Three in a Storm – Pt.1


It was early morning and the first hint of daylight filtered through the bedroom window. Bursts of wind caused Helen’s log cabin to creak and crack indicating that the winter storm continued. She was snowbound, the two-mile road out to the mine site blocked by drifting snow. Blizzard conditions would most likely play out through the day before a cold front would move in to bring plunging temperatures and sunny skies. It was the way of the north in late January, from mild and snowy to whiteout conditions to plunging temperatures and brilliant sunny skies, the cycle unending. But her cabin was warm and snug; the snow was banked up around the entire building sealing it from cold drafts.Helen was a single gal, forty-five years old and never married. She followed the mining booms wherever they emerged. She was an Executive Secretary to a mining engineer who specialized in managing new mine startups in undeveloped areas. She had followed him here to once again serve as his primary assistant in the organization of the many personnel, civic and social aspects of operating a mine in a new and remote location. On this occasion, the company had provided her a cabin located on a lake a few miles from the mine. It had been upgraded and modernized to provide her with quarters perfectly suited to her particular lifestyle. She was a bit of a tomboy and enjoyed the outdoors, swimming, fishing, skiing, and the simple life.Her closest friend was the manager’s wife Dorothy.Dorothy always followed her hubby into these new mining towns as soon as a manager’s residence was available. A manager’s wife filled a difficult position, sort of a doyen to the wives of her husband’s employees while trying to stand clear of work-related issues. The only person that she could lean on outside of her husband was Helen. Together, she and Helen had lived through many trying times in places without much in the way of social amenities such as hospitals, social clubs, theatres, and restaurants; services that most people take for granted.Helen had been enjoying a passionate sexual involvement with Mark, a young mining engineer twenty years her junior. They had been meeting for sex in her cabin for months.It was her duty to greet and organize new staff members when they first arrived. She had met Mark at the seaplane base, driven him to the mine site to settle him into his quarters and introduced him to the manager and other staff. She and Mark were drawn to each other from the first handshake, and continued a warm relationship during his first few weeks on the job, with exchanges at coffee break or in Helen’s office as she brought him up to speed on company policies and procedures. One weekend, she asked him to join her at her cabin to do some fishing.They grew more intimate over the course of several more weekends, as Helen worked the ancient ways of the female on a male as from time immemorial. Admiring looks, compliments, soft opaque eyes, touch of a hand on an arm, inadvertent nipple display; a potpourri of apparently innocent actions seduced ankara escort the young man to answer the siren call.Following one hot humid day of fishing and hiking and while doing the dishes, Helen turned towards him, brushing him with her hip and breast. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer.Helen kissed him softly and murmured, “We need a shower, why not now.” She knew that he was ready, cooked to a turn.A few moments later, she slipped into the shower with him and pulled his head down for a tongue filled kiss. She felt his cock hardening against her belly. There were no words spoken. Helen moved quickly to seal the deal, first by stroking his wet cock and then lowering to her knees to slide her mouth down his shaft, her tongue circling the knob and teasing his foreskin as she continued stroking him with one hand. He was new to receiving blowjobs and Helen soon had him holding her head, desperately fucking her mouth before discharging his load. He settled back into the corner of the shower stall with shaking knees and heaving breath.Helen had guaranteed his company for the foreseeable future. They toweled off and she led him to her bed.She was soon to discover that she had released a sexual genie from the bottle and lost count on how many times that he had mounted her that night. She confessed to Dorothy later that she missed a shift just to recover from the young man’s vigorous lovemaking and that she had actually considered ending the affair. That thought only lasted a few minutes as she decided that she could artistically refine his approach from ‘fucking’ to ‘making love’. It was much easier to tone down than tone up!She cautioned him to be friendly but business-like when they met in the office. He stated that he didn’t care what others thought and that he wanted to tell the world. But she demanded discreetness and control over when they would meet. He gracefully accepted the terms.It was not unusual for Helen to engage in an affair on these assignments to remote locations. Men were always plentiful and she always found one that suited her preferences. It was usually a case of opportunity and where to get it on. She was not a profligate and chose one man only on each tour of duty. Mark was the youngest man that she had taken to her bed and he fascinated her. He turned out to be gentle, kind, and attentive and they had much in common including an appreciation of out-door life.But she had recently become uneasy with the relationship, realizing that it could not last and that this beautiful time in her life would come to an end. She had considered breaking it off.Only one other person knew about the affair. She had kept her friend Dorothy up to date on her sex-filled weekends with the young man. As Helen became more uncertain about her relationship with Mark, she sought Dorothy’s advice about calling it quits.At the time, Dorothy was not ‘getting any’ as her stressed-out husband wrestled with the issues of a new mine start-up and lately seemed incapable of performing anywhere ankara escort bayan close to his normal sexual capacity. One afternoon her heightening desire for sex climbed another notch when Helen provided a detailed account of all that her young friend had done to her in bed early that morning.A thoroughly aroused Dorothy had advised Helen to continue with her dalliance and to enjoy the sex and to not worry about a separation at some inevitable point in the future. She said, “Just take what you can get, you will feel no better if you break it off now than you will feel at a later date.”The erotic talk led them to share not previously discussed stories about their own personal sexual histories. They discovered that one head office stud had seduced both of them over the past two years. He had screwed Dorothy while at a convention, several times. And he had enjoyed Helen’s favors while seated on a chair in her office late one night. They judged him to have been away above average in the sack. They joked about a phantom ‘threesome’ and fantasized about what would have happened if the two of them had been alone with the guy at the same time.They overcame their normal sense of social niceties and began to discuss the potential of threesome sex with Helen’s young paramour. The humor was soon replaced by serious intent and ultimately plans were laid to jointly seduce this man some twenty years younger than they.Actually, Mark had not even been remotely thinking about group sex. There were very few single gals in this new town, and he knew how lucky he had been to befriend one of them, Helen, a woman eager to copulate. Guys lined up in the pubs and beer parlors hoping to have a dance with a female on a weekend night or to wait their turn to enjoy the favors of one of two ladies of the night located in a red trailer on the outskirts of the new town.Mark was quite content with his life as it was. He liked Helen very much, was affectionate towards her, and she was an enthusiastic and accomplished lover from whom he had learned much about the benefits of mutual pleasure during sex.Despite this, however, he required very little seducing and on the previous night had committed his body and mind to his first group sex. After a few hours of nervous foreplay, ‘dare you kisses’, bared breasts, panty removal and all, eased to some degree by wine, he had taken each lady to the bedroom and mounted them separately. They ultimately ended up with three in the bed and a sort of group sex evolved naturally.Helen became aware of the soft warm breasts of her friend Dorothy pressing against her back. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed that there was no sign of Mark.Dorothy stirred with her movements, kissed the back of her neck, and whispered, “Go back to sleep, Helen, it’s still dark and snowy outside.”Helen twisted around under the covers to face her friend and said, “Where’s Mark? Surely he didn’t leave in that storm!”Dorothy responded in a lazy voice, her eyes still closed, the need for more sleep escort ankara dulling her mind, “Relax, it’s too crowded for three to sleep in this bed. You’re going to have to get a bigger one if we plan to do this again.” She giggled at what they had just done and at the thought of repeating it. “He’s sleeping on the sofa. I think we wore him out.”Their bodies melted together separated only by flannelette knee-length nighties. Helen pressed her hips tight up against Dorothy’s and pulled up the hem of her nighty, Dorothy raising her hip to assist. Their bare legs intertwined erotically. Helen cupped one of Dorothy’s breasts and tweaked a hard nipple pushing through the thin cloth.Dorothy pulled Helen’s nighty up and slipped one naked leg between hers and said, “Helen baby, I thought the deal was to sample Mark’s early morning erection? Hard to believe it could be harder than it was last night. Shouldn’t we wait for him? Oh God,” she moaned as Helen pulled a breast up over the top of her nightie and sucked on the nipple.Helen lifted her head for a kiss and said, “That’s the plan, but maybe we should warm each other up a bit. And if you think he was hard last night, wait until you feel his wake-up hard-on. We had best be relaxed and ready for it. I love it when he stays overnight, he’s like a wild bull looking for pussy in the morning.”She went back to sucking and licking. Dorothy was enthralled with the nipple play and pushed her knee up between Helen’s spread legs to rub against a wet slippery pussy.”How do you know that Mark is in the sleeping bag?” Helen had pulled both breasts out over the top of Dorothy’s nighty and was rubbing her face between them while licking and sucking like a starving baby all the while enjoying the pussy rub from Dorothy’s knee.Dorothy gasped, “I went out to check on him about midnight.” She caressed Helen’s silky ass cheeks, tracing her hot fingertips along the crease.”Did you chat for a while?” Helen mumbled in her hurry to return to her feast.They sat up as one, lifting their nighties up and off before scrambling to get back under the sheets. Their bodies intertwined like a pair of snakes twisting in the sun, breasts, legs, arms, mouths, and hands desperately seeking something to engage.Finally, Dorothy panted, “He got up to put more wood on the fire. When he didn’t return I went out to see what he was doing. He had settled on the sofa in the sleeping bag.” She reached down and slipped two fingers between Helen’s legs and felt her pussy.She continued, “And no, we barely said a word. He climbed out of the sleeping bag to greet me. He looked gorgeous in the light from the fireplace; a beautiful body, a handsome face, his eyes filled with desire and a big hard-on to prove it. We kissed and his cock somehow found its way between my legs. Oh God, it was hot!” Helen paused with a nipple in her mouth to spread her legs inviting Dorothy to slide a finger into her.”He pulled the sleeping bag to the floor, crawled back in on his back and beckoned me to join him. It was a bit of a struggle, the bag a little tight for two, but I finally managed to get in and on top of him while he zipped it up. There was very little foreplay, just kisses as he worked his cock into me. He said, ‘Do you want to play a bit?’ I was so horny I said, ‘just fuck me’.

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