The Seduction of Alexa Ch. 03

The lobby of the hotel was a welcoming mix of palm trees and cactus, with the comforting smell of hot food drifting from the dining room. As I approached the elevators I felt a twinge of guilt at leaving Samantha alone for so long and hoped she would understand, but I still wasn’t sure if I should tell her what had happened with my new boss and his seductress of a wife. Had she planned the whole thing out? Had Steven planned the whole thing out? Had I been seduced by the two of them or was the whole sordid affair something that just evolved out of nothing but natural desire? My sex life had been relatively non-existent up to this point and I had been mostly satisfied with allowing my wildest fantasies to privately fuel the self-indulging ministrations that no one but Samantha was ever aware of.

Vicky and Steven had somehow managed to bring to life a culmination of some of my innermost desires and by gentle persuasion had guided me through acting out tawdry, erotic and deviant behavior that I’d only ever fantasized about. The biggest surprise to me was that I didn’t feel conflicted or guilty about it. Was I shocked? Hell yes. Was I embarrassed? Hell yes. Would I let it happen again? My feeling was that another opportunity like that would never present itself again and that it was all just a one-time thing that would just be filed away in everyone’s little memory and the three of us would simply go forward as if it never happened.

Samantha was lying in the rooms king size bed on top of the covers, sound asleep as I walked into the room. The rusting of my shopping bags as I set them on the floor was enough to wake her up and as she yawned and stretched she asked me what the heck took me so long. As sly as I could, I denied her an answer and asked if she’d already eaten. Luckily she had skipped dinner and was just as hungry as I was and we quickly agreed to go down to the dining room.

As the hostess showed us to our table I made a final decision not to tell Samantha anything about what had happened and as we sat down I asked her how the rest of her day had gone. She confessed that mostly she had been dwelling on how much she would miss me when she left to go back home and that she wasn’t very keen on starting a new life without me. In a joking way I suggested she just stay here in New Mexico with me and how best friend’s should always stay together, not thinking for even a moment that she would actually consider it. But to my surprise she told me she had called her father that afternoon and talked to him about doing just that. She had told him she was thinking about staying here with me and he gave her the green light to do whatever she thought would make her happy. I admit the thought of Samantha staying was something that made me feel a lot more secure about living out here and trying to make my way in a totally foreign place, and we had always for each other so this was exactly what I needed to feel more secure. She seemed serious about it and said she’d decided to at least hang out here for a few more days to see what happened.

The next morning I woke up early, I was anxious about how the work day would shape up. We were all supposed to meet with the firms newest client who happened to be the biggest client Steven and Michael had ever signed on. I still hadn’t met Michael and was eager to make a good first impression. The dress I thought was perfect for today was a solid black v-neck double breasted mini dress with gold colored buttons. It hugged every curve of my body but Vicky had thought it was sharp and made me look confident.

I thought I’d better wear the pantyhose and remembered Vicky telling me they would be much easier to tolerate if I shaved my coochie. I’d never worn pantyhose before and I’d never shaved my pussy so this was going to be a new experience and I honestly wasn’t looking forward to either of these things. I jumped into the shower, washed my hair, washed my body, shaved my legs and began the dreadful task of shaving my mound for the first time in my life. At the end of the sensitive task I decided to leave a little patch like a landing strip above my pussy; I just wasn’t quite ready for the Kojak look.

As I was rinsing off my body and my hand glided over my pussy mound, still slick from the shaving gel I was startled. I wasn’t prepared for such a sensitive reaction to my freshly depiled coochie. As I continued to rinse my pussy trying to get used to the smooth and silky feeling I felt the heat building up down there, turning me on but quickly realized I didn’t have time to explore or play with myself. I turned off the water, toweled off and came out to get dressed as quickly as I could trying to turn my mind away from the urge to give myself a little quickie. As I fumbled with trying to pull up my pantyhose Samantha started waking up. She was going to drive me to work this morning and as she got out of bed my thoughts turned again to how I could tell about what had happened with Vicky and Steven last night. I still felt guilty for not telling her but I also felt embarrassed. What would she think about me submitting to them like that?

I finished getting dressed, put on ankara escort my platform pumps while Samantha threw on some yoga pants and a t-shirt and drove me to work. Samantha jokingly told me as I was getting out of the car that the way I looked, if anyone got any work done that day it would probably be the workout they gave their cock in the bathroom during lunch.

As I walked to the entrance to the office I started to get nervous about seeing Steven and Vicky again after what had happened last night and wondered if I was going to be able to concentrate on work or if I would get lost in the sordid visions in my own head of our little menage a trois. Had they talked about me when they got home last night? Did they make love again that night? And if so, were they thinking of me while they were fucking? Was Steven going to tell Michael about what had happened? As my hand reached for the door I could feel the heat of my embarrassment blush in my face and I almost panicked. Somehow the courage to open the door and walk in came to me and I did my best to calm down and relax but the sensation of the silk pantyhose rubbing across my bare pussy was almost more than I could handle; not to mention the slight breeze that was blowing up my dress and over my mound made me feel virtually naked and exposed.

Amber was already there sitting at the reception desk. She looked up and smiled at me but there was something in the way she said “good morning Alexa” that made me wonder if even she knew what had happened here last night. I noticed Amber was dressed to the nines, no doubt to help impress the firms new client we were meeting with later that morning. Amber was fuller-figured than I was and a little taller. Her strawberry blonde hair was done in sort of a Chagnon side ponytail that was super cute and she was showing quite a bit of cleavage in her scoop neck solid red mini dress. Her neck was draped with beautiful pearls perfectly accenting her ample cleavage, she had to be close to a D cup from what I guessed and while she was more full figured than me she had a beautiful body and a pretty face with almond shaped eyes that sparkled like green emeralds. As she stood up to walk toward me she adjusted her dress downward a little and hugged me as a friendly greeting. When she pulled away I noticed her nipples poking through the thin material of her dress and it made me wonder if somehow our contact had turned her on.

Just then, Steven walked out from his office and the sight of him caused me to blush. I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed and my little pussy got a jolt of heat as well. He draped his arm over my shoulder and asked me to come in to his office so he could brief me on where we were going to start this morning in preparation for the big day ahead. As we walked toward his office I couldn’t help but glance back at Amber; she was watching us with a knowing smile on her face and I couldn’t help but wonder again if somehow she knew about last night, and if so, what must she think of me? As we approached his office, Steven’s hand slid down my back and lightly brushed over my ass. I glanced back again to see Amber’s smile had grown even bigger as she stood there with her hands on her curvy hips watching us. Now I was convinced she knew.

As Steven closed the door behind us he gently took my hand pulling me back toward him. As I turned to face him he slipped his right arm sround my waist, placed his masculine hand at the small of my back and drew me close to him so that our bodies were touching. He bent his head down to nuzzle his clean shaven face to my cheek and I could hear him inhale through his nose taking in my scent. He placed a soft kiss on the side of my neck behind my ear and whispered that I looked ravishing. In reaction I turned toward him with my mouth slightly open hoping to press my mouth to his and feel his tongue but he pulled away just before our lips touched. I felt like I was going to melt and my pussy heated up again, tingling and getting wet.

Just as we were separating I heard a few quick taps at the door and in walked a man I assumed would be Steven’s partner, Michael. He walked over and shook my hand introducing himself. Michael was a little taller and bigger than Steven with short, light brown wavy hair and a handsome face that was also clean shaven. He looked to be in his late thirties and had an air of confidence much like Steven’s but he seemed a little more assertive. The way he moved, the tone of his voice, the way his head cocked to the side just a little when he first looked at me; as if he were sizing me up and he liked what he saw. He held onto my hand much longer than you normally would when first meeting someone and his grip was firm and dominant. He was looking straight into my eyes, smiling in a warm and friendly way that calmed me in my nervousness and as I gazed into his violet blue eyes I drifted for a brief moment admiring the tan on his anglo skin, the slight dimple in his chin and the rugged chisel of his jaw. My palm was beginning to sweat from the heat he was causing me and as he released my hand his middle finger slid across the tender flesh of that palm ankara escort bayan raising goose bumps on my forearms that he no doubt noticed.

Michael turned to walk to one of the chirs in the office and I noticed how athletic he looked. He filled out his suit trousers very well and I could tell he had a sexy and muscular ass. I turned to look toward Steven and he had caught me watching Michael walking across the room. He smiled knowingly and gestured for me to take a chair so we could all talk. Steven took his place behind his desk and I sat in a chair across from Michael. The two of them had been sharing the details of their expected relationship with this new client for about fifteen minutes when Amber opened the door to announce that Michael had a phone call.

As Michael left I excused myself to the bathroom. I desperately had to pee and I also didn’t want to be left alone with Steven right now because my arousal still hadn’t subsided. During our chat I’d had my legs crossed and the pressure on my clit had me aching for relief. As I walked toward the bathroom I could feel the cool air over my pussy through the pantyhose. I was very steamy down there and could use a little freshening up. The office bathroom was beautiful, with two stall’s, a double vanity sink and two chairs in front of a lighted vanity mirror.

I closed the door of the stall and pulled my pantyhose down to sit on the toilet and as I started to pee I felt a huge relief. The crotch of my pantyhose was damp and I could faintly smell my own scent which further aroused me. I dried off, flushed the toilet and as I washed my hands I noticed the soft corners of the dark marble vanity top. As I dried my hands I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to have a quickie cum before going back to the office. Maybe it would take the edge off this aching I was feeling.

I walked over to the corner of the vanity, pulled up my skirt and gently pushed my crotch up against it. The marble felt cold and hard against my clit, god it was just what I needed right then. I placed each hand on the edge of the vanity gripping it tight while I dry humped that perfect little corner. The pressure on my clit was sending shivers right up the base of my spine and I felt my self quiver with the beginnings of orgasm. I wanted to prolong my pleasure but the moment was sweeping me away over the edge to quickly to stop it and I found myself grinding harder up against the corner, all the while hoping I didn’t tear my pantyhose. As I began to shutter I stifled my moans and gripped the edges of the sink holding on for dear life and humping shamelessly through a wave of pleasure that was so intense I didn’t notice that Michael had walked in. My orgasm continued sweeping through me as I rode that dirty little corner when suddenly I felt his firm bulge press against me from behind.

I whipped my head around flinging my long hair to the side shocked and mortified to see him there. The weight of his body pressing against me trapped my horny little sex pot even harder against the marble top intensifying my orgasm. My mind said “stop” but my body was racked in an orgasm that was unrelenting. As I came my eyes were beginning to focus and I could see his face more clearly and as my eyes found his he grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand and grabbed my shoulder with the other.

The bulge in his trousers was growing harder as he pressed against my ass and began rotating his hips like he was fucking me. As my orgasm began to subside I felt an aching deep in my womb feeding an urge to have something hard and thick inside. Michael took advantage of being in control and slid his hand off my should and down around my waist finding his way under my dress and down through the top of my pantyhose pulling me far enough away from that delicious marble that he could squeeze my dripping cunt. I didn’t stop him, I couldn’t, I didn’t want to. And as he squeezed me in his hand I felt a thick, masculine finger slid up into my slick, wet hole. With my hair in his hand he held my head turned toward him and while he gazed into my eyes he pressed his crotch harder against my ass forcing his finger deeper into my aching wet cunt until the tip of his finger touched my g-spot, sending me over the edge again into another fit of ecstasy. As a new wave of orgasm racked my body I bent my knees to rotate on that magic finger pressing harder against his hand and pushing my sheer-covered ass into his hard bulge. I heard my self whimper out loud and a tear dripped down my faced as my body shook. In that moment I was his to do with as he pleased. I felt him slip a second finger into my loosening little cunt and I heard the embarrassing sound of my wetness as he began to slide both of his fingers slowly in and out of me.

Michael leaned over my back so that his lips touched my sensitive ear and I could feel his warm breath as he drew my tender lobe into his mouth, clamping down gently with his teeth. Shivers went through my body and the heat rose from my pussy to my face as he began to whisper in my ear that he could feel my slippery juices running down his hand and promising escort ankara me that he was going to put his tongue inside me to taste me. He slid one finger out of my cunt to use it to diddle my clit while another replaced it inside me.

I let go of the vanity top to reach around behind me and I grabbed at his crotch finding more than a handful of hard cock straining against his trousers. I squeezed as hard as I could and he moaned softly into my ear. As I squeezed his cock through his trousers he began breathing harder and I sensed an increasing urgency in the way he was fingering my pussy. I felt another orgasm building deep inside me but I wanted more. I wanted to see his cock and I wanted to feel him pushing into the opening of my cunt. I could feel that he was big, maybe even bigger than Steven and heard the words escape my lips in a heated whisper, “take me”.

Michael slid his fingers out of my pussy, let go of my hair, slid his hands down the inside of my pantyhose and pushed them down my legs until they were in a pile at my feet. Then he picked me up and place me on top of the vanity, pulling of my high heels and finished removing my hose. He grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs apart so I was sitting spread eagle on the sink in front of him and told me to take out his cock. I reach forward and undid his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and pull the zipper down. His cock had pushed up past the top of his underpants and the head was swolen and dripping his juice. I pulled the front of his underpants down to set him free and his cock sprang out hard, fat and long. He was bigger than Steven and Steven was bigger than any cock I’d had before with thick veins. I wrapped one hand around the top of his thick shaft and reach out with my other hand to cup his balls giving them a firm squeeze.

Michael looked like a man possessed but he was still in control. I could sense the passion that was raging through him and I wanted to feel that passion. As I squeezed the top of his shaft more of his juices dripped out onto my fingers and I rubbed it all around the top that swollen head causing him to shudder. I pulled him toward me aiming the head of t the slippery entranced of my aching pussy hole but he took it away from me and holding it in his own hand guided it to my swollen clit humping the hard thing back and forth across it. I told him to fuck me, told him I didn’t want him to be nice to me and that I wanted him to spill his hot seed into my cunt like he meant it.

He whispered in my ear that he wasn’t convinced that he should give me his cock and that he still had to fill his promise of tasting me with his mouth. Holding my ankles in his hands he pulled my legs further apart which forced me to lean back against the mirror and place my hands on the vanity to keep my balance. I was splayed wide before him as he leaned forward and began smelling me. I could tell he was aroused even further as he sniffed my pussy when finally I saw his tongue come out and flatten against my slit swiping from the bottom all the way up to my clit where he sucked my clit between his lips and trapped it there. Then he began flicking his tongue across my clit which caused me to raise my hips up and push my pussy into his mouth. I reached out and grabbed a handful of his hair pulling his face into my pussy when finally he pushed his tongue inside me. His whole mouth was covering my freshly shaven pussy and the sensation was almost indescribably dirty. Slowly he fucked his tongue in and out of my cunt while managing to somehow suck me at the same time. His whole face was soon glistening with my juices and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

Michael’s tongue was buried deep inside me as I humped up against his face and another orgasm was building when Victoria walked in. She stopped, letting the door close behind her and stood there watching us. She could tell I was about to cum and as I looked at her with Michael’s face between my legs I could see that she was enjoying whatching us. After a moment she walked over to us and Michael stood up straight again still holding on to my ankles, keeping my legs splayed apart. Victoria grabbed his cock and leaned in to put her tongue in his mouth. I watched them kissing while she stroked his hard dick, no doubt she was tasting me in his mouth. She finally pulled away from him and began to guide his cock to the opening of my pussy. I was still aching to feel him inside me and she pulled him into me until the head of his cock was nestled just inside the opening of my desperate cunt.

I tried forcing my hips up off the vanity but Victoria held me down. “Please”, I said, looking at Michael; “Please fuck me now”. Victoria reminded me I had promised not to fuck anyone else without her permission. I’d forgotten about that, I certainly wasn’t used to people telling me what I could and could not do. With Michael holding my ankles I was helpless to force myself onto his shaft; the two of them were completely in control but I managed to lean back on my hands and rotate my hips around in circles while Michael’s cock was nestled just inside the entrance to my horny little hole. I couldn’t believe how good that felt and Michael let out a low groan that let me know just how good it felt for him. Victoria slapped his ass with one hand and grabbed his balls with the other, apparently squeezing a little harder than what was comfortable for him because he flinched and froze.

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