Twelve Months Ch. 03

Big Tits

Note: this story is very bi-male oriented and contains drug use. Please don’t read if this offends you!


Three months later once again – a full six months since I’d moved in with Carly and Si – and tonight was a big night for us.

After deciding on returning to the swingers site which had united the three of us, we updated Carly and Si’s profile so we now listed as a threesome and had a look around. We started getting messages almost instantly – it seems a lot of bi couples are even more keen to join a group than to meet other couples. I can understand that!

Over the next few weeks we chatted to a lot of people via messenger and email, we cammed with a few couples and even had sex together infront of one couple – but they turned out to be a bit too S&M so weren’t for us (though performing on camera with them was a lot of fun!)

Then we finally got talking to Sam and Sarah. We clicked instantly, email led to messenger and eventually we started to webcam with them. Initially it was literally just for chat, then after a few sessions we watched them have sex and although we’d said we’d only be watching we were at it ourselves within ten minutes. They just looked so sexy together!

Most importantly though we thought we had a good idea of what kind of people they were. They seemed… normal? Like us, regular folks who just happened to enjoy “untraditional” sex. We started to cam once or twice a week, usually both of them with either two or all three of us, always ending with seriously hot sex at both ends of the camera. They had kids and lived far enough away that any meetup would take some proper planning, so the cam was a good way to really get to know them first.

Then a babysitting opportunity presented itself and we decided it was time to meet. This was going to be their third attempt to meet someone from the site (the first two being miserable failures), so despite all the camming we settled on the idea of them booking into the only bed-and-breakfast in our village and meeting in one of the village pubs. If we all got on in the flesh and felt ready for it we could come back to the house – and if not then no harm done.

So that Saturday night we walked into the pub which was 5 minutes from our place, after getting their text saying they’d checked in to the B&B and were getting a drink.

The place wasn’t too busy, and they were sat at a small round table in the corner near the fireplace. We all recognised each other immediately – everyone had seen plenty of each other before!

Sam was tall and athletic/slim (much like me) with short brown hair. Sarah was tall and a little curvy (in a very good way) with shoulder length brunette hair. We all said hi, then I went to the bar to get some drinks for us (they already had full glasses in front of them). When I returned with a tray of booze the conversation was already well underway.

We’d already covered personal histories online: they’d both had (and enjoyed) gay encounters before they knew each other, were engaged before they told each other, and had never done anything about it except for fantasy roleplay in the bedroom. Now they’d decided to experiment, they’d met 2 couples from the site, but, “we never got further than meeting up for a drink. They really just weren’t our type… we didn’t feel comfortable with them and that’s definitely most important,” said Sarah, as the conversation in the pub had moved on to meeting people via the web. “It was nothing like how tonight’s been,” she finished with a somewhat shy smile.

I looked at Si and Carly who were smiling too. Si gave me an almost imperceptible gesture – a raise of the eyebrows and slight shrug of the shoulders which was my queue to give the tiniest nod in return. Carly saw the exchange and her smile broadened. So we were in agreement, though we pretty much were already – meeting in the pub beforehand was really to help with their nerves not ours!

We were just finishing our second round of drinks so I took the opportunity: “Shall we have another drink here?”

“…or we could open a bottle of wine at home – if you think…” Si was interrupted with “That sounds lovely,” from Sam who looked at Sarah for approval. She nodded and smiled.

When we arrived home the heating was already on and warm, but I turned it up a few degrees anyway. We congregated in the lounge and Si fetched a bottle of wine from the kitchen while Carly brought glasses. Once everyone had a full glass we sat down, me and Sam on the two seat sofa, Si and Carly at either end of the large one with Sarah in the middle.

There was silence for 10 seconds, then Sarah said, “I got a tattoo a fortnight ago, was keeping it off-camera as a surprise for tonight, want to see?” She stood and turned to stand in front of and facing Carly, and slid her dress up to her waist saying, “Inner top of my thigh, just here.” From where I was sitting with my sofa facing theirs I could see Sarah from behind, and the raised dress revealed akkent escort naked buttocks. I saw Carly sit forward a little to look, and Sarah raised her right leg to put her foot on the arm of the sofa, knee bent.

I couldn’t see the following, but later Si told me:

Sarah stood with one leg on the floor, the other on the sofa’s arm revealing her naked, bald pussy to Carly. Carly sat forwards and pretended not to notice, instead focusing on the small tattoo which was indeed at the top of her thigh. Carly leaned closer to it and said, “It’s a little devil with a pitchfork!”

Sarah laughed and said, “A horny devil!” Carly’s face inched closer until her lips touched the devil, which was sideways due to the angle of Sarah’s leg. She gently kissed it, kissed it again, then turned her head slightly to the right and kissed the skin next to it. She repeated this movement three times then hesitated on the fourth, her lips an inch from Sarah’s shaven mound. She closed her eyes and moved forward, the moment that her lips made contact a visible shudder ran up Sarah’s back.

The progression of kisses moved down just one step, and Carly’s lips met Sarah’s with just a gentle kiss at first. Then she half opened her mouth and her tongue reached out as she slowly, gently tasted Sarah’s clit. She licked from the bottom upwards, using the full flat of her tongue, then sat back and looked up at Sarah. “Nice. The tattoo, very nice.”

They both laughed and Sarah knelt before Carly, putting her arms around her. They moved in slowly and began to kiss passionately.

I could now see them both clearly and it was a beautiful sight! I felt the bulge in my trousers first and then Sam’s hand on my thigh. I turned to look at him and he was still watching the girls, so I reciprocated, but my hand slipped further up until I felt the bulge in his trousers too. Now he turned to face me and it was our turn to lean in for a kiss…

He had slight stubble but it felt good, I closed my eyes and enjoyed our snog while rubbing him through his trous. He was rock solid and my mind started to wander, wondering what it would feel like inside me. I undid his belt then his zip and reached inside, taking hold of him and slowly stroking it. It felt odd to begin with and then it dawned on me he was circumcised – I’d never had one of those before!

I pulled away from our kiss so I could see what I was holding in my right hand…and noticed on the other sofa the three pairs of eyes that were on us! Si to the left, Carly to his right (with one hand in his trousers) and Sarah sitting on the floor in front of her while Carly’s other hand moved over he shoulder, her breast… but all watching us!

I grinned. Everyone seemed comfortable but we hadn’t really established any boundaries, so I looked at Sarah and asked, “Is it ok if I suck Sam’s cock?” The room filled with laughter and finally she nodded with a grin of her own.

Sam stood and started to remove his shirt, I stood alongside him and pulled his already open trousers down, kneeling as I did so and helping him step out of them. Suddenly I found myself kneeling there in front of this gorgeous naked guy just inches from his hardon…

I leaned forward and licked his balls quickly before running my tongue up and along the length of his shaft, up to the tip and then took it in my mouth. The lack of foreskin made no difference in the mouth and I quickly got to work, bobbing my head as I licked and sucked at him. I reached around him and gripped his bum cheeks, pulled him out of my mouth and lick-lick-licked at the underside of the head – knowing exactly how good that felt. I then carried on blowing him for at least five minutes, alternately wanting to taste his cum and wanting him to hold off so he’d still be good and hard, ready for my ass.

I paused briefly and looked across to the other sofa. Si was naked now, sat to the left with a naked Carly draped along the sofa to his right, her head in his lap and his prick in her mouth. Her legs were akimbo and crouched at the end of the sofa was Sarah with her face buried between Carly’s legs.

My cock throbbed at the sight! I half stood and sat back onto the sofa, Sam gave me a quizzical look then turned and saw the show himself. As he sat next to me I wriggled out of my trousers and pulled my t shirt off. We sat and watched the beautiful threesome while stroking each other’s erections for a while.

I whispered in Sam’s ear and he nodded in approval, both of us standing and moving over to the sofa. Sam and I knelt infront of Si and leaned forwards, crowding Carly and the cock she was sucking. She backed off a little to allow us some room, and Si groaned with delight at the feel of three tongues on his cock. Our mouths licked and slurped together, sometimes meetings and turning into a dick-filled kiss, taking turns at shaft and head. I’d never shared Si with anyone other than Carly before and it felt great! akkent escort bayan

Carly’s attention seemed to wane, slowing down her oral action and I realised that she was getting close to orgasm from Sarah’s own contribution to the party, buried between her legs. She backed off completely and watched Sam and I attend to her husband while savouring the tongue on her clit. I sucked and kissed Si and Sam with eyes open, exchanging stares with Carly who looked blissful.

And then she came – a lot quieter than usual, biting her bottom lip and barely making a sound. I knew that her pussy would be gushing at this point so moved back, leaving Sam to blow Si one-on-one, and moved to the right (still kneeling on the floor) so I could place my face alongside Sarah’s. She was lapping away at the flood emanating from Carly but sensed my presence and move back a little so I could tongue the clit while she slurped and sucked at the gash. Our mouths met briefly for a snog before returning to Carly’s pleasure, with Sarah now fingering while I sucked on her clit.

I felt Carly’s hand on the back of my head and saw her doing the same to Sarah – she was guiding or faces towards each other, instigating a kiss. Sarah’s face was wet with Carly’s juices and we snogged passionately for a few minutes. It felt strange but good to be kissing two new people after being “monogamous” for so long!

I sat back onto the floor and Sarah climbed off the sofa, first kneeling in front of me for a kiss and then pushing me back into a laying position. Carly was leaving the sofa too, crouching besides us and reaching inside the coffee table drawer while Sarah laid herself ontop of me then put her knees either side of my waist. We kissed, my cock throbbing between the cheeks of her ass, then I felt hands on it – Carly was unrolling a condom onto me. Fully unfurled, she then guided me… one hand holding me, the other on Sarah’s hips with an indication that she needed to move upward. Sarah complied and suddenly I was sliding inside her insanely tight pussy. It really was – virginal. Carly lay next to us and her face joined ours, first for a threeway kiss and then to whisper in my ear, “Fuck her, darling.”

As it turned out, Sarah did the fucking to begin with – moving her torso up, propped up with her arms and grinding herself into me, rubbing her clit hard against me. Carly’s head fitted between our upper bodies nicely, as she began to suck on Sarah’s nipples as her breasts dangled above me.

I closed my eyes and lay there while Sarah ground herself against me. Then she sat upright and started to use her knees, raising herself up then slowly down, her cunt gripping me tightly as she did. Carly watched, her head still resting on my chest allowing her to see my prick vanished inside Sarah, then gave me a kiss before whispering in my ear, “This is so fucking hot baby… look at Si.”

I opened my eyes and looked left towards the sofa, where Si and Sam were in a perfect 69 with Sam on top. It was beautiful, my lover sucking and being sucked by this man whose wife was riding my cock – now at a fast pace and starting to moan quietly. Carly moved, kneeling behind Sarah across my thighs and leaned forwards… I couldn’t see whether she was whispering in her ear or kissing her neck – probably both. Sarah in classic cowgirl pose atop me and Carly reaching around her, stroking her body was an awesome sight.

I felt Carly’s fingers on my shaft as she rubbed Sarah’s clit and could now see clearly she was kissing her neck while she did. Sarah’s moans grew louder and she began to cum within minutes of the clit massage. I watched her face change from “this feels good” to “incredibly good” to that intense look of concentration that builds up to:

“Oh my god yes yes YES YESSSSS!”

I didn’t feel any change in the state of her pussy at all – maybe it was the condom or the fact that she was already so tight – but her vocals clearly betrayed her orgasm and she briefly slumped forwards onto me. Carly bent forward too and whispered in her ear, and so the two quickly climbed off me and changed places. A quick slip of Carly’s hand and I was condomless just a second before she guided me to her opening and slid down my length. I felt her familiar warmth surround me and the touch of Sarah’s hand on my shaft as she began to massage Carly’s clit.

And so we repeated in our new positions, Carly now pumping her pussy on my cock again and again while our new playmate touched her from behind… left hand between her lips, the right groping her breast.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye so turned my attention to the sofa again, all the while savouring the feel of Carly’s warm wetness around me. Sam and Si had stood and were approaching us with huge grins on their faces. I wondered had they 69’d to completion? It looked unlikely, both with their solid erections bobbing as they walked. Si stood next to Sarah, her head at waist escort akkent height, and without hesitation she took him in her mouth. Sam stood the other side next to Carly and she did likewise, his entire length disappearing into her mouth as her pounding slowed back into more of a grinding which practically trapped Sarah’s fingers between her and my pubis.

I watched the scene from my vantage point on the floor for a few minutes… Carly riding me and the view meant minutes was all I had left! I felt the orgasm building then the sudden release as I moaned, “Fuuuuuuuck yes!” and pumped my load inside her.

Everything came to a halt with all eyes on me. I smiled blissfully as the guys stepped back, Sarah moved to sitting on the floor and Carly raised herself enough to withdraw me before dropping to a sitting position along side Sarah. She turned to her and said, “Ever eaten a creampie before?” then laid back on the floor with her legs open.

I sat up and watched Sarah get to her knees between Carly’s legs and then, hesitantly at first, lower her face so it was above her mound. Carly’s slit glistened with my cum which was slowly starting to ooze out of her and Sarah inched closer. Her tongue extended and she gently licked along it’s length, then again, finally clamping her mouth over her pussy, visibly snogging it. Us three guys watched, the two with throbbing cocks and mine deflated – at least for now!

Well I knew what I wanted to happen next, so reached into the table drawer and pulled out two condoms, throwing one at each of the guys.

“What’s that saying about a spare dick at an orgy?” I said with a smile. Simon started suiting-up and was still unrolling the condom as he kneeled behind Sarah who was still on her knees while going down on Carly.

Sam watched with an expression of… maybe awe? I think ‘awe’ is the only word for his face as he witnessed this other man press his cock between his wife’s cheeks and slowly slide inside her. He stepped closer, stood along side Si so he could look down and see the penetration properly. Si reached for his cock and after a few strokes began to suck it – but I moved over and knelt next to Si, whispering his ear, “You fuck Sarah honey, it’s my turn with Sam.”

He stopped his oral antics and turned to face me – we kissed for a while then I stood and looked at Sam. “Been a while since you fucked a boi in his ass?” He looked me in the eye and beamed. “Then get that condom on and come here!” I said as I moved toward the sofa, grabbing a bottle of lube from the drawer as I went. He met me at the sofa ready sheathed as I sat down with a freshly lubes bum-crack. “Got a favourite position, stud?” I asked. He sat next to me and took the lube from my hand, quickly rubbing some onto himself and shuffling forwards to the edge of his seat.

“Straddle me,” he said with nothing but lust on his face now.

I stood, turned to stand in front of him then put my knees either side of him and sat onto his lap. I had to move myself inches forwards until my knees were pressing into the sofa-back so that my bum hovered over his groin. I was raised a little so our faces were close but I was looking down at him. Close enough for me to bow my head down for a kiss though, as I felt the lubed wetness of his prick pressing into the crack of my cheeks. I lowered myself just a touch and angled my hips so his end slid to the right spot while we snogged, then I pulled my head back so I could look him in the eyes while I slowly sat onto him.

I opened to accommodate his head and felt myself tighten around his shaft once it was in, slowly lowering my rear until his whole length was inside me. I felt his pulse, the pressure on my P-spot and that feeling of wonder you get when you have a new partner inside you for the first time. I put my arms around him and we kissed again as I slowly raised my rump, feeling the exquisite movement of his cock sliding out of me before slowly lowering again back to full insertion. I repeated the movement two, three times then started to speed things up a little, arms tight around him now giving me some traction to help with the levering of my knees as I began to hump up and down on him.

The kissing turned into sucking and biting on each other’s necks but that didn’t last long as my movements turned into a fast-paced bouncing on his lap which prevented my face making contact with his body. God it felt good, each time I pressed into his lap and he pushed deep inside I felt my prostate flourish and knew that he’d have me cumming within minutes!

I close my eyes and concentrated on my orifice and his cock, the movements that felt best – each time trying to replicate the exact motion that preceded it. The whole world had vanished and all that existed was his sex and my hole, plus the pendulous up and down motion that was giving me so much pleasure.

I felt beauty and warmth building inside me, was so separated from reality that I didn’t even know what time was let alone have any idea how long we’d been fucking. Every time I impaled myself on him the pleasure grew, each downwards push was hard, and I started to hear a noise – it was our combined moans and groans sounding so distant, way off back in reality. All that existed was this feeling growing, growing deep inside me that was about to…

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