Toy Boy Delights


People may think that if you are disabled in a wheel chair your sex life has diminished and has passed you by.

Not so by any means.

It was just quite by accident when talking to a friend of a friend who’s sister was disabled having lost two legs in a train smash, that I discovered her normal feelings were still as much active as ever they were – even although she was in her mid fifties.

Her name is Patricia but I will call her Pat and She still maintained some dignity but complained that any late romance she had in incurred quickly dissolved because of her disability.

“It wouldn’t’t be so bad just to have some really nice sexual stimulation, blow the emotional bit, I’ve had that up to here and the three guys I have had seriously, that was before this happened, all fell through with devastating results I care not to mention.”

Pat was nice and I took to her immediately, like I guess a sort of mother figure, well she was well old enough to be that.

“What do you do?” she asked me with an abundant smile that lit up her face. But should I tell her that I was like one of the Chippendale groups but a bit more frivolous doing it for swingers parties?

Whether or not she saw though me I don’t know, it must have been the way I hesitated but she said for me to be brave and tell her, that she would not be surprised by anything at her age, that she was too old in the tooth for that!

So I told her.

Surprise, Surprise – she was delighted, Confessing quite frankly if only she could attend one of those swingers parties, but assuming that for one she was too old and two she was disabled.

I felt sorry for her and I don’t know what compelled me but I said to her that never the mind, she could have a party all her own.

“You are kidding, you have no need to feel sorry for me Pete I have my dignity – although, to be candid I would dearly love that.”

“Then it shall be” I said having brazzers made up my mind to cheer this dear old woman up and giver her a bit of life, that the hell. I’d done it enough time for the young ungratified women and young mothers who’s spouse’s had lost interest and gone elsewhere and the like, so why not for Pat, it would do no harm at all and in fact I found myself rather fancying the idea

“You are making me quiver, Pete you naughty boy, and an old woman like me, surely you have something much better to do than to delight me?”

I smiled, We were alone because she had just made tea for me in her purpose built flat and now she could enjoy her purpose built toy boy to pleasure the cockles of her heart.

I sipped up the remaining dregs in my cup, placed it on the table and started to hum a suitable number and swayed a little to see her reaction, and if favourable I would continue.

She smiled wonderfully, put her hand to her mouth like she couldn’t believe what I was doing so I carried on, ripped off my shirt and heard her yell with joy, her eyes focussed on me, watching my every move, which was a joy, to think I could give a woman like Pat so much pleasure.

“I may not be able to perform the act but I can watch cant I?” She was all of a dither, I placed my hand on her brow and whispered she could do more than that if she wanted, “Let us just see how we go huh?” and she replied with an excited gasp that she was all for that.

I went the whole hog and soon disposed of the last bit of clothing on my body, a plum red man -thong which she had delighted in touching as I swayed above her. Enticing her.

She was well away, her eyes closed and she looked so relaxed and so thrilled. It made me feel good too and I wanted to give this dear old woman all I could just to cheer her life a little.

After I’d disposed of my thong she was all eyes as I stood over her, parting my legs one each side cuckold porno of hers as she sat on her chair to give her the full benefit of my all which I swayed enough to make my tackle shake enticingly.

She whispered could she touch and I said of course she could, to be my guest.

I was still half mast wondering if I could make a full erection in the circumstances but when she touched me, I realised she had not lost the knack, she had after all been with three guys so would know the ropes. Her fingers quivered around the area of my balls as she cupped them sensitively in her clasped hands, gently squeezing and obviously enjoying every minute.

“Is that aright Pete, I am so delighted you choose to delight an old woman this way, you must be an angel in disguise, least my new found Adonis. You are beautiful and look you rise for me!?”

And I was, I had not doubts now that I wouldn’t – perhaps thinking she would be happy with just a little touching and teasing without the full hard on. But a hard on I had in no uncertain terms

Still in a sort of world of her own I felt her touch me along the blue vein of my full blown cock, uprising for her pleasure. There was something very beautiful; about seeing this dear old lady touch me like that, her eyes occasionally looking up and meeting mine, I guess to establish if I was enjoying her touch as much as copiously was touching me. It was divine and wonderful and I had no qualms in pushing it out for her pleasure. It was just like it was at the swinger parties, how the girls loved that, to suck and loose themselves in erotic splendour, many asking if I could go the whole thing late on, I usually ended up fucking some but not all who asked me, I would have been no good for the next performance. But those girls certainly were well turned on and showed me just how with their riveting fucks.

But now it was different in a way that czech porno it was just a one to one, and that made for a very pleasant change..

It wasn’t long before she was really taking the bull by the horns and the way she massaged my cock and balls simultaneously with each hand was really nice.

She gently wanked me for a while, she was sort of exploring different ways to do it and my cock was really being spoiled, I heard her sigh when she stretched back my foreskin and sniffed me.

“It has been so long Pete, may I?”

“You don’t have to ask Pat. Please enjoy, I am!”

She looked so overjoyed at that remark and then I saw and felt her mouth envelope my cock, squeeze and start to very slowly suck, then quickening as she looked like she was so hungry for it. I stood there motionless now, just leaning back, closing my eyes and enjoying the moment.

She continued to ball and feel me underneath and around my hind, that was nice too , as she sucked cock for the next ten minutes it seemed. I said to her she should be ready for the point of no return and that if there was anything else I would be pleased to do what I could.

She murmured so sweetly that she was so indebted to me and I had performed the miracle of restoring her femininity in a way that it didn’t matter she could not perform the sexual act, because she was parallelised and that wouldn’t do any good anyway, but she was just happy to have enjoyed what we’d had and that it would be a crime for me to hold back now.

“You want me to go all the way Pat?” I affirmed. She looked up at me once more, lowered the from of her dress to reveal some still pretty firm boobs.

I knew what she wanted.

“But if you don’t mind will you do it as my arms are worn out, poor old thing.”

I completed a wonderful and happy contented afternoon by wanking myself and spurting over her boobs, She sighed and opened her mouth with sheer amazement, saying it was such a lovely thing to do and she would cherish it forever.

“Or until the next time?” I asked.

Her whole face lit up again and she said next time she would bake me a cake.

I had a feeling I would enjoy that – and the cake!

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