The Sissy Academy Ch. 02


“Right girlies! I think that’s everything we need!” Professor Aldridge announces. “We’ll convene in the classroom in around five minutes time.”

I’ve spent the last hour getting sized up by Professor Aldridge and Dr. Chan. I’ve been made to try on dresses, skirts, high heels, wigs, sissy gym clothes and casual outfits. I’ve also tried on countless bra’s, panties and lingerie sets. My dick is rock hard in it’s spiked cage and I could cry from the pain.

After meeting my roommates, Professor Aldridge came and took us downstairs to try on our sissy clothing as well as measuring us up properly. We were also given a crash course on the basics of makeup.

Myself and my three roommates (Sissy Jasmine, Sissy Charlie and Sissy Ananya), head into the classroom where all thirty sissies are convening. Dr. Chan and Professor Aldridge are chatting at the front of the room however once we are all seated, the room quietens.

“Sissies, I hope you all love your new outfits?” Professor Aldridge asks.

We all agree in unison. I’m currently wearing some cute pink trainers, a navy blue pair of sports leggings that cling to my legs. My bulge is almost non existent and I think you could easily mistake me for a girl if you didn’t know otherwise. On top I have a matching blue sports bra which is covered by a crop top. I’m wearing a wig that was chosen for me by Professor Aldridge that runs to the small of my back. I’ve removed my makeup although I’ve been shown how to apply it when needed.

“Good girls, you all look very pretty!” Professor Aldridge says. “Now, we’ll be serving lunch shortly. You’ll take your calorie guide to our lunch ladies, who’ll serve your portions accordingly. On your desk, you’ll also see your new water bottles! The taps in our academy will provide you with water… with a slight twist. Our water is infused with the flavour of mens cum. It’s a way for you to get used to the taste of cum, especially if you’ve never tried it before!”

I lick my lips without thinking. I’ve only ever tried my own cum before, having contorted my body in a way that had allowed me to cum into my own mouth. I’ve always loved watching alpha men cum in porn videos. Watching their thick ropes of cum shoot out of their manly cocks excites me beyond belief and I want to be able to make men cum for me too.

“After lunch, please return to this room where we’ll being your first hypno training session!” Professor Aldridge says.

We all stand and quickly move out of the classroom in an orderly fashion. I catch up to sissy Jezebel, my roommate.

“Do you think the water will taste strong?” I ask, alluding to the infusion of cum.

“Ahh you’ll get used to it honey…” Sissy Jezebel replies.

We file into the large dining room, where a few lunch ‘ladies’ are serving food. They’re all sissies, although from far I could have easily mistaken them for women.

I sit down with my roommates with my plate of boiled veg, chicken and some pasta. My bottle is now full and I take a small sip. The taste of cum is there, but it’s not too potent. It’s salty and the texture of the water is slightly thicker than usual.

“Not bad!” I say to the other sissies on my table.

Lunch flies by and before I know it, I’m back in the classroom, ready for the first training session.

“Right ladies, this afternoon you’re going to begin your hypno training! Now, this isn’t an ordinary set of videos. These videos have been designed with bursa escort professional therapists to genuinely alter your mindset. You will watch the training videos today and tomorrow you will put your training into action.” Professor Aldridge says.

Moments later, laptops are being passed around and I quickly open mine up. I connect the headset and wait for further instruction.

“Before we begin, please put these on!” Dr. Chan commands.

He passes around odd looking devices to each of us. He hands me mine and I take a closer look. It’s a very small dildo that’s been attached to a belt. I tie the belt around my head, taking the lead from the other sissies, before Dr. Chan comes and tightens it. My mouth now has a small dildo locked into it. It’s about three inches long and not too thick, so it sits fairly comfortably in my mouth. Dr. Chan then walks around and attaches tubes from each dildo to our water bottles. He gets around to me and chuckles.

“You get something better…” Dr. Chan laughs.

He takes the tube and sticks it into the exposed part of the dildo. Next he moves behind me and I can’t see what he’s doing. A few seconds later he moves on, and I’m unable to ask what’s going on with the dildo stopping me from making any sound. Before I know it, the lights have been turned off and the video starts playing.

“Close your eyes sissy…” A deep voice fills my headphones. “You’re going to see cock today… you’re going to fall in love with cock now… you’re desperate to see some cocks aren’t you sissy?”

I let out a small grunt in agreement.

“Your cock is so hard in it’s cage right now isn’t it sissy?” The voice asks.

Again I grunt, now realising the pain coming from my spiked cage.

“Open your eyes girlie!” The voice gently commands.

I open my eyes and on the screen is one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen. It’s a white mans cock, very thick and veiny. It’s got to be at least 7″ long and the pink tip makes me want to worship it. I’ve started licking the dildo in my mouth without even realising it. A stunning woman comes onto the screen and kneels infront of the cock. She kisses the cock gently at first and then passionately.

“You want to be her, don’t you…” The deep voice growls.

The pain in my dick has reached new heights and I crave nothing more than to have that cock infront of me right now instead of through a screen.

The woman finally takes the cock into her mouth and sucks as much as she can.

“Mhh good girl, suck it…” The voice coos.

I follow the woman’s pattern and dance my tongue over the tip of the dildo.

“You want to taste my precum don’t you?” The voice asks. “Good girl…”

The cock in the video releases some pre-cum onto the woman’s tongue and it feels like he’s done the same to me. Wait. He has! Or at least that’s what I’m made to believe. The dildo has actually released some water infused cum into my mouth. I swallow it eagerly, just like the woman in the video. The man in the video then grabs the back of her head and starts using her mouth like a personal fucktoy. If I could scream I would. I want nothing more than to be her.

He rams his thick cock in and out of her throat, and I’m treated to shots of water infused precum every now and then. Her head bobs back and forth eagerly on his cock and soon he’s sliding in and out of her mouth like it’s a pussy.

“Nghh” I groan.

As if reading escort bursa my mind, the man start to thrust his cock harder into her mouth.

“Fuck sissy bitch, you’re gonna make me cum!” He announces.

I lick and play with the dildo’s tip, dying for him to cum. Finally the man obliges on the video, letting thick ropey cum shoot from his cock straight into the woman’s mouth. At the same time, the dildo releases cum into my mouth… except it’s not watered down! This time it’s real cum. Thick, creamy, salty cum fills my mouth and I nearly gag with how full my mouth gets.

“Hold it in your mouth!” The voice roars at me through my headphones.

I comply, tonguing the dildo with my cum covered tongue.

“Good girl… you want to swallow so badly don’t you?” The voice asks.

I scream ‘yes’ in my head.

“You may swallow…” The voice commands.

I let the silky smooth cum down my throat and swallow all of it in two gulps.

“Good girl…” The voice says.

Before I know it, another cock has come onto my screen. This one is an absolute monster. It’s a black cock, probably six inches in length, but it’s girth is unbelievable… it’s probably the size of a can of coke!

The videos play on and I swallow copious amounts of “cum” for the rest of the afternoon…

Three hours later

All I can think about is cock. The two hour hypno-training we did guided us on how to tease and please cocks of all shapes and sizes and now my mind is flooded with the cocks that I saw. The hypno dived deep into the sissy desire to please cock as well as to firmly remind me of my inferiority to alpha males.

We’re given a short break after the hypno session before we’re each called, one by one, for a personal training session. I’m chosen after about twelve other students and I head upstairs to the gym suite.

I head through the glossy door of the gym for the first time. A gargantuan man stands infront of me.

He’s tall. He’s got to be at least six foot two and his biceps are huge.

“Sissy Nicole?” He asks.

His deep voice sends a shiver down my spine and I meekly nod my confirmation. He looks down at his notepad. I’m in awe of his body. He got a plain white tank top on, which contrasts his dark skin. He has some loose fitting shorts on and I’m sure I can make out a large bulge in there too.

In comparison, I’m wearing my cute pink trainers, tight blue leggings and sports bra. I’ve taken my wig off as I don’t want it to get in the way of my workout.

“Okay!” He says, as I look back up at him. “We’ll start with some light cardio… onto the treadmill sexy!”

I quickly move to the treadmill and he swats my ass as I walk past him. I hop onto the machine and the man stands to the side. He turns it on and I start to walk on the belt.

“You’ll use the treadmill every day sissy Nicole. Five minute warmup at four miles per hour, followed by twenty minutes of running. Understood?” He asks.

“Yes sir!” I reply.

He chuckles. I’m not really sure what to call him, but “sir” feels right.

“I normally go by trainer Luther, but I like the sound of sir.” He laughs. “Right, time to really train that body!”

Without warning, the belt speeds up quickly. I struggle to keep up as my feet repeatedly hit the treadmill in a quick pattern. I notice that the screen reads 9.5mph. This is faster than I’ve ever trained, although I can feel my breath start to calm down and I get bursa escort bayan into a good rhythm. My heart pounds, both from the intense exercise, but also from trainer Luther who is eyeing me up. He makes notes on his notepad and offers the occasional “good girl” as encouragement. Before I know it, twenty minutes has passed. The treadmill comes to a slow stop and I ease myself off it. I drink some of my cum infused water before bending over and holding me knees. I breathe in deeply.

“You did well!” Trainer Luther says.

He moves to stand infront of me. I’m looking down at the ground, but I can sense his crotch infront of me. I take a deep breath and can smell his musk from here. He gently caresses my shoulders and eases me up. I get a good look at his bulge as I stand and I’m sure he’s at least 4″ soft…

“Have you ever trained with weights?” He asks, guiding me with a gentle hand on my lower back.

“I did some arms and legs sir, but nothing too intense” I reply, giddy at the feel of his hand.

“Okay, I’m going to run you through some basics.” He growls.

He shows me how to donkey kick with resistance bands, Bulgarian squats, fire hydrants and hip thrusts. After what felt like hours, my legs and ass were on fire. Trainer Luther had really gone hard with the weights and we’d focussed on getting my form right.

“Now for the final piece of the puzzle!” Trainer Luther announces. “Squats.”

He loads the weights onto the bar and positions me in place, ready to squat the heavy load.

“Remember Nicole, we’re going to focus on form… we’ll do six reps.” He says. “Now, start to squat the weight and I’ll help out…”

I lift the heavy weight onto my shoulders and begin lowering myself. I lower myself until I feel trainer Luthers firm hands on my ass.

“Mmm good girl… this is how low you should be going.” He says.

He gives my ass a gentle nudge to signal I should raise the weight back up. It’s hard, but I manage to lift it up. I repeat this four more times, with trainer Luther grabbing my ass and copping a feel each time I lower myself.

“One more slut!” He commands.

I lower myself for the last time, ready to feel his huge palms on my ass. Except I don’t feel his hands. I feel something hard.

“Mmmm fuck yeah!” He exclaims, laughing.

I’ve squatted onto his dick! Although it’s through his shorts, I can still feel that he is rock hard. I struggle to lift the weight back up and spend a few seconds unintentionally teasing his cock with my ass. He growls in approval. I finally manage to lift the squat rack back up and let out a huff.

“You’re a real cocktease aren’t you?” Trainer Luther asks rhetorically. “Wish I could do more with that cute ass of yours…”

I don’t know what to say but I can feel myself blushing. Trainer Luther writes down my training plan, with diagrams drawn out too. He hands it to me and allows me to leave, but not before he gropes my ass one last time. Normally I’d be annoyed, but his presence alone has me feeling giddy.

I return to my room with a huge grin plastered across my face.

“Someone had a good training session!” Sissy Jezabel announces as I enter the room.

Before I can reply, Dr. Chan has poked his head into our bedroom.

“Lights out in ten minutes ladies, we’re ramping up the training tomorrow!” Dr. Chan says.

I quickly brush my teeth and have a quick shower before tucking myself into my pink sheets. I’m shattered, and it feels like a lifetime ago that I arrived at this facility. Before I know it, the lights go off and I try to get to sleep, my dick straining in it’s spiked cage as I dream about trainer Luther…

To be continued…

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