The Picnic


Since meeting as online friends at first, we decide to call each other and see what happens. During the call I offer up a neutral meeting place. Delighted, you seem to agree and we discuss where we could possibly meet together.

As we are getting nowhere I offer one more option, I ask you how about a picnic setting in the local park. This seems to work for both of us and I proceed to tell you that you do not need to bring anything but yourself and to look forward to having a nice time. We go over the details of were we will meet and go from there.

As the desired day arrives, I find myself walking to the meeting spot we agreed upon. A beautiful fountain in the center of the park. As I approach, I see a woman wearing a knit cap, a scarf around her neck, a furry coat with her hands in her pockets. She looks to have a skirt on with the hem just visible under the length of the coat she wears. Black boots accentuate the ensemble.

I approach and looking at her beautiful smile, say hello Rebecca. She smiles big and says hello Michael. I take her hand in mine and lean in to kiss a soft peck on the cheek. I pull back as I catch her perfume, a light fragrance that fills the air around us.

I ask if she is ready for our picnic and she says yes. As she begins to turn and walk towards the path, I grasp her hand and say, ‘just a second’ and as soon enough she hears the sounds of hoofs hitting the ground.

She looks back at me as I stand there admiring the beauty before me and all I can do is smile back at her. The carriage pulls up and I take her hand and assist her with the steps of the small ladder leading to the sitting area.

As you take a seat on the cushioned bench, I sit across from you on the other side. As the carriage starts to move we’re both jolted at first movement. The ride smooths out as we sit and talk for a moment.

The conversations at first are of what we have in common. Followed by compliments on both are parts of seeing each other for the first time.

As I look across at you sitting there, my eyes wander from your beautiful face and the smile which is non stop. Down from your smile to the smooth legs jetting out from under your short skirt and tied coat. My eyes travel back up slowly taking in the soft gentle curves of your body hidden under your coat.

I smile as I look up once more as I see you looking right into my eyes. You state through your smile if there is anything I like and knowing I have been caught, can only say that I love everything my eyes have seen. With that, I pull from under the bench seat a short table and locking the legs in place I set it into the holders of the carriage so it stands between us. I then reach under my bench and pull from the floor a rather awkward looking box.

Before I open the box up, I say to you that this picnic comes in 2 parts… but that I will only be responsible for the first. You have an inquisitive look upon your face and I end the topic there moving on to the box.

I pull it up to my side of the bench seat as I untie the clamps. I open the lid and and begin fumbling around inside the wooden box. I pull out 2 wine glasses and offer either red or white. You choose the white as I begin to uncork the bottle of White Zinfandel. After uncorking the bottle I pout your glass then mine and set the bottle back into the box.

I hand you a glass as I take mine and hold it over the table. I lift my glass as you do the same and offer a toast to a most beautiful day with a most beautiful woman. After our glasses chime, we sip. I take your glass and set it down into the circular cutouts of the table.

Reaching once again into the box, I pull from it a small square box followed by another larger square box. I bring those up and meeting your eyes I offer them to you from across the table.

I lay them on the small table and say these are for you. I watch as your eyes light up and your hands come up to the table. You ask which one you should open first and I say the choice is yours. I reach for my glass and sip as I watch the woman before me with her eyes lit up and her delicate escort vip hands toying with the wrapping unsure which to open first. You settle your choice to the little box first.

As you unwrap the box slowly, I continue to stare at you, waiting for your reaction. As you pull the paper off you see the shape of a ring box. Your face glows as your eyes open wide as you pull apart the lid from the box. You hold it up for a fine inspection before looking up at me and smiling.

You remove the jeweler box and flip open the lid. Inside you see yourself staring at a glistening black sapphire with diamonds encircling the crown. You pull the ring from the box and slip it onto your ring finger of your left hand. Perfect. You say thank you as you admire the shiny stones.

Next is the larger box. As you slowly and as methodically as the first box you study the shape and contours as you unwrap it. Slowly your delicate fingers caress the box before removing the lid. As you do so, all I can do is sit contentedly and be a spectator.

You flip the lid once more and pull the white soft cotton filler from the box. Your eyes light up and you remove the small package held in place. You open the box and discover what you had been discussing with Paula previously. You examine the item and are fascinated with it. The remote control, the bullet and instructions. I relay to you that this is from her from a chat you had before.

You stand but soon drop right back down in your seat as the carriage goes over a bump. I stand instead and move to you. As I do so you can see a slight bulge in my slacks as I move to you to kiss you on the cheek. You reach up before I could pull away and you give me a quick squeeze. I blush and retake my seat and offer a thank you with a huge smile.

You set the box next to you as I ask if you are hungry. You say that you are but not for food as the glimmer in your eye depicts a different kind of hunger. You ask if we could wait before enjoying the contents of the basket. I say we sure could as I lower the basket back under the bench seat.

As I remove the glasses from the table and set them into holders running along side the edges of the carriage, I fold up the table and slip it under the seat. You move over to my side quickly and find yourself sitting next to me. Your hands once again reaches over and begins to caress my crotch.

You look me in the eyes and ask, is there anything that you could do for me, anything at all? The very same words I heard in a chat of recent time. I smile and know exactly what it is I want from you. After all, sitting beside me knowing what you body looks like under your clothing, having the many thoughts of days gone past and the wonderful conversations we have had only adds to my excitement of this time.

The ministrations of your hand on me begins to stir the beast within. You feel the girth grow and the hardness becomes more prominent. I wrap my arms around you and draw you in closer to me. I lean into you slightly and kiss you long and passionate on the lips. Feeling the sensation of your fingers wrapping around my manhood thru my slacks.

Using both hands, you begin to undo my belt as we continue to kiss. Your fingers delicately unbuttoning my slacks and pulling the zipper down as I lift slightly to give you more access. It’s not long before my slacks are down and your hand is caressing my exposed member.

The sensation of your warm hand stroking me in the carriage felt wonderful. It didn’t take you long to lower yourself across my lap and take me into your warm mouth. Feeling your tongue wrap around my shaft was a feeling in which I had previously only dreamed of. Your hand holding the base of my shaft as your mouth locked over the crown as your tongue circled the crown while your tight formed lips traveled the length.

I could feel my hips wanting to thrust deeper into your mouth but knowing that I could hurt you prevented that from happening. I tried to keep as still as possible to allow to you travel the length at your own pace. You felt so good as your mouth would escort rus bob over me. Your delicate fingers caressing and squeezing my heavy balls with each downward motion on my manhood.

I had to have access to your sexy body as well and began undoing your coat. I was able to slip it from around your waist as my hands slid up under your skirt. I could feel the softness of your sexy thighs and the thin layer of fabric covering your mound. I was able to push aside the material and feel the softness of your moist lips. I ran my fingers over them as I could feel you loosening up.

You bent one leg inward and raised the other giving much greater access inside your sweet self. Using my middle finger I was able to slide between your lips and inside your tight walls. I pulled my finger from you and moving it slowly brought it up and over your hard clitoris. Moving my finger in small circles one way then back the other caused your body to tremble.

Feeling the pull of your hand and suction from your mouth on me had my hardness throbbing cause it felt so good. I had one hand on your head as my other hand played with your sweet walls. Moving my finger back inside you repeating the same motions as once before.

I could feel my climax building as you could as well, your hand moving along my shaft as your mouth and tongue danced on my crown was bringing me closer than you knew. Unsure of whether you wanted my orgasm in your mouth or in your body I made a move that brought your body on top of mine in one motion as I picked up your tiny frame and set you down onto my attention standing member.

As soon as I entered and you felt the fullness slipping inside you as we rocked with the carriage under us your first orgasm of the day overpowered your mind as your moans echoed the park which I quickly followed as I unloaded deep inside your sugar walls. Holding your slim hips I rocked us both into a long orgasm that must have been heard around the park.

I could feel myself filling you as the warmth flowed freely inside your slim body, your muscles contracting around my shaft as I spread your lips and inside wide. The tightness of your walls contracting around my shaft as I continued thrusting into you made the moment so alive, electrifying both of us.

I slowed my thrusts til you were sitting on top of me. The fevered pitch was now subsiding as I held you in my lap, my throbbing shaft still embedded deep inside your body. I raised my hands from your hips and began unbuttoning your blouse. I folded your coat which was hanging off of you around you as I exposed your bra, Unsnapping it from the front and exposing your breasts to the daylight sun.

I pulled you in closer and began to kiss and suckle at each nipple. Moving from the left to the right. Such hard points as I lifted my lips from them only to suck them back into my mouth. I could feel your muscles still tightening around my shaft. I moved you off my lap and placed you back onto your bench.

Moving to you, taking your hand and pulling forward til you were on all fours with your hands on the opposite side of the seat holding on. I move behind you and enter you once more. Slowly moving in and out of your already wet flower I drive myself as deep as I possibly could.

Holding your hips in my hands as I pull you back against me, working myself ever so deeper til I feel the back of your cervix against the tip of my staff. I begin a slow thrusting as I pull almost completely out, letting you enjoy the sensation of a full thrust of my full length inside your walls. Feeling your inner muscles tighten with each pump inside. Repeating each thrust, slow yet powerful, building to a much more faster pace but now pushing in only so deep as to not hurt you inside.

I can feel your lower body contracting, my hardness sliding easily and almost effortlessly in and out of you. My hands moving more so onto your gorgeous ass, teasing your backside as I push myself in and out of you. Your hand reaching under yourself, only then do you feel how wide your lips are straining to accommodate my girth. escort elit Pushing in as your fingers dance over your clit.

I hear your moans once again building to a fevered pitch as I pump harder, deeper. My own moans becoming prominent as well. The carriage moving with each of our movements. The attendant getting more than he bargained for when I made the appointment.

Your body trembles then tightens, your hands reach for the padded seat cushion as you take a fistful and squeeze. My cock growing thicker and harder inside your walls as I feel your orgasm consume you. You buck back against me wanting all of me deep inside your spasming walls. I push in deep a couple more times as I groan out and hold your hips tighter than before as I again empty myself inside your body.

Pushing and pumping, increasing the thrusts as you push back onto me. I can feel my warm fluid shooting inside you, filling you as it flows back down coating my shaft as I continue to pump inside you. The feeling of being the one to make love to you in this instance is quite overwhelming for me. Never had I thought this would take place but since it has all I can is enjoy the moment.

Disengaging from you, I wrap the coat back around you. Covering you and savoring the remaining warmth inside. I help you move about the carriage as we struggle to get dress again. Finishing up the ride we see that we are returning to the spot in which it began. I thank you for a wonderful ride thru the park. Admiring your beauty and the glow which had lit up your precious face gives me a warming feeling.

Before we arrive to the spot that we started, I reach into my pocket and extract a note and hand it to you. I sip from my wine glass one last time as you open and read the note. A smile forms on your lips as one follows on my own. You look up at me and thank me for a lovely time. I return the thank you as I watch as you tuck the note into your coat and retrieve the small package containing the remote egg and control.

As you stretch your body out, I watch as you load the remote and the egg with the batteries supplied. You then part your legs wide while facing me, you push aside the soaked thong as you expose your flower to the elements. I continue watching knowing that you have been instructed to allow me to watch.

You part your thighs wider and peeling apart your still swollen lips, you push the egg up and inside yourself. You arrange the egg for comfort as you run your finger over and around your hard clit. You sit with your legs spread and continue to rub yourself for me. Your middle and forefinger rubbing over and around your clit as the middle and forefinger of your other hand enters your warm wet entrance.

You remain seated as you continue masturbating for me. The flushed look on your face shows the tell tale signs of a woman about to cum. I watch as your fingers probe deep inside yourself. Each time you pull them from your insides they are coated in our juices before you thrust them back inside yourself. The pace is fast as your legs flex in your boots, wider you spread as a shriek bursts forth, your excited moans echo even more so around the park.

The park is usually quite but not today, the echoes of a beautiful woman having an orgasm bursts the parks usual atmosphere. Your body goes limp, your body trembles, contractions have made your insides feel like jelly. Your hands collapse at your sides as the carriage comes to a stop.

I move to stand and over to you. I reach down and slip a finger inside your sweet flower. Feeling the egg still tucked and coated in your wetness. I lean down and kiss you your cheek then your sexy mouth. I flick my tongue across your lower lip as I break the kiss. I thank you again for a lovely time and hope we can do it again.

You manage a smile and wave to me as I step down from the carriage. Words are exchanged and another person climbs the ladder. You look up and your face lights up. Before you know it, your handing the remote to this other person. As you sit up, you begin to remove your clothes until the only thing you have left on is your boots and coat.

As you take your seat, you hear the words.. ‘Hello Princess, are you ready for Part 2 of this picnic’ she asks, just as you feel the egg embedded inside your walls start to vibrate as you struggle to provide a weak, ‘yes Paula’.

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