To save her daddy’s life – part 3


This is the third in the ‘To save her daddy’s life’ series, but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first two.

In the first part Jim was seduced by his 17 year old daughter, Vicki when they were forced to spend three days in a tent during a blizzard.

In the second part Vicki left to go to college overseas. Jim met and fell in love with Bridget. After they became engaged they went on a holiday in France with Vicki.
Bridget and Vicki became lovers with Jim’s encouragement and Jim and Vicki resumed their relationship with Bridget’s encouragement.

This story picks up on Jim’s and Bridget’s honeymoon, where they were joined by Vicki


“Daddy?” asked Vicki leaning over to touch her father’s hand. “How many orgasms do you think I’ve had with you?”

Jim looked adoringly at his 19 year old daughter. She was lying on her back, sunbathing beside their private pool at the resort in Bali. Her firm breasts gleamed with sunblock, her brown aureoles were capped by peaked nipples.
Vicki had just come out of the pool. Her long brown hair lay wet and flat on the towel. Her tiny damp bikini briefs clung to her pussy. Her pubic mound was obvious and Jim could see the shape of her clitoral hood and labia.

“You sometimes ask some stupid questions Vicky. For all I know you could have faked each one.”
Vicki playfully punched him on the arm. “I don’t even have time to think about that before you make me come.”

Bridget, Jim’s wife, who was 12 years older than Vicki was smoothing sun-block onto Vicki’s long, slim legs. It was a task she enjoyed, particularly when she reached Vicki’s upper thighs. Vicki groaned slightly as Bridget’s oily fingers caressed the sensitive skin at the edge of her bikini and Bridget’s knuckles gently nudged the labia Jim that had been admiring.

Like Vicki, Bridget was only wearing bikini briefs. Her breasts were slightly smaller, her aureoles and nipples were pink. Jim was fascinated by her breasts. Bridget had two children from a previous marriage, but her breasts were as firm and jutting as those of a 16 year old virgin and there wasn’t an ounce of fat over her flat stomach..
Her hair had dried from her earlier swim and her long blond locks hung in unruly tangles to her shoulders.

Vicki stroked Bridget’s hair. “And now I think of it, how many orgasms have you given me, darling Bridget?”
“I have no idea. Probably about the same number you have given me, I suppose, Vicki.”

“Why are you asking this?” asked Jim getting aroused and thinking that whatever the number was he wanted to add to it soon.
“I’m worried. Perhaps there’s a fixed number of orgasms a woman can have and I’m using up my quota on my father and his wife.”

“I don’t think it works like that Vicki,” said Bridget. “It’s a bit like ‘use it or lose it’. The more you have, the more you are able to have.”
“Do you think so?” said Vicki. “That’s a relief.”

Bridget lay down beside Vicki. Almost instinctively she placed her hand on Vicki’s bikini briefs. Not to arouse her, but simply to enjoy the softness and the intimacy of Vicki’s pussy.. Vicki lent over and gave her a brief but tender kiss and moved her hand to hold Bridget’s hand in place.

But Vicki still wasn’t satisfied.
“But if you have too many, is there a risk that you’ll get bored, that they’ll lose their effect.”
“Well it hasn’t happened to me,” said Bridget. “Every time I have Jim’s cock in me, it doesn’t matter where, it seems even more more exciting than I remember the last time was.
“And of course it’s the same when you go down on me, lovely Vicki.”

Vicki pondered for a while.
“Mmmm, I suppose that’s right,” smiling as she recalled her passionate time with Jim that morning. How after their lovemaking she had lain, covered in sweat, her loins still spasming, her vagina still glowing from her stream of orgasms, her breasts still tingling as Jim’s semen dripped down her thigh.

“Is it the same for you Daddy?”
“I’m not the best person to ask,” grunted Jim. “I have so few bonks and the last one was so long ago, I can’t even remember what it felt like.”

The women laughed.
They knew that Jim had thought he had died and gone to heaven, being with the two women he loved and who adored him.
They spent some of their time sight-seeing, swimming at the beach, going out to restaurants, all three were happiest when they were alone together.
When the women could lie naked under Jim’s and each other’s gaze. When a gaze could become a tender touch, when a touch could become desire, when desire could turn to passion, and passion to uninhibited, loving sex.

A code of conduct had developed without being discussed.
Jim usually had first call. But Bridget and Vicki used to laugh together about how he was only a man with only so much ammunition in his locker. So they had all the time they needed to meet their desires for each other.

Vicki had come Bali to share the last week of Bridget’s and Jim’s honeymoon. This had been Bridget’s suggestion. She loved Jim and Vicki so much, in different ways, and was happy to see them so intoxicatedly happy with each other.

Only once, after far too much drink, had they tried a threesome. But after half a minute they all agreed it wasn’t their scene. For all three, their sex was an expression of love and intimacy, not some form of gymnastics based on D grade porn.
“Perhaps we are just boring and conventional,” Vicki had said to her father when they discussed it later.
“You’re right. We really are very straight-laced,” Jim had agreed as his daughter lowered her head to suck her father’s erection.

“Two o’clock, is that the time?” said Vicki standing up and putting on her bikini bra and a T shirt. “Time for my scuba lesson. With that hunky instructor,” she added grinning mischievously at Jim.
She bent over him as he sat and gave him a long tender kiss and a touch on his shorts over his penis.
”But not nearly as hunky as my Daddy.”

She gave Bridget a similarly tender farewell. “Please be gentle darling Bridget. He’s not as young as he was.”

She flounced away, swaying her bottom, her long slim legs striding purposefully. Bridget and Jim both watched her departure with affection and laughter.

Bridget stood put on her T shirt, but didn’t bother with a bra.
“Let’s go for a walk, Old Timer,” she held out her hand.
Jim was 10 years older than Bridget but his body was lean, hard and well muscled. His abs, pecs and biceps were well defined, not disguised by even an ounce of fat.
Bridget looked at him in appreciation and thought, “I suppose it’s the safaris he takes and all the running he does. And all the bonking”

They walked along Kuta beach. The enormous Indian ocean surf crashed into the shore not 50 meters from where they strolled. The beach was busy. Wealthy, and generally fat tourists in front of the luxury resorts. The more lithe bodies of the younger tourists from the bottom-end accommodation. And everywhere the Balinese. Bridget thought the Balinese women must be the most beautiful in the world.

Hand in hand they walked, just up to their ankles in the warm water. The sea breeze took some of the heat from the afternoon sun, sea birds swirled in the sky, and all the time the roar and spray from the ocean.

Bridget and Jim never struggled for conversation, they always had something to talk about, some experience to share. But on occasions such as this, no words were necessary. Occasionally he lent over and kissed Bridget’s hair. Occasionally she nuzzled her face into his shoulder.

Back in the dark and cool of their suite Jim lay on the bed and watched as Bridget brushed the tangles from her hair. She knew Jim so well and had taken off her clothes, aware, even though she couldn’t see, that he was watching her.

When Jim had first seen Bridget naked he told her she made Botticelli’s Venus look ordinary. Every time since he was more captivated by her beauty. Her lean body with the flat, slightly muscled belly, those wonderful pink tipped breasts, those long slim muscled legs and her exquisite, tranquil face.

On occasions such as this she had a smile which melted his heart every time he saw it. Only a half smile, with a touch of humor as though they were sharing a joke. Her eyes wide, a mixture of innocence and absolute love when she looked at him.

Bridget finished her hair.
“There,” she said turning to Jim.”Do I look all right?”
“Since we’re married there’s nothing I can do about it anyway,” said Jim
Bridget was used to his banter by now.
With a squeal of giggles she threw herself on top of him, her knees astride his waist. She lent down and they kissed passionately, Bridget’s saliva running into Jim’s mouth.

Bridget moved forward slightly and lowered a nipple into Jim’s mouth. He sucked hard and nibbled. If Bridget hadn’t been so aroused it would have hurt. Now she just groaned in delight.
Jim’s hand came around over her bum, between her spread thighs, stroking her perineum. His fingers parted her labia and explored the moist, delicate folds between.

Bridget felt the most exquisite and delicate pressure on her clitoris.
“How did he always know what she wanted? How could he excite her so quickly?” These thoughts rushed through her mind before she was incapable of thought, as the sunburst of pleasure erupted through her genitals.
Before her loins had stopped quivering Jim’s engorged cock thrust into her cunt. Bridget pushed her breasts even harder into Jim’s face.

Jim’s thrusts were slow but deep. His knob rubbed Bridget’s cervix and she pushed her hips down to fill herself even more with his rock hard masculinity. Then Jim massaged her G spot with his knob and his speed increased. A saliva moistened finger probed two knuckles deep into her anus. Bridget squeezed it with her sphincter as she groaned with pleasure.

Bridget’s panting became ragged, she moaned as she lost control of her loins, she ejaculated as her orgasm shuddered and juddered through her vagina and through her belly.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooaaaaaah. Oh my darling Jimmeeeeeeee.”

She lay sweating on top of him.
Then she lifted her hips a little to let him move.
“Please come inside me now Jimmy.”

It only took a few thrusts, powerful, hard and deep before she felt Jim’s body stiffen, heard his animal groans and felt his pelvis thrust and his semen gush into her womb.

Bridget held Jim’s face to her breast as he lay on her.
“It’s 10 days since we got married. How do you feel?”
“I’m extremely worried Bridget.”
“Extremely worried?” She raised an eyebrow.
“Yes extremely worried. Every day you are more beautiful and more sexy. Everyday I love you more and want to fuck you more.”
“What’s there to worry about that.”
“I’m scared I will go down with shagger’s back.”

They went to one of the many lovely open sided restaurants of Kuta. This was one of their favorites with its garden and fish ponds.
“A table for three?” asked the waiter. He had heard Vicki call Jim “Daddy.”
“Just you and your two daughters tonight, is it Sir?”

This was a frequent mistake, perhaps understandable, as Bridget looked 10 years younger than her age. Each time they heard it Vicki and Bridget laughed hysterically, collapsing in each other’s arms. Jim just scowled.

Afterwards they went to a nightclub. Almost all the crowd were a lot younger than Jim but that didn’t worry him.

Bridget and Vicki danced together and saw Jim sitting in a group of young men half his age. Later the women over to the table and Jim just introduced them to his new friends as Vicki and Bridget.
“Are you traveling together,” a young Texan asked Bridget.
“Yes,” beamed Bridget flashing her rings. “Jim and I are here on our honeymoon>”
“And how do you fit in?” the Texan asked Vicki thinking he might have a chance.
“I’m Bridget’s lover,” smiled Vicki innocently.

Two would-be Valentinos asked Bridget and Vicki to dance. When they had gone to the dance floor the Texan commiserated with Jim.
“That’s a bit rough. On your honeymoon and she brings her girlfriend.”
Jim watched his two beautiful women dancing.
“Yeah, sometimes life can be a bitch.”
The Texan gave Jim a beer in sympathy.

A variety of international studs tried their luck with Vicky and Bridget. Perhaps they were a little unfair as they looked so stunning, smiled so sweetly and danced so erotically. But when, in the relaxed, more casual sexual style which people have on holiday, the studs tried a touch or a whispered a suggestion, they found that it was their last dance.

“Darling, Vicki and I are going back to the hotel. We’re tired.”
“Fine sweetheart, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

The Texan was open mouthed in astonishment.
“Damn it all. Why do you put up with that?”
“Well, at least she didn’t bring a boyfriend.”

Vicki and Bridget walked hand in hand along the beach to their hotel. The moon glinted off the surf as the breakers crashed.
Back in their suite they each slowly undressed the other. As each garment was removed they treated the other’s body to tender caresses. Vicki kissed Bridget’s soft nipples, Bridget stroked Vicki’s shaven pussy.

They lay on the bed facing each other, stroking each other’s face and hair. Their breasts and hips were touching lightly.
“Darling Vicki, paradise must be like this,” sighed Bridget.
“It’s just so perfect. Sometimes I’m so happy I cry when I think about it.”
“But . .”
“No darling, please don’t even talk about it.” Vicki knew as well as Bridget that in three days they would fly away to opposite sides of the world.

Their lips touched and opened, their tongues lightly explored each other’s mouth. Their hands moved to each other’s breasts, savoring the shape, the firmness, the femininity. Vicki’s hand moved to Bridget’s vulva and stroked her smooth, hairless pussy.

Bridget gasped and spread her legs. With a touch even more delicate than Jim’s, Vicki tantalized, aroused, stimulated and excited Bridget’s G spot. Vicki felt Bridget’s juices flow, felt Bridget’s hug tighten and heard Bridget sigh as a gentle orgasm washed through her loins.

Bridget moved between Vicki’s legs and did what she had dreamed of when they had been sunbathing that afternoon. She licked and sucked. She tightened her lips around Vicki’s engorged clitoris and flicked the end with her tongue. Vicki held Bridget’s face hard into her pussy as her hips bounced in their orgasmic dance.

Jim returned an hour later.
He looked into the bedroom then went to the kitchen and got a couple of beers. Returning to the bedroom he left the door open so some light came in, sat in a chair and sipped his ice cold lager.

Bridget and Vicki were sound asleep, lying in a loose embrace. There were the contrasts of the brown and blond hair, of he pink and brown nipples. There was a peacefulness in their sleeping faces.
There was a tangle of long slim legs, elegant arms and slim torsos. Their Brazilians left the plump folds of their labia open to his view.

Jim felt no guilt as he basked in the view of his two lovers. Both knew he adored their bodies, both were confident when they were naked in front of them.
Jim never watched their lovemaking as they brought each other to orgasm; that was their private and intimate time. But they were always happy when he joined them afterwards. They never tried to cover themselves, if anything they often flaunted themselves.
“After all we are your Sex Goddesses,” Bridget had explained.

Tears came to Jim’s eyes. This paradise would end in three days.

He took off his clothes and tried to get into bed without waking them.
“Daddy you’re such a pain,” groaned Vicki, rolling over to let him lie between them.
“Jim, you’ve been staring at us, you pervert,” mumbled Bridget, still half asleep as she put his hand over her pussy for comfort.
In a few moments they were all asleep.

Jim went to an Internet cafe. He spent far longer than he had told Bridget and Vicki he would, and at lunch time they came looking for him.
“What are you doing Daddy? Have you been on a porn site?”
“No, I bet he has been on a dating site so that he can trade us in for new models.”

Jim pointed to the screen. There was an advertisement for a tourism pilot in Southern France, based not far from where they had been on holiday.
“I’ve sent an application just to see what happens.”
Both women were excited. Bridget had been born in France and liked the idea of returning there for some time and that her two children could grow up at least a little bit French.
Vicki realized it would be close enough for her to visit on weekends and holidays.

Events moved quickly. By the evening they had received a reply from Pierre, the owner of the small French airline. There was a shortage of pilots with Jim’s experience and Jim was almost fluent in French after living six months with Bridget and her children.

Something had clicked in Pierre’s mind when he saw Jim’s name. He had done a Google search and this confirmed his recollection.
Jim was the “Blizzard Hero.” This title had been given by the media 15 months ago. Jim and Vicki had spent three days trapped in a storm on a glacier when Jim’s plane had developed a mechanical fault. The media had not realized that during those three days Vicki had seduced her father and they had spent the three days in erotic, uninhibited and forbidden sexual bliss.
(Author’s note: the complete story of the blizzard is written in “To Save Her Daddy’s Life.”)

Jim knew he was far from a hero and was embarrassed by the title. But the three days while the rescue teams waited and the blizzard raged, plus and probably even more important, Vicki’s photogenic beauty had created a minor and short-lived international story.

Pierre realized that this, plus Jim being married to a French woman, would make a valuable commercial asset, and made Jim an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Bridget and Jim and Adam and Jane, Bridget’s two children moved to Southern France. The children were excited and happy. They both loved Jim and he loved them and since he and Bridget had been together their lives had been so much fun and excitement.

Pierre was a few years younger than Jim, but the two men had immediately got on well.
.Pierre delivered all he had promised and more. His wife was Bridget’s age and they had three children who were looking forward to meeting Jane and Adam.

The owner of the farm-house which they had previously rented was happy to give them a long term lease, the children fitted happily into school and soon developed a circle of friends based around Pierre’s children.

Bridget and Jim devoted themselves as mother and step-father for Adam and Jane. The children were never neglected, in fact Bridget sometimes worried that they were being spoiled.
But there was one rule which the children accepted without question. When the Jim and Bridget’s bedroom was locked or they were in the spa pool together, that was Jim and Bridget’s private time and they were not to be disturbed for any reason.

Vicki came to stay most weekends and all university vacations. There was an absolute rule regarding Adam and Jane: no physical sign between Bridget and Vicki or between Vicki and Jim that would give the slightest indication of what happened in private.

Adam and Jane grew to love Vicki and she, them. . The children looked forward to her frequent visits; she was so enthusiastic, she could always think of something interesting to do with them.

With Adam and Jane in the house, Jim and Vicki, Bridget and Vicki were careful to keep their sexual relationships behind closed doors.
But there were many times when it was just the three adults together. Twice a year the children had holidays with their father back in their homeland. Initially Bridget was worried about this but she found out that her ex husband had successfully joined Alcoholics Anonymous.
Often Pierre’s children would sleep-over with them and at other times Jane and Adam would stay with Edith and Pierre.

During these times the Lotus Land, the paradise which they had in Bali was recreated. Jim, Vicki and Bridget had a three way love affair where no jealousies ever arose, where loving tenderness was always present and where the sex seemed to reach new heights of ecstasy.

Business went well for Pierre. He successfully exploited Jim’s 15 minutes of fame and “Blizzard Airlines” grew. Jim’s duties were mainly day trips but once a month he would take tourists on a safari trek. Although these took him from home, he loved the mountains and it kept him in shape.
And, being generous as he was, Pierre would often fly Bridget and her children to spend a day or so with him.

Bridget had started teaching English at a school. But Pierre saw her talent for administration and Bridget took the position he offered her.

After a year Pierre handed Jim the biggest check he had ever seen.
“Your share of the profits, Jim.”
So they purchased the farmhouse. Pierre still had to guarantee their loan for the balance. But he was happy to help out and happy to help Jim stay.

When Vicki woke she looked at Bridget and Jim beside her and braced herself for what she had to say. She kissed her father and step-mother.

“Daddy and darling Bridget, I have something difficult to say.”
“Mmmmm.” A gentle stroke of her bum and a kiss on the cheek from her father.
“I’ve met a boy I really like.”
“Vicki, I’m so pleased. What’s so difficult about that?” said Jim.
“You’re not jealous?”
“Don’t be silly. Of course you should have a boyfriend your own age.”
“But I’m all mixed up. I’m really fond of him, but I don’t want to lose what I have with you two..”

Bridget kissed Vicki on the lips.
“Vicki, darling, what we have is wonderful, but we’ve always known it can’t last forever.”

“Tell us all about him. Where’s he from?”
“He’s from Brazil, but he’s really from everywhere. You’ll see what I mean when you meet him. He’s a top law student but he’s paid his way by being a professional boxer.”
“A boxer!!”
“He came to England with absolutely no money, could hardly speak English. It was the only thing he could do while he learned English and studied. But it does mean he has the most marvelous body.”

“He’s not punch drunk?”
“I told you, he’s a top law student.”
“What’s his name?”
“Angel.” Vicki giggled.
“Angel? What the hell sort of a name is Angel for a man?”
“Well that’s what was given to him when he started boxing and I think it suits him.”

“He sounds nice. When are we going to meet him?”
“I’ve invited him over for next weekend if that’s OK?”
“Sure it is. Do you need one bedroom or two?”
“He’s not very, ah . . . experienced and a bit . . well . . reserved. I think he might expect two bedrooms.”

When Bridget and Jim met Angel they saw what Vicki meant when she said he was from everywhere. He was a walking United Nations. Certainly some oriental blood with those high cheekbones, certainly some black blood with the curly black hair and brown skin, perhaps some Middle Eastern with that elegant nose.
The combination was exotic. He was slightly over six feet tall, slim and walked with the lithe grace of an athlete.

Despite being the stranger in a group of six, Angel was relaxed and greeted them with a broad smile. He spoke with a mild accent which Jim couldn’t place.
“Hi there Hero,” he said to Jim.
“Hi there Punchy,” said Jim.

Angel shook hands with Bridget.
“Vicki,” he said sternly. “You didn’t tell me your step mother was so beautiful.”
“Angel, that’s not true. I did tell you Bridget was beautiful.”
“But not this beautiful.” At last he let go Bridget’s hand. Bridget couldn’t help but laugh.

Jim and Bridget both noticed the look in Vicki’s face as she watched Angel talk. There was a glow of excitement, her eyes seemed to glisten and from time time time she would gently stroke his hand in reassurance of her presence.
The tenderness of Angel’s gaze at Vicki was in marked contrast to his profession as a boxer. He seemed to listen to every word she said in fascination.

Before lunch they went for a walk in the woods. Angel and Vicki held hands and both Jim and Bridget felt the conflicting emotions of pleasure for Vicki and an underlying sadness. After lunch Jim took them all for a flight and they flew over the magnificent French alps, swooping through valleys, soaring over the peaks.
Angel was escort haberleri in awe. “Jim, I can see why you love doing this.”
They landed on a glacier.
“Is this like the one where you saved Vicki’s life, Hero?” asked Angel.
“A bit like it I guess. But Angel, can you please forget all this Blizzard Hero crap. It was all just routine.”

By the time dinner was over, both Bridget and Jim really liked Angel. His enthusiasm, his brain, his modesty, his humor and his obvious adoration of Vicki.
Jim and Bridget left Vicki and Angel sitting together on the couch. The next morning Bridget noticed that both beds had been slept in.

Already Angel was falling under the spell of the farmhouse.
He had never seen such a devoted couple as Jim and Bridget. Despite Jim’s laconic indifference, they often touched and when they did so usually looked into each other’s eyes with an unspoken adoration.
Whenever she was within distance Bridget would hold Jim’s hand or touch his arm.

He did notice that Jim and Vicki were very close as father and daughter. He was a little surprised at the frequency of their innocent touches, but when he reflected later, that’s all they were: innocent touches.

He saw Bridget and Vicki were the very best of friends. They spent a lot of time talking and laughing together and sometimes they hugged each other as they laughed. Angel was fascinated by Bridget; not in a sexual way. True, she was extremely beautiful, but there was a grace and charm he found delightful. And she had been so welcoming and helping him to feel at ease.

Vicki was even more affectionate here than in England and was obviously so happy to be with her family.

Angel found the atmosphere captivating. The farmhouse seemed to overflow with affection and love and good conversation and laughter.

He had to catch an early flight back the next morning. He and Vicki had a long embrace and he shook Jim’s hand.
“It’s been great meeting you Angel. Come back soon.”
Bridget gave him a hug. “Watch out for those brains Angel.”

“Well, what did you think?” asked Vicki in the car going back?
“Vicki, what we think doesn’t really matter, but for what it’s worth, he seems a great guy,” said Jim.
“I think so too,” said Bridget. “So nice, so good looking. He’s a real hunk”
“I’m glad. I think I’m falling in love with him.”
“We’re both so happy for you,” said Bridget hugging her. “But, darling Vicki, does he shape up . . . you know . . . in the sack?” Bridget remembered the two separate bedrooms.

“Well,” said Vicki, “He’s very inexperienced. So busy with his boxing and his studies, And I think his background is more sort of . . conventional than ours. In fact we haven’t done it yet.
“But what we have done is very nice. He’s very masculine but very tender. But I’ve had to wait until my pubic hair grows a bit. I don’t think I could explain my Brazilian.”

“So that’s the reason,” said Jim who had noticed the resurgence of Vicki’s pubic hair.

“I’ve been out with boys who reckoned they are experienced. And they were hopeless. Perhaps I’ll make Angel my special project.”

So it turned out. Vicki was always careful to make sure that Angel didn’t think she was making all the pace and she let him think that he was taking the initiative. Vicki led him to a world beyond his dreams.

Angel had not been able to be believe his luck that Vicki would want to go out with him. He had seen her around the campus for a long time but had always thought she would be beyond his reach. Her warmth, her vivacity, her beauty and the fact that she was often in the company of the college studs made him feel that he was destined to only admire her from afar.
He hadn’t realized that none of those studs had got far with Vicki because in her mind they compared badly to her father.

He was not very experienced with girls and his sexual activity, such as it had been,had been limited to frantic fucking. He had no experience of sex as a loving experience and the idea that a woman’s pleasure is a man’s responsibility hadn’t even occurred to him.

The seat next to Angel in the student cafe was the only spare one that Vicki could see. She sat beside him and at first he was nervous and uneasy. However he soon relaxed with Vicki’s friendliness and she agreed to his invitation to a movie.

He placed her on some sort of feminine pedestal: attractive and sexy as any woman could be, but so much to be admired that he dare not touch her.
But one evening when their kisses stirred his hormones his hand slipped up her blouse. The firmness and softness of her breast, the smooth skin and her stiff nipple intoxicated him with pleasure.

When he opened her blouse and saw Vicki’s nubile perfection and her large brown aureoles, when Vicki guided his head down so that he could suck and nibble it was almost a religious experience.
As Vicki mewed in delight and clasped him to her breast his masculine urges took over from his reverence and he lost himself in the pleasure of Vicki’s embrace.

When he first saw her completely naked Angel thought Vicki should have the name Angel.
A week later they made love. “Slowly darling Angel,” whispered Vicki.
As Angel’s tumescence slipped into her vagina he felt her soft warm moistness, felt her tighten her vagina around him, felt her hips push into his and felt her arms and legs embrace him.
He lost himself to his primitive urges, forgot Vicki’s request, thrust powerfully and obeyed the demands of his cock.

His orgasm rose from the depths of his stomach, surged through his cock and as he thrust hard, burst through his knob into Vicki’s womb.
Vicki stroked his head. “Angel you are such a beautiful man.”
He knew he would never leave her.

Vicki hadn’t orgasmed that time and didn’t the next two. She was happy that Angel was fulfilled and knew he had the sensitivity to go with his virility.

One evening she spent an hour sucking and swallowing his cock. Angel had never contemplated the ecstasy that her soft lips and mouth and throat could bring, the almost unbearable excitement as she explored his knob, his slit, his shaft, his balls, his perineum.
He was so overwhelmed when Vicki swallowed his rush of come that tears of adoration came to his eyes.
Afterwards as he held her, he asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Vicki explained how all of her body was an erogenous zone.
.”All of it?” questioned Angel.
So Vicki ran her fingers through his hair to his scalp and stroked the soles of his feet.
“Ah, now I understand.”

She explained that he had fingers, the palms of his hands, his lips, his breath, his tongue and his teeth as well as his cock to use with her.
She explained her hot spots: her G spot which they discovered together and her clitoris.
She explained how sometimes it was lovely when he fucked her deep and hard, but other times she liked her G spot caressed.

Vicki didn’t have to explain too much. Angel worshiped her and worshiped her body. He loved the sight of her genitals and the smell and the taste. He loved gentle experiments to find different ways to excite her and he loved slowing down to heighten her her pleasure.

But most of all he loved to feel her excitement mount as he pleasured her. He realized almost subconsciously that loving sex was as much about giving, as much about Vicki’s satisfaction as it was about his own orgasm.

One night when their fucking was energetic Angel’s cock slipped out of Vicki’s vagina. She reached down to reinsert it. At first Angel didn’t feel the difference, then he noticed the smoothness of Vicki’s rectum, the tightness and her difference position.
“Vicki darling, I think my cock slipped into the wrong place.”
Vicki caused him to suck his breath in pleasure as she squeezed his erection with her sphincter.
“It seems like a pretty good place to me.”

Angel had read about anal sex, dreamed about anal sex and fantasized about anal sex. To be inside his dearest Vicki’s bowel aroused him to a fever pitch. His inhibitions vanished, his hips thrust, his belly slapped into Vicki’s buttocks and as Vicki groaned in ecstasy he ejaculated deep inside her.

They lay panting afterwards.
“I hope I wasn’t too rough, I got carried away.”
“You were perfect. And if you are even rougher sometimes, darling, I won’t mind.”

Each time Angel visited the farmhouse he enjoyed the atmosphere more. Each time he felt even more welcome. He got on well with Adam and Jane. Adam was fascinated by Angel being a boxer and, to Bridget’s horror, demanded that Angel showed him some moves.

On the third visit Vicki said there was no need for Angel to sleep in his own guest room.
“What will Jim think?” asked Angel.
“My Daddy will be happy that you make me so happy,” whispered Vicki, gently squeezing his balls.

Angel noticed that Bridget and Jim often went to bed early and always stayed behind the closed doors of their bedroom late each morning.
“They bonk a lot, don’t they?”
“Probably just reading. I would have thought Daddy was long passed it by now.” Vicki smiled to herself.
“I don’t know. Bridget’s so beautiful she could make a statue have an erection.”
“Angel,” cried Vicki in mock horror. “You should only have eyes for me.” She squeezed his balls a lot harder than the previous time.

Jim and Bridget came over to watch Angel’s fight. It was the first time Vicki had watched. Both she and Bridget were absolutely horrified.
Angel won a tough fight after six rounds, but both women’s only memories were of the savage blows he had taken on his way to victory. The first time he took a punch tears came to Vicki’s eyes, by the end of the first round the tears were flowing.

After the fight they went to Angel’s dressing room. His manager was excited saying how he had lined up Angel for a big money fight. “The people in the know like you Angel.”
Vicki and Bridget listened in silence as the manager talked and after he left sat on either side of Angel.

“How are you darling?”
“Fucking sore,” he groaned. “But not as sore as the other guy I guess.”
But his lame attempt at a joke brought no smiles.
“I could hear his punches landing on you. I couldn’t stand it,” sobbed Vicki.
“Angel, I think you are very brave, I don’t understand much about boxing but you seem very good,” said Bridget. “But I won’t watch again. I couldn’t bear it.” There was anguish etched into her face.

Jim didn’t say much. He had seen that Angel was a magnificent athlete, had the natural talent and skills. But he also saw that he had none of the innate toughness, that animal fury that would take him past tougher opponents.
He knew that Angel would soon take a terrible beating from someone with half his talent but twice his fighting savagery.

Angel didn’t really take in these comments. He was on a high from his victory. But the next morning when he woke in pain from his bruised ribs and swollen jaw, he remembered Bridget’s concern and anguish.
Vicki woke beside him.
“Angel, your eye has gone black and has swollen closed!”
He said nothing but saw it was true when he went to the mirror. He thought about the anguish and shock on both Vicki’s and Bridget’s face
After breakfast Vicki said something she had thought carefully about.
“Angel darling, if you want to box, it’s not up to me to stop you. But I will be like Bridget and never watch again. I can’t bear to see you getting hurt.”

Two days later Angel told his manager he was retiring.
“I don’t believe it Angel. You’ve got a great future.”
“Maybe, but I’m not championship class. But the main reason is now I have two lovely friends who don’t want to see me get hurt. I’ve never had anyone who cared before.”

He didn’t tell Vicki what he had done, but two weeks later she asked him when he was fighting again.
“I’ve retired.”
Vicki said nothing, but that was probably the time she fell completely and unreservedly in love with him.

The next weekend Vicki had a university assignment to complete and Angel flew France alone.
When Angel told Bridget about his retirement, he was surprised and a little overwhelmed when she hugged him tightly and he heard her sobs of relief.

Jim said, “Smart move.”
“You knew it didn’t you?”
“Knew what?”
“I’m just not as tough as the champions.”
“There’s no shame in that. Be glad you’re a whole lot smarter.”
Angel looked at Jim and didn’t know quite what to say. Jim’s sympathetic understanding made him feel quite emotional.

Angel and Bridget took Adam and Jane to Pierre’s for their sleepover with Pierre’s family. On the way home they stopped at a cafe.
“You and Vicki are really happy aren’t you?”
“She’s the most wonderful girl. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”
“She thinks she’s very lucky finding you. You must know she adores you.”
Angel nodded.
“I felt a bit guilty leaving her and coming here. But she told me she had so much work and that I should stop interrupting her. She told me to piss off.”
Bridget laughed, “That’s our Vicki.”

Angel joined her laughter and as he thought of Vicki he became quite emotional.
“Bridget, I’ll love her for the rest of my life.” Without thinking he took her hand.

After a moment or two Bridget released her hand from Angel’s but gave his a little pat as she did so.
They sipped their coffee in silence.

Angel looked into Bridget’s beautiful face, her lovely smile which always looked as though she was going to start laughing.

“Thanks for inviting me to stay even though Vicki couldn’t come.”
“You’re always welcome. Jim and I are very fond of you.”
“Bridget, when I come over here, I always feel as though there is something magic about the farmhouse.”

“I feel like that everyday. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see that its not a dream, I’m so happy.”
“I can see that. You and Jim have such a fabulous relationship.”
“Jim has transformed my life.”

Bridget explained how unhappy her childhood had been, how her parents had died in an accident and her first marriage to an alcoholic.
She also told about herself and Vicki, with some large omissions.
“She’s like the sister I never had and my best friend rolled into one. I never felt I could love another woman the way I love Vicki.”
“Vicki feels the same about you.”

“And Jim and Vicki seem to have a special father-daughter relationship.”
“They do. It’s lovely.” But Bridget felt she really shouldn’t continue with topic.

“We had better get going. Jim’s taking you into the mountains.”
Angel stood up and offered his hand to Bridget. She took it and stood up, then gave his hand a squeeze. “You’re a lovely man Angel, Vicki’s very lucky.” She gave him a brief hug and her lips brushed his cheek.

They didn’t say much on the drive back. Angel was still tingling from the squeeze and the kiss.

Jim was waiting and Angel quickly changed into his tramping gear.
Bridget gave Jim a long hip thrusting hug and a deep kiss. She turned to Angel.
“Now you look after my darling Jim, Angel. He keeps on thinking he’s younger than he is. Please don’t push him too hard.”
Angel was becoming used to her brief hugs and kisses on the cheek. He wasn’t used to her lips brushing his as happened this time. For a moment he was carried away, but then he panicked. What would Jim think?

But Jim, who had obviously seen, was picking up his pack and turned to go to the car.

The “gentle” hike as Jim called it was a mixture for Angel. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery, he enjoyed the conversations they had when they were resting and he enjoyed the night they had in the cabin, sharing it with a dozen other hikers.

What he didn’t enjoy was the grueling pace that Jim set.
Within half an hour of leaving he wondered what the hell Bridget meant by “looking after Jim”. Angel prided himself on his fitness, but here was this Old Timer, 17 years older, setting a pace which had him sweating after ten minutes and panting after half an hour.

When they had arrived at the cabin Jim apologized. “Sorry if that was tough, but we had to be here by dusk.”
“Clears the lungs a bit though, doesn’t it,” said Jim.

The next day was easier and after a lunch on the peak of a 3,000 meter mountain with its brilliant views they headed down.

They arrived back at the farmhouse at dusk. Bridget was out.
“The spa pool, that’s what we need,” said Jim.
Angel couldn’t agree more. His legs ached and were now starting to stiffen up.

Jim turned to look at him.
“Now Angel, I need to know something. You don’t shoot with both barrels do you?”
“Not AC-DC?”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“I know you are bonking my daughter. That’s fine. But I need to know that I’ll be safe in here with you. You won’t try to plant your cock in my ass, will you?”

Angel collapsed in laughter.
“No Jim I won’t. And you keep yours away from me if you want to keep making Bridget happy.”

So the two men stripped. Angel felt a awkward, but then realized it was no different from the shower room at the gym.
Jim had brought out a supply of beer in a chilly bin.

“You did OK up there.”
“What do you mean? You’re a lot older and left me miles behind.”
“The only way to get fit for the mountains is to climb them. My fitness wouldn’t do me much good in the boxing ring with you, I guess. Not that I’m going to try.”

Jim chatted away about his earlier life. How he had once been a city tycoon but had got bored, divorced his wife five years after he should have, sold up and bought a small air tourist business.

“Worst thing I ever did financially in my life. Best thing I ever did to make myself a human being. You wouldn’t have liked the stuck up prick I was when I thought I was a financial genius,” he said looking straight at Angel..

Angel found himself warming to and admiring Jim more and more He had never met anyone who was so relaxed and contented with life. Who seemed to get so much out of everyday. It wasn’t as though he was rich or had status from his job. Jim had sorted out what was really important for him and his family and wasn’t in the slightest bit concerned about prestige or status.

“Jim, did you bring out any wine?” It was Bridget’s voice.
Angel panicked. He looked to escape but realized he couldn’t get out and still retain his modesty.

Bridget came all the way over. Angel knew she must be able to see his penis, although the water was distorting her view a little.
Bridget smiled innocently.
“Hello Angel. Thank you for looking after Jim. I suppose you had to carry him most of the way.”
“I sure did, he’s well and truly passed it.”
Jim roared with laughter.

“I’ll get some food and join you if that’s alright.”
Angel looked at Jim.
“Are there any swimming trunks handy?”
“There are some in the changing shed if you feel you have to. But Bridget’s seen what you’ve got. It didn’t make her faint or froth at the mouth.”
They laughed.
“But it’s your choice.”

Perhaps it was the beer he had drunk, perhaps he felt that he might as well go with the flow, perhaps he felt someone else was writing the plot and it was his role just to play along.

Bridget appeared with a platter of sandwiches, some wine and some wine glasses. She was wearing a blue bathrobe.

“Angel, would you mind if I dress the same way you?”
He was starting to get some control of himself.
“No Bridget, I don’t think I’ll mind too much.”

She giggled and undid her bathrobe.
From the first time he had seen her Angel had felt Bridget was one of the great beauties he had met. As beautiful as Vicki in a different, more mature, blond way. But he was unprepared for what was revealed to him. She was 33 with two children Angel was anticipating some effects of gravity.

But her pink tipped breasts were rounded firm and jutting, her stomach was flat with more than a hint of abs and no trace of flab. Her bum was rounded and tight and those lovely long legs were perfect all the way.

With a jolt he realized she had a Brazilian. Bridget was the first live woman he had seen so exposed. The floodlights cast some shadows, but he had a fleeting glimpse of a plump pussy as Bridget stepped into the pool. Bridget must have seen his gaze but was oblivious to it

“Jim, tell me, did Angel shape up OK.”
“For a novice, not so bad.”
“And Angel, did you enjoy it? That mountain is one of my favorite hikes.”
“It was great.” Angel went into an enthusiastic description.
All the time Bridget looked at him with that lovely smile, the smile that always seemed as though it was going to break into a laugh.

Angel tried to keep looking at her face, not those pink-tipped breasts which seemed to be pointing straight at him, not the treasure between her legs which she made no effort to conceal.

“Poor Angel, you’re not eating anything.”
Angel hadn’t dared stand to get some food as that would have completely exposed his penis.

Bridget stood up and brought the platter of sandwiches over. He was acutely aware of those pink nipples. As he looked at the platter, there was Bridget’s naked pussy right behind. Her labial lips seemed to be smiling at him.

He took two sandwiches and Bridget retreated. But the damage was done. Despite a supreme effort of willpower, his erection shot up to its full glory. He saw Bridget’s glance.

“Dear Angel I’m very flattered by that reaction. But we do have some rules here. One is no erections on display.”
She passed him a white flannel which Angel gratefully placed over his rigid cock. It looked like a miniature tent.

“And if you’re still having a problem in a few minutes, Jim will help out by giving it a whack with a wine bottle.” Bridget giggled at her own humor.

Jim asked Angel about his plans for after graduation. Bridget listened full of interest and the evening progressed as if they were all more properly dressed. Angel was still very aware of Bridget’s fantastic body, but he managed to look at her as a work of art, rather than a sexy woman.

After the sandwiches were finished and the wine was drunk Angel noticed a change. Jim had moved closer to Bridget and their legs were touching under water.

“I’ve got to go and pack for tomorrow morning.” Angel climbed up the steps not even thinking about his penis.
Bridget smiled her dazzling smile and stretched up her arms to him.
“Thank you for understanding.”
Angel bent over to kiss her cheek, but somehow Bridget’s face moved and their lips brushed. Jim shook his hand.

The next evening Angel felt uncomfortable as he sat beside Vicki.
Had he been disloyal to her? Those kisses and touches with Bridget and above all, being naked with her in the pool? But then Jim had been there and he hadn’t minded.
Had he been disloyal to Vicki by thinking how beautiful Bridget was and, he had to admit, how sexy she was?

He looked at Vicki. She was just as beautiful. There were many similarities: tall and slim, long wavy hair. But differences as well.
But no, his desire for and love of Vicki hadn’t diminished. If anything, both had increased.

After they had made love, Angel lay with his head between Vicki’s breasts, his fingers stroking her pubic hair. Vicki held his shoulders with one hand and stroked the side of his face with the other.

“Vicki darling, something strange happened. Please don’t be angry with me.”
Vicki smacked his bum. “Of course I’ll be angry. What strange something?”
“I was with Jim and Bridget in the spa pool and none of us had any clothes on.”
“That’s nice.”
“Nice?” questioned Angel
“Bridget is stunningly beautiful isn’t she?”
“You don’t mind?”
“Angel, you are so silly. Daddy, Bridget and I never wear anything in the pool when the children are away.”

Angel took some time to digest this.
“Did Bridget have to put a flannel on Daddy because he got an erection?”
“No, but she had to put one on me.”

Vicki burst into laughter.
“You weren’t perving at my step-mummy were you Angel?” Another smack on his bottom.
“It was very hard not to.”
“I guess.”

There was a pause in the conversation.
“So you don’t mind?”
“Angel, that’s life at the farmhouse. You needn’t do it ever again if you don’t want to.”

Another pause
“Did you know that Bridget has a Brazilian?”
“Of course. What did you think?”
“Have you ever considered having one?”
“Would you like me to?’
“You could always grow your hair again if you didn’t like it.”

For the previous three years Vicki had had a Brazilian and she, Bridget and Jim had loved it. She had only escort hikayeleri grown it out so that she wouldn’t have to explain it to Angel.
She sighed.
“OK, darling if you insist. I’ll get a Brazilian for my Brazilian hunk,” she giggled.

When Angel saw her the next night he was captivated. Vicki reclined against some cushions, her legs apart and her knees drawn back and Angel spent hours with his face in between her slim thighs..
He loved the feel and appearance of her labia, how he could see her clitoris, pearly and glistening and peeping out from under its protective hood.
He parted her labia with his fingers and saw the pink moistness of his darling’s vagina. He licked and sucked and nibbled everywhere from her anus to her navel and down the insides of her thighs.

In the end it was Vicki who tapped him on the head. “Oh my darling Angel. If I come again I’ll die.”

Adam and Jane were home. All six of them had an evening in the spa but swimming costumes were worn and there was none of the sexual innuendo of Angel’s previous visit.

Vicki and Angel took the children on a treat as next week they were going to stay with their father for a month. They went to an amusement park and Angel wasn’t surprised to see Vicki as childishly excited and enthusiastic as her niece and nephew.

The night before their flight Angel was in bed first. He was surprised to hear Vicki crying as she finished in the bathroom. She came in with tears streaming down her cheeks and stood looking at him. Despite her full breasts with their brown aureoles there was a vulnerability as she stood there, her naked pussy seeming to make her look child-like.

“Oh Angel darling I’m scared.”
“Scared? Scared of what?”
“Perhaps you won’t like two months over at the farmhouse.”
“Vicki, sweetheart, you know I love it there. Surely Jim and Bridget want me to come.”
“Of course they do, they love you very much.”

Vicki sat on the bed beside Angel, still crying.
“Angel, if you want to go at any time, just say so. I’ll come with you without any questions. You know I’ll love you forever.”

Vicki was inconsolable and snuggled into Angel’s arms. He couldn’t get her to say any more about what was worrying her, so he stroked her hair and told her he would always love her and eventually she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning Vicki was her bright and enthusiastic self. She demanded a “quickie”, not concerned about her own orgasm, only Angel’s.

It was raining and the wind was blowing when they arrived and they spent the first day inside. Bridget’s greeting of Angel had been a tender hug and another of those brushes of her lips across his.
Angel was surprised at the intensity of Vicki’s greeting of her father. She threw herself at him in a bear-hug and showered kisses on his face.
“I love you so much Daddy.”

They stayed indoors. Bridget and Angel worked together improving his French. Vicki was curled up in a big arm chair reading. Angel looked at her lovely face and his heart went out to her.
“What had caused those tears last night,” he wondered.

Jim played chess on the Internet and the tranquility was occasionally interrupted by his loud shouts of “Fuck” as he lost another piece.
Angel became more conscious of Bridget beside him. Her long cascades of blond hair normally hid her face as she studied his translations. But she turned to look at him from time to time to discuss some point of grammar. He had to fight the urge to kiss those full red lips.

Vicki and Jim prepared the meal. Side by side they worked at the bench, chatting away and laughing from time to time. Angel thought how happy they were together.

One time Jim had obviously cracked a joke. Vicki giggled and hugged Jim and kissed his cheek.
“Daddy, you are so silly.”
Jim patted her behind and pecked Vicki’s lips in return.
Well if Jim was happy with Bridget kissing him when he and she were naked Angel supposed he couldn’t object if Jim kissed Angel’s girlfriend. . . His daughter!! This realization made Angel ponder, but he rationalized by thinking, “Well they are fond of each other.”

Author’s note. This is quite a long section where sex is talked about but doesn’t happen. Readers who prefer only the hot stuff might want to skip down to ‘LATER THAT NIGHT.’
The meal was one of those farmhouse occasions Angel enjoyed so much. Top class food, free flowing top class wines and free flowing conversation. Vicki sat beside Angel with her hand on his thigh much of the time. Bridget was opposite, often giving him that half laughing smile.

After dinner Bridget put on some music. She danced with Jim, Vicki with Angel. Sometimes the music was fast and their bodies writhed, their hips gyrated and sometimes rubbed. Other times the music slowed and Vicki put her arms around Angel’s neck, her hips against his, her breasts against his chest.

Jim insisted on dancing with Vicki and Bridget with Angel. Vicki was a super dancer and Angel watched appreciatively as her blond locks swung, her hips seemed to move like a snake and her breasts bounced in her tight top.
When the music slowed she held him as Vicki had. He could feel all the front of her body against him, he could smell her perfume as her head nuzzled into his shoulder and her hair tickled his nose.

“What the hell was happening? Why was Vicki crying last night,” he wondered.
Well, something was happening to his penis and he felt it rise against Bridget’s body. She looked into his face and pecked his lips.
“I think I had better dance with Vicki or we’ll have to get that flannel.”

“Come on Angel,”said Jim. “I’m certainly not dancing with you. Let’s clear the dishes.”
The farmhouse had an open plan kitchen living dining area, so on one side Bridget and Vicki danced. On the other side Angel and Jim did the washing up.

Angel paused to watch the two women dancing in front of each other. What an extraordinarily beautiful sight: two wonderful bodies writhing rhythmically, blond and brown locks flowing. Then he turned his attention to the dishes.

A few minutes later he heard the music slow and glanced around.
There were Bridget and Vicki holding each other tightly and swaying to the music. Their hips and breasts were thrust into each other’s. Vicki’s arms were around Bridget’s tightly clad bum; Bridget’s around Vicki’s shoulders. Each was nuzzling into the side of the other’s neck.

He watched as Vicki seemed to whisper something in Bridget’s ear. Bridget drew her head back and the two women gazed into the other’s eyes. It immediately struck Angel that the expression on Vicki’s face was that same look of adoration she often had when looking at him.
He also saw that Bridget was looking at Vicki in the same loving way she looked at Jim.

“When I first saw them together I thought there was no more beautiful sight in the world. I still think that,” whispered Jim.
Angel’s first impression was exactly the same. But he knew that what he was seeing was no girly show of affection; it was passion.

“Here, dry these pots,” said Jim and Angel turned his attention back to the kitchen sink… When they finished he felt he was allowed to turn again. Vicki had taken one hand from Bridget’s bum and it was on Bridget’s blouse.

Their lips were locked in an open mouthed kiss as their bodies slowly swayed to the music.

“As gentlemen we should give the ladies their privacy, don’t you agree?”
Jim’s hand applied a little pressure to Angel’s back and they went outside to the veranda and found some chairs protected from the wind and rain.

Jim stared into the darkness for some time before speaking.

“When I first saw them like that, my first reaction was to be blown away by the beauty of them together. Then I thought, ‘Hey this can’t be right, my fiance and daughter both lesbians’. But I saw the love they have for each other, the joy they bring to each other and thought I was being selfish.

“The two women I love being in love with each other. Neither had done it with another girl before. There was some sort of chemistry between them the moment they first met.”

“But don’t you feel that Bridget’s being unfaithful to you?”

“Absolutely not. I’m her hetero lover, Vicki’s her female lover. There’s no conflict. When it comes to sex, I’m always first if I want to be. They don’t use a dildo or anything like that.”

“Angel, have you ever felt you have been neglected by Vicki when you’ve been staying here?”

Angel shook his head. If anything Vicki had been even sexier, even more appreciative and even more giving when they had been at the farmhouse.

“They’ve been doing it while I’ve been here?”
Jim could see the anger building up. “I can see you’re upset. But if you just say the word, Vicki will accept without question. She will leave Bridget, me and Adam and Jane to be with you.”

Again Angel nodded. Now he understood the tears of the night before.

“It would have been far simpler for Vicki to leave us to be with you..
“But she does love Bridget so much. And we know you are very, very fond of Bridget. So my friend, we are dumping on you. It’s your decision You have the same decision to make that I had to make three years ago.

“I think Bridget and Vicki want to talk to you in about half an hour. I’ll leave to think until then.” Jim walked away and went to his bedroom.

Angel thought.
Vicki a lesbian! And doing it with Bridget while he was here!
Angel had no strong thoughts on lesbians. He guessed that if that’s what they wanted it was their choice.
God, they had looked so beautiful when they were dancing together. And he had known that Vicki and Bridget loved each other. But not quite in this way, he mused.

What were the downsides?
Well it certainly was strange. But everything was a bit different at the farmhouse. He recalled how Vicki had transformed him from a bumbling oaf into a skilled and passionate lover. He realized that the farmhouse set its own rules and he liked every one of them so far.
He couldn’t complain about Vicki’s lack of attention to him. If anything there were times when he felt like pleading for mercy.

So what was the problem? Jim had obviously accepted it. More than that he was enthusiastic. Angel had liked seeing Vicki look so happy. And Bridget for that matter. They looked so beautiful together that it was a privilege to have seen them.

Angel knocked on the door.
“Come in darling.”
They were wearing bath robes and sitting on the Persian carpet with an arm around the other. Angel sat on the carpet opposite. Vicki had a flush of color in her cheeks that she often had after she orgasmed.

“Did Jim explain?”
Angel nodded.
“Are you angry? Do you want to leave with, or without me?” Vicki asked nervously.

Angel shook his head. “No, on all counts.”
“What are you thinking,” Vicki asked.
“I’m thinking that the two of you together are a more beautiful sight than I could ever have imagined.”
“What about Vicki and me being lovers?” asked Bridget.
“Well, my dear old mother, bless her, never warned me about this.” Then he hesitated. “Vicki, it’s not a substitute for me is it?”
“Angel, darling I love you but some times you can be so stupid. Nothing could be a substitute for your wonderful cock.”

After he had stopped laughing Angel said, “I loved seeing you look so happy Vicki.”
“That’s lovely Angel. What did you feel about Bridget? Did you feel consumed with anger and jealousy?” Vicki had her mischievous smile.

“I don’t think I could ever be angry with Bridget.” He looked at her not quite knowing what words to use. “I like Bridget a lot.”

“Like her! Like her!,” exclaimed Vicki.
“Well I’m very fond of her.”
“Fond! Fond!”

Angel knew the word he wanted to say was “love” but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. He looked at Bridget’s lovely face, her tranquil smile. Bridget took his hand, placed it to her lips and kissed it.

“You can whisper the right word in my ear if you like,” said Vicki.
Angel bent towards her. “Of course I love Bridget. But in a different way from you of course,” he whispered so that Bridget couldn’t hear.
“Of course it would be a different way,” she almost shouted.
Then she whispered in Angel’s ear, but loud enough for Bridget to hear, “I think Bridget might like it if you kissed her.”
Angel looked at Bridget who held out her arms.

This time their kiss wasn’t a peck on the cheek, wasn’t a brushing of lips, but a passionate, full blooded kiss.

There was a knock on the door. “Are you ready?”
“Yes Daddy.” But Angel saw a look of fear on her face. And he knew that he had more to learn. And what was that lovely kiss with Bridget all about?

Jim went to the refrigerator and opened a bottle of white wine.
“I’m as dry as a nomad’s armpit. Does anyone else want some wine?”
All four took chairs around the dining table and Vicki and Bridget sat on either side of Angel.

Vicki took Angel’s hand. There were tears in her eyes.
“Please Angel, if you hate me after this, try to remember, sometimes, that you did love me once.”
Angel didn’t understand. “I’ll never hate you. I’ll love you forever, no matter what.”
“And please, listen to all the story before you judge us.”
Angel felt a dread in his stomach. This was serious.

Jim spoke. “There’s no easy way to say this. Angel. When Vicki and I were on the glacier four years ago we became lovers.”
It hit Angel like a howitzer shell. He was in shock. Then shock turned to rage.
“You fucking bastard. You’re telling me you raped your own daughter.”

Bridget and Vicki put arms on his shoulders to stop him from throwing himself at Jim.
“Please listen to everything Angel,” pleaded Bridget.

“He didn’t rape me. I seduced Daddy. I was young, only 17, but over the age of consent. It was so exciting, so dangerous up there, I got carried away. Daddy was so brave, going out to clear the snow without the proper clothes in a blizzard.
“We had to share a sleeping bag because we were so cold. We were in it all the time and all the time our bodies were touching.

“How can I believe this?”
“Angel,” Bridget whispered. “Do you think I would marry a man who raped his daughter?”
“And would I come back to him like this if he had raped me?”

There was no answer to both those points.
“Daddy resisted hard for a day.”

“Look at Vicki, Angel. Could you resist her for 24 hours, in a sleeping bag, always touching?”
Angel knew the answer was no.

“So it only lasted three days?”
“For that time. As soon as we were down I flew to England and didn’t see Daddy again until he came to France with Bridget who was his fiance then.”

Bridget picked up the story. “Vicki and I became lovers as you know. I was as madly in love with her as I was with Jim. And I still am. One night I saw them in the spa. Vicki was naked and sitting on Jim’s lap. They were kissing and he was fondling her breast. It just came together in my mind. I knew they were lovers.”

“I didn’t feel any anger at Jim being unfaithful. How could I? Vicki and I were lovers with his consent. I loved them both. My first reaction was thinking how lovely they looked together and how happy they were.”

“But it’s incest. That’s wrong. It’s against the law.”

Bridget stroked Angel’s arm.
“I thought, they’re consenting adults, they’re not going to have children, so provided I don’t mind, what’s the problem?

“I didn’t find out until later that sexual relations between a father and a consenting adult child are not illegal in France.”
“You’re joking.”
“No it’s true and it has been that way for a long, long time. And the same for quite a few other countries as well. Of course there are lot’s of places where there are very serious penalties.”

Vicki kissed Angel. “So if the law here in France says it’s OK , it comes down to morals. Some people and religions say divorce is wrong, but Daddy and Bridget are divorced. Some say sex before marriage is wrong, but you and I don’t think so. Many say anal sex is wrong, but you and I don’t think so.”

Angel looked in embarrassment at Jim when Vicki said “anal sex” but for all Jim’s reaction she could have been talking about the weather.

“How long did it last this time?”
“I stopped being with Daddy once I got involved with you.”

“I need some timeout.” Angel went and sat on the veranda by himself.
He could see what Bridget was saying about incest. Provided it had been consensual between adults with no offspring, was there a problem?
The problem was it was the girl he loved doing it with her father.

Well, she hadn’t been doing it since she had got involved with him. In fact the more he thought about it he couldn’t give a rat’s ass what Jim and Vicki had done before. He knew she wasn’t a virgin when they met.
Better Jim than some creep at college. He could see how devoted they were, how Vicki’s face lit up when she saw Jim. He could see what Bridget was saying about how happy they were together.

OK, so where was he at?
Vicki and Bridget together, no problems, in fact the more he thought about it the more he liked it.
The incest. Well they were consenting adults and hadn’t produced a baby.
“Fuck,” he thought. “Jim’s been fucking those two wonderful women for the last three years. No wonder he smiles so much. How the hell did he manage to satisfy both? That’s why he’s so fit.”

But why were they telling him this. Vicki was taking a huge risk that he might have been disgusted and walked out on her.

There must be something else still to come.
He went back inside and sat between Vicki and Bridget.
“How are you feeling Angel, darling,” asked Vicki?
“Not too bad. I feel pretty much the same as Jim does about you and Bridget. I love both of you. In different ways of course,” he said looking at Bridget.
“I know you do,” said Bridget giving him one of those smiles which made him melt and patting his hand.

Angel composed himself. “Vicki and Jim together? Well, I’ve surprised myself by agreeing what Bridget said about incest. What I am really surprised about is Jim being able to resist you for a whole day, you little minx.”
This made everyone laugh and the tension eased.

“But I still can’t work out why you had to tell me this.”

Bridget took Angel’s hand.
“May I kiss you Angel?”
Without waiting for a reply she kissed him tenderly on the lips and didn’t let go his hand.

“Angel, you’ve often said to me how you think this farmhouse is enchanted. We think so too. In our own strange way, with the three of us as lovers, we think that this has been paradise.

“None of us could ask for anything more. Except that Jim and I both felt that at some stage Vicki should have a man her own age. We always thought that this would be the finish. Vicki would go off with her man and Jim and I would still be very happy together, just the two of us.

Bridget paused to sip some wine. Angel could see so much strain on her face that he squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek.

“Then you arrived. Just about the first thing you said was to tell Vicki off for not telling you how beautiful I was. And you were so funny.”
Bridget giggled. “And from that moment I thought you were a lovely man. You must have been able to tell how fond I have become of you. Even love. In a different way from Jim of course.”

“Of course,” said Angel laughing.

“Jim has liked you more and more.”
“Now don’t get carried away,” interrupted Jim and laughed. “There’s no way that’s physical.”
“Just as well,” laughed Angel. “I’d hate to have to cut your cock off.”

“Can you see where this is heading Angel?” asked Bridget. The hand that held his squeezed hard.
Angel nodded.
“We took a huge risk in telling you about Vicki and Jim and we are taking a bigger risk now. We thought that if we could make our loving threesome into a loving foursome, our paradise would even be better.”

Angel nodded again and looked at Vicki.
His heart went out to her, she looked so nervous.
Vicki took his other hand. ”But Angel, if you want it to be just you and me alone together, it’s your choice.”

Bridget continued. “Angel, none of us are sure about this. I’ve said I loved you and I do. If I weren’t married to Jim and you weren’t with Vicki I would have tried to get you into bed months ago.
“But, I still need to get my head around sharing my body, the body I pledged to Jim. So, I’m not sure I can go through with it.”

“And I have to feel alright about my wife sleeping with you, Angel,” said Jim. “In a way it’s selfish as she encourages me with Vicki, but I can’t stop how I feel.”
Angel said, “And I have to feel OK about you and Vicki together again. And that I might hurt your relationship with Bridget.”

They sat around the table in silence. Bridget kissed Angel on the lips, then Jim, then sat down beside Angel again. Vicki kissed Angel and blew a kiss to her father.

Angel did a lot of thinking. He knew what Bridget was saying . If it could work, it would be wonderful. There were a lot of buts.

Angel looked at Jim.
“You’ve done a lot of thinking so far Jim. You must have anticipated that might come to this. Everyone thinking it would be perfect if it worked, but everyone scared of hurting someone or being hurt.”

It was Jim’s turn to nod.
“My first idea was that we all get drunk and it would probably happen. But that wouldn’t solve a thing. Probably make us all hate each other the next day.
“So here’s my idea. Vicki and I go to a hotel now. Separate bedrooms I promise. You and Bridget stay here.
“When you and Bridget have made up your minds, call me on mobile. If you say it’s not working we’ll come back. And I guess, you go away with Vicki and Bridget and I will be very happy together.
“But if you say you want to spend more time together that also means you are leaving it to Vicki and me to decide what we want.”

“That’s very fair,” said Angel. “Can I just check a couple of things?”
“There’s no group sex?”
“Absolutely not,” said Vicki.
“We’re very straight-laced in our own strange way.”

“And no watching the other couple do it?”
“I asked you to leave when Vicki and Bridget were getting involved. That’s always the way.”
“But Bridget and I won’t mind if you come to talk to us and cuddle us after we’ve been together,” said Vicki.

“And last but most important, I have one really big concern.”
“What darling?” asked Vicki, looking scared again.
“I just get the feeling that somewhere along the way,” he started to laugh. “That sometime Jim is going to try and use this as an excuse to plant his cock in my ass.”
Angel collapsed in gales of laughter, joined by the women

“If I was gay, I’d have more class,” Jim grunted..
Hand in hand Bridget and Angel went to the guest bedroom.
Bridget took off Angel’s clothes stroking his body as she did so.
“You are such a beautiful man,” she whispered when he was naked..

Angel undid the cord of Bridget’s bathrobe and eased the garment from her shoulders.
There she was, wavy blond hair to her shoulders, smiling tenderly, her pink nipples somehow seeming to beckon him, the soft folds of her labia and those long, long slim legs.
“And you are such a beautiful woman.” Angel’s voice was a croak.

They stood and kissed, for the first time with no inhibitions, mouths open, tongues entwining and saliva being shared.

Bridget broke away.
“But we do need this. The rule about erections not being on display still applies.”
She draped a flannel over his rigid penis.

They both laughed and the tension lowered. But Angel knew there was an unspoken message. “There’s a long way to go before we make love, and it may not happen.”

They lay facing each other on the bed in a loose embrace. Bridget traced her fingers over Angel’s face.
“Poor darling. You’ve been hit with so many surprises.”
“I don’t really feel in need of too much pity at being here like this.”

“Did you really think I was so beautiful when you saw me that first or were you just trying to flatter me?
“Just trying to flatter you of course.”
Bridget laughed and pulled a hair on Angel’s chest making him wince.

“I wondered how two so beautiful women as you and Vicki could be in the same place. And right from the first you were so generous and welcoming.”

“Do you remember when you watched me fight?”
“I’ll never forget. It was terrible” Bridget closed her eyes and hugged Angel tightly at the memory.
“Afterwards, when I saw that look escort ilanları of anguish on your face, I thought you must care. Just a little bit.”
“Quite a lot, even then.”

Bridget paused then went on. “I didn’t hate everything about the fight. When you came into the ring, with your wonderful body glistening with a sheen of sweat, I thought ‘What a hunk’.”

Bridget ran her finger tips over Angel’s lips then kissed him tenderly.
Angel put his head between Bridget’s breasts. She held him there.
“Poor Angel, we all wondered whether we should put you through this.”
Angel moved his head and put his lips around her left nipple and gently sucked. Bridget hugged his head to her breast and sighed with pleasure.

Angel felt happiness wash over him. This beautiful breast, this wonderful woman. But he knew not to go too far. So he lifted his head and nuzzled into Bridget’s neck. She took his hand and put it on the breast he had just been pleasuring.

“Do you remember that second weekend when we had that picnic beside the lake? And you and Vicki went swimming.” Asked Angel.
“I thought you had such a sexy bum.” He lightly massaged Bridget’s buttocks.
“Were you staring at me, you pervert?

A pause.
“Did you see anything else you thought was sexy?”
“Your thighs were so firm and smooth.” Angel’s lips were against Bridget’s ear and each time he spoke his lips brushed and sent a shiver down her spine.
His hand moved lightly over Bridget’s thighs. She moved them a little so that he could touch the inside of one leg.

Bridget sighed and there was an involuntary wriggle of her hips.

“Was that all you thought was sexy?” Her voice was soft and pleading.
“Your lovely narrow waist and flat belly.”
When Angels finger tips traced Bridget’s abs and tickled her navel, it felt as though her stomach muscles were trying to run away.
Angel’s hand came to rest just above her pubic mound

“Nothing else was sexy?” She pushed the hand on her breast harder
Angel whispered in her ear. “Even though you were wearing a bikini, it stuck to the outline of your body here.
He cupped her pussy with his hand.
As she spread her thighs to give him access, Bridget croaked, “So you were being a pervert, a Peeping Tom.”

“I could see the outline of your Venus mound.” A tantalizing tickle over Bridget’s pubic bone.
“What else?” Bridget’s gasp was barely audible.
“Two lovely lower lips. Your vertical smile.” He massaged her outer labia, careful not to part them.

“And nothing else, darling Angel?”
His whisper in her ear sent a tingle down her spine all the way to Bridget’s vagina.
“I saw the shape of your protective hood, beautiful Bridget”
His fingers pressed lightly through to Bridget’s engorged clitoris.

Bridget turned her head and kissed Angel urgently.
Then she pulled back.
“This might be the final step. Angel I’m not sure. Are you?”
“Perhaps fingers don’t count as the final step.”

“You’re very wise. Fingers probably don’t count.” She kissed his nose then parted her lips over his.
Angel resumed his pressure on Bridget’s clitoral hood. Her arms came around his shoulder’s in a drowning woman’s hug, her legs spread wide, opening her most intimate femininity for him.

As Angel varied his pressure, Bridget lost control of her hips and they began to bounce. Angel lifted her clitoral hood and with one finger he caressed her moist, engorged bud.
The slow build-up had put Bridget into a state of heightened arousal. Angel’s featherlight flicks became a little faster and a little firmer and Bridget’s orgasm rocked through her loins.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah Aaaaaaaaaaaah.”

As her hips still spasmed Angel covered Bridget’s face with little kisses.
“My beautiful, darling Bridget.”

“I think you made me come Angel?”
“I think I did.”
“Mmmmm, yes you did. You were so wonderful. Did I make too much noise?”
“You made just the perfect amount of noise.”

Angel’s fingers now parted her labia and felt her sopping vagina.
“Shouldn’t we stop and think. This might be that final step.”
“We agreed fingers don’t count.”
“Ah yes, so we did did. . . Ah that feels so lovely.” And she returned her mouth to Angel’s

Two of Angel’s fingers explored. He loved the warm intimacy of her inner folds, the the erotic smelling juices and the knowledge that Bridget was offering her most precious femininity. As Bridget pushed her hips into the palm, his fingers entered so far they nudged her cervix.

Then Angel found the spongier skin of Bridget’s G spot. He experimented with his touch to find out which excited her. But Bridget was in ecstasy and everything Angel did excited her. And when the knuckle of Angel’s thumb nudged against her clitoris at the same time, her second orgasm shuddered through her.

Angel looked down at Bridget. Her eyes were closed, but her wide smile had a girlish look about it and her skin had a glow from her perspiration.
He lay on his back beside her. She reached over to find the fingers that had probed her and licked them.

“Angel, darling Angel,” she was still panting slightly. “Do you think we wasted a lot of time not doing this sooner.”
“Probably we did.”

Bridget looked down the bed and giggled. Somehow the flannel had remained in position on Angel’s cock.
“I don’t think taking off that silly flannel would count as the final step, do you?”
“I don’t think a flannel counts.”
So Bridget flicked it away and stared at Angel’s rock hard erection.

“And we agreed that fingers don’t count.”
“Fingers don’t count.”

So Bridget ran her fingers all over Angel’s cock, from his perineum to the knob. She encircled it with her fingers and thumb and with exactly the right amount of pressure ran up and down his shaft. Angel’s erection became painfully hard and he felt his balls were going to burst.

“Do you think my mouth would count as the final step?”
“I don’t know darling,” Angel groaned in ecstasy. “Why don’t we try it and we can check with others tomorrow.”
“That’s a good idea.”

First Bridget licked his testicles, then Angel’s shaft, then his knob. She explored his slit with her tongue then took his knob in her mouth. She squeezed it with her tongue then ran her tongue around the sensitive rim.
She raised her head to look at him briefly. “Please come in my mouth darling.”

The warmth, the softness, the dampness of her mouth was ecstatic and then almost harshly Bridget pushed down. Angel felt his knob push down her throat and then he wasn’t aware of anything other than the exquisite pleasure as Bridget sucked and moved her head up and down.

Her fingers had almost brought him to orgasm and quickly, ever so quickly Angel felt his stomach and buttocks tighten and his semen shoot through his cock, through his knob and into Bridget’s throat.

Bridget snuggled into his shoulder.
“Angel darling.”
“ I think my mouth did count as the final step for me.”
“I think it was for me too.”
“You have a phone call to make.”

Angel wasn’t quite sure what to say to Jim and frankly was a bit nervous.”
“Yes,” barked Jim into the phone.
“Ah Jim ah . . Bridget and I have decided we want to spend some more time together. Just the two of us.”
Angel was embarrassed at how soon they had made the phone call.
“That’s great. What took you so long?”
Bridget saved him by taking the phone and chattering away. Angel didn’t listen, but heard her final words, “And I love you so much too darling.”

She passed the phone to Angel. “Vicki wants a word.”
“Hello darling, I hope you have been nice to Bridget.”
“Not as nice as she has to me.”
“I’m sure you have been lovely to her. I love you Angel.”
And with that the phone went dead. Angel thought the conversation was a little short, but didn’t know what else he would have said.

They talked and laughed. Angel stroked Bridget’s long throat, her breasts and her belly. Bridget stroked Angel’s soft penis. Her delicate touch soon had its effect.

“Darling,” said Bridget. “You remember that rule about no erections on display.”
“You’re breaking it. Either we could hide this monster under the flannel again, or”
“Or what?”
“We could hide it in my my vagina.”
“Mmmm. That’s a tough choice. Under the flannel or in your vagina? Let me think for a bit”

Bridget didn’t need to think for a bit however. She raised her knees for Angel’s rampant erection to slide easily into her sodden vagina. His balls were almost bursting from the excitement of her fingers.
But somehow he controlled himself.
Somehow he was able to concentrate on Bridget’s G spot and bringing her to another groaning orgasm before he plunged his cock in deeply. Deep enough to push into Bridget’s cervix as his semen surged through his cock, surged through his knob and into Bridget’s intimate depths.

Next morning they went downstairs. The new day was beautifully fine and they decided to have a picnic brunch beside the river.

Hand in hand Bridget and Angel walked through the forest. At times they chatted, at other times they didn’t feel the need to say anything as they luxuriated in the pleasure of each other’s presence.
They found a secluded spot in the shade on the river bank and laid down their blanket. They ate every last crumb of their food.

Afterwards Bridget lay on her back. Angel put his head on her skirt over her lap and went to sleep in the balmy summer heat.
Bridget lay awake for a little while, thinking. She smiled, lightly stroked Angel’s face for some time before going to sleep herself as the crickets chirped and the occasional fish leaped out of the water chasing an insect.

Angel woke first. He didn’t realize where he was initially, but then looked up at Bridget’s face. Carefully, so as not to disturb her, he shifted so that he sat beside her head, looking down at those features he had come to adore.
The top buttons of Bridget’s blouse were undone and he was able to put his hand inside and rest it on her breast without waking her.

When Bridget woke, the first sight she saw was Angel looking down at her, the first thing she felt was his hand on her breast. She reached up her hand to his face.

“Hello darling Angel.”

His heart almost overflowed.
Idly, in no hurry at all, he undid all the buttons on Bridget’s blouse while she kept looking up at him with that adoring smile, her hands behind her head..
When those beautiful breasts were open to his gaze he slowly traced his fingers over Bridget’s upper body. Her throat, her collar bones, her shoulders, her flat, strong stomach, her navel, her beautiful, welcoming pink aureoles. All the time Bridget kept her hands behind her head, saying nothing, just smiling at him.

Bridget lifted her haunches when he undid her skirt and lowered her knickers.

Angel continued his loving gentle, tantalizing exploration. Her thighs, the crease between her thighs and abdomen, the soft flesh between her pussy and thighs, her pubic mound, her outer labia.
Bridget lay in happiness at the gentleness of his adoration, at the lovingness of his touch, at the eroticism of his fingers, at their unspoken intimacy.
Finally Bridget could take it no more and unbuckled Angel’s belt.

Naked, they lay facing each other on the blanket.
Bridget’s legs were high around Angel’s waist. She had the olive oil which they had packed for the brunch and carefully oiled his penis.

Angel’s rigid cock entered Bridget’s rectum excruciatingly slowly, with a gentleness as if she was made of fragile porcelain. When he was was finally deep inside her bowel they lay for a few momentss, hardly moving, except for Bridget squeezing her sphincter muscle over Angel’s cock. They looked into each other’s face, their lips just touching and stroking each other’s cheeks and hair.

The urge took over Bridget first. She started to move her buttocks up and down Angel’s erection. Angel started his gentle rhythm.
Bridget pushed her buttocks to take him deeper, to feel the pleasure of his erection against her smooth rectum walls, to feel the pleasure as the sensations passed through the thin membrane to her vagina.
Angel watched Bridget’s face as the ecstasy swamped her, as her orgasm consumed her in shuddering surges through her vagina, through her womb, through the inner recesses of her bowel. He finally plunged deeply into her rectum as his own orgasm burst from his loins.

Bridget’s mobile phone disturbed the peace. She chatted away, but Angel didn’t listen. Then she turned to him.
“Pierre’s lent Jim a helicopter. Jim’s going camping in a valley with Vicki and wants to know whether we would like to come.”
Angel was in two minds. The valley sounded great. But he knew it would involve seeing Jim with Vicki.

But he knew he had to confront this issue sometime.

“Sounds great.”
Bridget then received instructions on what to pack. Two hours later Jim landed the helicopter on the court yard. As he landed Bridget held Angel tightly. She also had to be comfortable being intimate with Angel in front of Jim. When Jim got out Bridget rushed over to him. She held him and kissed him and they whispered in each other’s ear. Then she returned to Angel, kissed him and said, “Let’s get this stuff on board. “

“I’ve dropped Vicki off to set up camp,” said Jim. They packed the provisions and took off. Bridget held Angel’s hand so hard it almost hurt. He knew she was still fighting her emotional battles.

The valley could only be reached by helicopter or after a week’s hike through almost impossible terrain. Mountains towered on either side and forests came right down to the river which wound through. There was one clearing big enough for the helicopter to land. Angel could see where Vicki had pitched two tents, about 50 meters apart on the river bank. She was standing in the clearing waving to them.

When they landed Vicki rushed to Angel.
“Hello my darling, it’s so wonderful that you are going to be here.” A passionate kiss, a tight embrace, then Bridget received the same treatment.

Vicki had some tea prepared and the four sat on a rug talking about what they would do over the next few days they were in the river valley. Vicki was sitting beside Angel and kept a hand on his the whole time.

Then he and Vicki went for a walk along the river bank, still holding hands and talking about many things, but not what had happened the previous night. They turned to come back and Angel saw Jim and Bridget in a fond embrace.
He looked at Vicki. How he loved her!
A wave of happiness flowed over him and he hugged her and kissed her and told her how much he loved her. Vicki looked at him with that adoring gaze and felt his happiness and was glad.

It was late afternoon, but the sun was still hot. Bridget and Vicki decided they wanted to have a swim in one of the pools in the river. Jim said he wanted to go fishing and Angel went with him. As they left he saw the women, naked and holding hands and walking to the pool.

Angel had been fishing with Jim a number of times in the river below the farmhouse. Jim took it extremely seriously, had the best gear from the local sports shop and never caught anything.
“Doesn’t it worry you that you never catch anything?” Angel had asked.
“Fishing is about a state of mind, not results.”

The two men strolled along the bank. Jim talked about the fish he had nearly caught. They were completely relaxed with each other and more and more Angel realized how much he liked and admired Jim.
It was Jim’s laid back attitude which created the stress free atmosphere at the farm house. It was Jim who had the absolute priority of helping his women to be fulfilled as people and sexually. It was Jim who was a role model for him with women and indeed for his approach to life.

It was Jim who had his own paradise and was prepared to invite him in.

They cast their lines into some stretches of the river that Jim said looked ‘promising’, but didn’t get as much as a bite. Angel looked at Jim’s contented face and suspected he might give up fishing if he ever caught anything.

When they returned Vicki and Bridget were sitting on the blanket, still naked. Angel had seen Vicki naked dozens of times by now. And he was starting to become familiar with Bridget’s exquisite and erotic nudity.

But the sight of the two women together was a new experience. The contrast of the blond and brown hair, the contrast of pink and brown aureoles. Vicki had her arm around Bridget’s shoulder, Bridget’s arm was casually lying on Vicki’s slightly parted leg..
They were not flaunting themselves, but were making no effort to conceal themselves either. Together they were a sight of unimagined beauty and seemingly innocent eroticism as they welcomed their men with open smiles.

Appearing to be nonchalant, but in truth far from it, Angel opened some wine and when he took two glasses over to the women he could detect that musky erotic odor of their sexual juices.

“Did you catch any fish, darling?” Bridget asked.
“Not this time, but I think I am starting to work it out,” said Jim.
“I hope so Daddy. I’ve been reading that book how to cook fish for two years now.”

And so the banter, the conversation, the laughter and giggles went on. Angel relaxed, soaking up the atmosphere of love and affection and sensuality. He did not stare at Vicki and Bridget, but often glanced at them and sometimes caught Vicki’s eye. She smiled and blew him a kiss.
“What a privilege,” he thought. “These wonderful people have had their paradise here for years and they have invited me to join them.”

The sun went down, the women got cold and got dressed and Jim and Angel prepared the barbecue. The conversation was just as bouncy and humorous as at the farmhouse, the laughter as frequent.
When Angel went to get a jersey from the tent where he was sleeping he noticed that Bridget’s suitcase was there.

After dinner Angel and Vicki walked to the river. Vicki sat on his lap and put an arm around his neck.
“You didn’t take long to decide that it was OK to bonk Bridget last night!” She poked a finger hard into his chest.
“And how long before you and Jim decided?”
“Ages and ages. I was in agony it took so long. At least half a minute.”

“Seriously Angel, are you still alright with this? If you want to, we can leave right now.”
Angel nuzzled into her neck. “Why would I want to leave paradise?”
“Do you really see it like that?”
“I have two most wonderful women, I have the joy of their happiness together.”
“But what about Daddy and me?”

“It’s strange, but when I was sitting on the rug before, with you and Bridget naked, I realized that I was so lucky to be here. The three of you had something so special, and you’ve invited me to join you.”
“We feel we are winners too. I have my gorgeous Angel,” she thrust a tongue in his ear. “Bridget loves you and thinks you are a marvelously strong and sensitive lover.”
“And Jim?”

“Unless Daddy really liked you he would never have invited you. He was risking a lot. His relationship with me, his relationship with Bridget. He wouldn’t have done that unless he liked you, loved you. Platonically of course,” she added laughing.”You’re not a free-loader to our group; we all think you add to it and make it even better.”

They lay on the grass and kissed and fooled around and laughed and went back to the camp. Jim was sitting in a camp chair reading and Vicki settled on the ground between his knees. Bridget and Angel played cards.

Angel couldn’t help but notice Jim’s left hand drift down Vicki’s breast. He couldn’t help but notice that she took his hand and kissed it then placed it back on her blouse over her breast. Bridget saw him watching and stroked his hand.
“How are you feeling about that Angel?”
“Look how happy Vicki is.”

Half an hour later Bridget said she was tired and took Angel’s hand. They went over to Vicki and Jim to say goodnight. Jim’s hand stayed on Vicki’s breast, but Vicki still tenderly kissed Angel goodnight.

In their tent Bridget lay down on the double sleeping bag. “Angel, I want to feel you inside me for as long as possible tonight, please sweetheart.”

So they lay facing each other with his erection deep and motionless inside her vagina. Occasionally Bridget squeezed her vaginal muscles but eventually they went to sleep, joined by their arms around each other and by Angel’s rigid cock.

The next morning Bridget seemed to be over her idea of sex without movement and panted and moaned when she knelt on the tent floor as Angel entered her from behind.

Angel wasn’t sure who decided or how it was decided but he and Vicki reunited that evening.Their love making was was truly that: making love.
They rediscovered each other’s bodies, they whispered their endearments of loving each other forever, they laughed and giggled and fondled and brought each other to orgasm. Vicki slept all night in Angel’s bear like hug.

The next morning Angel was almost completely over his misgivings. He and Vicki seemed to love each other more than ever. Bridget came and kissed him lingeringly and passionately when she arose and right in front of Jim. When Vicki was just as passionate with her father he felt a surge of affection for her and almost guilty that he had previously resented Jim’s touching her.

Over the next days sexual partners were exchanged without discussion and without dissent. They followed the pattern set from the start of two days or so and then change. But the affectionate embraces, some not too intimate touching and stroking was indiscriminate and usually depended on who was closest. Except between Jim and Angel.

On the fourth morning after breakfast Vicki and Bridget whispered together then faced the men.
“OK, piss off you two,” said Vicki.
“Take a hike,” said Bridget. My darling Vicki and I have had enough of men and their stubbly beards and their cocks. We want some time together.”
So Jim and Angel spent the day climbing a nearby peak.

When they returned the women seemed to have recovered their interest in men.

Angel had completed his round of job interviews.
“The pay in London is 50% more and within three years I could be earing a fortune.
But I spoke to the staff. They work 60-70 hours a week and are lucky if they take a week’s vacation.

“Pierre’s lawyer Jean said that if staff worked more than 50 hours a week, less in most circumstance, and if they didn’t take all their vacations they didn’t fit into the culture of the firm. But, its a great firm and I would get tremendous experience.
“And there are some fringe benefits in living here.” He looked at Bridget.

Jim pulled out some building plans. “With my profit share I can convert the barn into a cottage where a couple could live and have some privacy away from boring Old Timers.

“From Bridget and a boring Old Timer,” corrected Vicki.

The decision for Angel was a no-brainer. Vicki completed her pilot’s training and Jim somehow survived with Bridget in charge. Adam and Jane were thrilled that Angel would be living with them.

Vicki and Angel married. After the wedding Jim and Bridget took them to the airport for their honeymoon flight to Bali.

As they were about to go through customs Angel handed Jim an envelope. “I almost forgot. Here’s our present for you.”
It was two tickets to Bali for a week later.

Bridget and Jim were sitting on the sand on Kuta beach watching the sunset.
“Do you think we should try it? You might be passed it soon,” said Jim as he stared into the golden sunset.
“Me passed it? You’re 10 years older than me. Passed what?”
“Child bearing age.”
Bridget’s heart swelled with emotion, but Jim wasn’t going to be let off easily.

“I have thought about it Jim, but decided you were far too old.”
“Mmmm. You’re probably right. But perhaps we could give it a shot to see if I can.”
“I guess so, but my hopes aren’t high.”

But a minute later she affectionately rubbed his penis through his shorts.
“Why are you so silly, so often?” she sighed. “But, I suppose that’s one of the reasons I love you so much.”

Back at the hotel suite Bridget took charge.
“Now, Angel, make the most of me for these next three days. I’m going to be out of bounds to you when we get back to France.
“And Vicki, the same goes for you with your father.”
“Bridget, that’s not fair,” protested Vicki. “How long are these arrangements going to last for?”
“Until I get pregnant.”
Vicki shrieked with delight and hugged Bridget, then eyed her father sternly.
“Aren’t you worried that he might be passed it?”

But their fears were unfounded. Perhaps it was because Bridget studied her cycles carefully, perhaps it was the broccoli which Vicki forced on her father daily. Jim hated broccoli
Little Pierre was born 10 months after they returned from Bali.

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