The Tattoo


Damn what a week.

Monday seemed like a month ago after the blur of the last five days. Non-stop meetings and deadlines had me feeling like a spring wound just a little bit too tight. Tonights session in the gym though, just what I needed. Each rep of the routine, every chance to slam the weights felt like another annoyance of the week dropping off my shoulders. As usual I left class exhausted but giddy with endorphins playing merry havoc on me.

After the post class chat I walked briskly back to my car, the chill air biting into my tights. The sweater over my sport top doing nothing to stop the freezing damp breeze cutting through me. Hopping into my car I turned up the heat, cursing halfheartedly as the cold air blasted though the vehicle. Quick check of my phone found 3 email waiting. I looked at the clock and with a smile closed the email and checked my notes. Whatever it was will wait I thought with a smug smile.

I had a reminder to drop by the store to pick up some more supplements. I looked at the clock again and figured, meh only take a minute and save me a run tomorrow. Blasting the radio I pulled out of the lot on my way, head bobbing along with the music. The drive to the store, quick hop downtown really, only took the usual ten minutes so I was still giddy when I arrived. The lots in front of the store were empty, hardly suprising on a friday night, so I was able to pull right up. Leaving my now warm car to get back into the cold air was less than fun as I hopped over the snowbank onto the sidewalk and entered the store.

The store was so warm when I went in I let out a big sigh as the door closed behind me. I looked to the counter as I heard the light laugh.

“Oh hey Cindee!” I said wiping my shoes on the mat.

“Hi, Crossfit or climbing night?”

Cindee was a shorter girl, maybe 5’6, with shoulder length blond hair framing a somewhat broad face. A amature powerlifter, aiming for the olympics in the next couple years, she is powerfully built in her short stature. Sitting on the stool behind the counter I felt a moment of envy looking at her shoulders and arms filling out the light zip up jacket she was wearing.

“Crossfit night.” I said with a smile looking her way. I brushed a imagined hair from my forehead, my hair in a ponytail for class, as I stepped inside.

“Ah ok,” she said slipping off her stool and walking around the counter. “So what are you needing tonight then?”

Despite myself I chuckled slightly with the question.

“Oh you know,” laughing, “bit more pre-workout and I’m low on protien shakes.”

I always admired Cindee’s physique and couldn’t help but enjoy watching her walk around the counter. Her legs in the black tights looked so powerful and shapely, the swell of her türkçe alt yazılı porno calfs and thighs flowing into an amazing shaped ass. Her broad shoulders, the zipped down top really accentuating the look, seemed to sway as she walked toward me.

Standing beside me, shoulders almost touching my side, I felt a tightness in my chest. Looking over the selection on the shelves I couldn’t help but feel her presence beside me, slightly in awe of the younger woman. I inhaled quietly, the smell of her flooding my brain for the moment and I felt myself leaning her way oh so slightly so we just barely touched.

Was it the post workout endorphines? I don’t know. We chatted about what I was currently using and I know I heard her reccomendations, but I was not listening. My eyes kept slipping past the shelves to look down at her, the feel of her standing so close, a never ending distraction. Did she notice I was barely paying attention? Did she notice me leaning closer?

She moved to the side a moment to grab a container of a different pre-workout and my eyes slipped across her chest.

“Hey is that new?” I said suddenly.

Cindee had a smaller breasts, not like my annoying DD’s, but with the top zipped down of her jacket I couldn’t help but notice the large tattoo in her clevage.

Pausing in her supplement talk a moment she blushed lightly. “Is what new?”

“The tattoo!”, I said leaning forward, ” When did you get that?”

Her fingers brushed against her cleavage, slightly self conscious. “Oh about a week ago. Had it done over across the way there.” Nodding to the parlour across the park.

It had ben a couple weeks since I had been in so it made sense that I had not seen this yet.

“Nice work,” I said leaning forward, my hand coming up to trace the pattern, “Looks really good. Really good.”

I realized with a start my fingers were tracing the outline on her skin and pulled back quickly.

“Sorry,” I stammered.

“No!”, she said loudly. “I mean, no it’s ok”

The silence was heavy. I looked into her eyes, feeling the strong connection of the moment like electricity between us. Barely able to speak in a whisper I asked,

“Is there more to it?”

We looked at each other for another moment, time seemed to stretch. I felt myself holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

She stepped back and quickly shut off the open sign and locked the door.

“Um sorry, I’ll ah. yeah.”

Stepping forward she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back room of the store. I followed along held by her powerful grip and not the least bit interested in resisting. The back room was a simple breakroom, no special ammenities but a table and chairs doeda porno with a washroom to the side.

Stepping in she nudged me to the wall, probably harder than she planned, and stood in front of me.

“So you wanted to see the rest?” She said. Her speech fast and excited I found myself caught up in her excitement.

“Yeah I do…”

I held her gaze as I said it, feeling the almost overwhelming sense of excitement building. I held my breath as she unzippered her jacket, draping it on the back of a chair. She held on a moment, looking at me again as she held the bottom of her tank top. I nodded slightly and reassured, she pulled her top quickly over her head.

My eyes dropped to take in her exposed chest and the amazing tattoo. Cindee has smaller breasts and usually didn’t bother with a bra, so I was able to take her in all at once. The black line tattoo started mid upper chest, tracing into her cleavage and under her breasts. The celtic style pattern seeming to offer its own support.

My eyes roamed over her body taking her all in. The swell of her rounded shoulders and traps, across her breasts and down to her tight abs. The light definition reminding me that she was getting into bodybuilding as well as powerlifting. Strikingly feminine yet imposing.

Back to the wall, my hand reached out slowly to trace the delicate lines of the tattoo. Starting at the top my fingers traced the lines on her upper chest following the pattern between her breasts. Following the lines my fingers caressed her small breasts and I watch her closely for a reaction. Moving along her upper abs my pinky grazed a nipple and I hear her breath catch. I slowly slide my finger along her nipple while following the lines of her tattoo underneath it.

She edges closer and I bring up my other hand, fingers caressing the tattoo then my palms brushing her breasts. She inhales sharply as I brush her breasts in a slow circle, grazing the tender skin.

“Are you ok?” I ask softly.

Biting her lip she nods but seems hesitant. My mind is racing with excitement that I am touching this amazing young woman, her soft skin so hot under my hands.

A thought passes quickly, “Cindee, have you ever… you know?”

The blush in her face tells me more than she expects. Her mouth opens as I see a look of embarassment, her body starting to pull back.

I quickly hold her arm, placing two fingers on her lips gently. “No sweetie, just relax” I say softly.

Pushing off the wall I reach down and quickly pull my hoodie off, tossing it to the table behind her.

I’m wearing a sports bra under the hoodie and her eyes stare straight at my chest. Not wanting to break the tension I quickly peel the top off, my breasts dropping free from the tight top. Dropping the top by my hoodie I rub my hands over the top of them and underneath before dropping my arms to my sides, smiling as her eyes take me in following my hands over my chest.

Not taking her eyes off me her hand touches my side, slowly- agonizingly slowly- trailing up my side. She brushes the side of my breast, looking to my face quickly then back down and across my upper chest. Almost carefully the finger tips slide down my breast until her finger rests on my rock hard nipple.

I’m holding my breath, it feels so damn good but I don’t want to break the spell of the moment! Her hands cup my breasts, taking their weight with a squeeze. Her thumbs brush my nipples as she looks at me with a smile at my light gasp.

The mischevious smile makes me laugh as I place a hand on her shoulder and pull her closer. My other hand slides by her neck, grasping her hair pulling her head back. Our lips meet as she caresses my nipples, softly kissing at first then harder as she grabs my sides pulling me closer forcefully.

One of her hands drops to grab my ass, squeezing tightly almost grinding me against her. My leg slides forward to hook hers pulling her against me. Her thigh pushes between mine and I feel my pussy, so wet now, press against her.

She breaks our kiss and her hands grab both my breasts, cupping and holding them out. Eyes holding mine she leans to delicatly kiss one nipple then the other. I let out a soft laugh pulling her back to me. Smiling her tongue caresses one then the other.

“Oh fuck Cindee!” I say laughing again.

Encouraged she takes a nipple in her mouth, tongue flicking over it quickly as she gently pinches the other.

“Aaahh,” I breath out, hands gripping tight. My back arches as I look down at this young woman playing with me. My hips rock on her thigh, making her push her thigh into me further, her muscular leg moving with me.

My hips start moving faster, a building need mounting quickly. “Oh Fuck Cindee, don’t stop!”

Encouraged she starts sucking and flicking harder, her strong hands massaging my breasts. Each squeeze, every flick of her tongue filling me with a burning passion.

“Oh yes…oh fuck yes!”

I grab her so tightly, driving my body into hers as the building orgasm takes me. She takes my weight easily, never stopping as I tense. My forehead dropping to hers as I grip her hair hard, nails scratching into her shoulders.

As the moment passes I lift my head to look at her, mischevious smile still there as she licks a nipple one last time before leaning back. I kiss her hard another moment.

“Well that was unexpected. Thank you.” I say laughing at the moment as we break the kiss.

“Thank you!” She says laughing with me. “You have no idea how long I wanted this.”

“Oh its not over yet honey.”

Stepping against the wall I turn her around, changing positions. Kissing her again on the lips then across her cheek to her neck.

“Your turn.”

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