The Soldier and The Cleaner Ch 3


The image of Thomas leaning back against his car that Thursday evening as I walked out of the training facility and over to his car took my breath away. This soft, gentle giant of a man leaning back with his arms crossed and feet crossed at the ankles. My God, he’s gorgeous. Why does he have this effect on me? I thought to myself.“When you told me you were a soccer player, you didn’t tell me that you were the best player on the team.” He said to me as I finally made my way to him. The grin on his face as he spoke was more than enough to make me smile.“I don’t know if I’m the best player,” I responded with false humility.I stood there trying to mask the guilt that was beginning to eat me up, my backpack over my shoulder. But, try as I might, and I did try; I couldn’t look away from that face. The fact that I couldn’t look away vexed me even more.But I also knew that he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. That thought gave me a feeling inside that I didn’t understand. It didn’t matter. I liked that feeling.I could feel the cold evening wind blow through my hair as I ran my hand through it, pulling it back out of my face. Unaware of the fact that I was preening for him. Then suddenly, very aware of the fact that he was enjoying the show that I was unknowingly giving him.For whatever our reason, we were drawn to one another somehow; neither one of us truly understood why. I could only guess that the attraction he felt for me was just as strong as what I felt for him.I mean, if we’re honest, he could find any guy to fuck, and as I just found out, so could I. So what are we doing? Right at that moment, we were trying to figure it out, I guess.All I knew at that moment was that I liked that he was looking at me wantonly. It excited me, and from the look on his face, it excited him too. But right at that moment, a part of me wanted to die. I was scared because of what I’d just done. But, then again, I hadn’t done anything wrong, had I?Fuck, it’s all so confusing!“I didn’t expect to see you here tonight,” trying to sound as innocent as possible.“Yeah, well, I guess I had to see for myself what all the talk was about.” His response caused my heart to start to race.“What talk?” Giving him a boyish grin with my response. “What are you talking about?” I continued.“I stopped by the office at the apartments, and your sister started asking me questions.” Immediately I didn’t like the sound of that.This day’s ending was becoming way too much for me to handle.“I gave her an honest answer. I let her know that I thought you were terrible at breaking into people’s apartments. But I also told her that I kind of liked you.” I was speechless when he said that.“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe,” he said with a devilish grin.I wish I could say that I found comfort in his words, but for some reason, I didn’t. This man blew into my life and had grabbed ahold of my consciousness Büyükçekmece escort with his lustful deeds and desires.I couldn’t shake him from my constant thoughts.I have never been in love, not once, so I don’t know how it’s supposed to feel. All the women that I’ve dated never made me feel like they were the one, not one of them. They never made me feel like I couldn’t live without them. They were never in my thoughts when they weren’t around me.Now not only did I allow this man to have his way with me physically, but I also couldn’t get him off of my head. But after what I’d just done no way I was developing feelings for him. Right?Because let’s be honest…Saying that I just allowed Larry to fuck me would be a bit dishonest. He might have initiated the contact, but who am I kidding? I fucked Larry, me, I fucked him. I slid down his cock; he didn’t push his cock inside of me. Standing in front of this man, I felt such guilt for doing that, and I shouldn’t!“You are overthinking this precious, relax,” I almost shit myself when he said that, thinking to myself, can he read my fucking thoughts?!“Your sister doesn’t know anything, I promise. You need to relax, stop worrying that pretty little face of yours.” He said to me, looking down at me as my soul returned to my body.“You’re pretty when you smile, smile for me, baby,” his velvety smooth voice soothing me.His words and his compliment put a big smile on my face, and without thinking, I stepped forward, reaching up, giving him a playful smack on the arm.Without hesitation, he stood up and took me into his arms, embracing me with a big hug, picking me up off the ground. Then quickly setting me back down, unceremoniously cupping my ass before giving it a gentle squeeze causing a soft moan to escape me. Then, as I looked up into his eyes, we both caught ourselves, stopping before he kissed me.For that split second, I’d lost track of where we were standing. We were out in the parking lot of the university sports complex, right there in front of God and anyone else that might be walking by. When that reality hit me, I instantly stepped back, causing Thomas to laugh as he let me go.“What? Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of a little hug? Yeah? You’re afraid of a hug?” The look in his eye and the fresh guilt in my heart.Not to mention, Larry’s cum smeared between my ass cheeks as it kept trying to squeak out of me now and again.I stood there with so many things going through my mind. I looked away into nothing. Honestly? I couldn’t tell you what I was looking at as I stared off into the distance. My mind was racing. I had only spent three days and two glorious nights with this man.He was my first, and up until half an hour ago, he was my only. Looking back to last weekend caused strong feelings to rush over me.That had been the most intense experience Çatalca escort bayan of my life. It had left me confused, with so many questions left unanswered. But, out of all those questions, there was only one certainty. I was attracted to this man as I’ve never been attracted to anyone ever before.This past weekend, he made me feel for him things that I haven’t felt for any of the girls that I’ve ever been with since I started dating. The sight of Thomas thrilled me, excited me. He’s all I’ve thought of since this past weekend, and that scares the hell out of me.Even more confusing was how I had just allowed myself to be used like some common little cock whore. I let myself be used by some jerk taking advantage of me as I rolled down the tracks on this emotional train wreck that I was putting myself on.In my attempt to get myself and my thoughts under control, I opened my mouth and proceeded to shove my foot in it.“Won’t you get into trouble? What I mean to say, you’re in the military. Isn’t it illegal to be, I mean?” I paused then before I got the chance to finish my thought.“Homosexual? Gay? A fag? Queer? Which one, David, which one am I?” Thomas’s voice was low and deep now. His eyes, cutting right through me. I stood there with this feeling of fuck me, fuck me, he’s going to kill me.I stepped back a bit more. The way he said it, his eyes, when he said those things, those names. I couldn’t tell if he was getting angry or not, but I could hear the change in his voice.I had opened a Pandora’s box because Thomas was just getting started.“You told me this weekend that you’ve never been with a man. Was that true, or were you just feeding me shit? Have you ever been with a man before me, David?A chill ran up my spine, and it had nothing to do with the evening’s weather. Thomas knew! I don’t know how he knew, but he knew what I’d done, I thought to myself.My mind went blank, and I was lost for words. I was looking up into his eyes, trying to convince myself that I should be offended! How dare he accuse me of lying!But for some fucked up reason, all I could feel was hurt and sorrow for what I’d done, and it made me angry that I felt those emotions.“Why would I lie about that? I had never been with a man until you came along, and you know this, Thomas! That was all I could think to say, and it was at that moment that I felt like a little bitch.“Are you sure?” He asked. “Are you sure you’re telling me the truth, David? Don’t fucking lie to me because that’s the one thing I will not forgive!” His words were beating me down, he wasn’t yelling at me, but he was, being crystal clear.I looked away but not before I let out one last defense of myself in a low, beaten down voice.“I wouldn’t lie to you, Thomas, you were my first, and I wish that you were my only…” The moment I heard those words come out of my Escort Esenler mouth, I wanted to scream! But, instead, all I could think was, I hadn’t done anything wrong, stop acting like a little bitch!But I didn’t say it out loud.I was lost at that point. I wanted to walk off. I wanted to leave, but my legs wouldn’t allow me to; they wouldn’t move. I could feel myself wanting to cry and wanting to know what the fuck was happening to me all at the same time!“Ok, ok, I believe you, for now. Come on, get in the car.” As he said those last words, I was still frozen. “Now, David! Get in the fucking car!”Thomas was mad, and I was confused; I was scared. Even with his slightly tan face, I could see a shade of red on him. Quietly and quickly, I did as I was told.I got in the fucking car.As we pulled out of the parking lot, I suddenly felt nauseous. Sitting there trying not to squirm in my seat as the entirety of it all started to come crashing down on top of me. I have never been attracted to any man sexually or otherwise, ever.Now, within the past six days, I was completely surrendering myself to this man. Oh, and let’s not forget that moments earlier, I had allowed myself to be used by a long-time teammate. Used like a fuck toy, to be exact.And now here I was, in a car, allowing myself to be taken away to God knows where for God knows what. I couldn’t even look at him. I forced myself just to stare out the window.Who cared if he was the only man I had ever been with before this past weekend? Who cared that before he came along, I had never once thought of being with a man? Nobody cares! Nobody fucking cares. Who was I kidding?I cared.What Thomas thought of me was the only thing that mattered to me. Right at that moment, I knew. I had fallen for a man and not just any man. I had fallen for a big strong-willed man, and right now, he was pissed.We drove around for hours in silence; it must’ve been around eleven before we pulled over on some dusty road outside of the city. It was late. I was tired, afraid, hurt, and ashamed. Why did I care? I kept thinking to myself.It’s not like there was a future for us. Come on; it was just a thing that happened. I thought to myself, he fucked you, get over it!My mind had been drifting to this past Saturday night the entire drive. Thomas had already fucked me twice the previous night, but all day Saturday, we were just guys until we weren’t.~ ~ ~As we watched a basketball game on his nice big screen set, I somehow wound up next to him. There, on the couch with my legs pulled up against my chest, Thomas had his arm around my shoulder. As we watched the game, I noticed that he started to adjust himself.That was all it took. I began to fixate on the outline of his cock through his workout shorts. Thomas noticed this, and it wasn’t long before he started instructing me on how to give a proper blowjob. I loved every minute of it. His voice, telling me what to do and how to do it.Never mind that I’ve had my cock sucked many times before, somehow his instructions seemed like a new revelation, and I wanted to get it perfect. I wanted to please him, and I did. It didn’t take me long to master the technique that I was being taught.

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