The Test

The music was pumping and the club was steamy from the press of over 700 undulating bodies. Even though I was wearing only a matching cropped tank and front zip mini skirt with spiked boots I was glazed with a sheen of sweat. It didn’t help that the outfit was all red latex, it looks and feels fabulous but doesn’t breathe well…especially in a crowded club. My hair was water slicked back from the bottles being sprayed into the crowd for cooling purposes and tucked behind my ears to prevent it from whipping into the eyes of other dancers on the packed floor. I have a thing for latex… I can’t keep my hands off anyone wearing it and become extremely turned on by running my fingers over a smooth piece of rubber. My body is well toned from hours in the gym every week and I have been blessed with full breasts that fill the top nicely, spilling out over the low cut, skin tight piece of material.

My two best friends, Emily and Stacy, and I were out for what could be our last night together. Dancing, celebrating Emily’s promotion and fat pay raise but along with the perks Emily would be transferring over 2,000 miles away to Buffalo and we had promised her it would be a night she would never forget.

Anyone of us alone would never fail to turn a few heads, when together we could cause car wrecks. Emily was petite and well sculpted. She looks exactly like the ballet dancer she is in a semi sheer, black camisole blouse. It was easy to see her perky breasts and small pink nipples were begging to be suckled. Stacy was the Amazon woman with flaming red hair and nails to match. Her thigh high leather heels and attitude left no doubt that she is in charge and felt powerful. We had been switching dance partners all night, not letting one man get too much attention or shunning a male partner all together to caress, stroke and kiss each other on the dance floor. We were all breathing heavily and I knew it would be time to go back to my condo soon. I had spent a good part of the afternoon preparing it for the evening and went over it mentally, room by room, to make sure I hadn’t forgotten any essentials.

Leaving them to finish a dance I broke away to get a much needed drink from the bar when my name was called by a familiar male voice. Turning with fresh drink in hand I am caught off guard when I am picked up and kissed deeply and fully by a tall, strong man. A he put me down I laughingly teased him “Where have you been? I was worried we were going to have to start without you!” He responded by bending down and wrapping me close for another kiss, I could feel the outline if his already hardening cock through his club slacks and his muscular chest and erect nipples through his thin t-shirt. Mike and I had been dating for a year and marriage had been spoken of seriously, but first I had to know if he was truly the loving and generous man I thought he was.

Licking a bead of sweat off my neck he mock growled “I’ve been watching you and your friends and I may have to punish you for having so much fun abidinpaşa escort without me. I think though, since it is Em’s night, I’ll make you wait while I fuck her first” This is exactly the kind of generosity I want him to show me tonight and I feel a gush of wetness thinking of his hard cock in my friends wet pussies. Sliding his hand up my inner thigh he easily pulls aside the thin material I am wearing as panties and thrusts two fingers deep inside me. Feeling me already begin to quiver he grabs my hair hard enough to pull my back against the bar while he finger fucks me and bites my neck and chest. When I arch my chest into his mouth and moan he takes it as his cue to kiss me goodbye and head to the dance floor to attend to my friends. Finishing my drink in two swallows I turn and follow, anticipation making me weak in the knees.

20 minutes later we all agree we are ready to leave and gather our cloaks while Mike, ever the gentleman, calls the limousine he rented to take us home. Once inside the limo what little inhibitions we were still clinging to are lost and clothes come off or are pushed aside in a fury of motion and energy. Stacy, Emily and I are seated, fondling each others tits and locked in a three way kiss. Mike slides Emily’s short skirt up over her toned ass and buries his face into her dripping wet pussy, gripping her hips hard. Emily, already hot from hours of foreplay in the club begins to ride his face, bucking her hips and pulling at his hair and shoulders. I can see by her face she is soon going to have the first orgasm of the evening and as one Stacy and I suck harder and faster on hard little nipples, goading her on. When Emily cries out and comes in a magnificent gush on Mikes’s face Stacy moves in on him to lick it off while I move up to kiss Emily deeply and slide my own fingers into her hot, wet cunt, drawing a few final shudders out of her as I fold her open to slide my fingers in as deep as they will go.

Laughing about our failure to hold off until we got home we wrap our cloaks around our almost nude bodies and make a mad rush to the front door, letting ourselves in while Mike grabs the unopened bottle of champagne and tips the driver goodnight. Knowing we would need fuel for the evening I had pre-prepared cold trays of gourmet meats, cheeses, crackers and fruits which I serve while Mike and Stacy tend to pouring champagne. The best thing about sex with friends is it is the ability to laugh and it wasn’t long before we had Stacy covered in whipped cream and I was licking and eating strawberries out of her navel while Emily poured champagne over Stacy’s shaven mound and down her sweet pussy lips so Mike could lap it up slowly and teasingly until it was she, the dominant one, who was begging for him to make her come. Showing mercy he finally took pity on her and sucked her clit until she was convulsing in ecstasy. The clothes had come off slowly this time and all eyes were drawn to Mike’s magnificent cock, bound at the base altındağ escort in the cock ring I had bought him especially for this occasion. The ring couldn’t contain a single drop of precum that slid down the tip of his rock hard member. My best friends showed their respect and appreciation to the man I love by kneeling below him, taking turns sucking his smooth balls and licking his beautiful, bound cock.

Stepping out to inventory the toys I had just purchased from Red Hot Parties I had placed on the nightstand next to my Kalifornia King size bed one last time and checking the lock on the patio as a precaution, laughing as I did so. As I moved about the back rooms I would catch glimpses of them on their knees in front of him, he occasionally gripping a head to pull himself into a willing mouth deeper. Their moans and slurping carried across tile floors above the sound of the CD I had in as mood music. I knew with the cock ring on he wouldn’t come too soon and they had time to enjoy themselves before Emily’s final surprise of the evening.

Moving the party back into the bedroom took little coaxing on my part as we were all ready for some real cock action. Laying Emily back unto the bed we moved unto and over her as one- licking, sucking, biting and fondling her. Mike, moving very slowly, entered her as Stacy and I gave her one final kiss before turning our attentions to each other and the assortment of Dildo’s and strap ons waiting for us.

Laying back, ready to enjoy some attention to my own so far neglected pussy I watched Stacy choose her weapon carefully. Taking her time she picked each dildo up and examined it, licking the tip before sliding just the tip into me. The anticipation is antagonizing, every time I feel a rubber head part my lips I want to arch to take more… but I know if I do she will withdraw it all together and I will be forced to lick and suck her until her feelings are appeased and she is ready, once again to let me have my turn at coming. Choosing the largest of the bunch she leans down and whispers ” I’m going to make you scream” before shoving it hard and fast into my slick hole. Arching my back to take it all my hand finds Mike’s ass pumping his cock slowly and deeply into Emily’s tight cunt and, to my surprise, Stacy’s other hand holding a small dildo which she is sliding deeper into Mikes tight asshole. Stacy is fucking us both, the thought of it sends me over the edge and I my nails rake Mike’s ass cheek as I ride wave after wave of pleasure. Feeling Emily’s walls constrict in orgasm Mike lifts her up and drives himself into her faster and deeper until Emily and I are screaming and coming together. Not losing momentum; he rolls and pulls her on top of him, blocking her view as the patio door opens silently.

Rick is Mike’s best friend, who had moved away shortly after college, neither of my best friends know his face. As planned he has been waiting on the private patio, watching through the carefully positioned curtains bahçelievler escort until it is his turn to give Emily what she has always wanted. Emily is coming so hard at this point she doesn’t even notice his weight shift the bed as he climbs up behind her. I grab Stacy’s hand and drag her off the bed, pushing her face first against the settee, ordering her to stay while I snatch the dildo I have already chosen off the nightstand and strap it onto myself. Mike reaches up and pulls Emily down for a deep kiss just as Rick’s hands come up behind her to fondle her breasts. The look of surprise and shock on her face is priceless. Mike leans up and whispers “This is your night Emily and we are giving you what you have always wanted but have been too afraid to do on your own. This is almost exactly the fantasy you shared with Stacy and Dawn in the sauna at the club. Don’t look back at his face and enjoy it” As Mike reaches under her, finally unsnapping his cock ring, Rick slides his well oiled finger up her virgin back door, preparing her for his throbbing member. Finishing the last snap on my own strap on I kneel behind Stacy and poise to thrust in time with Rick. Wrapping my fingers through Stacy’s hair I turn her head to watch the dreams of her friend come true on the bed. As one~ Mike, Rick and I thrust into our women’s holes, hearing them scream in pleasure in unison.

Feeling a little spiteful for Stacy merciless teasing of me earlier I show her no mercy; fucking her cunt harder and deeper, pulling her head back by her hair, spanking her ass pink, grinding down on the dildo cleverly hidden in the lining of my strap on, fucking myself as I fuck my best friend. Emily is pinned between two huge men, their cocks buried to the hilt, filling her as she has never been filled before. Her breathing is heavy and shallow, head tossing from side to side in complete abandon unable and unwilling to stop the orgasms that are racking her body over and over again. Harder and faster we fuck until as we started to together we come together, my own cum mixing with Stacy’s and running down my thighs making my grip on her ass cheeks precarious until I slip out. As a final gesture of defiance I position the head of my own dildo at the opening of her ass and slowly slide it in, making her grunt with pleasure and pain. Laughing I say ” You like what Emily got? Tease me like that again and next time it’s your turn” Knowing full well that that is exactly what she wants.

Rick slides his spent member out of Emily, leaving her lying on my mans chest and heads to the bathroom to shower and find the spare clothes I had hidden for him earlier. Stacy and I move to the bed where we can suck the man cum out of Emily and cuddle around Mike a bit before it is our turn to shower. Hearing the click of the front door we lazily head into the steamy walk in shower alcove and turn both shower heads up to high heat. Soaping Mike’s strong chest I remember his promise of earlier to me ” I’ll make you wait while I fuck her first” does that mean I will feel his cock in me before the night is over? With a questioning look in my eye I slide my hands down his abdomen, smiling when I encircle his once again erect manhood. Leaning in he whispers “I love you and I always keep my promises”

I wonder if Rick and Emily will fly back for the wedding?

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