The Succbus’ Milky Bounty Pt. 02


*This chapter is from Alex’s perspective, and I apologize if it’s a little confusing from last chapter. The rest of the chapters will be from a first person perspective as well.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!


I wake up in a haze, the soreness from my breasts and nipples apparent after having been thoroughly drained. My pussy feels stretched and worked as the memories from a couple hours ago flood back into my mind, and I feel the demonic cum sitting hot inside my womb. The clock on my nightstand reads 3 A.M. and I try to get up to get a drink of water, but a strong grip holds me tight with a handful of my tit. I revel in the warm touch of the woman who had brought me so much pleasure. She’s lightly snoring behind me, beginning to stir with my previous movement. Her arm around me tightens and she lightly pinches my nipple, pulling me closer and making me giggle.

She leans close, trailing kisses up the back of my neck as she encroaches my ear. “Hello, my love.” She whispers sultrily to me, nipping my ear lobe.

“Hi.” I reply sweetly, her kisses and nips sending chills through my body.

I stretch as much as I can in her hold on me and her grip finally relents, allowing me to sit up. The light from my lamp softly illuminates the room and my gaze meets Sabrina’s, her eyes drinking in my nude form and I give my tits a shake for her. “You’re absolutely delicious, my busty goddess.” She says with a small chuckle. I recognize her hungry stare at my chest. “All empty, I’m afraid. You drained me more than that stupid pump ever could.” I say with a smile as I massage my boobs, slightly wincing from the soreness. A glance of disappointment crosses her face, but it’s gone in an instant. I look upon her body and notice her red skin, horns and most of all that giant penis had disappeared, her red eyes also back to the steely blue that could peer through your soul. She seems to be able to read my mind. “Back to my human form for now, until your sweet ambrosia is replenished.”

“That’s okay. There’s lots more fun we can have in the meantime.” I hear her say with a wink.

That wink makes my pussy throb, because I know what it means. “Let’s not get too hasty. I need a drink of water and to use the bathroom. Want anything?” She shakes her head. “No thank you. The only drink I need I’ll have to wait for, I guess.” She says with a shrug. A pang of guilt shoots through my body but I can’t help that my reserves don’t recharge faster. Oh well.

I get up to do my business. My silver blonde hair is an absolute mess as I look at myself in my bathroom mirror, so I quickly throw it into a messy bun to try and tame it. I make my way to the kitchen after using the bathroom and grab a cup out of the cabinet to fill it with water. As I watch the cup fill up from the tap, a pair of hands snake between my arms to heft up my large breasts.


I jump from the initial contact but I quickly melt into her touch as the world begins to fade around me. My head tilts back into her, and I moan from the sensual touch as she starts kissing the exposed nape of my neck.

“Ooooh… shit.” The added sensation makes me moan even louder, a throbbing fire beginning between my legs.

She pins me against the counter, her warm breath from the tender kisses on my neck and her rough handling of my tits sets my skin ablaze. I steady myself as I place my arms on the counter, giving her more room for her to have her way with my bust. She’s thorough in her examination of my chest; grabbing the underside of my tits from the base and squeezing all the way to the front, almost as if to coax some more of my milk from me. I’m squirming so much in her grip and try to get more pressure from the counter on my throbbing clit, but the more I move the harder she presses her body weight against me. Her fingers begin circling my sensitive nipples like hungry sharks and I anticipate her warm touch on my peaks. She lightly tweaks them, but even with her feather-like touch they’re overly tender from the marathon suckling.

“They’re too sensitive.” I hiss, my voice raspy and breathy. After a few more tweaks she has mercy on my sensitive nips.

Realizing my tender situation, she releases her grip on me. The outside world returns and I notice the water still running in the sink, similar to the situation between my legs. Holy fuck. She has me sopping wet. Sabrina reaches around to cut the water off as I recover from her touch.

“Thank you.” I say breathlessly.

“Waste not, want not.”

The blessed liquid hits my dry tongue and coats my raspy throat as I finally take a sip. After a few gulps I offer it to my guest, but she holds up a hand in refusal, glancing at my tits but aware of the situation so she says nothing. I finish off the water and put the cup back in the sink.

She’s looking at the fridge and reaches for the handle. “What’s a girl like you keep in the fridge, eh?” I just shrug, not exactly sure how to answer the question. “Drinks?” I say sarcastically, earning me an eye roll from the succubus. She opens it up, the light of the fridge illuminating her Eryaman Rus Escort thin figure. As she peruses the contents inside, she freezes; her gaze fixed on one specific item. She stands perfectly still for about 10 seconds, the only movement from her eyes examining whatever she’s found.

“You okay?” I ask in a concerned tone.

She pays me no mind, instead reaching in for whatever she was looking at. I see her bring out a pouch of white liquid and closes the fridge before examining what she’s now holding. My still tired brain is a bit confused before I finally realized. My breast milk. There’s a few pouches on stand by that I haven’t had a chance to donate yet. She brings the pouch closer to her face, nostrils flaring, seemingly smelling the contents. She knows.

“Do you always keep breast milk in the fridge?” She asks, seeming confused.

“Yeah. I don’t have a baby and these things never seem to stop, so I just donate it to mothers who can’t feed their own kids.”

Annoyance flashes across her face. “Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, sugar tits. I won’t let any go to waste.” I’m taken aback, the audacity of her to tell me what to do with the milk from my own body.

“Well, it’s something I enjoy doing, and it is my milk… so…”

Anger rises inside me, but her presence makes me a bit timid. Her eyes lock onto mine, peering through me and locking me into place. I can’t move, and she walks towards me with that catlike grace as she puts the breast milk on the counter.

She firmly presses me against the wall. Not painfully, but enough force to slightly draw the breath out of me; my tits jiggling wildly with the force. Her angry gaze doesn’t even break to watch my mams bounce, which is strange. Her glare makes the hairs on my neck stand on end, but why am I getting turned on? I’m now caged between her two strong arms. Her warm chest makes contact with mine as she presses into me and I gasp, her face only about an inch from mine now. I don’t know where to look. There’s nowhere for me to go. I look up into her eyes, the height difference more apparent now. Her body is so warm pressing against me, it’s intoxicating. I should be scared but I’m so wet.

“I don’t think you understand how this works, little lady. That wasn’t just a one night stand. We succubi can’t get girls pregnant, but our seed is an eternal binding between our partners.”

I bring my hand up to my stomach and still feel a slight warmth from the massive load she had so graciously given to me. Oh God… The confession makes me more horny than worried. An eternal bond with this sexy minx couldn’t be that bad… right? My horny brain is taking over. She brings her lips to mine and I instantly melt into her as she envelops me in a tight embrace. Our tongues mingle and wrestle but I miss the milky taste in her mouth. She breaks the kiss, my mouth open and slightly panting from the passion.

She puts her arms back on my flanks, making me feel small again and my pussy clenches. “In other words, you and your milk. Are mine. And ONLY mine. Do you understand?” She says in a commanding tone, making me feel even smaller.

I hesitate to answer, my eyes never leaving hers. Our staring contest is interrupted when two of her fingers dip into my wet folds, drawing a gasp from my lips. The wet sloshing telling of how aroused I am. Her thumb starts to swirl my clit and it’s making my legs weak. Her probing fingers find my g-spot, and she goes to work massaging it and my clit at the same time. The double team is having such an intense effect on me.

I’m panting loudly now, Sabrina’s eyes never leaving mine. She holds me up with one arm as she notices my legs are becoming jello. The incessant fingering and pressure on my clit are driving me crazy, and I feel an orgasm coming strong. Sensing this too, she increases the pace of those masterful fingers. I’m now moaning again, probably a little too loudly, but I couldn’t care less right now. I’m about to squirt all over this floor because of this sexy fucking demon.

“You’re so wet for me.” She whispers, and I can only moan in response. “Does this feel good? Do you want to cum? I want you to beg. Beg for it. Beg me to make you cum, you busty bitch.”

I finally find my voice. “Fuck yes! Please make me cum. Please, please, please. I’m so close.” I manage between pants.

The crest is fast approaching; that delicious climax within arms reach and I’m ready for the dam to break before she suddenly withdraws her hand from my sopping pussy.

Panting and confused at what happened, I open my eyes and find Sabrina’s again. “Only good girls get to finish. Tell me you’re mine, and I’ll let you cum.” I’m desperately searching for any friction I can get on my clit to push me over the edge but she places a thigh between my legs, just out of reach to grind against and she holds my hands to my sides. The orgasm slips away, and I squirm in frustration.

She looks down at me, awaiting an answer. Annoyed from being denied such an intense orgasm, I feel defiant Sincan Rus Escort and slowly shake my head. I meant to seem more confident, but the only thing I’m confident about is that I’m as intimidating as a small kitten right now.

“Okay then.”

No hint of emotion in her voice or on her face. She slowly backs away, the sudden absence of the warm body against me makes me shiver. She slowly grabs my waist with a tight grip and hoisted me up like I weighed nothing, throwing me over her shoulder. I squeal at the sudden manhandling and I’m a bit embarrassed that it’s turning me on.

She carries me to my room and throws me down on the bed making my melons jiggle violently with my landing. I expect her to pounce on me, but she sternly says, “Don’t. Move. A muscle.” Finger pointed at me like a gun and I comply, watching her walk back into the living room. I listen closely for what she might be doing as I hear the fridge open. From what I can hear, she starts ripping open the bags of breast milk, seemingly guzzling them down one by one as she did to me a few hours ago.

I’m waiting in anticipation as I hear her shut the fridge and throw the empty bags in the trash. That was nice, at least. Her footsteps are silent, and I only notice her shadow slowly creeping back towards the bedroom from the dim light in the kitchen. She waltzes back into the room, leaning against the doorframe with a statuesque grace. A few spots of my milk are splattered all across her mouth. Licking her lips, a wicked smile slowly creeps across her face; that hungry gaze from earlier returning. God, that look makes me gush every time.

“Amazing as always, even if it isn’t from the tap.” She giggles, as she slowly saunters to where I’m laying on the bed.

“Good girl.” She says softly, noticing I haven’t moved and lightly raking her nails across my naked body.

Oh fuck. My skin erupts with goosebumps, the effect she was having on me made obvious. Our eyes lock as her nails expertly rake across my body drawing quiet gasps from me. I feel my core begin heating up with every light touch sending electricity straight to my clit.

“Soon, my love.” I hear her say in an almost ominous tone, not sure about her meaning behind that.

My heavy chest rises and falls with anxious breath, and I notice her eyes drinking in my curvy body. Her light skin slowly gets more red as the minutes pass, and I know what’s coming. A small bulge begins forming between her legs replacing her vagina, and my pussy throbs at the memory of the absolute workout that cock gave me earlier. Oh my God…she’s gonna fill me up again. The soreness in my core returns, not sure if I can take another marathon pounding. But I know she won’t take no for an answer. She’s regained her demonic form: red skin, giant cock and all. My pussy’s absolutely dripping with anticipation, not sure what she has in store for me first.

“And now my sweet… the REAL fun can begin.” Her fangs protruding from her wide smile. I’m dripping with need.

She slowly crawls on top of me and the warmth instantly spreads through my body as her skin makes contact with mine. Finally. That hot, thick rod finds it’s way between us as she moves it across my pussy lips, absolutely drenching the underside of the shaft with my juices and making me moan loudly. What a tease! I’m waiting for that skilled (hopefully gentle!) tongue to have her way with my globes again as she makes her way up to my chest. Reading my mind, she dives in. She lightly kisses and licks the space in between my tits, and I bring my hands to the sides of them to sandwich her face.

Breathing heavily, she’s inhaling my scent as she kisses and licks up and down the valley between my tits. I enjoy the hot breath on my chest, and I alternate rubbing my huge orbs up and down across the sides of her face. She lifts her head from my cleavage and moves toward my right bap, her long, snake-like tongue making itself known again as she lathers up my entire tit, softly laughing while she tastes my skin. Her ministrations feel great, but I want more.

Sabrina does too. As my nipple hardens from her skilled mouth, she slowly winds her tongue around the nub in a painfully tight grip. “Ohh! Sensitive!” I yelp and move my hands to either side of her head to try and push her away. Her neck muscles are incredibly strong as to not even budge from my pushing, and she snaps her hands to my wrists to pin them above my head, making me gasp.

She has me completely immobilized; her lower body pinning my legs and her impossibly strong grip keeping my hands locked above my head. I’m fully exposed to this sexy demon yet again, and my clit throbs at the feeling of helplessness. The tongued assault on my nipple continues with a tighter grip than she had before, making me squeal. “Oh fuck!” The sensation is becoming painful as she’s unrelenting in her attack on my nips.

She finally clasps her mouth on my tit and begins to suck, a welcome break from the tight grip from her tongue. I spoke too soon as she captures the nipple between her Etlik Rus Escort teeth, beginning to lash at it with her tongue as she bites down.

“Oh shit! Please, it’s too sensitive!!” I almost scream, wiggling like crazy underneath her trying to escape the oral assault on my sensitive titties.

I fight against her grip but her hands won’t budge. She repeats the same treatment on my other tit and I just have to endure it. Squirming, thrashing and squealing as my tits and nipples are overwhelmed with sensation. As painful as the sensitivity is, my nipples have a direct line to my clit. Every lick, suck and bite adding more fuel to the liquid fire growing between my legs.

Appearing sated for the time being as I have no milk for her to drink, her mouth leaves my tits. Thank God. I’m breathing heavily as I recuperate from the oral abuse. She raises herself further up my body and I watch that thick rod make it’s way closer and closer to my face until it’s front and center, parking itself between my melons. A perfect fit. Her hefty balls almost burn holes in me as they lay heavy on my skin, and my eyes are glued to the throbbing cock bouncing tantalizingly in front of my face. I can almost reach the head with my tongue, and I want to taste that thick drop of precum so fucking badly.

Sabrina finally releases the grip on my wrists, and I start to rub them because they’re a bit sore. She’s being a lot more rough tonight. Grabbing both of my tits in a firm grip, she sandwiches the thick mass between my soft pillows. “Ooooh.” I coo, enjoying the heat between my tits. She thrusts back and forth like a saw through the deep valley, and the view was sexy as hell though the friction was becoming a little painful. She must have felt the same as she releases the grip on one of my orbs to reach behind her. Those wonderful fingers enter my snatch again but they don’t stay long; only diving in to bathe the demonic phallus with my copious juices. It becomes shiny with my liquid arousal as she slowly strokes herself covering every inch. It’s truly a gorgeous sight and I lick my lips.

After thoroughly coating her penis with my juices, she brings her soaked fingers to her mouth and slowly licks the moisture off of them with her long tongue, coiling around each finger so as not to miss a single drop. “Exquisite. Want a taste?” I gulp, and slowly nod. She dips her fingers back inside of me to scoop out the warm honey pooling in my wet center. The red fingers approach my face, drenched and dripping with my nectar as the smell pervades my nostrils. Oh fuck.

Sabrina traces my lips, covering them with juices and coaxing me to open my mouth before slowly inserting her fingers inside, coming to rest on my tongue. It gets to work covering every inch and I moan at the taste. I taste… really good! The tangy flavor coating my taste buds was making me even more wet, if that was possible. Sabrina gasps as my tongue extensively cleans and sucks her fingers.

Too soon she removes them from my mouth, turning her attention back to the throbbing member between my luscious mounds. She presses them together with her hands creating a tight, fleshy sheath, and slowly begins to drive into them. Much better. I look down to see the head peaking out form my cleavage after each thrust, dangerously close to my mouth. It bumps my chin a few times, so I tilt my head down to engulf the bulbous crown on it’s return trip up. The taste is euphoric. My juices coupled with the immense precum that’s leaking from the head make me moan from the flavor as I suck on the warm, fleshy bulb.

I thought Sabrina would enjoy the sensation, but she rips her hand off my tit to pull my head from her cock. “Did I say you could suck it?” Scolding me, almost like a parent. I freeze, not knowing how to answer. Her hand finds it’s way to my throat as she began lightly choking me. “Bad girls deserve to be punished, hun. And you’ve been very, very naughty.” Oh my fucking God. My pussy gushes once more, this new side of Sabrina turning me on more and more. She takes both of my nipples between her fingers in one hand, pinching them together in a rough grip to envelop her cock once again. I try to yelp from the painful pulling on my nips but I can’t with her strong hand squeezing my windpipe.

Her thrusting resumes as the intense heat from her cock feels like my cleavage is lighting up; her weighty nutsack like balls of fire as it brushes across my torso with each movement. I begin seeing stars from her choking me, and I’m in heaven. She alternates the pressure on my throat so I don’t pass out, and a few minutes pass of her rhythmic fucking of my tits. I feel her hard cock throbbing more and more against my flesh and her balls contracting closer to her body; orgasm imminent.

My face is right in the blast zone, and I’m so ready to take that huge load all over me. I close my eyes and hold my tongue out in preparation to receive my deposit. In theme with the night so far, she removes her hand from my throat and her cock from between my tits, the disappointment prevalent on my face. But it’s so hot seeing strings of my juices connected to her cock and my tits as she pulls her sword from my fleshy stones. “My balls are so full, baby. Be a good girl and use those wonderful hands to finish me off, my milky slut. I wanna cover those huge fucking tits with my fat load.” The dirty talk coupled with the prospect of receiving that heavenly (or hellish) cream all over my tits make my toes curl.

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