The Perfect Babysitter – Chapter 2


Something feels good.  She is still asleep and dreaming, but the pleasure is slowly bringing her awake.  Wave after wave of soft, gentle pleasure radiates from her center through her body.  She feels like she is floating, and it feels amazing.  As she begins to awaken further, she realizes she isn’t in her bed.  Next, she realizes someone else is here, touching her, causing those amazing feelings.  Finally, it all comes back to her.  She must have fallen asleep after the amazing orgasms she experienced the night before, the orgasms He had given her.  The first anyone had ever given her. She opens her eyes and sure enough, He is there, lightly stroking her pussy.“Well, hello,” he says when he notices her eyes open.  “I enjoyed watching you sleep.  But you looked Sex hikayeleri so good lying there naked that I couldn’t help but wake you up.”“Wait, you mean it is morning?  Oh crap, my mom is going to be pissed!”“It’s ok, I messaged her last night and explained how I got home late, and you were already asleep with the kids, and I didn’t want to risk waking them up.  She agreed that I should just let you sleep.  She said to remind you that she was going out of town early this morning and wouldn’t be back till late tomorrow.”He says all this while still lightly stroking her pussy, and when he ses her begin to relax, he asks, “Mind if I taste you?”“Yes, please!”He moves between her legs and slides his strong hands underneath her tiny ass, pulling Sikiş hikayeleri her pussy up to his hungry mouth.  He runs his tongue firmly up and down her dripping slit before saying, “Damn, you taste so good!”  This makes her shiver with delight, and he licks her again, slowly but firmly, savoring every moment.Without thinking, she grabs his head in both her hands and pulls him tighter into her crotch.  Suddenly, he begins licking her faster, with more intensity causing her to moan loudly as she feels a tidal wave of pleasure building up inside of her.  Just when she thinks it is going to crash down on her, he adjusts the intensity and movements of his tongue, expertly holding her right at the edge. She tries to wiggle, to get his tongue right Erotik hikaye where she needs it to cum, but his strong hands hold her in place, keeping her on the edge.Realizing he is in complete control; she gives up trying to adjust and just lets him do what he wants.  She needs to cum, but she also wants so badly to please this man.  These thoughts are fleeting though because at that moment his tongue changes its rhythm and pressure and before she realizes it is about to happen, the tidal wave of an orgasm explodes from her clit.  Her body begins shaking uncontrollably as she screams, “Fuuuck!”He drops her ass back down on the bed and moves up to plant a big, wet, sloppy kiss on her lips as her body quakes from the biggest orgasm of her young life.  She tastes herself on his mouth and knows immediately, she does taste good!  His tongue darts into her mouth and she sucks on it hard, cleaning every last drop of herself off of it.As the kiss ends, he pulls away and Carla bursts into tears, not even knowing why.

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