The Stranger Ch. 01


Adrian fumed down his local park’s walking trail late one Saturday night. The full moon washed him in its light as he kicked a rock into the shadows. The smell of sweat and alcohol clung to his clothes, and there was a persistent ringing in his ear. Embarrassment wore itself on his face in deep shades of red. All around him were tall trees that grew denser as the path went along, and in the distance, he could see the slight shimmer of a pond.

A cool gust of wind swept by, bringing attention to the fact that his entire torso was wet with alcohol. The aftermath of having a drink ‘accidentally’ spilled on him was a miserable and lasting one. That deep maroon color wasn’t coming out, and he reeked of cheap vodka. He couldn’t manage to go home though; he didn’t want to have to see himself like that yet.

“Oops, my bad,” Chaz had said with a nonchalant shrug at the club not thirty minutes prior. He sat the empty glass at a nearby table and made his way back to his friend group on the dance floor, leaving Adrian’s brand new shirt covered in a red stain. A heat built inside of him that must’ve turned his face the same shade, but stealthily snuck south as well. A few people around him stared in shock but offered nothing more than a pointed finger and whispers. He managed to get out of the building before the first tear fell. He needed somewhere to be alone, to clear his head.

The strong silence of the park was a welcome counter to the repetitive thumping of the club music. Adrian had gone numb to the cold feeling and found himself lost in a lake of his own thoughts. Feeling as if he’d never find the place he’d fit in. Completely isolated — alienated, because this asshole, Chaz, seemed to have it out for him despite not having a legitimate reason. He balled his fists and imagined giving Chaz exactly what he deserved, but just as quickly as it rose, his anger subsided. There was something else though. A quiet rumble in the distance that almost went unnoticed. Almost.

Before he could ponder on it though, a sudden wind caught him by surprise. He shielded his face, but through his fingers, he saw a large cloud engulf the moon, leaving him in total darkness. A shiver travelled from the soles of his feet to the ends of every follicle of hair on his body. He remained frozen in place as the cloud passed by. He regained his vision.

Not too far down the path was the figure of a person leaning up against an old tree. Adrian hadn’t seen them before, but something about their presence was almost magnetic. He slowly crept forward, intrigued.

As his eyes adjusted to the lighting and he got nearer, he could make out that it was a man; a stunning man dressed in all white linen. Bold choice for a night walk, but alright, thought Adrian. The man’s dark hair was a slightly outgrown buzz cut. He was clean shaven with a strong jawline, but it was his eyes that stopped Adrian in his tracks. They were a rich brown that seemed both inviting, smoldering, and laser focused all at once. Adrian gulped.

The stranger smiled a knowing smile and porno 64 nodded towards a fork in the path that Adrian had not previously noticed. Before he could get a word out, the man had already begun walking down said path. Adrian glanced back. No one was in sight. His heart pounded as he took his first step to follow.

He lost sight of the man as he walked the trail. The path was somewhat overgrown, twigs snapping under his feet with every step. Only a sliver of moonlight broke through to show the way. Pushing past a couple of branches, he came to a small clearing. There, the stranger was leaning against a waist-high boulder that was flat enough on top to support someone. The space was about ten feet in diameter and had a clear view of the night sky.

Already, Adrian could see a growing bulge in the stranger’s pants. The moonlight bounced off of him in a way that made him glow, and as Adrian stepped closer, the man smiled a warm smile as he began to unbutton his shirt. Adrian couldn’t take his eyes off of him and didn’t realize that he had come within a few inches of him until he felt the man’s breath on his neck. It made his own breath a bit shakier.

Adrian reached up and lightly slipped his fingers under the collar of the stranger’s shirt and pushed it from his shoulders. It floated off and splayed out onto the boulder. The stranger’s own fingers then met either side of Adrian’s waist before lifting up his shirt, grazing his sides all the way up, leaving a trail of desire.

Only when his shirt hit the boulder did he remember that it was still soaked in alcohol. A breeze swept between them, and Adrian felt his nipples harden. The stranger looked him over with hungry eyes. His touch was gentle as he traced lines along Adrian’s torso, eventually landing on his erect nipple, pinching ever so lightly. All of Adrian’s attention fell between those two fingers, and he let out a deep breath he hadn’t realize he’d been holding.

Adrian’s eyes fluttered shut, and before he could reopen them, he felt the softest lips graze his own. He kissed back and felt the man’s palm cover the back of his neck to hold him close. For only a moment, Adrian couldn’t move. But he found his way as he snaked his arms underneath the stranger’s and wrapped around his back, closing the space between their chests. Their body heat magnified.

Adrian felt his heart pounding against his chest as their kiss intensified. He tasted mint as their tongues found one another and began to lightly play, taking turns leading as if in a dance. The hand that had been on his nipple explored his back until it slid over his ass and gave a faint squeeze. Adrian’s body responded with an arch of his lower back.

The stranger’s member was now pressing hard against him through their pants. The kiss intensified as the two of them began to get worked up. Adrian held on tighter as if they couldn’t be close enough, and the stranger ran both of his hands down Adrian’s back until they reached into his underwear and grabbed a handful of his cheeks.

Swiftly, the porno izle stranger scooped Adrian up into his arms and gently sat him on the boulder where his shirt lay. He broke the kiss and stepped back, looking Adrian over with a fire stirring in those brown eyes. He then took Adrian’s feet and calmly removed his shoes followed by his socks, then carefully undid his pants and tugged on them until they slipped right off, leaving him in only his underwear. Adrian had never been handled like this before; delicately.

The stranger moved in between Adrian’s legs and bent down to plant a light kiss on his lips, then his neck, then his chest, one nipple and then the other, a trail down his abdomen, and landed halfway onto his waistband. Each one sending tingles out, leaving anticipation for the next. Adrian laid his head back and even though he was on a boulder, it could have been a cloud as far as he was concerned.

A light push prompted Adrian to flip and bend over the boulder. He couldn’t crane his neck far back enough to see behind him, but he felt fingers hook into his underwear and remove them, leaving him fully exposed. There was a silent moment before he felt the next kiss on his cheek. The next was an inch inwards, and another inch.

The next kiss made Adrian squirm and drew out a light whine as the stranger planted it onto his tight hole. Spreading Adrian’s cheeks, the stranger gave another light kiss. Already drenched in spit, his tongue led the next one and drew a small circle, making Adrian quiver. The stranger drew patterns, starting small and gradually building pressure until he managed to slide his tongue about an inch into him.

“Oh my god,” Adrian moaned as he closed his eyes in bliss.

Soon, his hole had gone from uptight to begging for more than a tongue could provide. His cock was pressed down alongside the boulder, leaking precum like crazy. The rimjob ended with an almost vibrational end as the cherry on top. Adrian didn’t know a tongue could move that fast, but damn, did it feel good.

The sounds of the stranger’s pants coming off and dropping the ground was music to Adrian’s ears. A cool breeze against his freshly wetted hole only grew his hunger. He pressed his ass outwards as he turned around to witness the man’s underwear fall, and he could not take his eyes off of his cock.

It stood fully erect, and it could have been Adrian’s desire raging but it was a glorious sight to see. He couldn’t help but beam with a smile. The stranger matched it as he noticed and got closer, rubbing Adrian’s cheek with one hand and spitting on himself to lube up with the other.

The first thought that came to Adrian’s mind when the stranger’s head first poked him was that he was a lot thicker than anyone he’d ever been with before. Pressure continued to build against him as his cheeks were massaged by the softest hands, and the stranger rubbed the edge of his entrance with care. Adrian took a deep breath, and when the man’s head finally popped in, he gasped.

For a moment, time stood still. Even the sex izle first bit of what was to come was enough to drop Adrian’s face into his arms as his body adjusted. Though he was already being stretched quite a bit, every moment of it was electric. Leaning into that mixture of ecstasy and ache, he let out a deep groan as he took a few more inches in in a smooth glide. The stranger let out a heavy sigh of pleasure, squeezing Adrian’s cheeks, sinking himself deeper in near slow motion.

He rubbed one hand up along Adrian’s back to squeeze his neck. Adrian had thought he was feeling good, but then proceeded to go limp with pleasure at the man’s strong hands. His hole was all access then. The stranger’s pelvis made contact with his ass as his entire length buried inside of him. Their balls pooled together, and Adrian had never felt so much pleasure at once.

After a moment of suspended bliss, the stranger picked up a steady rhythm and brought Adrian back to his body. Moans, whines, and profanities poured out of his mouth not caring that he was in a park. If someone nearby heard and decided to watch, good for them. Adrian deserved to have someone witness the best fuck of his life.

He pushed up, arching himself back towards the stranger. In response, the stranger wrapped his arm around Adrian’s torso, leaning down to roughly kiss his neck. It felt so good.

By then, Adrian’s hole had been stretched to perfectly take the man’s girth and gave no resistance. The stranger smiled when he realized and began to fuck harder, much to Adrian’s approval. He let go and braced Adrian’s hips in place as he took off.

He fucked ever harder and faster, using every muscle in his body it seemed like. In that euphoria, he became the stranger’s personal hole. Nothing could stop the flood that came out of his cock when he came like that. Adrian’s seed poured out, straight down the side of the boulder, giving it a nice coating.

Almost immediately after, the stranger pulled out, and it felt as if something were missing from him. A push prompted him to flip, and he was barely able to because his legs felt like noodles. He did though and just in time to have the stranger finish himself off right over Adrian’s cock. The hot cum shot right onto his shaft, stomach, and one spurt overflowed his belly button. Adrian watched as the man’s balls pulled up as they emptied onto him. It was a masterpiece, and it felt euphoric.

He was flooded with serotonin, so much so that he couldn’t help but giggle in pleasure from how good their orgasms were. Carefully, he laid his head back to catch his breath and gather himself. His chest heaved up and down for a few moments.

“Holy fuck, that was amazing. You are–,” he started, but by the time he had looked up, the stranger was gone.

Confused, Adrian looked around. The man had disappeared. He’d heard nothing and there was no sign of him besides the shirt that Adrian had been laying on. Sitting up, he felt the mess dripping down his stomach.

Making sure that no one was around, Adrian scooped some of it up with his index finger and licked. It tasted even better than he’d imagined. He continued to clean himself off this way until there was nothing left.

Eventually, he got dressed and headed home. Alone.

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