The Next Caruso–3–It’s a Family Affair



My mother gave birth to me at twenty-one so she was only thirty-nine now—still a young woman. It bothered me that she had no one so I stuck my nose in where it didn’t belong. “Are you seeing anyone, Mom? You’re too young to waste your life alone.”

“No…there’s this one guy at work who seems to like me, but he’s kind of shy so I doubt he’ll ever get up the nerve to ask me out.”

“I’m taking you and Steffi out to dinner tomorrow so why don’t you ask him to join us?”

“You want ME to ask HIM? My generation doesn’t do that.”

“Well…they should. Have his phone number? I’ll call him with the invitation. How’s that?”

“I don’t know, Rob. I don’t want to seem too eager.”

“Oh, Mom,” Steffi chimed in, “go for it.”

“I see I’m outnumbered. Okay, Rob my phone’s in my purse.” I got up and found the phone. It was the same as mine—some special deal from the carrier. I found the number after she told me his name and pressed Send. It went to his voice mail, “Nicholas, my name is Rob Kerwood. I believe you know my mom, Christina, from work. I’m taking her and my fiancé to dinner tomorrow night and I’d be pleased if you’d join us. I’m picking up Mom outside the store so if you meet up with her around four we’ll be all set. Dinner is on me so no worries there and dress will be casual. You can tell Mom tomorrow at work when you see her. I hope you can join us. Bye!” I ended the call and turned to my mother who was as red as Steffi had been earlier. “Don’t be embarrassed, Mom. If you want something you have to go after it. Now, tell us all about him.”

“Okay, as if I have any choice. He’s forty, I think, and a bit taller than me. He’s fairly thin and I know he’s divorced. That may be why he’s shy—once bitten, and so forth. He works in menswear which as you know is right next to women’s which is where I work so I see him quite often during the day. He has all of his hair which is nice, but not necessary, and decent teeth which is. He’s very polite and he’s told me some funny stories so I think he has a good sense of humor. He seems to like me, but….”

“Well,” I replied, “we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we? Now…who wants some more soup?” Steffi had her bowl up in a second, followed shortly by Mom. I was already ladling some into my bowl.

Once again we all ate too much. Thank God Thanksgiving only comes once a year. Despite being stuffed we all finished with a huge piece of pie which officially ended the feast. We retired to the living room to listen to Mom describe the hordes of people at the store today. She even told us of calling security to break up a fight that broke out when two women wanted the last blouse that was on sale. I couldn’t ever imagine men acting like that. Fight over a woman—sure, but over some clothes? Not a chance. Mom’s cell phone rang just before nine. I could tell from the conversation that it was Nicholas. He wanted to speak to me.

“Hello, Nicholas,” I began.

“Uh…I appreciate the offer, but I’d probably be a burden.”

“Not at all. Mom has told us all about you and we’d love if you would join us. Here’s a question for you—what are you going to do instead…sit at home by yourself? Eat a crummy pizza? We used to enjoy Manero’s up in Greenwich but it’s closed so I’m thinking either Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s. Yeah, they’re both steak houses, but not formal and the food is great. Trust me…I can afford it. Ask my mom tomorrow at work. I’m surprised she hasn’t bragged about me. Okay, I’m in college, but I do work occasionally. I’m a singer. No, I don’t do weddings or birthdays, but I did five concerts with a major Boston orchestra about a month ago and I have another set coming up before Christmas. Okay…great…I’m looking forward to meeting you. See you tomorrow.” I ended the call and looked at Mom. She was even redder than Steffi had been earlier. “What?” When it came to women I was truly clueless.

We all went to bed around ten. Okay…Mom went to sleep, Steffi and I went to make love. We showered again and I spent a little extra time on her ass crack, tickling her anus with my soapy finger. She swooned with delight, falling into my strong arms. Holding her securely I kissed her tenderly. “Know what? I love you to pieces. I’m the luckiest man who’s ever lived. You’re beautiful, sexy, hot, gorgeous, and you even fuck pretty good.”

“Oh, sure…go ahead and ruin the moment,” she teased. “Next thing you’ll tell me that I give decent blowjobs.”

“Well…a bit above average, I’d say.”

“Oh, yeah? You just wait.” We exited the tub laughing. We tiptoed back to the bedroom still wet and closed the door. Steffi took control now, pushing me back onto the bed. “Decent blowjob, eh?” she kidded me. “Okay, let’s see how this one is.”

“Stop! Hold it! This afternoon you told me that I could take care of you later. It is now ‘later’ so I think it should be your turn. However, in the interest of fairly evaluating your skills I will be willing to permit a ’69.’” Steffi gave me her mock exasperated look and climbed onto my body.

“Keep in mind that I’ll be evaluating your skills, too.” She kissed me with a smile and spun around to engulf my cock. I took a quick look at her pussy in the dim light. I loved her puffy outer labia and the delicate inner lips. They were almost identically symmetrical. Gently, I kissed around her pussy, noting how hot her labia felt. I could feel them swell under my touch as Steffi shuddered. Next I licked those delicate inner labia, loving the soft feel of her skin there. It was only a millimeter’s adjustment to plunge my muscular tongue into her haven—the core of her womanhood and her sexuality and the source of our future family. I reached for and found her G-spot. A mere touch sent ripples of ecstasy through my love.

How Steffi could concentrate on what she was doing while I was doing her amazed me. Her tongue was active, wrapping around and washing my cock as she sucked me with incredible strength. As if that wasn’t enough she cupped and rubbed my sensitive balls. She worked hard, trying to literally suck the semen from my body. Ultimately, that’s exactly what she would do.

I moved my attention to her clit. I loved her clit. When swollen it peeked out from its hood hard and hot and oh, so sensitive. I began by gnawing on it, knowing that Steffi had no defense against it. She’d had experienced some mind blowing orgasms through my gnawing technique. However, they were nothing in comparison to what happened when I sucked her little button between my teeth. When I did that to her now she screamed for almost ten seconds and flooded my face with her ejaculate. I thought the walls might fall and I knew that Mom would certainly hear from the neighbors tomorrow.

At the time, though, my mind was centered on what she was doing to me. With one mighty and final suck my semen exploded from my cock past her tonsils to her stomach. Over and over I blew and each time she sucked it up and swallowed. At last I was done—literally and figuratively. I was exhausted. I lay back, Steffi equally spent atop my body. She barely had the strength to turn around and hold me. “How was that?”

“I’d give it an A-plus, plus, plus just like every other time.”

“I gave you four pluses. I hope your mom doesn’t get evicted. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go to sleep.” She never replied; she was already unconscious.

Mom reacted the following morning the same way she had yesterday—with a laugh. “Steffi, it must be wonderful to be so orgasmic.”

“Truthfully, Mom…I didn’t realize I was until I met Rob. He’s the reason. I only had sex with one boy before I met Rob and it was a disaster. I didn’t even come close to…you know. But somehow I knew Rob would be different. He was and he is…wonderful, but we both know that there has to be more to a successful relationship than great sex. We both love music and we help each other study…I’m good at subjects he’s weak in and vice versa. I’m sorry if I got you into trouble.”

“Don’t be. Not a peep has come from this apartment for years, so one weekend of an occasional noise is more than understandable…and I’m so jealous.”

“Maybe…Nicholas, Mom…maybe.”

“I don’t know. We’ll see.”

I started the breakfast—bacon and egg sandwiches on hard rolls with lots of butter and salt and pepper—a cardiologist’s nightmare. We ate hurriedly. Mom had to go to work and Steffi and I were on our way to the train station and Manhattan. We took the subway to Lincoln Center and stopped by to see the faculty at Julliard. Then we walked through Central Park to Madison Avenue and south to 63rd. Up a few floors brought us to my agent’s office. Most people would have been home with their families, but Les had no family. The artists he represented were his family. He treated me like his son. I knew he would be in the office.

“Rob…Rob, I’m so glad you came in. I have news. The orchestra wants you for two more Christmas concerts.”

“Uh…Les, I’m getting married. This is my fiancé, Steffi.”

He took a step back and gave an appraising look. “Good choice—she’ll look good in publicity photos.”

“Les, I don’t really care about all that stuff. Tell them that I’ll do the extras, but they’re going to have to pay for upsetting our plans. Tell them I want fifteen each or forget it. They’re making a fortune on me as it is.”

“Okay, I’ll tell them. You’re really getting married? You know, you could make a fortune by playing the field. You could even get married but keep it a secret. Lots of big stars have done that.”

I hated Les when he was like this. He was a great agent and he was responsible for a lot of my success, but he could also be a Grade A ass. “No, Les forget it. That would be so disrespectful to our relationship so forget it. Of course, I could also go to William Morris or Creative Talents. I doubt they’d be interested in doing that kind of stuff.”

“Great, Rob…treat me like a schmuck. Don’t I work hard for you?”

“Yes, Les you do, but I’m not interested in that kind of cheap publicity. We’re going now. Contact them and let me know what happens. Bye, we’re off to the Empire State Building.” I took Steffi’s hand and led her away. We were in the elevator when I spoke again, “I’m sorry you had to hear that crap, Steffi. He’s a great agent, but sometimes he just forgets I’m not into all that publicity BS. I couldn’t imagine being seen with some bimbo when we’re married…or even now. Ewwww! It’s just not going to happen.”

We’re kids so it was nothing to walk the twenty-nine blocks south on Madison to the Empire State Building. It’s not as long as it seems. The blocks are much shorter N-S than they are E-W. It was a lark for us, especially for Steffi who had never been in the city before. We rode up to the 86th floor observatory clutching our tickets. It was worth the expense to see the expression on her face as I showed her the sights. She wanted to do everything, but that could take us weeks and we had to be home to clean up before driving to pick up Mom and her friend.

We spent an hour there before walking the short distance up to the Old Bridge Deli on Lex between 37th and 38th where I gave Steffi her first New York hot pastrami on rye experience. We had some Dr. Brown’s cream sodas and the complimentary coleslaw and pickles before proceeding on to Grand Central Station. We were back in Pelham by 2:30. It was only a five minute walk to the apartment. I’d done this trip so often I could do it blindfolded, even crossing the streets.

We showered together, of course, but no sex. That would have to wait until tonight. We walked to the car at 3:30 looking like the All-American couple we were, reaching the mall just before four and parking outside the women’s wear entrance where Mom always entered and left. She walked out about twenty minutes later with her clear vinyl purse in her hands. She had explained that the store required it to prevent the employees from shoplifting. Personally, I thought it silly. If someone wanted to steal they would, transparent purse or Sex hikayeleri no.

Mom was talking to and walking with Nicholas. He was about four inches taller than her, short brown hair, what looked like brown eyes and nicely dressed in a sweater and slacks with brown loafers. I stepped forward to introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Rob–glad you could make it.”

“Thanks, I’m Nick.” I introduced Steffi and back into the car we went. The Subaru is small so the men sat in front for the ride north. It took us about a half hour to get to White Plains and another ten to find the restaurant. I’d never eaten at Morton’s and I was eagerly looking forward to an excellent meal. We had a 5:30 reservation which would give us plenty of time to get acquainted. In the interest of encouraging conversation I went first, explaining how I had become a singer and more important, how I had met Steffi. I told a lot about that day at Malden High, but conveniently forgot to mention Steffi’s reaction to my harp’s glissando.

I encouraged Mom and Nick to order drinks while Steffi and I had iced tea. Steffi went next, telling all about her family—even about the dispute with her father that led to us living together and marrying so quickly. She also told about my day at her school, but from her perspective. I heard for the first time what the girls thought about me—how they thought I was “so hot” and how all the girls were so jealous that she had landed me. Mom and I laughed at some of her descriptions, mostly because we knew Steffi. She could be so serious one minute and so silly the next. Surprisingly, Nick went next.

“Okay,” he began, “I already told Christina that I was divorced, but I didn’t tell her how painful it was. I have two kids and I haven’t been able to see them since the divorce. That’s because her father is a millionaire and she had a whole team of lawyers where I could only afford some kid out of night school. Her parents never liked me—wrong religion, wrong socio-economic level, not enough snob appeal—you know the story. Angie even told me the divorce was her parents’ idea. If she didn’t do it they’d cut her off without a penny. I guess they scared the devil out of her. Anyway, I have these two beautiful kids—a boy and a girl—who will never know their father. And I’ll never know them. I often wonder what those bastards will tell the kids about me—probably that I was killed in an accident. That’s why I’ve never tried to get involved with anyone. I was hurt too badly. Christina is the only woman I know who isn’t like the others. She’s always been kind and considerate to me.”

The waiter came and we ordered, and, of course, I ordered too much—lobster bisque, lettuce wedge with bleu cheese dressing, filet medium rare, and an order of fries to share with Steffi. Steffi also ordered the salad and filet, Mom and Nick decided to split a porterhouse for two which I thought was a positive sign. We chatted about everything and nothing during our meal which, if anything, exceeded our expectations. At one point I got a chuckle out of Steffi and Mom when I stuck a long French fry in my mouth and grunted to Steffi. She took the other end in her mouth and we ate our way to a kiss. We must kiss a hundred times a day, so it was no big deal, but I wanted to put Nick at ease with the idea of romantic involvement and a kiss from Steffi was always something to cherish. Nick was a bit sheepish and nervous when he put a long fry into his mouth.
“Don’t look at me,” I exclaimed. Steffi laughed and Mom just smiled, but she did accept the invitation, lingering at the end just enough to show interest. I was pleased when Steffi patted my thigh. We agreed that this could be a good match.

I was stuffed after eating all that food, but Steffi wanted to share cheesecake. “What the hell,” I thought, “I’ve already had enough cholesterol to last a month. What’s a little more?” I agreed and Nick and Mom also agreed to share. It would be interesting to watch how the sharing would proceed. In the end, Nick deferred to Mom who was busy deferring to him. It took them almost fifteen minutes to down a single piece of cheesecake. The check came and Nick offered graciously to share. “Thanks, Nick, but it’s my treat. I forgot to tell you, Mom that Les is negotiating with the orchestra for two more Christmas concerts. I told him I’d only consider it if they paid fifteen. I told you we’re planning to marry before Christmas.”

“Do you mean fifteen thousand?” It was Nick, somewhat incredulous.

“Yeah, fifteen thousand each so I think I can afford dinner.” I checked the bill; it was just under $345 including 10% sales tax. I paid with my Visa and raised the total to $420 to provide a generous tip for the excellent service. We were weaving out on the sidewalk when we left, not because we were drunk—Mom and Nick had two drinks and I doubted that would have much of an impact. The problem was that we had all overeaten. Back into the car we went, but this time Mom directed Steffi to the front seat. I had driven almost twenty minutes when Mom told us, “I’ll go with Nick once we’re at the mall, Rob.”

“Does that mean we’ll finally have some privacy tonight?” I was such a terrible tease. Steffi laughed, but Mom laughed so hard she actually choked.

Only when she was back under control did she explain to the confused Nick. “Privacy hardly seems to be a requirement for these two. For Nick’s information approximately how many times have you two made love since you’ve been in my privacy deprived apartment?”

“I think I lost track, Mom,” I replied, continuing the joke.

“I’ll tell you, Mom,” commented Steffi, eager to join in the fun. “Let’s see…we got here Wednesday evening so…Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and nothing yet today unfortunately, would make…I think…four times, or maybe five, but it could be more.” She had a huge grin on her face when she continued, “Of course, we’re madly in love with each other…and we are engaged…so….”

“I knew about four of those—three from Steffi screaming in the middle of the night and one from a set of wet towels in the bathroom. Actually, I’m jealous.”

“Relax, Nick…we’re only normal American teenagers…normal horny American teenagers.” We all had another laugh at that. Ten minutes later we pulled into the parking lot and Nick directed us to his car. He thanked me again as he helped Mom out of the car. Steffi and I said good-bye and I drove off. We couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment. I had barely parked the car before Steffi and I bolted out and ran up the stairs. I had the key out and unlocked the door in seconds. Our clothes dropped to the floor as we raced to the shower. I cursed this old apartment—it took forever for the water to heat, or so it seemed. We raced through cleaning each other, dried hurriedly and laughed all the way to my bedroom. I pulled back the blanket and sheet for Steffi, but she pulled me in on top of her. We rolled across the narrow bed, almost falling out the other side before we stopped and had our first kiss. This was no “strip of bacon” or “French fry” kiss. This was raw animal passion as we ground our lips and tongues together. Steffi’s arms were wrapped tightly around my body, her mound grinding against my thigh.

We rolled around until Steffi lay atop my body. Pulling back from the kiss, she raised her hips and slowly engulfed my cock within her tight sheath. She exhaled as she sank onto my cock, demonstrating her rapture—her ecstasy—as her cunt was stretched around my thick organ. Very slowly she began to rock, driving her hot hard clit into my abdomen. So wrapped up in each other were we that we failed to hear my mother enter the apartment with Nick trailing behind her.

“What did I tell you, Nick? Not too eager are they? Look at these clothes thrown all over the floor. Help me pick them up, will you?”

“Do you do this kind of thing often?”

“No, I just met Steffi on Wednesday evening although I knew that she and Rob were engaged. Rob attends college in Massachusetts so he’s not home too often and he’s always been neat before. I doubt he thought we’d come in so soon. Here, I’ll take that bra.” Nick held up his hand as though he couldn’t get rid of it quickly enough. “Things will get back to normal tomorrow afternoon once they’ve returned to school.

Thanks, I’ll set these aside so they can take them back. Want a drink?”

“Um…no thanks, I don’t like to drive when I’ve been drinking.”

“Okay…then how about a kiss?”


“Good…c’mon into my bedroom. You know…just in case.”

“But what will they think?”

“First of all, I doubt they’ll even notice, but even if they do…so what? We’re adults and I assume we’d both be consenting. Well, I know I would. I’ve wanted this moment for a long time, Nick and I think you’ve wanted it, too. Don’t you think we’ve wasted enough time?” She held out her hand in invitation. Slowly, he moved to her, extending his arm. Christina pulled him to her. Their bodies met first, their lips a millisecond later. They kissed holding each other, body to body, for many minutes as tongues explored insistently, breaking it only to move into the bedroom where they could take their lust to another level.

Christina stood in front of Nick as she lifted his sweater over his head and swiftly unbuttoned his shirt. His tee-shirt soon followed. She ran her nails down his chest and around his nipples; she could sense his desire. She unbuckled his belt and allowed his slacks to fall to his feet. Thumbs inside his waistband forced his briefs to follow. Christina knelt to remove his shoes and socks and to help him to step out of his pants, admiring his long thick erection which was just at eye level. Next she stood arms open to encourage Nick to reciprocate. He moved closer and whispered, “God, you’re beautiful.”

“I’m glad you think so, but don’t you think I’d like to be naked, too so I can feel your skin against mine…so I can rub against your beautiful hard cock.” Nick’s hands were shaking as he began to remove her blouse. She turned around so he could unclasp her bra. His hands found her firm C-cup breasts; he loved their smoothness and how her areolas reacted to his touch. His mouth found her bare shoulder as he kissed and licked his way up her neck.

Nick wrapped his hands around her waist; she unbuttoned her slacks and stepped out then turned into Nick’s arms and another long steamy kiss. “Now explain to me why we haven’t done this sooner. Why did we wait so long?”

“I…I was afraid. I still am. I don’t want to be hurt again.”

“I understand, but, Nick, there are never any guarantees in life. I was in love with Rob’s father and I had a whole life planned out when he disappeared. I was three months pregnant and kicked out by my parents. I came home from my job at the supermarket to find he’d gone—not only left, but cleaned out all my money and what little jewelry I had. I was broke and broken hearted. I remembered the saying, ‘what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.’ It didn’t kill me, but it definitely made me stronger. I’ve been alone ever since, except for Rob, of course, but that’s different. I need someone as much as you do.” She lay back on the bed pulling him with her.

She led his hand to her cunt—her hot wet cunt—as she reached to feel his powerful erection for the first time. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted and waited for this, Nick.”

“Me too, Christina. I don’t know why I wasn’t more assertive. You gave me every sign you were interested.”

“You’re here now, Nick…that’s all that matters. Can you reach that drawer? I have some condoms there. I bought them a month or so ago; I was hopeful and I like to be prepared.” Nick leaned forward and reached the drawer; he pulled the small package onto the bed where they could reach them when needed. “I hope you’ll forgive me for making you wait, but I need a taste of that pretty cock of yours. Just lie back here and let me sample you.” Christina slid down his body to lick the slippery pre-cum from his tip. “Oh my, Nick, You do taste delicious. I can hardly wait to have you in my cunt.” Sikiş hikayeleri She stopped talking then as she fellated him, taking him deep into her mouth and throat. Nick seemed to be paralyzed as she moved up and down, bringing him closer and closer to a thunderous orgasm.

She stopped before he came; she wanted him to cool down a bit before they fucked. She kissed the tip and rubbed his balls for a few minutes before sitting up to straddle his thighs. She reached for the condoms and once the foil wrapper was opened, gently unrolled the latex sheath down his shaft. Moving forward she placed it at the entrance to her sex. Christina stared into his clear brown eyes as his cock slowly disappeared into her. “Oh God! You feel so good in me, Nick! It’s been so long…too long.”

“I love this, Christina. You feel wonderful…so incredibly tight. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll last too long.”

“That’s okay, we can do it again in a couple of hours and again when we wake up in the morning.”

Nick gulped several times, “Morning?”

“Sure, why not? Don’t you want to fuck me again?”

“Sure, but…what about…?”

“Rob? Steffi? Believe me, they’ll be thrilled. We can go to church in the morning, just like a real family.”

“You make it sound so simple, Christina.”

“It is simple, Nick—you stay overnight, we fuck several times, get up, have breakfast, and go to church. We come home, have lunch, see Rob and Steffi off, come back in and fuck some more. Sound like a plan to you? Oh yeah…call me Chris, will you please. Christina sounds so formal.”

Nick suddenly increased his pace and was just about to cum when he heard a loud primal scream. ‘What the…?”

“Unless I’m mistaken that was Steffi with another great orgasm. Now–c’mon Nick. Cum for me.” He continued for three more thrusts before grunting several times as his semen erupted into the waiting sheath. He was completely drained when it ended. Christina moved down to lie on his chest. Reaching down she pulled off him and removed the condom from his organ. She dropped it onto a tissue and placed it onto the night stand. She slowly stroked him, pulling any remaining semen from his sagging cock. She brought her hand to her mouth and tasted his ejaculate. She licked her fingers clean and kissed Nick, pulling the blanket over them. “Let’s get some sleep while we can, okay?” She lay at his side, her leg over his, her arm over his chest, her head resting gently on his shoulder.


I was pumping my cock into Steffi furiously. I knew she was close. I recognized the signs—the frantic irregular breathing, the subtle shaking, the glazing over of her eyes. She arched her back as it hit, screaming as her sexual frustrations erupted from her body. I was only seconds behind her, flooding her pussy and womb with slick white semen. We lay in bed exhausted from our exertions.

Steffi had pulled the blanket up over our bodies when I thought I heard a loud grunt. ‘Did you hear something, Rob?”

“Yeah, sounded like me when I’m cumming.” Steffi’s head jumped back. Even in the dim light I could tell that she was staring into my eyes.

“Do you think…?”

“I don’t know…maybe…let me get up for a second.” I eased out of bed and opened the door, taking a quick check up the hallway. I thought I could hear some talking through the door.” I snuck back to Steffi, carefully closing the door on the way. “I think I heard some talking from Mom’s bedroom–all right!”

Steffi hugged me and whispered, “I hope you’re right. Let’s get some sleep. Maybe we’ll wake up during the night. I’m feeling horny again. Damn! I’ll never get enough of you.” She kissed me and snuggled against me. She wiggled her body several times until she was comfortable and we went to sleep.

Sleeping in the apartment you get accustomed to certain sounds—the passing of a car in the street, the sounds of footsteps on the sidewalk, even an occasional conversation between passersby. However, there are sounds you don’t normally hear—squeaking mattress springs, grunts or squeals of joy. Those will wake me and that was why I awoke around three. I raised my head to hear better and that was Steffi’s signal to kiss me. “I was hoping you’d wake up,” she whispered, “I want you again. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be the only ones fucking.”

“Yeah, they woke me up, too. I’m really glad. Nick seems nice and Mom does need someone. She’s too young to be alone all the time. Why don’t you lie on your side? Face away from me. That’s it.” Steffi raised her leg, placing it over mine and exposing her wet pussy to my cock. She reached for my cock and, finding it hot and hard, pulled it into her slit. I pushed the rest of the way, seating myself deep into her. One hand found her clit; it was already hard and hot and peeking out from its protective hood. My other hand found her nipples. Betraying her need they were already hard. I pulled and pinched and rolled them. She turned her head to face me. “Oh God, Rob…oh God! Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I liked to give Steffi what she wanted and needed. She didn’t ask for much. I pounded her poor pussy relentlessly…without pity. It was what she wanted, after all. I pumped her for all I was worth while I pinched her clit firmly. She began to shake uncontrollably, but I only fucked her harder and faster until I became worried that the bed would collapse from the strain. Fortunately, she came—and hard—remembering to clamp her hands over her mouth. I continued for several minutes before I was able to relax as my orgasm spread warmly over my body. I held Steffi tightly and whispered that I loved her. In the ensuing quiet I thought I could hear the box springs straining in Mom’s room. “Not bad,” I thought, “twice in one night—just like us.”

We slept until 7:30 when Steffi wanted to go again. “Perhaps this would be a good time for an anatomy lesson. I’m not built like you. I have limits although you obviously have none. Why don’t you sit on my face? I can still use my tongue if you want.”

“No…let’s just get up and shower. I like it better when we can do each other.” I kissed her and jumped out of bed.

“Knowing that Nick is here, maybe I’d better go out and check. Let me get my jeans on.” I opened the door cautiously and tiptoed down the hallway. There was nobody in the bathroom so I returned for Steffi who threw on a robe and accompanied me into the shower. We made it quick, realizing that there might well be two more showers this morning. We dried ourselves and Steffi left while I shaved. I left the door open to dissipate the steam from the shower while I lathered my face and began to remove my stubble. I turned when I heard a noise at the door. “Oh, hi Nick; come on in. Do whatever you need to do. I’ll be out of here in a minute.” I continued to shave while he walked in red faced to piss. As promised I was gone in less than a minute, closing the door as I left. I had just turned the corner when my mother left her bedroom and walked into the bathroom. “Morning, Mom.” Now she was red faced, too.

Steffi and I dressed for church and went to the kitchen to start the breakfast. She made the coffee while I whipped up a big batch of pancakes. Living on my own for the weeks of the summer before Joe and Carla were hired had taught me a lot. I had a big pile of hot cakes ready when they appeared bleary eyed. I couldn’t resist the temptation. “Didn’t sleep well, Mom?”

“Listen…I heard you two around three. God, don’t you ever stop?”

“Actually, Mom you woke us up. It would have been a shame to waste an opportunity like that, don’t you think?” She made a face, but we both knew we were only kidding. We sat down at the old kitchen table and ate our fill, treating Nick like an old friend. He was nervous at first—worried, I thought, about our reaction to his being here and fucking my mother all night. Personally, I was thrilled and I knew that Steffi agreed with me.

We went to church and returned home to pack the car and eat a quick lunch. We hugged and kissed Mom and thanked her for everything. I shook hands with Nick and we left. The trip home was mostly just driving although the traffic was a bit heavy. We were back in Medford by 5:30. We grabbed a quick dinner at Wendy’s and prepped for tomorrow. It would be a long day for both of us.

We were up early—no fucking in the middle of the night. Steffi went on the school bus; I drove to campus. Classes were boring and tedious at best; my mind was elsewhere. My homework was done by the time Steffi returned; we went back to the car and drove to the church to meet with Pastor Anderson. We wanted to know about getting married. He was very accommodating, but it was impossible for him to marry us on Christmas Eve. In fact there was so much going on in the church he was going to have trouble fitting us in, unless…. We agreed and the date was set. All he had to do was call a family and see if they would be willing to move their baptism back an hour so we could go immediately before. All we needed now was the license. We did that the following day.

There was a phone message from Les when we got back—they had agreed to my fee and they wanted two more concerts. That meant an additional 60 grand—not too shabby for an eighteen year old kid.

We shared the wedding info with Steffi’s family and with my mom. They would all attend, Mom and Nick flying into Boston the day before. I would have taken everyone out to dinner, but I had two concerts that Saturday. I barely had time to eat a sandwich. Steffi spent the entire time with me. We were both nervous about tomorrow, the day we’d be officially married. I don’t know why. We were already living together and had been for more than a month.

Sunday morning we were up early for church. I sang and went to get Steffi when I went to Communion. We received a special blessing before we returned to our seats with Mom and Nick. We waited in the church at the end of the service. Steffi’s family tried to walk in while everyone else was walking out, but, of course that was almost impossible.

It was some ten minutes later that we were able to move to the front of the church. Steffi’s friend Natalie agreed to serve as Maid of Honor; I was thrilled when Nick said he would stand up for me as Best Man. Mom had phoned about a week ago to ask would I mind if Nick moved in. “Hell, no! I’m thrilled for you, Mom,” I had told her.

It was a very brief ceremony, basically a few brief readings, “do you…I do,” the rings, kiss the bride and out the door. It was short, but it was also official. That was it—we were married. The group returned to my house where Joe and Carla were waiting with an Italian lunch—her hot antipasto, lasagna, sausage and peppers, and some pasta. I would have done more, but I had a concert at two and another at seven. It would be Christmas in two days and I was glad the concerts were coming to an end. Yes, I had earned $110,000 over the past week, but it was a strain, especially with dealing with the marriage and my first semester final exams. I was tired, but somehow I doubted I’d get to sleep early—bed maybe, but definitely not to sleep.

My matinee performance went well, but I was thinking about the evening—my last of this series. Mom and Nick, Steffi’s parents and Jeremy, and Steffi would be in attendance. I sought out Heath Lockner and asked for a favor. He laughed like crazy when I explained why. He was happy to help out.

Steffi and the crowd walked into my dressing room around five, having demolished Carla’s lunch earlier. Apparently they had eaten so much that they wanted nothing for dinner. I ordered a sandwich and several bottles of water for myself. Mostly, I needed something to drink. I gave Steffi the tickets, telling her to sit on the aisle. They left fifteen minutes before the performance and I reminded her. She gave me a questioning look; I just told her it was a surprise.

By now I could have given the performance in my sleep, but I had Steffi’s family and my mother in the audience so I wanted it to be special. The next to last number was Erotik hikaye “Jingle Bell Rock,” a song made famous by Bobby Helms way back in 1957. There was an instrumental interlude that was fairly long and today it would be twice as long thanks to Heath. I needed that time to get down to the audience. I ran down the steps to Steffi and pulled her up. We did a few Lindy dance steps and I twirled her under my arm and back. The audience loved it. When I did it the second time I pulled her close to me, pushed her back into what dancers call a “dip” and kissed her madly. I released her, kissed her cheek, and ran back to the stage, arriving just in time to finish the song.

I spoke after the applause died down. “I guess I owe you all an explanation. I don’t generally go into the audience in search of beautiful women to kiss. In fact this was the first and probably last time, but…not only did Christmas come early this year, I also got the best present ever. You see, earlier today that charming beautiful woman and I were married. That’s my wife, Steffi.” I don’t know why, but audiences always eat up corny stuff like that. I knew that Steffi was embarrassed by the attention. I could see her in the seventh row, red face and all while our parents just smiled and clapped along with everyone else. Once it was quiet again I began “Oh, Holy Night,” singing “a cappella.” There was wild applause at the end. I looked at Steffi and extended my hand. To my surprise she came to the stage, hugged me, and gave me a little kiss. The audience loved it. So did I.


We all returned to my house after the performance. Joe and Carla had stuck around; they were a big help, bringing out drinks which came from their own supply. I was too young to have liquor in the house, and, truthfully, I didn’t want it. We relaxed in the living room once Steffi had shown her mother and Mom all around the house. Mom teased me about the shower, commenting that she’d love to get Nick in there with her.

“Be my guest, Mom…any time,” was my reply. Everyone left around twelve–the Goldwassers to their home and Mom and Nick to their hotel in Boston. I had offered the opportunity to stay with us, but they declined saying that honeymooners deserved to be alone, especially on their wedding night. We kissed Mom good-bye and wished her a Merry Christmas. I thanked Nick and watched as the cab drove down the street. I took Steffi’s hand and walked her back into the house. I locked up and we made our way upstairs.

Steffi turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. “I can’t believe it, Rob. We’re actually married. I’m Steffi Kerwood. Oh…I have to go to the DMV and have my license changed and we’ll have to go to the high school and have my name changed. Oh Rob, I still can’t believe it.”

“I can’t believe it either. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have you. I hope I didn’t embarrass you at the concert.”

“Ha ha, that was funny and fun. Know what I mean?” I did; I understood completely. I led her into the bedroom. We dumped our clothes on the floor. Tomorrow was another day. We showered, alternating washing with kissing and some playful groping. We climbed into bed naked, kissed and made the sweetest love ever. It was missionary with Steffi’s legs wrapped around my back. We moved together slowly, neither of us wanting it to end. Of course, it did with Steffi screaming her lungs out and me draining my balls deep into her sweet cunt.

We lay together, drained from our busy day and our love making. I kissed Steffi’s face and hair until she pulled back and asked me, “Am I really your best present ever?”

“Yes, darling…you most definitely are and moreover you’re a present that gives and gives and gives.”

“Good, let’s go to sleep and when we wake up I’ll think of something else to give you. I think I’d like it if you brought out your harp.” It was going to be a joyous and exhausting life.

We went shopping the following afternoon and when I returned I left the Subaru in the driveway. “Aren’t you going to put it in the garage, Rob?”

“No…I think I’ll just leave it here overnight. I just don’t feel like it now.” We walked hand in hand into the house. Joe had run an errand for me earlier in the day and I’d given them the rest of the day off along with a $1,000 check, the best Christmas present I could think of. Once in the house Steffi ran into the living room to turn on the tree’s lights. She was so thrilled with her first Christmas tree. We’d had a blast decorating it. Initially, she wanted a real one, but when I explained the potential fire hazard she reluctantly accepted the artificial blue spruce. It did look nice. We had fun buying all the new lights and ornaments, although we still had a lot more to buy either after Christmas or next year.

We went out to dinner and I confused Steffi again by leaving the car in the driveway. She gave me a funny look, but I ignored her. We stayed up late, thinking we’d open our presents at midnight and then sleep in the morning until I had to go to church to sing.

Steffi had been eying her pile all night so around 11:15 I gave up. “Okay, I can tell when I’m beaten. Open your presents.” She jumped up, kissed me, and sprinted the four steps to the tree. Her first present was a sterling silver bangle bracelet with inlaid gemstones cut into triangles that were flush with the sides of the bracelet. Either she really loved it or she was a good actress. She hugged my neck fiercely. Next was a pair of gold hoop earrings that would go with almost everything she owned. Her final gift was in a really big box. She opened it and reached down into the tissue, groping almost everywhere. “Are you sure there’s something in there?”

My response was a simple nod with a twinkle in my eye. “Keep looking; you’ll find it eventually.” She tore the tissue paper from the box, throwing it all over the floor. Finally, she found it.

“A garage door opener?” She had the most precious unbelieving look on her face.

“That’s right…now, what do you do with a garage door opener?”

“Uh…open the garage?”

“Right!” She was up in a flash and out the door. It was all I could do to keep up with her. Holding her arm out straight she aimed and pushed the button. She stood there amazed looking at her new 2014 Toyota Corolla. I put my arm around her, dangling the keys from my fingers.

“How…how did you? We were together all the time.”

“Joe did all the work, even negotiating the price. He picked it up while we were shopping this afternoon. This is another reason to go to the DMV—to put it into your name.” She turned into me looked up and gave me the biggest, the wettest, the hottest kiss of our lives. “Want to go for a ride?”

“Not now. I can drive tomorrow to church and to my parents’ with their presents. Jeremy will be so jealous. I can hardly wait. But right now we have your presents. C’mon.” Steffi pulled me back into the house, but not before lowering the door to protect her present.

I sat patiently in front of the tree, but only after picking up all of Steffi’s trash. My nonchalance was driving her crazy, but I knew I could only tease her so much. My first present was a college sweatshirt. We had seen this when we were shopping for my mom and I had commented on how warm it looked. Next was a gold link bracelet. I liked that, too and told her so. Finally, there was a little box. My mouth dropped when I saw it. She gave me a class ring. I loved it. I thought I was done, but—no. She dragged a thin box out from under the tree. “This is your special present, Rob.” I laughed when I saw it. It was a mirror with a wooden frame. The frame had the writing, “STEFFI’S BEST PRESENT” and, of course, when I looked into it I saw Steffi’s best present—me.”

“I love it. I’m going to keep it on my dresser forever. Now I think we need to go to bed. I’d like to get to sleep by one, Mrs. Kerwood.”

“That’s a great idea, Mr. Kerwood.” We walked upstairs, shed our clothes, showered, and fell into bed naked, as always. We kissed for almost an hour and then we licked and sucked each other until we couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled Steffi onto my throbbing dick and pumped until we both had our orgasm. “Merry Christmas, Steffi. This is the best Christmas I ever had.”

“Me, too” she replied. I laughed. This was her first Christmas ever.

We called Mom and Nick once we had returned from church where I had sung “Oh Holy Night” for the final time this year then she drove to her parents’ place in Malden. We both got a bunch of presents from her parents and Jeremy and she was right—Jeremy was terribly jealous of her new car. We went to the DMV a few days after the holiday and to the high school later the same day. I also went to the university president’s office to schedule an appointment. When asked what it was about I told the secretary a million dollars for the scholarship fund. I knew that would get their attention.

Steffi had applied to my college, but I knew that only one of every twelve female applicants was accepted, even worse odds than for males. I didn’t want to take any chances. I’d give my services gladly to help her. I met with the president on December 29th.

“How can I help you, Mr. Kerwood? What’s all this about money for the scholarship fund?”

“I’d like to make a deal with you. I think you know that I’m a fairly well known tenor from my concerts in Boston . I understand that the gym can hold almost 6,000 people for a concert. I’m willing to give you one concert a year for the next four years for free. Six thousand at an average of $50 per ticket would bring you a million two. I only ask one thing in return—accept my wife as a student here. She’s a very good student. She was number two in her class at Malden High before transferring to Medford. She doesn’t need any scholarship money. I will cover that along with my own tuition. I have a house locally that I use for the singing practice that I do every day so I will also provide her room and board. She wants to be here with me so that’s what I want, too.”

“It’s a tempting offer…very tempting. Let me look into her application. Can we meet in another two weeks?”

“Yes, sir…of course.”

“Incidentally, I’ve attended one of your concerts…back in October, I think. You’re a very gifted young man.” I left and drove home to my wife. Two weeks later we had a deal. Steffi would be accepted. I asked to have a contract forwarded to my agent who was none too keen on my performing for nothing. I told him to get over it. Of course, I never mentioned a word of this to Steffi who was thrilled when her acceptance letter arrived.

Long story short, she was accepted and became an outstanding student, making Dean’s List every semester majoring in Spanish and French. I never did declare a major, but I did have a bunch of courses in finance and business administration. I was one of only a handful of students in the history of the university without a major. I laughed when my advisor told me I had to think about the future; how would I find a job without a major? I brought a copy of my income tax return to our next meeting. He never asked me about it again.

I held my part of the bargain, filling the gym to capacity. I hired a pianist and some musicians for background from the area at my own expense. When I was done I had placed more than 1.4 million dollars into the scholarship fund.

My career really took off once I had graduated. I was offered positions all over the globe, but I turned many of them down. I refused to leave Steffi behind so those jobs would have to wait until she graduated.
We still had some form of sex every single day—usually more than once—and she did have a chance to try anal, but not anal intercourse. I refused to hurt her so when she had trouble with even the smallest butt plug I stopped everything. Okay, not quite everything; I did stick my finger up her poop chute on occasion, especially when I was eating her tasty pussy, but that was all. We sold our small Medford house for a larger one–five bedrooms with a big lot on a quiet street in nearby Marblehead once she had graduated. We would need the bigger home. Steffi was three months pregnant with the first of what we hoped would be four children. I had never been happier.

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