Three’s A Party At The Concert In The Park


My excitement matched the general buzz on the train as it departed towards its dedicated destination, a benefit concert in Ellis Park.  We were a group of strangers on our way to the same party so everyone was bent on having fun. Clearly, the party had started early for some, as I could smell the odd whiff of alcohol.I had to work that morning, so I was traveling alone and would be meeting two friends, Mack and John at the station.  They had planned to arrive earlier so that they were there from the beginning. That meant they’d have been partying for a couple of hours by the time I arrived, so I’d have to catch up quickly. We were part of an established social crowd who partied together all the time.We all got on well, and I’d hooked up with both lightly once or twice, but we’d never gone further than a couple of kisses for one reason or another. Mostly because one of us was generally involved with someone else at the time. They were fun to be with and I liked them both, so I was looking forward to spending the day with them.People were chatting to strangers quite freely on the trip, and a couple of guys sitting next to me were blatantly flirting with me, taking their chances with a single woman traveling alone to a party. This was going to be a fun trip.There was no aircon on the train, so we rode with open windows. The air from outside streaming in was almost as hot as the body-warmed air on the inside of the train, but at least it was clean. I didn’t mind the wind on my face, messing my hair, I was just grateful to be able to breathe some fresh air in the sticky heat.“Who’s your favorite band playing today?” The guy sitting next to me asked. He’d shifted to give me his seat at the window, so I was particularly nice to him.“We always hang out where Via Afrika plays on the weekend,” I answered. “So they’re in the top few. And éVoid, Hotline and Juluka are awesome to party to. It’s a great line-up.”“So you’re not into the soft croony music like Pierre?” his friend asked, easing his way into the conversation. Their topics were superficial and predictable, but they were fun to talk to, and the subtext was warmly flirtatious. These two hunters were competing for a prey, and soon saw I wasn’t without some weapons myself.I batted questions back at them, my teasing smile hinting Ankara escort at potential opportunities for fun as my eyes laughed into theirs in teasing contradiction. What is flirting if not advance and retreat? I was very careful not to favor one above the other because I didn’t want to create real expectations.The journey passed quickly in all the banter and we were still in the middle of it when I saw my friends waiting for me at the Ellis Park station. Unlike me, both are quite tall, so they stood out in the crowd. Excitement tickled my stomach so that it fluttered and trembled inside me. They were friends, but did I mention that they were hot? They were laughing at a shared joke as I stepped off the train, but both straightened and looked as happy to see me as I was to see them.Mack was dark, a little taller than John and had a gentle, easy-going manner. His actual name was Mike, but his initials were MAC and we all just ended up calling him Mack. It probably stuck, because his smooth manner made him very popular with women, and he often had a new one in tow, so we teased him about that regularly, calling him a Mack. He was as cool with that as he was with everything.John was in many ways Mack’s antithesis. He still had a smidgeon of boyish awkwardness, but that gave him his own charm. He was almost as tall as Mack, but fair and full of fun and laughter. That’s probably why they were such good friends, they both enjoyed having fun, and regularly created it if there wasn’t any.“Sorry guys, I see my friends, I’ve got to go,” I explained, cutting them off with a flirty grin. We hugged good-bye like old friends, and knowing they were watching me and feeling like teasing them a bit more, I walked up to Mack and John and hugged and kissed both sexily. If either of them was surprised that my kisses were more intimate than usual, they both took it in their stride and put enough effort into my hello kisses to make me truly sorry when they were done.There were tongues involved with both of them, and some very tight, body-molding hugs. Both Mack and John laughed in surprise, but wholeheartedly took advantage of my mood. I turned to my new friends for a final wave. They were watching us, smiling a bit goofy-eyed at their nearly-threesome chick who Ankara escort bayan got away.I’d set a train in motion with Mack and John with my excessively friendly greeting though and hadn’t considered before my that I wasn’t going to be escaping them anytime soon. Did I want to? I thought about it for a couple of seconds and decided, ‘What the hell!’ I could easily have told them that I was just teasing the train-guys and I hoped they enjoyed their kisses and all would have been cool, a fun joke, but this new potential lit a fire in me. I wasn’t in the mood to reign back, so I didn’t give any hands-off signals. Instead, the three of us left the station and entered the stadium very much a threesome unit.I was the object of two men’s attention again, but the difference was that this was real. I knew that what I promised here, I’d be delivering and still I didn’t pull back. I was attracted to both of them in different ways and they’d always made it plain they were attracted to me. Wherever this went, so far we were all eager.We found a spot on the field in a crowded area close to the front and sat down on the grass with the coolbox the guys had provided and beers we bought on the way in. The condensation on plastic mugs of icy beer was disappearing fast as the steaming day warmed them, so we downed them quite quickly, eager for the crisp cold relief which added pleasantly to our buzz.I wore a loose, floaty skirt and light top in deference to the heat instead of the ubiquitous jeans and was glad of it as I pulled up my skirt a little and allowed the slight breeze to stroke my skin. We all had suntan lotion on and added more again now. The guys both took their shirts off, and of course, it was my job to ensure they were both well covered in lotion. I only teased slightly as I put it on for them and didn’t accept their repeated offers to rub mine on for me. Instead, I enjoyed stroking it on myself as they watched me. None of us were rushing anywhere.We sat on the grass listening to the opening bands that we didn’t know that well. John sat close to me, sharing the coolbox as a backrest, his hand stroking the exposed skin on my leg as he chatted directly into my ear to overcome the deafening music. Mack lay drifting, enjoying the day with Escort Ankara his head on my lap where it had been often before as I played with his hair and chatted to them. John nuzzled me lazily, and sometimes, if I turned my head at just the right time, he’d sneak in a deeper kiss.We were surrounded by people, but there’s a sense of isolation in a big crowd and we were relaxed with each other.  There was a shared camaraderie and intimacy between us, with none of the competitiveness between the men that I’d experienced on the train. They were good friends, and although I didn’t think they’d shared one woman at the same time before, they were clearly very at ease with what was happening with me.Every now and again Mack’s arm would creep up and snuggle me closer, sometimes just for a cuddle, sometimes he’d pull me down towards him for a kiss, or sit up and lean into me. He kissed differently to John, and I explored the differences at my leisure. Mack was more sensual than John and less direct in his approach. John went straight for a strong kiss with lots of mouth and tongue whereas Mack would nibble all around the kiss, teasing and tasting a little before settling in for a nuanced, bone-melting lovemaking at my mouth. The contrast and variety was enormously arousing. John was earthy, Mack was skilled and elemental.Rather than be irritated by my distraction, John used those moments to lazily advance his hand up my leg, traveling under my skirt in slow, easy phases as he watched Mack and I kiss. I enjoyed the advances, but always insisted on a bit of a retreat afterwards, with a flirtatious squeeze of John’s hand as I returned it to a less personal place. We were very public and already behaving in a way that many would consider indecent just by sharing kisses.John offered to go and buy a second round of beer, so Mack and I stayed with our things.“Hey babe, are you enjoying?” he asked after another deep but playful kiss. He could have been referring to the kiss, the concert or the whole atmosphere, but I knew he was checking if I was okay with the three of us being together.  Mack and I were particularly close and he made a habit of looking out for me.“I am. I’m surprised, but I’m into it.”“Me too. I’m loving it, but if you want to stop, you know you can?”“I know.”As I answered, I slipped my hand down his chest and tweaked his tight nipple. We were still looking at each other and the whole world receded, all that existed was our eye contact and my fingers on his nipple. His whole body tensed, but his eyes never left mine. It was a moment, an intense, intimate moment.

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