Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 01


Hal’s hands were tingling in anticipation as the rotor blades of the ContiBank chopper began winding to a halt. The pilot remained in his seat, flicking switches and beginning to fill in a log book. He did, however, incline his head at the exit door as a green light came on. “Thank-you, sirs and madam, you can now alight onto the platform.”

Working his way out of his bucket seat, Hal brushed out a few creases in the lap of his two-button suit and moved aside an empty champagne glass so he could follow the others out of the passenger compartment and into the tropical sunshine. The flight had been a slightly boring number of hours, despite the luxury accoutrements of the fast-flying helicopter.

The pad was mounted in the open air, where a palm tree-dotted park area met with miles of golden sand. A balmy breeze hit Hal’s face, and he blinking in amazement at the way in which the perfect blue see stretched out to join the sky on the horizon line.

Alongside him, Brad Kratman stretched his arms out over his head, as though waking from a refreshing sleep. He was Hal’s boss, a ten year executive veteran of ContiBank’s cut-and-thrust world of corporate finance. Hailing from an Ivy League school and born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Kratman’s immaculate background and education was matched only by his rugged good looks. He had the kind of Herculean physique that Hal had always envied, and bundles of panther-strong muscle filled out his Armani suit.

Brad was legendary not just for his boardroom realpolitik, but for his bedroom swordsmanship. He had no less than three secretaries, all busty beauties that he banged senseless on a daily basis. And at home, a former lingerie model wife who was stacked and according to office lore did pretty much nothing except shop and suck cock (mostly Brad’s, but not exclusively).

Slapping his smaller comrade on the shoulder, Brad alighted from the platform and strode out to meet the welcoming committee which the Arcadia Resort had despatched to them, a single figure standing patiently. As the sun was behind them, Hal couldn’t quite make out any more details.

Hal took one last glimpse at the sea over his shoulder, and turned to offer a hand to the third member of their team as she stepped down from the platform onto the perfectly-trimmed parkland.

Rebecca McQueen had been the object of Hal’s feverish fantasies for some months now. Newly arrived from their European offices, she was a stunning twenty-seven year old who had formerly been a professional dancer (of all sorts, the word was) before diving into the world of super-rich finance. Her perfectly oval face broke into a grin as she accepted his aid, her mouth quirking upwards on one side, brown eyes flashing merrily at him. She was two inches shorter than he, at about five seven, but had an impressive physical presence which evoked envy in women and lust in men. A sharply-tailored skirt suit did nothing to hide the athletic form beneath, cinching in tight around her small waist and pulling taut across her shapely bust. On the days that she wore some scooped-out top Hal and the other executives at work would get a glimpse of a high, firm rack and creamy skin. His eyes dropped automatically as he walked behind her, drawn to an incredibly pert behind. Rebecca wore her brown hair tied back into a long single ponytail, which swung alluring down her curvaceous back. Like many of his workmates, Hal harboured a longstanding fantasy involving having Rebecca from behind while pulling her hair and generally going wild. Something about her cool, professional façade and slight distance made her intoxicating sensual physicality all the more compelling.

Not that anyone from the ContiBank Corporate Lending section had ever lucky enough to lay her. The word was that Rebecca reserved her taut, athlete’s body as a high-level bargaining chip when dealing with awkward clients. According to ContiBank lore, the deadlock on the Toshiba / Sony takeover had been broken by her giving herself to Sony’s chief negotiator for a mere twenty minutes in a locked and curtained boardroom. She’s emerged with pearly semen sprayed across her ponytail and the back of her blouse and on her butt, but also with a signed contract in hand.

Their team’s success in that venture, among others, had earned them their weekend on Arcadia, a low-key and secretive island resort which professed to sate the sensual needs and fantasies of its exclusive clientele.

Hal made up the final member of their little executive team. He was a whipcord lean young former systems analyst and languages expert, barely twenty years old and considered a potential future partner. Brad and others, however, would often tease him about his youthful looks and occasional lack of confidence around the ladies. Not that he had reason to be nervous, as hours in the company Olympic pool had given him the lean, sculpted body of a competitive swimmer.

Breaking from his reverie, Hal scurried to catch up with Brad and Rebecca, who were already shaking Keçiören Escort Bayan hands with the Arcadian representative.

Hal’s breath caught as finally got close enough to shade his eyes and make out her features. And boy, it definitely a ‘her’!


“My name is Mimi,” She said, extending a warm golden hand to Hal. His eyes drank in the sight of her, six feet of bronzed perfection, even as he mumbled out his own name. This uber-babe had the kind of body that even Rebecca had to admit was likely to stop traffic. Long, athletic legs tapered up to short cut-off jeans which clung to shapely hips. A taut, washboard stomach contrasted wonderfully with the lush expanse of her chest. Mimi was gifted with a rack which unusually combined a certain jiggling softness with easily apparent gravity-defying firmness. Brad was already drooling next to her, one hand opening and closing at his side as he stared openly at the racing red bikini top which strained to contain her chest. It was cut narrow, exposing plenty of smooth, ripe flesh.

Laughing, Mimi was apparently unphased by the reaction of the two men in the group. Her good humour further enhanced her already beautiful surfer-babe face and golden hair. “I’ve already explained to Brad here that I’m the one-woman welcoming committee, although the Island is extremely easy to navigate. You can simply follow this stone-paved path which will take you right into the hub of our little resort. You can’t miss the central reception area.”

After a few moments chit-chat about their flight, and passing them information packs, Rebecca and Hal allowed themselves to be ushered along the path by Brad, who was clearly much taken by the dancing-eyed Mimi. She allowed him to slip an arm around her waist, as he waved his companions on up the path towards the main resort village, indicating that they should continue on without him. Grinning, they complied.


At the entrance to the palatial main reception building, Rebecca was recognised by a woman emerging on her way to a Porsche parked in a neat little car park at the side.

Eve was a lush-figured, blue-eyed babe in her early thirties who stepped forward and kissed Rebecca on each cheek, introducing herself as the liaison for female guests. Immaculately white slacks clung like to her like spray-paint in all the right places, and her tailored shirt was open, exposing a tanned and ample cleavage. As she got close, her impressive rack pressed in against that of her client, although Rebecca certainly didn’t appear to mind. Hal noticed that although they were of the same height and athletic build, Eve had the bigger tits, and her blond hair was cut fetchingly short, barely brushing her shoulders. Like Rebecca, she had a killer butt, and Hal was momentarily lost in fantasies of both women before him, frolicking full of Sapphic lust. Somehow, he thought he detected a certain smouldering chemistry between the two of them, and he noticed that Rebecca was holding herself a little oddly, slightly leaning into the older woman.

Hal couldn’t help but exclaim something about how Rebecca was “in good hands”, a certain feverish undertone in his voice. Rebecca ‘tssked’ and looked over one shoulder at him, and raised an eyebrow in reply. Eve, an arm around her guest, shrugged her shoulders and simply said “Here on Arcadia, we’re open to all sorts of possibilities. We hope you will be too. The tests and profiling you submitted to in advance will hopefully allow us guides to show you a good time you never dreamed of. But part of that entails taking a … open-minded approach to our services”.

Rebecca nodded thoughtfully at that. Eve laid a cool hand on Hal’s, and suggested that he meet the two of them later at the seafront bar. “Any of the other hosts will be able to direct you to it. In the meantime, I’m going to drive Rebecca here over to her villa. Why don’t you check-in inside?” She winked, grinning at him. “There are, no doubt, a few members of staff in there who would happily show you around a little.”

Leaving the two women to it, Hal good-humouredly headed up the steps and into reception. No reason, he decided, not to go solo and have at it on his own bat.

Not looking over his shoulder, he missed it when Eve confidently pulled Rebecca in for an open-mouthed kiss, tonguing her softly and at the same time running a hand down to pull up one shapely leg onto her hip. Rebecca gasped a little, but allowed herself to mould to the other woman.

Then, hand in hand, they slipped into Eve’s Porsche.


This left, of course, Brad and Mimi.

They hadn’t strayed far from the helicopter pad, only moving down to the beach for a walk barefoot. Brad’s Prada shoes dangled from one fist as he strolled along happily.

At six two, he had a bit of height on his companion, but only a couple of inches or so, and her Amazonian physique suggested to him that here was a women who could probably match his sexual athleticism in bed. And seeing as Escort Eryaman this was Arcadia, he reminded himself that there was nothing to stop him finding out immediately.

Mimi was already ahead of the game, and was unsurprised when Brad stepped in and pulled her to him for a rough kiss. As they broke apart, she laughed.

“Your guest profile did suggest that you weren’t afraid to go after what you wanted immediately”. She didn’t object as his hands began to rove widely over her tanned form. So many of the guests she was paired with were physically inadequate men who desired a woman like her precisely because she embodied a potency and stature that they themselves would never possess. She often found herself bedding endearing but unsatisfying types. In Brad, she had a feeling that there would be plenty of time to find satisfaction.

Almost growling, he squeezed one of her asscheeks and then brought that same hand up to cup one full breast. Kissing her again, he spoke.

“I can’t wait until we get to the room, honey. I need you to work a little magic and relieve the ‘travel tension’ that the trip seems to have left me with.” He grinned at her, revealing perfectly white teeth.

Mimi didn’t need to be told twice. She slid sexily to her knees, running her rack down the length of his body and over the hard tool that was pressing against his Armani trousers. She gently pressed one cheek against it as his hands caressed the halo of blond hair around her head, and then unzipped him with tantalising slowness.

Slowly she teased out his already-thickened cock. It was hot and moved with a life of its own in her hands, whipping fully erect when free of the constraints of Brad’s underwear. The size of it took her by surprise, and the moist helmet slapped gently against her face and trailed over her lips. The foreskin slipped back, revealing a pink, glistening helmet. A pungent aroma of man filled her nostrils as Brad tired of waiting and impatiently guided her face forward onto him.

Her lips slid apart and she took him gently into her mouth, beginning to bathe him with her tongue but continuing to take him in inch-by-inch. Brad groaned as she opened her throat to him through a combination of natural talent and practiced expertise. In moments Mimi’s hands and pulsing throat were combining to give him the finest blowjob he’d experienced since he had visited the legendary Parisian brothel Maison Blanc. Apparently without much effort she had managed to take almost his entire length in her mouth, and her nose was close to touching off the root of his penis. Marvelling at how her swan-like neck could contain his huge cock, Brad let out a happy grunt and began to move his hips, fucking her throat. Her firm rack was pleasantly mashing against his upper legs at each stroke he made, and he reminded himself later that he wanted to get rid of that needless bikini top she was wearing.

Mimi’s hands wandered, sometimes working his shaft and occasionally moving to grasp his buttocks or stretch upwards to run over his taut abdomen as the blowjob continued. Brad’s eyes were closed and his breathing was already becoming ragged. He normally didn’t even come close to blowing his load this early on, but the perfect physical specimen in front of him was giving his cock the kind of treatment normally reserved for … well … He didn’t even know. But if felt good.

Groaning, he began thrusting his hips forward as he felt his orgasm building, and Mimi seemed to be turned on by his slightly rough treatment of her. There were few men who were confident enough to not just sit back and let her dictate the pace of the blowjob, trusting her professionalism. Brad retained an impatient streak, and had taken a more active role, using her for his pleasure and more or less just fucking her mouth and throat. She moaned herself, around his mouthful of cock, and took that moment to slip back, allowing the head of his cock to slide up from the base of her throat to the front of her mouth. She ran her tongue quickly over the head of his cock, scouring it somewhat firmly while pumping the base of his now-slick shaft with both hands.

Brad gasped at the sensation of mingled discomfort and pleasure of the hard pressure exerted by her tongue at such a sensitive point. Before he even knew what was happening, his orgasm was upon him. Letting out a ragged gasp, he felt his muscles tense and a shaking begin as he came hard. Without volition, his hands pressed down on Mimi’s shoulders for balance as he stood on trembling legs.

Mimi moved her head with his spasming penis, feeling it become momentarily super-hard before the inevitable climax. When he came, it was with tremendous force. Ropey, thick spunk jetted into her mouth, which ballooned rapidly as she tried to swallow all of his deliciously salty jizz. She gulped some down, savouring the taste, but still more escaped her mouth and splashed down to bronzed cleavage, running in rivulets on and between her perfect breasts. Her hands became sticky Sincan Escort Bayan as Brad at last eased off his grip on her and allowed his still-squirting cock to slip out of her mouth.

He grinned down at her, face still contorted with pleasure as a few last streams of thick semen sprayed onto her beautiful features, glazing her face with his spunk.

Mimi nodded to herself in satisfaction, dabbing at her jizz-covered top with her hands and then licking off the still-warm man-goo from her fingers. She glanced up at Brad.

“This is the beginning of a great weekend, Brad. I’m not a jealous girl, so I’m going to happily share with you everything this resort has to offer. I think you’ll like it. I really do.”

Brad, still breathing fast, grinned.


Hal was still somewhat mystified as to how he’d ended up leaving reception with not just one, but two, of the hottest babes he’d ever come across. They hadn’t taken no for an answer, and weren’t satisfied but that they’d showed him personally to his villa and poured him a glass of champagne. Now the three of them had somehow ended up naked in his spacious Jacuzzi.

One of the girls, calling herself Callie, was a golden-skinned Asian-American and five feet five of toned perfection. Not overly busty, she made up for it with one of the best asses that Hal had ever seen, and which was now endearingly warm and pert against his raging erection as she sat on his lap and chatted away in a California-girl accent.

Her companion was alongside them, facing Hal in such a way as to mash her huge breasts up against his shoulder and arm. Sheena was more of a rock chick, dark hair contrasting with her slim but curvy ivory body. Despite her slight build, Sheena was gifted with one of the largest racks Hal had ever seen on a girl her size. When they’d met, a tight black crop top had accentuated their bounteous perfection, and Hal had immediately been taken by her. Now her tits were wet and slippery from the Jacuzzi, her hard nipples pressing in against him.

He shifted so that his erection was trapped between his abdomen and Callie’s peachy ass-cheeks and couldn’t help himself but begin to grind away at her. If she noticed, Callie seemed not to mind, and she continued listing offhand all the different things to see and do on the island while Sheena nodded and ran a hand up and down Hal’s neck.

The warm water and the firmness of her ass were beginning to really turn Hal on, and he envisioned himself spunking against her in the water. This close, he could smell the herbal shampoo she used to condition her lush brown hair. Slipping an arm around Callie’s waist, Hal silenced her by turned her around halfway so that he could kiss her. Sheena laughed delightedly, and Callie’s gold-flecked eyes closed happily as she submitted to him.

The girls placed their champagne glasses down at the side of the Jacuzzi, and Hal groaned in disappointment momentarily as they both moved back form him. He cock began to bob, still raging hard, in the water in front of him.

The two girls came together a few feet from him, and Hal’s eyes widened as Callie dropped her head down to lift and cup one of Sheena’s heavy tits. She opened her mouth, and ran a small tongue over the hard nipple. Sheena gasped as her friend began lapping away at her tits, her own hands roving over Callie’s form.

Within moments, the show had progressed and Sheena was writhing half-out of the Jacuzzi, her legs open and Callie’s head between them, eating her out. The Asian babe was leaning forward in such a way as to present Hal with the sight of her bronzed form, and he could make out her pert ass swaying under the surface of the water.

At Sheena’s beckoning, he came forward and pressed himself hard in against Callie, his cock sliding up between her ash cheeks once against as he put his hands to her hips and ground himself hard against her taut form. Sheena moaned delightedly, pinching and pulling at her tits as Hal grabbed a fistful of Callie’s hair, wedging her legs apart with his feet and lining up his cock to enter her.

She writhed in pleasure as he began to ride her, continuing to pull firmly back on her hair with one hand, the other under the water and firm on one tanned hip. Sheena’s orgasm was nearing, and her hands had dropped to her friend’s head, urging her tongue to even greater heights. Then she was coming, shouting Callie’s name and her large tits rippling with pleasure, her hands clenching alongside Hal’s in her friend’s hair.

Callie looked over her shoulder at him then, her face slick with Sheena’s juices. Her voice was ragged with pleasure as she spoke. “Hal, fuck my ass…”

Sheena whimpered with delight, and slipped down into to the water alongside Hal, helping him to manoeuvre Callie forward and bend her over the edge of the Jacuzzi where she had been sitting herself. Callie was now more fully out of the water, and he delicious asscheeks were parted for him by Sheena’s hands. Hal hesitated a moment, still fucking her pussy with his cock. Anal was something he’d always wanted to try, but somehow never had the opportunity. Now, he was at a loss quite how to proceed. Callie was moaning away at him, but was there anything more to it than simply jamming his cock in there and banging away?

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