Truth or Dare


This story combines a number of real life events that have been sexualised in a number of ways for entertainment purposes. All the characters existed I have just changed their names.


I am not really sociable enough to enjoy dinner parties. My wife and I were around at one of her friends for dinner. Her friends had invited two other couples to join us. It was pleasant enough, Danielle was a good cook and the food was plentiful and amazing. Doug was a good host and I got on well enough with him. The other couples I found a little hard to talk to and neither of the women really done it for me so I only had Danielle to flirt with.

After dinner, Doug and I chatted over a brandy with the other two men. Danielle and my wife sat with the other two women on the sofas drinking coffee. I was just beginning to relax a little when Danielle made a suggestion.

“Let’s play a game!”

My heart sank. I hate board games at the best of times and last Christmas she had got out a battle of the sexes game and made us all play it. She rummaged in a cupboard telling the other women to sit at the table. Eventually a small box was placed on the table from which two packs of cards and a small spinner emerged.

“Truth or Dare!” Danielle announced.

The spinner was essentially a bottle. Whoever the bottle pointed to had to choose either a truth or a dare card and follow what it said on it. The dares were silly and the truth questions made little or no sense. It was supposed to be an ice breaker game but I was enjoying the brandy more.

After almost an hour of the game I was getting tired of the game and a little drunk. The bottle pointer landed on me and I grabbed a truth card. I half expected some pointless question and so read out the card without really thinking.

“Have you ever had sex with a friends partner?”

I looked around the table. Seven pairs of eyes looked at me. The most sexual question up to now had been picked by Tina and it had asked what colour underwear was she wearing.

“Yes.” I replied and put the card at the bottom of the pile. I looked around the table. I was not going to get away with that and everyone seemed to want to know the details. This party needed a kick and I was about to provide it. I took a deep breath and started …


It was in the late 90s. I had left my first wife and was trying to rebuild my life. After spending Christmas and the New Year with my best friend and his family I was at a loose end. Work had dried up and I needed a change of scenery. A week later I had moved in with Tom, his BBW wife Karen and their two children. Karen had flirted outrageously with me over Christmas and had practically snogged my face off at New Year. The flirting did not stop there though and Karen was always pushing things as hard as she could.

Six weeks after moving in Tom had to drop the kid’s off at school and then go straight off to an interview. The flat was quiet and I was feeling horny. I sat on the sofa and pulled out my cock and started to masturbate. I closed my eyes and started to drift off in the moment.

“Oh wow! Almost perfect timing.”

I opened my eyes and saw Karen standing in front of me with a huge grin on her face staring at my erect cock.

“Don’t stop.” She begged, “Let me give you something for you to focus on.”

With that she undid the cord of her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. Karen was a little over 5′ tall with long brunette hair. Her large breasts, 40E I found out later that had the sag of a late rus escort 20s woman who had had four children. Her nipples were small and light pink in colour. Her stomach was rounded and dipped to a point just above her shaven pussy.

She sat on a chair opposite me and parted her legs and began to masturbate. Her fingers plunging deeply into her pussy that squelched with every thrust and her juices stuck to her fingers.

“Get naked.” She demanded.

I complied. Standing up I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. My jeans had dropped to the floor as I stood so I kicked them off and sent my boxer shorts down my legs and kicked them off too. My penis bounced as I moved and with her free hand she reached out and stroked it a little before cupping my balls in her hand and gently rolling them in her palm.

I was standing naked in front of my best friends wife, who was also naked, massaging my testicles and masturbating herself. I just thought ‘fuck it’ and began to stroke my cock.

“Tell me when you are going to cum.” Karen said, “I want at least some of it in my mouth.”

I adjusted my position. I so wanted her to suck my cock but she would not move forward and take it in her mouth. She was teasing me and I just wanted to face fuck the cheating bitch. Eventually her tongue darted out and she licked the tip of my cock. It twitched involuntarily and I could feel my orgasm surge through my body.

“Oh fuck!” I managed to say and my cock began to erupt over her pretty face.

Karen stuck her tongue out again and caught some of my cum as my cock spurted with such a force you could hear it. She let my cum trickle off of her tongue and onto her tits. The rest of my cum sprayed over them and finally her belly.

“Oh wow!” She murmured. Her cum splattered face and upper body looked amazing and would have made any male porn star proud.

“You better get dressed.” Karen said as she scooped some of my cum from her tits and licked it up.

I nodded and grabbed my clothes and pulled them on. Karen watched me seemingly as interested in watching me get dressed as undressed.

“As my slave is out you’ll have to make a coffee yourself while I clean myself up and make myself presentable.” She said looking up at me.

Karen headed for the stairs dragging her bathrobe behind her. I followed her to the foot of the stairs and gave her bottom a playful slap. She squealed.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish. Tom will be home soon.” She gave me a grin. “Bring my coffee up when you’re done.”

I watched her disappear upstairs and went into the kitchen to make coffee. I dutifully took hers up and placed it on the edge of the bath. She grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me towards her. I bent over and we kissed.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” Karen said eventually. “Tom is my husband but you are my boyfriend. Now fuck off and let me finish my bath in peace.”

I had just finished my coffee when Tom walked in. He took my cup and went to make another for me and one for himself. Karen came down from upstairs. She was wearing a vest top that barely covered her massive breasts and a pair of black jogging bottoms. She straddled me on the sofa and started to playfully bite my ear. I tried to push her off but she had me pinned down.

“I’d love Tom to watch you fuck me.” She whispered in my ear.

“Sounds horny.” I managed to reply just as Tom walked in.

Tom laughed and put my cup down. Karen got off of me but not before grabbing my groin. sincan escort I would never consider myself a true alpha male but I was certainly more of one that Tom. Karen was his second wife and I thought about his first wife Megan. She had flirted with me a couple of times though not as outrageously as Karen did. Tom was a cuckold I concluded.

Tom went into the kitchen to make some lunch for us all. Karen moved so that she was kneeling on the floor between my legs with her elbows resting on my thighs.

“I have him well trained don’t I?” She purred and started to play with the zip on my jeans. “I could suck you off right here and now and he wouldn’t say a word.”

Tom walked in and Karen started to simulate giving me a blow job.

“Oh get a room you two.” He said with a laugh.

Karen looked up and grinned. She stood up and gave my face a playful slap.

“Maybe later you dirty little fucker!” Karen said and with a wiggle headed upstairs.

Tom handed me a plate of sandwiches and followed Karen upstairs with her lunch. I quickly devoured my sandwich and drank my coffee. The excitement of the morning had drained all of the energy out of me and I dozed off on the sofa.

The next thing I knew was Tom shaking me awake.

“Sorry, I’m just off to get the kids and then I’m taking them over to Karens Mum and Dad. Should be back about six.”

I looked around for Karen but she was not there. Tom must have noticed me looking around.

“Karen said she has a headache so is laying in bed. See you in a bit.” With that, he was gone.

A few minutes later I could hear Karen coming down the stairs.

“Keep a look out for Tom.” Karen said in a tone that demanded attention. I jumped up and looked out of the window. “Tell me when you can see him.”

From the 11th floor I could see down into the square below where Tom parked his car. Eventually I saw him walking to his car with the children.

“I see them.” I reported.

“Keep watching them.” Karen hissed, “And don’t turn round.”

I watched Tom get the children in the car. He then jumped into the drivers seat and moments later the car was reversing out of the space and moving away. A minute or so later I watched them leave the estate. I turned around.

Karen grinned at me and sternly said, “Who gave you permission to turn round.”

She stood there naked as before but she was wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings and a black lace suspender belt.

“I wish I had worn the strap-on that Tom likes me to use on him now.” She said with an evil look in her eye.

“I’m fucking glad you didn’t!” I said trying to disguise my relief. “How’s your headache?”

Karen winked at me. “What fucking headache? Anything to get that wimp out of the flat for a bit.”

I had often said that subtle hints are wasted on me. Karen could not be less subtle if she tried. I began to undress. Although she had already seen me naked earlier that day, Karen still watched with interest as I removed my clothes. When I was naked she took a few steps forward and buried her face in my chest, kissing and sucking on my nipples and gently stroking my cock.

Slowly she worked her way down, kissing and licking and nibbling until she reached my engorged cock. Taking it in her mouth she began to suck on it. Her hands reached around to grab my buttocks and pull me firmly towards her. A couple of times she gagged but she kept on sucking my entire length into her eager mouth.

I felt sıhhiye escort my orgasm build up but she would not release her grip on me. Eventually my hot cum started to fill her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. Once my cock had finished spilling cum into her mouth she relaxed her grip and released my shiny wet penis from her mouth and smiled.

“Mmm! My turn.” She said moving to sit on the edge of the sofa and opened her legs.

I knelt between her legs, my cock brushing her pussy as we kissed. I then did as she had done earlier and started moving down her body, kissing and kicking and sucking as I went. Her neck, her massive tits to which I devoted considerable time, her soft warm belly and then eventually I was pushing my tongue into her wet cunt.

I explored her pussy with my tongue, sucking and gently biting her clitoris and then pushing it inside her hole and with a pumping and swirling action brought her to a shuddering climax. While she still had her eyes shut I moved position, moistened the end of my cock with spit and then thrust it deep inside her. Her eyes snapped open and then rolled into the back of her head as I started to thrust in and out with deep powerful strokes. It was not long before she orgasmed again.

“Doggy.” She just about managed to say and pushed me off.

Kneeling on the floor with her upper body resting on the sofa she presented herself to me. At first I buried my face between her buttocks and started to probe her anus and pussy with my tongue.

“For fuck sake fuck me!” She screamed.

I placed my cock at the entrance of her sweet cunt and then suddenly pushed my way in. Grabbing her hips I began to fuck her hard. After a while I pulled out my cock and pressed the tip against her anus.

“You wouldn’t fucking dare you cunt.” Karen snarled at me but was still pushing back onto my solid cock.

I started to push into her tight little hole and she started to call me every cunt under the sun. Not before too long my cock was completely buried in her anus and I began to fuck her anally. Slowly at first but eventually I was slamming my cock into her making her gasp and utter a stream of obscenities with each thrust.

Karen had yet another orgasm and disappointingly pulled away and my cock fell out of her now gaping anus. She pulled me onto the sofa and straddled me, guiding my cock back into her wet pussy and began to ride me.

We kissed while her tits were pressed against my chest. My cock, still buried deep inside her began to throb uncontrolledly. Karen felt it twitching inside her and ground her hips into mine as my cum began to pour out deep inside her. As it did so it triggered another orgasm inside Karen and her vaginal walls clamped down on my penis and I could feel a mixture of her cum and mine ooze out of her pussy and start to coat my balls with the sweet sticky mix.

I’m not sure how long we stayed locked in that position but eventually Karen got off and stood in front of me. In our passion her stockings had somehow become ripped and her pussy looked well fucked and soaked in cum.

“We will have to do that again.” Karen said with a smile. “Shame Tom isn’t here to clean me up, I’m sure he’d love to.”

With that, Karen gave me one last kiss and went upstairs for yet another bath. I cleaned myself up as best I could and followed her up. I glanced at the clock as I went by.

“We have about forty minutes.” I said as I heard the water running into the bath. “I suppose we could be quick?”


… The rest of the dinner party guests sat in silence and stared at me. I took a sip of brandy and looked round at them.

My wife looked horrified, Danielle looked as if she regretted suggesting the game and Doug had a wry smile. The rest of them just looked shocked. I took another sip of brandy and smiled.

“Who’s turn is it next?”

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