The River


We are in the beer garden enjoying the live music and cold beers. It is a warm night and the moon is full. Vaughn has gone to get us another round of drinks. When he returns I’m dancing with a good-looking blonde guy. He (Rob) hangs around after and even buys the next round of drinks.

We decide a midnight swim in the river would be a great way to cool off and wind down after the beer garden closes. Rob heads for his trailer to get a towel and soap. Vaughn and I do the same and agree to meet at the river. We find a nice spot where the riverbank is sandy and wide enough to spread the blanket. We open a couple of beers and wait for Rob to find us. It is quite private and we think if we are quick we can go in nude and wash off before Rob finds us.

We take off our clothes and wade into the warm knee-deep river. There is a waist deep channel mid river and Vaughn gets behind me and proceeds to soap me up and wash my hair. Our naked, wet and warm bodies rubbing against each other in the moonlight. I can feel his cock getting hard against my inner thigh as he caresses my breasts. We have each other quite turned on by the time Rob arrives. We are in a bind because our towels are on the riverbank but it only makes us more excited. He takes off his clothes and Vaughn catches me staring at his cock. He finds a spot 6 feet from us. We dunk under and let the current rinse the soap away then head for the blanket and our towels.

There is a light breeze blowing and the dry air feels great. Lying on the blanket Vaughn starts to kiss my face, neck and shoulders. Rob comes over in only his towel and I can see the outline of his cock pressing against the towel. The site of it is turning me on gaziantep rus escort big time. He tells us to get a room so I say to him “you don’t have to look if we are bothering you” He admits we are not and it’s turning him on. Vaughn says, “That makes 3 of us” and begins to lightly run his hands over my body. He is sneaking my hands under my towel so I shoot him a disapproving look but do nothing to stop him. I decide to call his bluff and slip my hand under his towel and start rubbing his cock. He is hard in an instant. Rob shocks me by jokingly asking if he can have my other hand. Vaughn winks his approval so I nervously slip it under his towel. His cock is hard and I can’t believe I have both hands wrapped around fully erect cocks. I have never done anything with a third person before. My mind starts racing, where is this going. How and when should I stop this! They are both running their hands all over me and my towel has fallen away. Vaughn is rubbing my pussy and it is getting very wet. Rob has his hands on my boobs lightly pulling on my nipples.

Vaughn moves so that his cock is close to my mouth. I know where this is going and make up my mind to let what ever happens happen. Rob does the same hoping you’ll suck his too. I am sucking Vaughn’s cock and balls. I start taking him very deep the way that drives him crazy and he is getting close so I pull away. I turn my head and begin to suck Rob’s cock giving him the same treatment as Vaughn. Vaughn moves between my legs and starts rubbing his cock on my now soaking wet pussy. I start thrusting at him so he goes in me very slowly and holds it deep inside me before beginning long gaziantep rus escort bayan slow strokes. I let out a long moan. After a short while he pulls out and moves up to my mouth again. His cock is covered in my juices and glistens in the moonlight. I eagerly wrap my mouth around it and start sucking.

Rob goes between my legs and begins to tease me by kissing and licking all around my pussy. Finally he finds my bud and flicks his tongue back and forth over it for a bit. He then starts to rub his cock on my pussy but I am not letting him in. He slides up and down but each time he is in the right place I shift my hips and deny his cock entry.

Vaughn and Rob trade places and Vaughn starts to tease me by rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. Each time he gets to the right spot he starts to enter then pulls out and rubs up and down some more. I let out a moan and he senses my frustration.

Rob and Vaughn trade once more and Rob starts rubbing his cock on my pussy again. He is really trying to get in and I am trying hard not to give in. I’m not sure I want to go that far and fear that Vaughn may not want me to. It feels so good and I am craving a hot hard cock inside me. Suddenly my body takes over and I thrust hard against him. He goes deep inside me and starts fucking me hard and fast. Now I have his rock hard cock thrusting in inside me and I am going crazy on Vaughn’s taking it deep in my mouth and sucking very hard. They are touching, licking and kissing me all over.

After a while Vaughn pulls out of my mouth and lies on his back. Rob pulls out of my pussy and I lower down on top of Vaughn. escort rus gaziantep His familiar cock feels awesome, not that Robs was any different. He starts fucking me with deliberate long thrusts of his hips. Rob goes to my mouth and I run my tongue all over his cock and balls before taking him deep in my mouth with long slow strokes.

We are to busy to realize that there is another couple coming our way until they are to close for us to separate so we just keep a nice slow rhythm. They say nothing to us but we here them giggle after they pass. All is quite again, we are continuing when we realize they have stopped 25 feet passed us. They are standing in the moonlight and are a young slim attractive couple. He is shirtless and is undressing her as she undoes his jeans. Soon they are naked. They don’t go in the river but instead lie down and begin to make love. We can’t help but watch and enjoy them watching us.

I am close to cumming and I can tell Rob is too so I start to fuck Vaughn as fast as I can. Soon Vaughn is cumming and I let go too. With in seconds Rob cums as well. We all collapse in to a heap to catch our breath.

We decide to go in the river again to rinse off. I wash them clean and they return the favor. Afterwards we wrap towels around our waists and I take their hands in mine as we walk back to the campground. We pass a few people on the way before I decide to put on my tank top. It drives me crazy that I am walking topless between Rob and Vaughn while others can see. I can’t believe I’m not done yet. I want them all over again.

Finally back at our trailer and I kiss Rob goodnight and he leaves us. We climb into bed naked. We make love. It is the most passionate ever for us. I spend an eternity kissing, licking and sucking every inch of your body until you beg me to fuck you again. We fall asleep immediately afterwards. When we wake I am wrapped in your arms. We make slow passionate love again and giggle excitedly about our crazy night. I don’t know if I could ever do anything like that again but I sure don’t regret it.

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