The Rich Car Buff With Kelly


It was June of 1993. Kelly and I were attending a cocktail party for sponsors, officials, etc. of a new regional sports car street race. I was invited because of my company’s sponsorship. Kelly was my arm candy.I was quite confused. We found the downtown address, sure enough, but the building looked like it may have housed a car dealership in the 1940s, or perhaps a small warehouse? In any case, it was not at all what I was expecting. We parked in the parking lot at the rear of the building. Thankfully we saw another couple dressed for the occasion making their way to a non-descript back door.We walked in with them and were gobsmacked! It was a big boy playhouse inside the windowless building! The floor was a black and white checkerboard square tile. There were a dozen old, and extremely expensive-looking, European sports cars parked in two perfect rows. The walls were Ferrari red. So were the bars stools at the bar. And the leather furniture in the large seating area.Soon there were about thirty people milling around, drinking, enjoying hors d’oeuvres, and chatting with folks they knew. And then there were a handful of couples like Kelly and me who seemed to know not a soul in the room. And that’s why they serve alcohol! Soon enough we were meeting new people and blabbing away.The major info for me was that we were at Ritchie’s playhouse. He was the driving force (pun intended) behind bringing the race to the area. Ritchie’s grandfather had founded a brand name you all know and Ritchie loved his trust fund and living the good life.Ritchie approached Kelly and me and apologized for being a poor host and not greeting us when we arrived. I guessed Ritchie to be around forty. Sandy-colored hair, about five-ten, a broad smile and a glint in his eye that said he both loved fun and could find trouble.Kelly and I were thirty-three years old. I was six-foot-four and Kelly five-foot-two. Kelly was wearing a long sundress that was yellow with huge white flowers patterned in the fabric. The top was held up by spaghetti straps with a straight neckline, which was just low enough to give a hint of Kelly’s large mounds. While the dress was very respectable for the occasion, there was no hiding the fact of Kelly’s 34F boobs.Kelly rarely wore flats, being so short, but she said they went with the dress so that night she wore flat sandals, an anklet, and a toe ring. Kelly’s hair was blond then and she had it styled in loose curls hanging to mid-shoulder. The sundress was very form fitting and Kelly hated lumps. So, she skipped wearing panties and her bra. The pattern of the dress helped hide that she was braless and Kelly knew how to move to either disguise or accentuate her lack of a bra.Kelly was an eye-catcher. She had received appreciative smiles from nearly all of the men in the room. Even though I assumed everyone’s spouse was invited, it was probably two men for every woman.After a couple of frozen margaritas, Kelly couldn’t help but be her normal gregarious, flirtatious self. Nothing tacky at all. She’s just the kind of attractive woman that men are drawn to as we think our perverted thoughts and she doesn’t shut us down.It kind of slowly unfolded that there wasn’t a real point to the evening. It was just a chance to meet some of the people involved and collectively get excited for the upcoming race. After the first hour or so Ritchie did say a few words of thanks to sponsors, volunteers, esat escort etc. Some people seemed to take that as permission to leave and maybe ten or so folks did head out.After his remarks, Ritchie refilled his drink and joined Kelly and me. Another couple we had been talking to said their thanks and goodbye and that left the three of us to chat. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count. Someone becomes enamored by Kelly and her sense of humor, her laugh, her body, her prettiness, and the sexiness that just oozes from her. I watched it happen with Ritchie right in front of my face.Ritchie kind of tuned out the rest of the crowd. I moved on and caught back up with a couple that I’d been talking to earlier. Too quickly the six to eight p.m. party came to an end. Everyone said their goodbye’s, including Kelly and me. I saw Ritchie casually slip his hand onto Kelly’s butt as we turned to leave.Kelly didn’t say anything until we were in the car. “Just drive around the block and come back.” She read the confusion on my face. “Ritchie invited us to hang out some more but he wanted the rest of the crowd to head out.” She read my raised eyebrow skepticism. “Okay, maybe he thought it would be fun to take some pictures of me posing with his cars.”She saw me squint at her dress, both of us knowing she was naked underneath. “I didn’t tell him I would pose naked. But I might have giggled when he said it would be incredible if I could pose topless for a couple of ‘tasteful’ pictures.”I laughed out loud! I could smell bullshit from a mile away. “Does Ritchie know that I’m with you? Is he okay with me being there or does he think you two have a private session setup?”“No, no, of course he knows you’re with me. It’s not like that.” I smirked.By the time we returned to the lot the rest of the cars were gone. We walked in and Ritchie came over and greeted us, Kelly with a squishy hug and me with a firm handshake. I noticed when Ritchie turned and locked the door. He caught me and said “After dark, this isn’t the best neighborhood in town.”Ritchie really was a likable guy and I had no issue with the evening. We all got another margarita from the giant Icee machine tumbling away on the bar.Then Ritchie started on a tour of his cars. They were some serious autos with a ton of history and I couldn’t even imagine their worth. After the second car, he picked up a camera that had been sitting on the seat of the open-top roadster. Kelly instinctively posed for a few snaps next to the car, afraid to actually touch metal.Ritchie assured her it was okay that she touched the cars. He opened the door of one and she sat sideways in the driver’s seat with her knees pointing out of the car, feet on the ground. She slowly hiked up her dress, turning to put one foot in the car. She had the dress so high on her hip that it was clear she wasn’t wearing panties.Ritchie went to a stack of electronics and put on some thump, thump, thump dance music. He told Kelly to do whatever she wanted. Kelly started dancing around popping poses by several of the cars. She returned to the roadster and stood in it so her tits were just behind the windshield. Then she lowered the spaghetti straps of her dress and let them slip to her shoulders. She pulled the front of the dress down, exposing a mile of cleavage. Ritchie’s camera was clicking away.I’ve never seen a guy who could swap rolls of film etimesgut escort bayan as fast as Ritchie! By the time he was ready to click again, Kelly had unzipped the side of the dress to her waist. She let the dress slip down as she exposed her boobs over the top of the windshield. Her nipples were standing up, but not as much as Kelly wanted. She grabbed her icy drink and ran it back and forth over her nipples. The cold condensation ran down her breasts. When she finished, her nips were so hard they could cut glass.She sat in another car, again with one foot in and one foot out. She posed for a few boob shots and then, again, she pulled up the bottom of her dress. This time she pulled it nearly to her waist. She twisted in the seat with both feet on the floor and then slowly spread her feet apart. Further and further apart.Kelly’s cunt was wide open. Ritchie was on his knees taking pictures. Kelly leaned back into the car, laying across both seats. She struggled and tugged and managed to unzip the dress completely and pull it over her head. The blooming red rose tattoo on her pussy mound was looking Ritchie right in the face.Kelly’s pussy lips were wide open and I could see her lubrication shimmering under the harsh fluorescent lighting. Ritchie was quietly whistling and muttering “wow”, pretty much non-stop. When he stood to swap the next roll of film I could see he also had a tent pitched in his shorts.The next roll of film was of Kelly’s backside as she bent over car doors, into engine bays, over hoods, and bonnets. Kelly had a trail of lube leaking halfway down her thigh with strings of it running from her pussy. The shots were amazing. Ritchie and Kelly both gave up any pretext of ‘artsy’. He wanted to look at her sex and she wanted to show it off.Kelly thought one car, in particular, looked interesting. It was also an open top. She climbed in with her knees on both seats facing the back of the car. Kelly slowly dropped and aligned her pussy over the gear shift and then carefully slid her pussy down the entire length of the shift lever. Ritchie was twisting like an acrobat to get pics. At one point he shoved his hand with the camera in between her legs and took a few shots blind.Kelly reached down and pushed the camera out of his hand and put Ritchie’s hand on her pussy. Ritchie started to play with her lips and found her clit. Kelly started to fuck the car. Literally. She was slow at first, and then quickly, bouncing her cunt up and down the gear shift/stand-in dildo. The scene was so fucking hot that I slipped a hand in my pocket and was rubbing my cock, which had escaped my boxers.Kelly was bouncing up and down and twisting her nipples. She wanted to cum so badly. I realized that Ritchie had a bad angle to play with her clit which is why she was struggling. I moved to stand at the back of the car in her view but not Ritchie’s.I pulled up a leg of my shorts exposing my hardon and stroked it for Kelly. It gave her what she needed and she screamed out an orgasm watching me jack off to her. Kelly sprayed pussy juice all over Ritchie’s car. He didn’t seem to mind one bit! I put my cock away. Ritchie stood up and said something like “fucking incredible, simply incredible.”Kelly regrouped and stepped out of the car. “Why am I the only one naked?” It wasn’t a question as much as a demand to Ritchie and me. I was naked in a flash Escort etlik with my standard white-boy six-inch cock sticking straight out and leaking precum. Ritchie was a moment behind me but soon we both saw his blond-haired cock and balls. Ritchie’s cock was maybe a couple of inches longer than mine and just a tad skinnier.Kelly dropped to her knees in front of him and deep-throated him on the first swallow. Kelly knows cock better than any guy knows his own. We had all been so fucking worked up by the photo session that we all needed to explode. Kelly had her turn. Ritchie was going to be next.Kelly stood up and pulled Ritchie to the giant red leather sectional. She got on all fours, aiming her butt at Ritchie. He got on his knees behind her and shoved his pink cock inside of her. Kelly waved at me. I laid in front of her spread-eagle and Kelly devoured my cock. It was just too much anticipation for both he and I.It only took Ritchie a couple of minutes to blurt out “I’m cumming” as he pistoned away in Kelly’s pussy.I was with him and said “me too” as Kelly pushed her nose onto my pubic bone and let me blast off down her throat. After Ritchie and I had both emptied our balls, Kelly rolled toward the floor and skittered away to the toilet room to drop Ritchie’s load.He and I sat naked on the sectional, legs spread, letting our balls cool off. As Ritchie’s cock was dripping out his leftovers, he caught them with his finger and then licked his finger clean. I’d tasted my cum before (hasn’t every guy, seriously?) and figured that was how we’d both keep his leather clean.“You might be married to the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”“I’m a lucky SOB, no doubt.”Kelly rejoined us and as a matter of instinct grabbed our dicks and checked for dribbles. She squeezed out a couple and sucked off both Ritchie and I. Kelly sat between us and imitated the slouched down, legs spread wide man pose of Ritchie and me.I’ve shared this fact several times, but it’s true: Nothing makes Kelly hornier than having sex. She was nowhere near done for the night. To get the ball rolling she started to play with her pussy. Ritchie got up and found his camera.Soon he was sitting on the floor making a photographic record of her masturbation session. While Kelly was both rubbing her clit and slamming fingers into her cunt, I came in high, above her arms and started sucking on her nipples. Kelly was nearly there when she screamed out “fucking eat me!”She stuck her legs out and used her ankles to pull Ritchie to her pussy. He dropped the camera and dove in. He attacked her pussy just the way she liked it: An attack! In minutes Kelly was screaming through one orgasm after another. Ritchie didn’t let up or give her a chance to catch her breath. She kind of shoved my head out of the way, so I climbed over the back of the sectional and stood behind her pinching and rolling her nipples.Kelly was huffing violently as she does when she’s in orgasm overload. No one slowed down. Soon Kelly screamed a banshee-like “FUUUUCK!!” as she squirted into Ritchie’s mouth. Kelly’s feet fell to the floor. Ritchie stood up with the wild look of the devil in his eye. I could easily tell that he felt like he had won. What, I wasn’t sure? I could also see that his cock was back to full strength.Ritchie kind of half-turned Kelly on the leather and with one knee on the ground and the other between her legs on the sectional, Ritchie mounted Kelly and slid his cock into her sodden cunt. He fucked her as she caught her breath. I came around and sat back down on the sectional behind Ritchie. I must say that has always been my favorite vantage point of watching a guy fuck Kelly. Seeing his dick and balls slapping away in her wet pussy.

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