Ticklish Erosion (Female)


A scene flashed in your mind.

It’s you.

Naked, floating in the void, a pair of headphones sat on your head. Ghostly tongues, hands, and feathers fluttered around your frozen body. Your face was spread in a wide grin, eyes rolled back in your head. Pleasure was plastered on your face, the low hum of voices, tones, and enchanting thrums in your ears.

GOD, NO. Your mind stutters in sudden realization.

“God no, she says.” A cute voice came through the headphones, slow and rhythmic with a hypnotic reverb.

“God yes, she means.” A deeper voice, more commanding, with a faster cadence.

“God no.” A feather dragged up a foot with the same slow pace.

“God yes.” A tongue slid down a foot with the same fast speed.

“God no.” Feather.

“God yes.” Tongue.

NO STOP IT NOW. Your mind struggles to retain itself.

“No, stop it now.” The deep voice boomed, shaking your mind with its slow rhythm and echo.

“Yes, please keep going.” The lighter voice trilled, fluttering quickly to keep your mind afloat.

“No, stop.” Tongues licked slowly, agonizingly along both feet.

“Yes, go.” A thin feather trailed between your naked legs, flicking quickly up your crotch.

“No, stop.” Tongues.

“Yes, go.” Feather.

STOP! I WONT BE CONDITIONED!!! Your mind screams into the void.

“I won’t be conditioned.” Both voices cooed, powerfully drumming each side of the headphones.

“I’m already taken.” They changed locations, but kept the same droning hum in their tone.

“I’m already taken.” Rough, wet tongues glid between your feet, while multiple feathers traced along your lower lips.

“I’m already taken.” Tongues. Feathers. Repeat.

“I’m already taken.” Feathers. Tongues. Repeat.

No…I wont…!! No…… Your mind drifts.

STOP IT. But resistance surges.

“I won’t.” Both voices hummed.

“I won’t.” They got louder.

“I won’t.” The tongues licked deeper.

“I won’t.” The feathers outlined your labia.

“I am.” Voices.

“I manisa seks hikayeleri am already.” Tongues. Feathers.

“Tickle me.” The voices shifted to a whisper, slowly pounding each syllable like a drill through your brain.

“Tickle me!” They got louder. The tongues dipped between your toes. The feathers rolled over your clit.

“!! TICKLE ME!!” Voices. Feathers. Tongues.

NO… I… Your mind resists.

TICKLE ME…. But starts to slips.

TICKLE ME. And finally falls.

“Tickle me.” The voices chanted.

“Tickle me.” The feathers moved along your pussy with their chanting rhythm.

“Tickle me.” The tongues punctuated each word with a stroke between your toes.

“Tickle me. Tickle me. Tickle me. Tickle me.” Every repetition a feather. Every repetition a lick. Every repetition a tickle.

Get out OF MY HEAD… Your mind protests.

Tickle me. But the resistance fades.

“Tickle me.” The female voice commanded.

“More.” The male voice droned.

“Tickle me.” The tongues matched her fast voice with quick licks.

“More.” The feathers sawed your slit with a slow pace synced to his voice.

“Tickle me.” “More.” “Tickle me.” “More.”

Lick. Saw. Lick. Saw. Tongue. Feather. Tongue. Feather. Feet. Pussy. Feet. Pussy.

“Tickle me more.”

More. Tickle me. Your mind gives.

Tickle me more. But starts to beg.

“Tickle me more.” The male voice. Low, strong, slow, commanding.

“I love being tickled.” The female voice. Whispering, kind, sensual.

“Tickle me more.” Hands began to tickle your sides, squeezing tortuously.

“I love being tickled.” Feathers found your hard nipples and flicked slowly over the nubs.

“Tickle me more.” More tongues licked your feet, focusing on both soles at once.

“I love being tickled.” A skilled pair of fingers slid into your opening, pumping with a masterful pace while the feather focused on your clit.

“Tickle me more.” More hands attacked your underarms.

“I love being tickled.” A tongue dove into your navel, lovingly worshiping.

I…I love being tickled. Your mind is apprehensive.

Tickle me more. But the yearning continues.

“Tickle me more, I love being tickled.” The male voice. Each word shifted focus of the tickling between your feet, your sides, and your armpits.

“Tickle me forever.” The female voice. All at once the pussy feathering, fingering, and nipple tickling increased their paces.

“I love being tickled, tickle me more.” Tickling intensity.

“Tickle me forever.” Ticklish pleasure.

“I love being tickled, tickle me more, tickle me forever.” Both voices–full body, ticklishly intense pleasure.

No… I wont… Your mind attempts.

Tickle… I love being tickled. But loses itself.

Tickle me more… And continues to beg.

No… stop… get out of… my head… I love being tickled. Your mind weakly tries.

Tickle me more. But there is no escape.

Tickle me forever. And nothing but tickling.

My… no… I wont. I dont… I love being tickled. Your mind can’t hope.

Tickle me forever. But you don’t want to win.

“Tickle me forever.” Both voices repeated.

“Tickle me.” The male voice. “Forever.” The female voice.

“Tickle me.” The tickling increased–deep foot licking, side and underarm squeezing.

“Forever.” Fingering, clit-feathering, nipple teasing.

“Tickle me. Forever.” Both sensations in equal measure.

“Forever.” Ticklish pleasure.

“Forever.” Tickling is pleasure.


Forever. Tickle me. Tickle me forever. Your mind drones.

Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. Tickle me forever. But completely breaks.

“Good girl.” And so you faded; mind consumed and being absorbed into the sensations of your ticklish pleasure. Your mind was a mush of pleasure and ticklish sensations–the very feeling of being tickled was the same as being aroused–the sensation of being aroused was equal to your ticklish mirth. Nothing existed but your tickling, and your tickling existed exclusively as your pleasure. Tickled forever, you shall b–

Ouuuu… Your mind snaps to consciousness.

No… But resistance is fleeting.

“Resistance?” The male voice chimed, each syllable rhythmic and booming like a gong.

“No resistance.” The female voice fluttered, each tone like a hypnotic flute.

“Eternal tickling.” The male voice, accompanied by that full-body ticklish intensity.

“Eternal pleasure.” The female voice, assisted by the pleasurable fingering and feathering.

“Eternally ticklish pleasure.” Both voices, both sensations. The rhythms and tones matched perfectly with the tickling, with the pleasing.




Nnn… Eternal… Tickle me Eternally. Eternal ticklish pleasure. Your mind breaks easily.

“That’s it.” The female voice cooed.

“Give yourself to it.” The male voice boomed.

“Tickle me forever.” The female voice. Both tickling and pleasure intermixed.

“Eternally ticklish pleasure.” The male voice. More areas are tickled, more areas are titillated.

“Tickle me forever.” The tickling was the pleasure.

“Eternally ticklish pleasure.” Every nerve ending was pleasurably ticklish.

“Tickle me forever. Eternally ticklish pleasure.”

T… tickle me… tickle me forever. Eternally ticklish pleasure. Tickle me forever. Eternally ticklish pleasure. Tickle me forever. Eternally ticklish pleasure. Tickle me forever. Eternally ticklish pleasure. Tickle me forever. Your mind is no longer your own.

“Good girl.” The voices both chant.

“Good, ticklish girl.” They alternate the prominence of their volumes.

“Good, ticklish, horny girl.” The pleasure ebbs and flows with their chanting.

“Good, ticklish, horny, eternally tickled girl.” Tickling, pleasure, pleasure, tickling. Tickling is pleasure. Pleasure is tickling.

“Eternally. Tickled. Girl.”

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