Tinkle Bell Ch. 22


Author’s note: It had always been my intention to write a second book, using the main characters, specifically Bella and David in the continued ongoing saga. Unfortunately, circumstance made that very difficult for me, which some of you may, or may not be aware of having read my updated profile. It is very, very difficult for me to write now, so I cannot do as much as I was once able to do. My finger tips are still very numb, and can cause a bit of pain if I over work them (especially trying to type). You’d be surprised at just how difficult a task that is, and how long it has now taken me just to write this particular story. Hence, I decided to at the very least, try and write a final chapter of sorts. I wanted to tie up as many loose ends as I could, to finish this, and hopefully in some way, respond back to the almost countless requests I have received to continue this story. I hope that what I have written here, or attempted to write here, has done that. And to everyone that has followed my writing over the course of the years. I thank you. I thank you for your comments, even criticisms when they were warranted, along with your votes, which for a while, had me listed as the

author here on the site. (I think I am still in fact, though I haven’t written anything for a while). I apologize that I am neither writing, nor submitting stories the way I once was able to. But I will try… as I can, and when I can, to get something new out there every once in a while. For as long as I am able to at least. So again… thank you one and all. And I do hope you will enjoy this final chapter of Tinkle Bell.


I was nervous as a twitch when after a long flight, finally landing at Galileo Galilei International airport near Tuscany Italy, where Bella’s family owned and operated one of the more exclusive Vineyards in the area. Needless to say, I was both anxious and excited to see her again after all this time. We had said very little after that initial contact, mainly because I had booked the first available flight. Therefore, I wasn’t too surprised or disappointed upon arriving, that she wasn’t there to personally greet me. She had managed to inform me just prior to my leaving that prior commitments necessitated her remaining at the vineyard, but that she would be sending one of her “Uncles”, to the airport to pick me up.

Sure enough, as I entered the baggage claim area after clearing customs, I was greeted by an older, somewhat graying man sporting a rather large mustache. He simply stood there holding up a sign that said: “Welcome to my home David,” Along with a smiley face that she had obviously drawn herself just beneath that. However, if you looked more closely at the smile on the face of the bright yellow circle she had also drawn and colored in, you saw that part of the smile was a silhouette of two lovers obviously engaged in a very lewd, wonderfully decadent act of “69” with one another. I wondered only briefly if this “Uncle” who she’d sent to pick me up was even aware of it as he stood there holding up the signage.

Her Uncle introduced himself to me as “Matteo”, though it was obvious by his broken English he spoke very little. Barely enough to say hello, and convey to me that he had a car outside waiting to take me to the vineyard where Bella would be waiting. I wasn’t even sure if he was a real Uncle, or one of the many honorific titles she had given to so many important men in her life as she’d once told me. I figured I’d find out soon enough as it was. My own Italian limited in the few phrases I had learned from her, and picked up during her stay with us. Angry with myself that I had never followed through with the Rosetta Stone program I had purposely bought shortly after her arrival back home so as to do that. With Bella’s command of the English language however, I had put doing that on the back burner, and never picked it up again. Now I could kick myself. I was definitely a stranger in a strange land. And knowing Bella as well as I did, I had no doubt things would get even stranger still.

After a short, beautiful drive and as I’d already surmised, limited conversation with Uncle Matteo, we arrived at a beautifully bricked archway that was covered in vines, nearly concealing it. A large sign hung just above the archway however, written curiously enough in both English as well as Italian, “Tenuta, Bella Risso Vineyard”.

Once through the entry, a long narrow road continued, the vineyard itself seemingly spread out for miles on either side, with no sign of the actual vineyard itself anywhere in sight.

“Good Lord!” I thought to myself. “She wasn’t kidding when she said it could take nearly a full day to walk from one end of it to the other!” We soon rounded a corner in the road however, coming around one of the many rolling hills surrounding the property. Just ahead, on one hill sat what were obviously the wine cellars themselves, across a small valley, on a near identical hill, sat what appeared to be a spacious, very old… yet beautiful homestead, or mobil porno more aptly put, a Villa, where I figured Bella would be waiting for me.

I was again semi disappointed when we pulled up, greeted by an older woman who appeared to be of some purpose and in charge by her demeanor as she spoke hurriedly in Italian instructing Matteo to take the one somewhat large bag I had brought with me on the flight over. I tried shrugging him off, saying I would do it, but he was having none of that, or rather “She” wasn’t, though I hadn’t caught her name just yet. After he quickly disappeared inside with my luggage, this rather full bosomed woman once again turned towards me, and in near perfect English, finally introduced herself.

“I am Greta,” She said introducing herself. “I am in charge of the house staff,” she added with a great deal of pride. “Mistress Bella is currently out on the Southern most acres of the property. I will have Matteo drive you out there once you have freshened up and settled in. Would you care for a glass of one of our wines perhaps? I have a nice Chianti opened and chilling for you,” she added. “Mistress Bella thought you might enjoy that particular wine upon your arrival.”

I thanked her, and then followed her into the enormous Villa that much like the archway we had driven under and through, made up the spaciously designed home that had more floors and balconies and open aired porches than I’d ever seen before. I followed her up a semi-circular stairway that ended up on what was obviously the third floor. She quickly pointed out to me that the family rooms were off to the left, and that guest quarters were down the hallway to the right. The way she stood there, almost as though guarding the left entry, was a subtle way of telling me, or so I thought anyway… that that particular area was off limits. As to whether Bella’s own room existed in that particular direction, she didn’t say. And I didn’t ask. I figured I’d find out soon enough as it was. I then followed her down a short hallway, and then rounded a corner. Finding it both odd as well as charming to discover another short flight of stairs leading up. A single doorway stood in greeting as she opened it, and then stepped back… inviting me to continue on through it. Perhaps purposely so, as the sheer beauty and spaciousness of my room startled me for a moment. This room alone was bigger than any three put together where I lived. Off to one side, the bed… bigger than a King I imagined, obviously custom made with fine oaks that looked rough hewn, yet polished, glistening with a majestic air about them that seemed ancient, as though from another time and place. The bed was canopied as well, though the sheer coverings were currently drawn back along one side, showing off the perfectly well made bed. Across the way from that, what appeared to be a sunken tub, big enough to easily accommodate a half dozen people or so. Oddly, there was both a toilet and a bidet sitting next to it, both of them out in the open against the back wall. Though I guess if you were the only person staying here, it didn’t really matter or require some secondary closed in area for privacy. But it was the balcony itself, and the porch across from the bed, and what was obviously a small, though well stocked bar and kitchenette area that truly took my breath away. Situated as it was, a completely open porch way, yet sheltered, allowed a vast look at the beauty and the magnificence of the grounds stretching out in almost every direction from here. I could only imagine the view at sunset as it faced to the West, already looking forward to that at some point. And then once again, a ladder that seemed to lead up through another hole in the ceiling, though I didn’t as yet venture up towards it to take a look, only asking Greta its purpose instead.

“Where does that lead to?” I asked. She smiled, nodding her head appreciatively, and then answering.

“Bella calls it her dream chamber. She used to come here to hide when she was a young child and wanted to get away from everyone. And everyone always knew where she was of course, though they always pretended being unable to find her until she herself wanted to be found. She still comes up here from time to time,” Greta answered, once more smiling as though harboring a secret thought. “Though it had been quite a while since she has, until her father took sick, and then suddenly passed away. After that… she would come up here for hours. We knew it was her way of dealing with things, so we left her alone up here whenever she did that.”

Now I nodded my head in understanding, content to let Bella show me, if she even chose to do so.

“Well, guess I’ll freshen up a bit, and then go out with Matteo to finally see Bella.”

To my surprise, Gretta suddenly grabbed both sides of my head drawing me to her, kissing me fully on the mouth, and then on each cheek as she did. The fact that I could feel that enormous bosom of hers pressing against me didn’t go without notice either. In fact, Gretta alman porno all but grinded those enormous tits of hers against me from side to side for a moment before finally stepping back, now grinning from ear to ear.

“That was from Bella,” she now informed me, only blushing slightly. “She said that you’d enjoy that, having a thing for such big ‘tette’,” she grinned a bit wickedly. And it didn’t take any Rosetta stone program to translate that one for me as I stood there grinning back at her, blushing far more profusely than she was.

“I’ll be down as soon as I’ve had a chance to wash up and change clothes.”

She again smiled, turned, pointed at the bottle of wine that was now opened and waiting for me as though a reminder. And with that, she finished her turn closing the door behind her on her way out.

It appeared, or at least seemed… that Bella had the same kind of magical influence on the people here, as she’d had when she’d come to stay the short time she had with us. I could only wonder, and imagine what that meant. She was already full of all kinds of surprises, and I hadn’t even seen her yet.

I guess I should have been prepared for that. But as I’d come to learn, with Bella, you never were.


I had dressed into a pair of white shorts along with a loose fitting short-sleeved shirt and sandals. Matteo was already waiting for me out front, though this time we wouldn’t be traveling by Jeep. I found it amusing to see him sitting in what was obviously a golf-style cart, along with what could only be described as a picnic basket strapped to the back of it. He again smiled and waved me over as I descended the short flight of steps down to the semi-circular drive where he was waiting.

“We go to Bella,” he said simply. And with that, we were off. He drove like a maniac. Far worse than he’d driven in the Jeep from the airport. The road was narrow and seemed to switch back and forth, as well as up and down with the natural contours of the landscape. It was obvious that years of driving this particular route came naturally to him, almost automatic as he somehow managed to avoid certain dips or ruts in the road with ease. Never once did he seem to apply the brakes, or lift his foot from the gas peddle, and though I know we weren’t going any faster that fifteen or twenty miles an hour, it seemed like seventy. After nearly fifteen minutes of this “Mr. Toads wild ride”, we finally rounded the corner of a small hill. Just ahead, I saw a good dozen or so workers busily picking grapes off the vines, and placing them in large wicker baskets attacked to their hips. From there, they would carry them over to an even larger container, which was currently sitting on some sort of pallet, which would be picked up and moved later for processing. Matteo pulled up to a section of this particular area where a large group of people were working, mostly women. He got out and smiled, and then turned starting to walk back, leaving me to stand there beside the golf cart, bewildered as I too climbed out, now scouring the fields around me, looking for her.

It was then that I heard her all too familiar laugh, turning in the direction I had actually been looking only moments ago. Even then, it still took a fraction of a second for me to recognize her. She had been amongst the other workers, working along side them. One of those baskets likewise attached to her hip, and by its appearance, already near bursting with fresh picked grapes. But what had caught me by surprise, and confused me momentarily, was the fact she had cut her long beautiful hair. Suffice it to say, it was now short… almost shorter than my own, giving her a devilish sort of sassy look, like she needed it. Whether it was mussed up on purpose, or part of her styling, I had no clue, but she looked sexy as hell either way. In seconds she had sprung the few feet separating us and was suddenly in my arms again.

“Welcome to my home,” he said purring in my ear, pressing those magnificent breasts of hers against me almost as purposefully as Greta had done.

“About that,” I snickered. “Interesting sign. I couldn’t help wondering if Matteo realized what the smile was doing.”

“Oh I am sure he did,” she laughed back, now stepping out of my arms though continuing to hold my hand as she pulled me towards that larger container where she quickly emptied out the contents of her basket into it. “He and Greta are constantly grab-assing one another,” she chuckled again. “I love the fact that after so many years of marriage, they can still continue on as though they were a couple of horny teenagers.”

“They’re married?” I asked incredulously as we again turned as one heading back towards the golf cart. “Back at the Villa, she sort of barked at him in Italian, and I got the impression that not only was she definitely the one in charge, but that Matteo knew better than to question her orders.”

“Oh believe me, she is… and he does. When it comes to who does what around here, everyone does their alexis texas porno bit without question, including those two. But when circumstance suits purpose, there’s no doubt who’s in charge, and who wants what, and where he wants it in between then. And in fact… I encourage it amongst everyone who works here. In Spain, everyone takes a siesta. Here, everyone is not only encouraged, but almost required to take a sex break. You’d be surprised at the increased production we’ve seen around here in the past couple of years since daddy incorporated the whole idea. Everyone is much happier, and we’ve seen the results from implementing the idea.”

“So… like father like daughter then,” I grinned shaking my head. Though I caught a brief momentary look of both longing and loss in her face when I said that. “Sorry,” I added.

“Don’t be. I do miss him is all. And so, I am trying to pick up where he left off, ensuring that things continue just the way he would have wanted them to. And one of those being… is my being happy. And now that you’re here. Now that you’ve come to see a part of my world. I am. I am very happy David. Now come, let me take you for a bit of a ride to see the rest of the vineyard. And then, we will stop and have a nice picnic lunch down by a beautiful and peaceful stream.”

I was grinning from ear to ear when she said that.

“Oh and one more thing. One of my nieces will be meeting us there later to picnic with us,” she added. “And no… she’s not really my niece, but she might as well be. She’s the daughter of one of my favor-named Uncles.”

I was a little disappointed to learn we’d be having company later, but I had also learned from past experience never to question Bella’s motives or intent. No doubt we would have our time together at some point. So, for the time being anyway, I was content to go along for the ride and simply suck everything in.

True to form, we hadn’t gone very far when she suddenly pulled the peasant-like blouse she’d been wearing up and over her head. And much like Matteo, even with her arms up in the air briefly, well of the steering wheel, she never let up from the gas, as though she too had most, if not all of this winding dirt road memorized. But unlike with Matteo, I was no longer concerned with suddenly driving off the road and being killed. I had truly missed seeing those magnificent breasts of hers, which I was once again feasting on now, as she held them in her hands; hands still not taking the steering wheel for any length of time other than to quickly adjust our direction.

“Well? You just gonna sit and stare at them? Or are you going to come over here and kiss them? They’ve missed you!”

I figured even if we did drive off the road and crash the golf cart now, I wouldn’t really care all that much. If dying and going to heaven with one of Bella’s tits in my mouth was the price to pay for that… I was more than willing to pay it. In seconds, I was sucking on her right breast, and fondling, as well as kneading the other one. After a few lingering moments longer, I felt her finally slowing the cart, bringing it to a halt. All at once she had leapt out of the cart, shimmering out of the almost full skirt she’d been wearing as well to reveal the fact she was, and had been completely naked, though I had suspected as much all along. Grabbing the basket from off the back of the cart, she then turned and began walking up a short incline over the ridge of a grassy-green hill. I immediately started to follow of course, until she stopped me with a stern look and a wave of the hand.

“Sorry David. No clothes allowed up here. One of my rules,” she informed me, and then stood waiting patiently as I quickly shrugged out of my clothing, though keeping my sandals on, which she had done as well, and then caught up to her… well almost anyway. Content to walk the few feet behind her that I did, watching that heart-shaped ass of hers as it lead me towards what I hoped to be paradise. I was so caught up in her beauty, and nakedness… that I had already forgotten all about the additional company she had mentioned earlier. That was until the two of us reached the peak of the small rolling hill, now looking down towards the small flowing stream she had told me about. Beside it, stretched out on a very large blanket, which had no doubt been prepared for our picnic, lay her niece. And of course, she too was naked… which only then did I realize would have been the case anyway, according to the “rules”, but what I wasn’t prepared for… or to be standing there witnessing, was the fact she was laying there, legs bent at the knee, spread, one hand between them obviously frigging herself. I thought about coughing or something, but it was Bella herself that suddenly announced our arrival.

“How many?” She asked having once more taken my hand, pulling me along as we made the short descent now down to the bank near the stream.

“Three,” the young woman spoke, not even opening her eyes yet. “Four in a moment here,” she added, her breath already short and clipped as she responded. Her fingers working furiously now between her legs, one hand cupping one of her young pert breasts, the fingers of that one tweaking a hardened nipple. And then she cried out, shaking almost uncontrollably as she did.

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