The Punishment of Jazz 2-No More Trouble


Jazz’s “punishment” had lasted all of about an hour, but it had changed the way she looked at her father. He had shown such envy, such jealousy, such hurt, when he walked in on her and James. The schoolgirl outfit she was wearing was not much of a barrier between her beautiful 38 C sized breasts and James’ wandering, exploritive hands. But she had to admit, the feeling of their tongues wrestling around in each others mouths, the feeling of his hands sliding up her shirt, even the feeling of shock when her daddy walked in and caught them, was very erotic, and it gave her a tingling feeling in her nether regions as she thought back on it. She made sure she came home alone every day after that. Today was no different. She got off the school bus and walked the 4 blocks back to her medium sized 2 story house that she shared with her father. Her thoughts were racing of the other day, when her daddy came home unexpected, she could think of nothing else. Her thoughts were constantly on stepping into the shower with him, his cock full and thick, sliding in and out of her hot mouth, her daddy putting her on her knees in front of him, telling her how he wanted her to suck him. She found the breeze more cooling than usual. Looking up and down the street, she ducked into an alley shortcut to her house, pausing along the way to lift her plaid skirt to touch her panties covering her soft mound. “Oh my god!” she thought. “I am soaked! Did my daddy turn me on that much?” She quickly picked up her pace, wanting to get home more than ever. As she stepped into her house, she called out, “Daddy! You home?” When she heard no response, the felt a pang of excitement as she bounded up the stairs to her room. She stripped out of her school uniform blazer, tossing it on her desk chair, along with her uniform tie,closing and locking the door behind Küçükyalı escort her, catching her refection as she did. She paused, admiring herself. Her hair was halfway down her back, as red as an Irishman, with small natural curls. Her skin was not pale, but it was kissed by the sun from the summers she spent with mom in Florida, her breasts were perfectly formed 38 C’s, her white button up shirt had the top 3 buttons undone, showing a valley of skin that was her cleavage. Her eyes followed her hands as they traced down past her supple breasts, down to her slim but round hips, turning sideways to bend over and look at her gorgeous round ass. Jazz took her camera out of her desk drawer, setting it up for video and placing it pointing towards the corner of the room holding her bed and her desk, then moved to her stereo, turning on some slow r&b. She hit record on the camera, then stepped back, dancing slow and seductive to the music, unbuttoning her shirt then sliding it off and tossing it by the clothes basket, doing the same with her bra. The song ended, and she grabbed the camera, laying down on the bed. The camera found a spot on the end of her bed with a perfect view of her pussy, her tits in the background. She laid down, and tugged her panties from under ass, lifting her legs strait up to pull them off and toss them on top of the shirt. Her pussy was throbbing and wet, begging to be played with. Her fingers undid her skirt and slid that off the bed, then traced up her sides to her small erect nipples, gently tweaking and rubbing them. One hand slid down, tickling her lips, making her gasp with pleasure. Her fingers slid in between her lips, sliding up and down from her fuck hole to her clit, playing with it, making her moan. She gently flicked her clit, sending waves of pleasure Kartal escort bayan up through her body. “Oh, god, yes,” she moaned, fantasizing about her daddy once more, ” just like that…” She arched her back as she slid her middle finger inside herself. The camera was catching it all. Every moan, every arch, every flick. All of a sudden, she stopped, listening. She heard the front door close, then her daddy’s footsteps headed to the kitchen. “Oh shit!” She jumped up, turning off the camera, and shutting off the music. She hurriedly got dressed, spraying herself with a little perfume, just enough to cover the scent of her dripping cunt. She grabbed her bottle of water off the night stand, looking in the mirror, making sure she did not look as turned on as she felt. “Shit, I am gonna get in trouble. He is gonna think I had another boy here,” she thought. As she padded down the stairs, trying her best to look like just waking up from a nap, her dad was in the kitchen making a sandwich. “Hey honey. Did I wake you?” he asked as she walked in. “No, just a bad dream. How was work?” she replied. “You don’t wanna know. We got a new laborer, some kid fresh out of high school, wanting to learn the trade,” he said with a groan.”That sucks,” she replied, pouring some soda. She wanted to ask about the other day, if it would happen again, but did not know how. “Why don’t you go relax, let me cook dinner for you? It is almost 6, you know.””I can do that. Don’t burn the house down ok? I am gonna wash the funk off my nuts.” Later that night, the dishes were done, and both of them were in the living room watching some t.v. Jazz kept having thoughts of her father, the man sitting no more than 2 feet from her on the same couch, bending her over and violating her soft cunt. Her pussy starting tingling, Escort Suadiye her heart started racing. He was still in his towel from the shower an hour ago. “I’ll be right back,” she said, heading to the kitchen. Her hands were shaking as she poured some O.J. and gulped it down. She poured another, but only half way. “Hey, dad, you want a screwdriver?” she called. Jazz needed something to calm her nerves, and it was only polite to offer him something to drink as well. “Yeah, I’ll take one,” was the the reply from her father. She poured another glass halfway, then added vodka to both. By the time Jazz got back to the living room, half of hers was gone, and she was feeling more confident. She sat back down and handed her father his drink, and turned back to the t.v. He was watching some spring break show, the ones where there are alot of girls in bikinis Her nipples started poking out against her white nightshirt, the crotch of the blue booty shorts she was wearing started to get moist, and she started nibbling on the tip of her thumb, not because of the show, but the thought of her daddy pounding into her, finding out what he had in the basement. She looked over to him, and noticed a slight hump in his crotch, making her mound quiver even more. Her glass was empty, so she got up and put it in the sink. “Okay, Jazz. Get it together,” she told herself, as she put her hand on the counter and took a breath. As she walked back into the living room, the lump in his crotch was a little bit bigger, and he noticed her looking. Smiling, he said, “Did you like what happened the other day?” She bit her lip and nodded. “Don’t be ashamed. Its okay. Whenever you want it, just ask,” he said, and went back to the t.v. She stood there for a second, tugging on her shirt. “Oh, what the hell, just do it,” she told herself. And with that, she walked around the coffee table, got on her knees in front of him, pulling the towel to the side. His cock was only half hard, but it was beautiful. She looked to his face, smiling seductively. He was watching with a small smile of excitement on his face. “If you want me to stop, say so daddy,” she said.

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