel room, except maybe for a quick walk around, get some sunlight?”

She considered and nodded her assent to the Escort Acıbadem suggestion. “That works for me. I love our hotel room so.”

“Me too, so let’s really put it through the wringer,” I said, finishing my juice. Breakfast didn’t take long, mostly because we were eager to get back into that hot tub and create more memories. Trays were set aside, and we got out of the bed. Janie headed into the bathroom to start the water while I grabbed bottles of champagne and the absinthe. I heard the jets going, and smiled as I entered, seeing her bent over the tub, her ass in the air, pointing at me.

“Mmmm, the view giving you any ideas, big man?” she teased, wiggling her butt at me. “Like, maybe take my ass while we’re sitting in the tub?”

“As fine an idea as was ever suggested in this hemisphere,” I declared, making her giggle. She climbed over the edge and into the tub, kneeling in the churning, foaming water and looking up at me seductively. I put down the bottles next to the waiting champagne glasses, and stood in front of her. She smiled and leaned over to kiss my cock, then began trailing her tongue up and down it. I may have cum recently, but it didn’t take long at all for my member to respond to her attentions, and it began to swell. She hummed and took just the head inside her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

She released the head and straightened up in the tub, now pressing my cock between her full breasts, massaging me with her silken skin. Seconds later, I was fully hard. I loved what this girl did to me. She moaned as she plunged her mouth back onto my throbbing tool, getting it nice and wet, while she massaged her breasts just beneath. My fingers were running through her blonde hair, flexing against her scalp. She bobbed back and forth hungrily, clearly enjoying her newfound skill with sucking cock.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said, causing her to open her eyes and look up at me, even while she continued to minister to my throbbing dick. I reached over and grabbed one of the four bottles of champagne I’d brought in, using a towel to carefully uncork it. She hummed as she heard it pop, wondering what I had in mind. I took my phone in my other hand, pointed the camera down at her, and began recording.

Janie kept sucking while I gently tipped over the bottle, pouring a thin stream down onto her face as she bobbed back and forth. She shivered for a moment at the sensation, but kept going, undeterred. Finally, she released me from her mouth, leaning back slightly, and pushed her breasts together, taking the fizzing stream of bubbly between her silken orbs, her eyes closed as she reveled in the sensation.

“God, this is so decadent,” she sighed, moving her breasts together. “Hannah is gonna hate this …”

“Pretty sure this whole week has been the bane of her existence,” I added with a chuckle. I leaned forward so that my erect cock was over the water and drizzled champagne onto it. Without a second’s hesitation, Janie had me back in her mouth, humming and moaning at the taste of the alcohol on my smooth skin. I enjoyed recording the event, absolutely enthralled by how sensual she was.

Then the bottle was empty, and I had to open another. I filled Janie’s glass with a shot of absinthe and topped it off with champagne. I handed her the glass, and she settled back in the tub, sighing in pleasure as the jet massaged her body. While she sipped at her drink, I kept recording, and continued to drizzle the bubbly over her breasts. She smiled sensually and winked at me while she drank, occasionally reaching her free hand up to caress her breasts.

Unable to wait any longer, I clambered into the tub, standing over her and bending my knees. Janie attacked my cock again, while I continued to drizzle champagne on her. She then massaged my cock with her tits again, while tilting her head back and opening her mouth. I trickled champagne between her lips, and the whole moment felt wonderfully obscene and debauched.

“I need this cock in my ass, Michael …” she breathed, using her free hand to pump along my shaft. Her eyes were smouldering with lust as she looked up at me. Without another word, I settled down into the tub and Janie clambered into my lap, looking at me steadily, while she reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart. I found the sweet spot with my head and pressed against her. Janie didn’t wait or seem apprehensive at all, just sinking down until the head popped through her tight ring, and then sighing loudly as she settled slowly, taking me inside her ass. Her hands went around my shoulders, and she held me tight, adjusting to the feeling.

“How am I supposed to give this up?” she murmured as she began to move up and down slowly. She may have been new to anal, but clearly she was loving it, at least when I was involved. I found the bottle again, and she smiled and leaned backward, allowing me to pour the remainder of the champagne onto her wet, glorious breasts. She gasped and shuddered, though, as the movement tightened her ass around me unexpectedly.

“Holy shit,” she rasped, her head still tilted back while I baptized her. “Didn’t expect that. Fuck, I feel so full like this. Gonna fuckin’ die …”

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