The Stork Twins – Part 2


The twins had told me before that their father was a builder, and he had built matching bedrooms for them that were a mirror image of each other, with a shared en-suite bathroom between them. They each had a double bed in their room, and since I had met them, I had been down there a few times before. They had told me before that they often slept in the same bed together, but I had just thought it was a twin thing, but now that I knew about their sexy girl fun times, it all had a new meaning. We turned left at the end of the hallway into Erika’s room, and she walked in and sat on the side of her bed, facing Tanya and me. Just inside the doorway, Tanya stopped and embraced me. I’m six feet one and she was tall enough to look me almost straight in the eye and she said, “You know, Erika and I are twins, and we share just about everything, but we’ve never shared a guy before.”“It’s a first time for me, too,” I answered, and from the bed, Erika said, “Looks like it’s a first time for all of us. We’ll just have to make it up as we go along.” She smiled and patted the bed next to herself, on her left. Tanya and I walked to her bed, and I sat on Erika‘s left, and Tanya sat on my other side. I wasn’t really sure what to do next, or whether I should make a move, but after a brief moment, Erika pulled me towards her and kissed my mouth. Her kiss was warm and sexy, and after she broke the kiss, Tanya said, “Why don’t you move up on the bed, Troy.”As Erika said that, she gently placed her hand on my chest, kind of urging me to lie back, and I moved back on to the centre of the double bed. Tanya scooted back on the bed to kneel on my left, and Erika turned and knelt on my right. My cock was now quite hard and there was a serious lump in my jeans, and Erika looked at it and held a hand over it for a moment, saying, “Do you mind if I touch it?”I nodded my head, and, “Go ahead,” and Erika placed her thumb and forefinger on each side of my tool through my jeans and gently stroked along its length.She glanced at Tanya, who was also looking intently at my erection, and she said, “How about we get these jeans off?”I nodded again, but didn’t speak, and Erika unclipped the stud on my jeans, and then pulled the zipper down. Both girls then started to slip my jeans and underpants down and I lifted my hips from the bed to assist, and Tanya slipped off the bed to take my shoes off. Then Erika peeled my jeans off along my legs and dropped them on the floor, as Tanya got back on the bed. My erect cock was now exposed and I felt slightly self-conscious, but I said, “That’s teamwork,” to the girls after they had half undressed me in no time flat.The twins were now looking at my hard cock, and its tiny dribble of precum, with Tanya on my left and Erika on my right. Erika ran her thumb and forefinger along its length again, this time without my jeans on, and I shivered at the sensation. She said to Tanya, “What are we going to do with this?”Tanya replied, “I think if we put our heads together, we’ll think of something.” They both leaned in and kissed each other on the mouth, holding the kiss for a moment. Then, they broke their sexy kiss, and Erika put her head down, taking the end of my cock in her mouth. She had just the sensitive head in her mouth, and she gently teased with her tongue as she moved her head up and down. I felt myself gasp at the sweet sensation of Erika’s mouth on my cock, but then she lifted her head, and Tanya moved in, taking a little more of my hard cock in her mouth than Erika. Tanya moved her own head up and down a little more vigorously than Erika who looked on approvingly, and I wondered if I could handle much more of this without cumming in Tanya’s mouth. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to spoil the moment, but after a few moments of gently sucking my cock, Tanya lifted her head, glanced at Kıbrıs Escort me, and then the girls kissed again.They broke their kiss, and then it was Erika’s turn again. She repeated her previous technique, taking just the head in her mouth, using her lips and tongue to take me closer to the edge, but then she moved down, taking more of my cock, turning her head to work her tongue down the sensitive underside. I was about as close to cumming as I had been so far and felt I should warn them. I was a little surprised at how strained my own voice sounded, but I said, “Just letting you know, I might cum in your mouth if you keep that up. You okay with that?” Erika lifted her head and smiled at me, and Tanya turned to do the same.“We must be doing it right, then,” Erika said and looking at Tanya, she added, “but we better slow it down a little. Make this last.” Tanya now moved her head down, turning sideways and putting her lips around my shaft, and stroking with her tongue, while Erika went back to working the head of my cock with her own mouth. Incredibly, I now had my cock in both of the girls’ mouths and I could barely believe it was happening. The sweet sensations going through me were building up, but I kind of realised I was not really giving anything back here, and I looked across to my left at Tanya’s bottom, in that plaid uniform skirt. She was down on all fours, with her legs bent and her head at my cock, so her skirt was pulled up and I could see the crotch her white cotton panties, stretched across her vulva, moulded to her shape down there. I reached over with my left hand and gently ran it up her right thigh towards her pussy, but I paused for a moment, wondering if I should go further.I thought, seeing what the girls were up to with my cock, there was no reason for me not to touch their pussies, so I gently caressed Tanya’s pussy through those cotton panties and then probed between her lips through the material with my thumb. Without even lifting her head, Tanya kind of undulated her hips a couple of times to signal her acceptance, so I worked the middle finger of my left hand around the left side her gusset, feeling first the hair on her labia and then the moist, warm slickness of her pussy opening. I probed a little at the entrance to her womanhood, and then withdrew my finger, bringing it to my mouth for a taste of her juices. She was sweetish and tangy, and I felt a surge of excitement at the taste, and then I reached back over and gently caressed her pussy again, before reaching up under her skirt to find the waistband of her white bikini briefs. I pulled at the waistband and exposed her buttocks first, and then I got a better grip on her panties and pulled them down her thighs.Tanya lifted her head from my cock, leaving Erika to keep on working her mouth around the head and she looked back at what I was doing, smiled, and lifted her right leg so I could get her panties past her knee. Then she turned to go back to work on my cock, but she now lifted her left leg to allow me to take her panties off completely, and I slid them along her long legs and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. I looked at her pussy, stretched open by the position she was in, with the pink pucker of her anus on full display. The tiny entrance to her pussy was pouting slightly, oozing a trickle of fluid between her parted inner lips, and the recess between them was glistening with her fluids. I worked my finger again into her pussy, being as gentle as I could despite my excitement as both girls worked on my hard cock with their mouths. Once my finger was in as far as it could go, I finger-fucked her gently, with a slight twisting motion, and once again she undulated her hips, matching their movement to the gentle thrusting of my finger.I looked to my right and saw that Erika’s Lefkoşa Escort bottom was further away, but as I gently stroked my finger inside Tanya’s slick, slippery vagina with my left hand, I ran my right very gently along Erika’s lower left leg, and she turned her head a little, as she worked my cock with her own mouth, and then shuffled slightly, so she was closer to me. I ran my hand further up her thigh towards her bottom, with those denim shorts stretched tight from the position she was in, and I fondled her pussy through the crotch of her shorts. Even with all that material between my hand and her pussy, I could feel the humid warmth as I bladed my hand and ran it down the groove.While all this was happening, the twins were still taking turns with my cock, or sharing it, with Erika’s sweet mouth around the head, and Tanya attending to the shaft, and playing with their pussies was helping to take my mind off the amazing sensations they were giving me, so I felt I could keep this going a little longer. I began to work my long finger around the right side of the crotch of Erika’s denim shorts and inside her panties, once again as with Tanya, feeling the hair on Erika’s labia, and the warm slickness of her birth canal. With those shorts on, I could only get my finger I halfway inside her, but I felt another hot wave of excitement as I lay there, with two identical twins sucking my cock, while I played with their oozing pussies.I looked over at Tanya’s pussy again, and I realised I wanted to taste it. I gently withdrew my finger and placed my left palm against the side of Tanya’s left thigh and nudged gently. She lifted her head from my cock, turned back again with a half-smile, and shuffled closer to me, and then lifted her right leg over me. I felt another hot surge of excitement as she mounted me in the sixty-nine position, and as she did so, Erika also took her mouth from my cock and I heard her say, “That’s my girl,” with a tone of approval in her voice.Tanya shuffled back now, pushing her warm, oozing pussy into my face, while I continued gently fondling the inside of Erika’s cunt with my finger. I had not had my face buried in a girl’s pussy like this since Cindy broke it off with me, and for a moment, I took it all in. Tanya’s pussy was spread wide, inches from my face and I took in the scent, feeling the urge growing in me to have it, to taste it, to lick it, to fuck, and to totally possess it. Then I moved my head a little so I could gently kiss her inner labia. I kissed her there briefly, broke the kiss, inhaled gently, and then kissed her again, this time holding my kiss. Then, still kissing her like that, I used my tongue to probe gently into the recess between her inner lips. I tasted the sweetish, tangy flavour of her nectar, and then I moved my head a little more, so I could continue probing the very entrance to her pussy with my tongue.For a brief moment, in spite of what was going on in the present, I remembered back to an earlier time that day, in our English class, before lunch break at school. Tanya and Erika were sitting next to each other as they usually did, and I had looked across the room at them, and Tanya had given me a little smile, as the teacher droned on, and then she had looked back down at her book. The thought went through my mind that she had been wearing the same school uniform she had on right now, with those same white panties, encasing her pussy and absorbing the scent and the juices that came from her there. Who would have thought that later on the same day, she would be on her sister’s bed, letting me peel those white panties from her, and thrusting her sweet, succulent pussy into my face like this, presenting it to me for some loving attention?Those thoughts passed quickly through my head, but then I was back to Girne Escort the present, tasting the inner walls of the entrance to Tanya’s pussy. These were the walls that would grip on a man’s cock as he fucked her, and I briefly wondered if Trevor had ever been allowed to cum inside her when they fucked. I drew my head back slightly again, just letting the scent of Tanya’s pussy work its arousing magic on me, as I gazed at her most private places, and then with my left hand, I pushed her skirt back up so I could see better. I wrapped my left arm around her thigh so my palm was resting just above her buttocks, holding her skirt up as well. I knew from experience with Cindy that once you started getting serious with a girl’s pussy, licking and working her clit with your mouth, she would start to squirm, and I was about to get serious with Tanya, so I had my hand there to hold her in place.At the same time, I could feel Tanya’s mouth on my sensitive cock and I realised I couldn’t keep track of everything that was going on, so I stopped working my finger in Erika’s pussy, but I kept it resting in there so she knew she was still part of this whole thing. Then I moved my head a little, so I could get my lips onto Tanya’s clit. Before I did that, I gently lapped at the pool of sweet juices in the recess between her inner lips, and I tasted the extra tang of her urethra as I did so. I felt her arching her back outwards a little, pushing her pussy into my face as though she was urging me to get to work on her clit, so again I worked my head down a little further and teased at it gently, with just the very tip of my tongue. I felt a shudder through her entire body, and she made an, “Mmmmm,” sound that I heard but also felt, as she gently sucked my cock.With what Tanya was doing to my hard cock, I knew I was close to cumming myself now, but I wanted to make Tanya cum with my mouth, so I lapped at the sweet, slippery juice that was oozing from her, and I got my lips nicely coated with it. Then, I placed my lips around her clit where her labia meet to form the hood, and I began to work my mouth back and forth very gently with the underside of my tongue dabbing at her clitoris.With her mouth still around my cock, Tanya began to squirm a little, and to undulate her pelvis, so I used my left hand on her bottom to keep her from pulling away from my mouth. She continued squirming and wiggling her pelvis, and she changed her cocksucking motion to long slow strokes, as she began to moan. I could feel my chin getting covered in her slick pussy juices as I kept on working her clit with my lips and tongue, and warmth was now radiating her from her vulva onto my face. I was tasting pussy, smelling pussy, licking pussy, loving pussy, all I could see was pussy, and I was now on a mission to make Tanya cum hard with my mouth, as she continued sucking my rock hard cock with slow, sensual up and down strokes of her head.Tanya’s moaning now changed to a shuddering, gasping sound, and I felt her lift her head from my cock, so I knew she was close. I heard Erika’s voice for the first time in several minutes, and she said, “Come on girl, go for it!”I now had to push down on her bottom with my left hand to keep her in place, but I kept on working her clit, moving my head back and forth a little with my tongue pushed into her hood. I felt Tanya lifting her head higher, and now each breath she took was a shuddering gasp as she began to thrust her beautiful pussy back into my face. I kept on working that clit, sucking gently but working my mouth back and forth a little more vigorously, and then I heard Tanya’s voice, and she cried out, “Oh, God, Erika! Ohhh God!! Ohh, Troy, that’s good!!” Then, she made a sound like a little scream, as her whole body spasmed twice, and she seemed to relax a little, but straight away, she put her head back to my cock and started working it again with her mouth as though sucking it was the most important thing into the world to her at that moment.That was it for me. I had been close to coming for quite a while after watching the twins making out and then having them take turns with my…

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