Tina Visits



My girlfriend of three years is a slut, there is simply no other way to describe her and in fact she often refers to herself as a slut, she even sometimes wears a badge which proclaims ‘You call me slut like it’s a bad thing?’

Obviously when I first met Tina I didn’t realise then that she was a slut, in fact she probably didn’t see herself in that way until a little later — but wait, this isn’t getting us anywhere, let me begin from that early first meeting ……..

My name is Paul and I had been chatting with Tina for a couple of months via the internet, first on facebook and then later, via personal email. I suppose we first made contact somewhere around October to November, it was our work in the care industry that first connected us. Chatting about how we dealt with difficult clients and challenging each other in various on-line games. Over the weeks our chats became more flirtatious, Tina loves dressing up and role play so around Christmas time she would often send me pictures of herself in very sexy, revealing Santa outfits. There was never anything explicit in her pictures at that time, just very, very suggestive. Bending forward showing a tantalising amount of cleavage or viewed from behind and showing just a glimpse of lacy panties. Many was the evening I would be sitting with a raging hard-on just wishing she was there with me.

Our flirting continued throughout Christmas and the new year and on into spring, the pictures she sent me would be ever more risque, a tantalising glimpse of nipple, a shadowy flash of thong. I once told her that when I got to meet her her clothes would be at risk as I would want to tear them off her — she laughed at that and said “I can’t wait”.

Toward the end of April Tina messaged me and told me that her current contract with her client was coming to an end and she was going to take some time off before accepting a new client on a new contract. She said that she fancied exploring Suffolk and if she booked somewhere close to me would I be able to be her ‘tour guide’. Obviously I was more than willing, I was extremely eager to meet this sensual lady in person at last.

Soon everything was planned, Tina would finish her contract on April 30th and had booked her travel for May 1st, she would be coming by train as it was such a long journey and she didn’t trust her old cortina to make such a trip, I agreed to meet her at the station on arrival and be her chauffeur.

The days dragged by until at last the morning of 1st arrived and Tina sent me an early morning text to say she was at the station, waiting for her train followed a short time later by a text to say she was on her first train and on her way to London. Almost two hours passed before the next text arrived ‘Arrived at London Victoria, now on tube to Liverpool St for my next train, should be there in less than two hours now — guess what I’ve been doing for that last couple of hours.’

I texted back immediately ‘Can’t wait to see you — can’t guess what you’ve been doing, are you going to tell me?’

‘I’ve been reading naughty stories on my tablet — I hope you’ve had your Weetabix this morning — you might need an energy boost’, this was accompanied by a winking emoji. This of course sent my pulse racing and my imagination went into overdrive. I checked on-line for times of trains arriving in Ipswich from London and so, almost two hours later I was waiting on the platform for her train to arrive.

It was a glorious spring day, clear blue skies and the sun shining as Tina’s train pulled into the station, feeling a little nervous in case I didn’t recognise her (sometimes a photo can be deceiving), I scanned the passengers as they alighted from the train. I shouldn’t have worried, I spotted Tina the moment she stepped from the train onto the platform. Short light brown hair, a red top, low cut, exposing a cleavage to die for, a black hanky hem skirt, black tights and red, high heel shoes. She walked along the platform pulling her suitcase behind her and holding her tablet and ticket in her other hand. Once through the ticket check barrier I greeted her with a hug which she turned into a very nice kiss sending my pulse sky high again, I took her suitcase and we walked hand in hand to the station car park. I was worried that Tina might Avrupa yakası escort not like my car as it was quite old, a blue Vauxhall Astra convertible, but as soon as she saw it she squealed with glee and said “Can we have the top down?”

“Stop putting naughty thoughts into me head.” I said with a smile which made her blush. I put her luggage in the boot and put the top down as requested and Tina made herself comfortable, I drove out of the multi-storey car park, glancing to my left as we exited and noticed that Tina’s skirt had ridden up exposing a little white thigh above her stocking tops. “Mmmmm, stockings. Now that’s sexy.” She giggled and said “Eyes on the road you naughty boy!”

Tina had booked herself a room at Premier Inn just off the A14 so I took a nice, scenic route to her hotel via some of the local villages just so I could spend some time showing her local viewpoints while at the same time checking out her sexy body. After about an hour of cruising around I got Tina to her Hotel at around 4pm, I had booked a table at a local ‘Hungry Horse’ restaurant for 7pm so we wouldn’t be rushing. I carried Tina’s luggage while she booked in and collected her keys, I then followed her to her room finding she had booked herself a very nice double room which overlooked the fields rather than the busy A road which passed by. She told me to put on the TV and make myself comfortable while she went for a shower and ‘freshen herself up’ ready for going out later.

I sat on the bed and put the TV on, flicked through the channels until I found ‘Dave’ and started to watch an old episode of ‘Top Gear’ when Tina called from the bathroom, I went to the bathroom, knocked on the door and went in to find Tina standing beside the shower in just her red half-cup bra, thong and suspenders with those black stockings. With a naughty smile she said “My bra strap’s stuck, could you undo it for me please?” As I grasped the strap she glanced over her shoulder and in a quiet, sexy voice said “I wasn’t joking earlier when I said I’d been reading naughty stories and was feeling horny, I hope you’re going to do something about it or should I call room service to sort me out?”

I needed to further encouragement to do what I was intending to do anyway, I unclasped her bra and my hands slipped around her body and cupped her breasts, her nipples hard beneath my palms, I gently tweaked those hard nipples as her hands went behind her to stroke my hardness through my trousers. She turned around and I pulled her into a kiss as she urgently began to remove my clothes, within just moments we were both naked and I pushed her back, making her step under the shower, I joined her, the water cascading off our bodies as I kissed her mouth, her neck, her breasts, my hand slid down between her legs, she parted her legs allowing me access to her moistness as her hand closed around my hard, throbbing cock. “Fuck me!” she gasped “Please Fuck me, I need it now!”

Her back was up against the shower wall so I slipped my hands under her buttocks and raised her up, she wrapped her legs around me and I gently let her lower down, the hot steamy water flowing over us as I lowered her down onto my cock, she wet so wet and horny that my cock just slipped inside her, she gasped as I filled her and then she began to ride me, her arms wrapped around my neck, her legs around my waist as she rode me like a stallion, I stood as still as I could, holding her while she used me for her pleasure (I wasn’t complaining), soon she exclaimed “Oh God! I’m cumming” I felt her pussy grip me as she squealed her orgasm. As she came down from her orgasm her whole body seemed to go limp, I lowered her down onto the floor of the shower and then lay between her open thighs and entered her again, I fucked her hard and deep and as I did she urged me on “Yes, Yes, Fuck me, Oh yes honey give me it all.” With such encouragement I was soon cumming myself, thrusting deep and shooting my spunk deep inside her. I looked down at the beautiful, sexy woman laying naked on the shower floor beneath me, suddenly realising that I had only just actually met her in person for the first time less than three hours ago — and here I was, laying between her open legs, my cum deep inside her ….. and I wanted more.

Shakily Ataköy escort bayan we got to our feet and showered ourselves clean then dried each other off, with lots of kissing and fondling as we did so. We still had over an hour before dinner so we dressed and lay together on the bed, she snuggled into my arms and I held her close. “You didn’t wear a condom.” she whispered. “No. Should I have? I think we were both a bit too horny to think. Are you angry?”

“I make it a rule to only have sex wearing protection, but no, I’m not angry we were both too worked up to think and it’s too late to worry about it now. I assume you’re ‘clean’ but do you think you could have made me pregnant? Should I get a ‘morning after pill’?

I chuckled at that “No, you’re safe on that count, I have no ‘swimmers’ so no chance of an unwanted pregnancy with me, and you’re correct, no STD’s either”

“Oh good, in that case I think we can forget about rubbers then, I’m glad about that because I really did enjoy feeling you deep inside me and it felt so good when you spurted your cum in me, so warm and lovely … mmmmmmmm”

“Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. I’ll give you a second helping later if you’d like. You sure were horny and eager, are you always that randy? I asked, meaning it as a little joke. But she answered “No, not always, it’s just the months of gradual build up till we met and then the naughty stories I was reading on the way here, all I could think about was getting laid.”

“What story was that you read then? I might have a read myself later.”

“It was a few stories from an online site called ” and the stories I was reading were all about women who were being pleasured by more than one man at a time, those stories are so damn hot I was ready to fuck you the moment I saw you. It’s a good job you were at the station to meet me or who knows what I might have done. Am I too naughty?

“Oh you could never be too naughty.” I responded. “In fact, I think you’re just perfect. But I think we’d better get ready now, it’s almost time for dinner and our table is booked.” I got dressed again while Tina sorted out her luggage and selected a black, front fastening, evening dress to wear for dinner with black stockings & suspender, black high heels and a black half-cup bra which supported her breasts from below but left the nipples and fullness of breast uncovered. Once ready we left the hotel, got into the car and made our way to the restaurant. We selected a table in a quiet section then once we had decided what we wanted I went up to the bar and ordered our meals, whilst there I also got us some drinks and returned to our table. We sat chatting for a while, getting to know more about each other, while waiting for our food. I told Tina about my ex and my grown-up children who all lived in a different county to me and she told me about how her husband had died quite young and about her own children, two boys who were married with their own families and her daughter who still lived at home with her.

Shortly a waiter arrived with our meals, we had both decided on steak so he placed our meals and checked to see if we needed anything else, sauces etc, more drinks? He seemed to pay particular attention to Tina but then I noticed that he was actually trying to see down Tina’s top whose front opening was perhaps a little too open. I grinned at her across the table mouthing ‘ naughty girl’ at her and she just chuckled and thrust her chest forward as though getting more comfortable but giving the waiter a good flash at the same time.

We sat and enjoyed our steaks but I couldn’t help but notice that our waiter was hovering around, just waiting for an excuse to approach the table, he’d already wandered over to check if everything was ‘satisfactory’ and now he was eagerly waiting for us to finish so he could collect our plates. When we eventually finished our mains we both sat back as the waiter casually approached again and enquired if we had enjoyed our meal and would we like a sweet? As he removed our plates I watched as Tina pulled her top forward a little to ‘blow down her front’ claiming it was “rather warm in here” and asking for something cold for her sweet. The waiter almost dropped the plates at this point Escort Şirinevler as he had a clear view down Tina’s front and no doubt seeing her partially covered breasts, her nipples exposed for him to see. Grinning I asked for the same, plus refils of our drinks. He left to get our orders, trying to hide the bulge in his trousers.

“Am I being too naughty?” asked Tina.

“Like I said before, you could never be too naughty for me. But perhaps you’d better cool it a little or that poor boy is gonna cum in his pants.”

“Oh, that would be a waste” she said, chuckling “but he’s a bit too young for me, I simply couldn’t do anything very naughty with a boy like him, he’s probably younger than my son.”

Our very flushed looking waiter returned with our drinks and sweet courses minus the bulge in his pants. I grinned at Tina and remarked “His bulge has gone down, I think he must have had a quick wank around the back.” She laughed out loud and said she wished she could have watched that. We finished our drinks and left, leaving a tip for our waiter.

We took a nice relaxed drive as it was a warm evening, I took Tina down to Felixstowe as that is quite close and we went to the viewing area near the docks, we sat kissing and fondling whilst watching the dockside activity, there was one container ship being unloaded and across the water we watched a big passenger liner leaving Harwich. By now it was getting quite dark so we put the top up on the car and drove back to the hotel. Once back in Tina’s room we were soon removing each others clothes, kissing and caressing. “Have you had a nice evening?” I asked.

“It’s been wonderful, right from the moment I arrived. I’m sorry I was so naughty with that young waiter though. I hope you’re not angry with me” She said as she took my hard shaft into her mouth and started to give me an incredible blow job.

“How could I be angry? I think I was as much turned on by it as you were, in fact if he was here now I’m sure I’d be watching him take you from behind while you’re sucking me off and I’d probably be encouraging him. I bet you’d like that?”

“No. Too young.” she mumbled.

“So someone a bit older then? Two of us pleasuring you? Does that turn you on? Having two men fuck you?”

“Yes.” she gasped as she climbed on top of me, sliding her soaking wet pussy down onto my waiting cock. “Just like in the story I was reading, two horny men fucking me at the same time, ever since I read that story I keep wondering what it would be like.”

“Then if you’d really like to find out I’m sure I could find lots of willing guys that would love to help you out. So this is a recent desire then?”

Tina continued to ride me, harder and faster, thinking and talking about her fantasy brought her quickly to the point of orgasm. She was cumming hard as she said this was a very recent fantasy, something she had never thought about until she had read stories on the way to Suffolk. Once she had cum I flipped her off me and got her to kneel on the bed while I positioned myself behind her and slid my hard cock into her soaking we pussy, grasping her hips I began to pound my shaft into her. “So, you want to be sucking a nice hard cock while I fuck you like this?” I asked ” Or perhaps you’d like to try having a big cock fucking your pussy and another in your tight little ass?”

“Oh my God! Yes! I would just love that” She cried as she came yet again. I too came at that point, filling her once again with my spunk. As we lay together in the afterglow of hot, rampant sex, Tina nervously explained that if I was willing she would love to live out her fantasies with me and if I wanted to, then I should choose her partner(s). The only stipulations were that whoever I chose for her should be well endowed, should be over 40 (she couldn’t envisage having sex with someone who was young enough to be her son) and also should be Caucasian (she herself was a white South African and had inherited the discriminations of her parents — she claimed she was trying to improve but the thought of intimacy was something she wasn’t prepared to do …. just yet)

I then got dressed and we chatted for a little while longer, then I left the hotel to go back to my flat (a place I’d introduce Tina to later). As I drove back to my flat I couldn’t help but think what a long and ‘interesting’ day it had been. I was already looking forward to tomorrow, the forecast was for another dry and sunny day and I stated to make plans in my mind for all the places I would take her to — but for now I sure could do with a nice sleep, I’m knackered (but in a very good way)…

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