Tori Studies With A Friend…


Kiss me, I want to hear your heartbeat, Lead me … the song played in my head as I watch your hand move across the page, knowing each hair its precise shade of auburn and blond. Kiss me and I augh out. These little giggles of mine no longer interrupted your thoughts … you have grown used to them. I want you to notice but I am not ready for you to figure out why. Sometimes you seem so insecure, or so slow in knowing how close I am to just losing it around you — over you, or either you are just too damn interested in the size 4 life sized Barbies that parade in front of the desk. I console my wounded ego and heart with the thought that I make you jealous with the little things that I do. As I sit here, listening to you breathe, I daydream about you, us.

The elevator never makes it to the 1st floor. Your arm would curve around my waist, press me close and the elevator would stop. You kiss me with just our lips moving. After an eternity, your tongue presses escort şişli past my lips. For the first time, I am tasting you and feel your heated scent seep into my clothes, arousing my bare skin underneath. I am totally yours as you kisses keep me connected to you with my back against the beige walls of the small room. Your left thigh forcing itself between my legs and I want to give in to my desire now — I am warm and smooth, and desirous. You are kissing my neck, the tickling scratchiness of you beard excite my senses and burns me with little raspy scrapes that would tell of your visit there. By now, I am impatient and anxious, horny.

My friend, every time I am with you, I feel this way – I don’t know why you are the one. Your hands, your walk, your smile – I am taken in by all those little things you do that don’t mean anything by themselves but together they become the man I long for. But right now, in my daydream, I smile…knowing that my thick escort moist lips are pulsing longing for your touch. And I respond to the sound of your voice resonating in me.

You know that line in Red hot chili peppers, Scartissue “Lick your heart and taste your hips” I wish you would… The elevator door opens to the empty 2nd floor. You bend down to kiss me, you right hand work at my buttons and soon the heat of your chest warms my breasts through the black satin bra. I smell the scent of your shampoo, cologne and musk and I am intoxicated as I reach behind and unlatch the hooks that releases my breasts into your hands … and your perfect tongue on my dark nipples and it pacifies my lust for a moment. In this fantasy, I am weak and confused about reality – even though you haven’t touch me, I am about to cum in my chair. I can feel the concentric waves of a little orgasm and I can’t let go of it just yet … and if you knew what I felt right now I bakırköy escort wonder what you would do. I am secretly coming and while I talk to you, did you know that women do that all the time?

I shudder at the thought of you stretching me to accommodate two of your fingers. Not that I need the foreplay; I am already wet. Here at our table, notes everywhere. As I watch you write, I am swept into the fantasy of sitting on the table in front of you. Your thumb on my clitoris and your fingers working into me. Oh shit, I am coming, bouncing my legs so fast and I think you notice, but you remain silent.

In my mind, you relieve me from my mental masturbation right here in the library. You would stand up and push your cock into me. I still am feeling this orgasm, and can smell the delicious musk that makes me even hotter. Only now, the climax is pounding with the rhythm of your fuck … its more hard and I am moaning with, and in between, every thrust. You are holding firm to my hips as I bring my arms around your neck and I lift myself of the table. I mount to ride you with my legs nestled around your waist and I would not care who saw me.

If you only knew what I want to do to you.

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