The story of Beth


I will admit that I have been pretty lucky. I have been with stunning looking women. Women with huge tits and little tits. Tall and short women. Black and White. Some women that were sexually open to any and all of my wishes. Some women that sex was very memorable and some women that sex was downright forgettable. This is obviously about a very memorable encounter.

One particular women, Beth, I was sexually involved with was open to all kinds of things. Our relationship, if you want to call it a relationship was strictly sexual. We never went out. Sometimes I would sleep over at her apartment.

When we did get together, she always asked me what I wanted to do. Our first sexual encounters were plain old vanilla sex. Missionary fucking and blow jobs. One day I thought, can I push the envelope. I was fucking her doggie style and looking down at her. Her brown puckered ass looking inviting. I put my finger on it. I got no reaction. I pushed harder and moved my finger in circles. She moaned a little. I kept pumping and moving my finger. Beth said “Well, are you going to put that finger in me?” I was really horny and looking at her boobs hanging and looking at her ass was hot. I said “No, I was going to put my cock in your ass.” She said “What are you waiting for?” I almost came right ateşli gaziantep escort then. I pulled out of her pussy and leaned down to lick her ass. I thought I would get it wet. I aimed my steel hard cock at her hole and pushed. It went in with ease. The head disappeared. She pushed back and my entire cock was swallowed up by her ass. She rocked her body back and forth. In an instant, she moved forward and my cock popped out of her ass. She swung around and swallowed my cock. I was already close to cumming. I said “I am going to cum”, and I unloaded shot after shot of hot cum in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

We were getting together quite often. We progressed to toys, one in her pussy while I was in her ass or the toy in her ass while I was in her pussy. Sometimes a toy in her ass and a toy in her pussy while she was sucking my cock. I would take the toy out of her pussy or ass and lick it clean. Sometimes she would lick it clean. There were times I would have a vibrator in my ass while she was giving me a blowjob.

The progression continued with chocolate and whip cream. Licking whip cream off of her tits. Beth licking whip cream off of my cock. The spray whip cream was the best. I really liked spraying bakımlı gaziantep escort the whip cream from her pussy all the way at to her ass, and licking it clean. I even put the nozzle in her ass and sprayed. I got the privilege of licking her ass clean. She would even put the nozzle in my ass and lick me clean.

One evening we were at her place, naked and getting frisky. Beth said to me “When you are fucking my ass, I want you to pee in it.” I was caught off guard. She had never really told me what she wanted to do sexually. Plus, I have never peed in someone anywhere. I though for a few moments and told her I would try. I got her lube. She got on her hands and knees. I lubed my rock hard cock. I put some lube on my finger and slid it in her ass. I put some more lube on her ass. I slid my hard cock in her ass. It went in with ease with all the lube. She said “Tell me when you are going to pee. ” I said “Ok.” Let me tell you, have you ever tried to pee with a hard on? It is difficult enough to pee with a hard on, but to add to the difficulty, I was so ready to orgasm. It is not that easy. She started rocking her body back and forth. I said ” If you keep doing that, you are going to get a load cum in your ass.” She kept pumping bayan escort anyway. There was no holding back. I said “Beth, I am going to cum in your ass!” I grabbed her hips with my hands and I pushed my hips forward hard and unloaded a load of cum in her ass. I shot load after load deep in her. To me, it felt like a firehouse spraying every where in her ass. She said ” Keep it in there, don’t take it out.” My erection was disappearing. My cock was getting soft. I knew she wanted me to pee in her. I tried to think about peeing, and not her and sex. I relaxed a bit. After a few minutes, I actually felt the urge to pee. I said” I think I may be able to pee. Do you still want it?” She said “Yes.” I said, “Here it comes”, and with that I started peeing in her ass. She was wiggling around. I thought my cock would come out of her ass. I grabbed her hips and pushed forward so my cock would stay in her. She reached under and played with her clit. I could feel her ass muscles contracting on my cock. She was saying “Fuck, Fuck,Fuck!” I knew she was having an orgasm. I will admit, it was quite a turn on. I slid my cock out and some urine leaked out on the bed. She said “I cannot remember cumming that hard. Did you like it?” I said “I really did.”

We progressed to me taking the pee and cum drippings in my mouth and sharing it with her. Most of the time that got me so horny, I was ready for a blowjob, which she always gave me.

My question, Has anyone done that or had it done to them? Was it a turn on? If someone asked you to do it, would you? Have you asked anyone if you could do it to them?

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