The New Neighbor Pt. 05


Authors Note: Thanks again to oldnakeddad for editing this piece! Hopefully many more chapters to come. Feel free to comment with feedback!


The next morning, a little after nine AM, Amber awoke with a start to the phone ringing loudly. Unfortunately, since she was staying in the guest bedroom, the nearest phone was in the office down, and across, the hall. She stumbled out of bed and clumsily ran toward the phone while rubbing her eyes. Amber quickly cleared her throat, trying to rid it of any groggy tones.


“Good morning, Amber! It’s Raphael. I have lots of shoes for you here and was hoping I could bring them over a little later. Maybe around one?”

Amber sat down on the rolling office chair, the cordless phone pressed against her ear and shoulder. She was topless and had been sleeping in only a pair of cotton panties, though she usually slept naked. Her thick thighs spread out and were sticking to the leather. She leaned back in the chair, slowly twirling in circles.

“That sounds good to me! I’ll be here waiting!” Amber said with a smile.

“Excellent. I’ll see you then.”

She heard the click of the other line disconnecting and returned the phone to its cradle on the desk. She sat for a second, her toes curling as she bit her lower lip in excitement, then got up and made her way toward the shower. After her unexpected night with Sonya and Ms. V., Amber had taken a long, hot bath after she had gotten home.

After her bath, she had masturbated, furiously, for hours before she fell asleep. She had made herself break into a sweat with all of her wild bucking and cumming, her pussy had been dripping wet the whole time. It was almost like a work-out. Amber had countless orgasms before slipping into a blissful sleep. The last thing she remembered was pulling on her panties as though she was tucking her pussy into bed. Her sheets were still slightly damp in the morning. She had to do laundry.

Reminiscing about last night, she snapped to the present and hopped into the shower to help fully wake up and went through her usual thorough routine of washing herself. Amber loved to give herself countless orgasms throughout each day so, once again, she employed the detachable shower head to help make herself cum. The warm water was hitting the most sensitive parts of her clit as she used her fingers to spread her labia to give herself better access.

She stepped out of the shower, towel dried and aimlessly wandered around the house, naked. Her brain was running a million miles a minute and she ended up watching some porn for a while. It was still before eleven AM and Raphael wasn’t coming over until one. She tried watching other TV shows but found herself staring out of the window, in the direction of Ms. V.’s house. Amber knew she needed to eat but her nervous energy had taken away her appetite so she decided to smoke a joint, instead.

Amber sat out on the porch, admiring her Aunt and Uncle’s neat, simple backyard. A few trees surrounded the property providing some shade and privacy. There was a shaded cement area, with a few pieces of patio furniture, where Amber was sitting on a chair. She was puffing on the joint and looking out at the flowers along the edge of the fence. She knew Ms. V., Raphael, and their house of wonders, was on the other side.

After she finished her joint, Amber went inside and started cooking lunch. As she’d expected, her stomach was now starting to growl softly, she was hungry. Amber was sautéing onions and garlic while she chopped up a variety of other vegetables. She was in and out of the fridge, pulling out more and more ingredients, as she continued to make her elaborate lunch.

The whole house was starting to smell delicious as the concoction’s aroma filled the air. Once it was ready, she ate a hefty plate and then a small, second helping which still left a decent amount of leftovers. As she was placing the Tupperware, full of leftovers, into the fridge, she thought about offering some of them to Raphael after he arrived.

A little after noon, she put on a cotton T-shirt, panties and shorts. Amber didn’t feel like she had to dress up for Raphael but she didn’t want to greet him halfway undressed again, either. She tidied up her room as things were still strewn all over the place after getting ready yesterday.

A few minutes before one o’clock, Amber was lingering in front of a window, which gave her a view of the pathway to and from Ms. V.’s house, when Raphael came into sight carrying two enormous bags. Each bag appeared to be custom and handmade, and about the size of Raphael’s legs. He was somehow able to comfortably carry the bags without them touching the ground.

Even though he didn’t seem to be struggling, Amber hurried out to meet him halfway and tried to help. He insisted he was fine and continued to carry each bag easily, considering how big they were. Amber opened the front door for him and pointed at the stairs.

“I guess you can put them upstairs in the bedroom, again.”

“I figured as much.”

Raphael Avcılar Escort was making long strides, going up the stairs effortlessly, as Amber admired his muscular frame from behind. He was clearly a very strong man. Amber was very curious about his relationship with Ms. V., surely he’s seen some interesting things with her. Amber watched as Raphael put the bags down and started unpacking multiple boxes of shoes.

“Wow. That’s a ton of shoes! How could one person need so many?!” Amber laughed, watching with wide eyes as the stack of boxes grew taller.

“Oh, you’d be surprised!” Raphael laughed in response.

“Ms. V. seems to be incredibly generous.”

Amber glanced at the open closet which was bursting with all of the dresses and other clothes Ms. V. had recently purchased for her.

“Yes, yes she is. She’s truly a special person.”

“I just feel like it’s too much, we’ve only recently met and she’s showering me with gifts!”

Amber tugged at the hem of her shorts nervously. She was subtly trying to pick Raphael’s mind to learn more about the whole situation.

“Well, you’re going to have to get used to that. She likes you! Ms. V. has plenty of resources and she likes nice things. I’m sure she’s hoping you can join her for future social events, hence all the clothing.”

Raphael was finishing up stacking the boxes, a total of over twenty pair.

“It’s so surreal. I mean, I’m having fun and everything, but it feels like something out of a movie. Like an X-rated, incredibly awesome movie!” Amber laughed lightly and went to sit on the bed.

“It still feels like that to me, too,” Raphael chuckled.

“How did you meet Ms. V.?”

Amber moved to the edge of the bed, getting closer to the kneeling Raphael. Raphael froze for a second. It was the first time Amber had seen him look uncomfortable or as if he didn’t know what to say. After a moment, he turned toward Amber, his handsome brown eyes connecting with hers.

“I met her a while ago. It’s kind of a long story for another time.”

Amber was slightly disappointed as she had been hoping Raphael could shed some light on the mystery world. As unusual as Ms. V.’s lifestyle seemed to be, Amber was still willing to blindly follow along.

“I would definitely love to hear it sometime! I’m so fascinated by all of this, I’m just along for the ride!”

Amber genuinely meant what she was saying but she was really hoping Raphael felt he could trust her and, eventually, open up.

“And thank you so much for bringing the shoes over! I can’t wait to go through them all. By the way, I had just finished lunch before you got here and I have a bunch of leftovers. Would you like a plate?”

Amber was staring at Raphael. He once again hesitated which was unusual for him.

“Sure. I have a little over an hour so I think that would be ok.”

Though he was in his late thirties, Raphael reminded her of a shy schoolboy.

“What do you mean?” Amber’s dark eyebrows furrowed slightly in confusion.

Raphael gave a sheepish smile.

“Well, I have to get back to Ms. V. at a certain time. I was also instructed to pick out an outfit for you to wear tonight.”

He sounded almost a little reluctant to say the last part, but as if he was masking a lot of excitement. Amber giggled nervously.

“And again, what do you mean?”

Raphael broke out into a more comfortable grin, little crinkles forming around his eyes and nose.

“Well, if you would like, Ms. V. has plans for the three of us to go out to a nightclub tonight to celebrate how well last night went. She asked that I choose your outfit. I guess she trusts my taste in fashion.”

Amber smiled a little bigger. She felt butterflies explode in her stomach! Normally, she wasn’t big on the club scene, however, she had a hunch Ms. V. would provide an entirely different type of experience.

“Oh, man. I haven’t gone out forever and it sounds like fun!”

Amber stood a couple of feet away from Raphael.

“It will be. Still offering that food? I would love to get a good lunch before a night of drinking!”

He smiled while patting his stomach. Amber laughed and started to go downstairs, Raphael following closely behind.

“So can you cook?” Raphael asked in a teasing voice.

“You’re going to have to wait and find out for yourself!”

Amber confidently headed toward the fridge. She pulled out the leftovers and dished some out to put in the toaster oven. Some of it was for her, too, as she felt like having a little more while he ate. Raphael sat on a barstool by the kitchen counter and watched Amber go between drawers and cabinets.

She got them each a glass of cold water and offered some fresh juice she had recently pressed. Raphael accepted, so she poured a glass of the juice for each of them and set silverware and napkins for each of them as well. When the food was heated, she portioned out plates for the two of them and sat on a barstool near Raphael, leaving one empty seat between them.

“Thank Beylikdüzü Escort you, this smells absolutely delicious! I have to admit, it’s been awhile since someone has cooked for me.” Raphael said with smiling eyes.

“Aw. Well, I hope you enjoy. I love cooking but I also love having meals made for me!” Amber laughed.

Raphael smiled and lifted his fork as though he was toasting with a drink.


Amber lifted her fork in return, with a goofy smile. They continued to eat every bite while having a conversation about music and the town. Moments after they finished eating, Raphael swiftly got up, took their dirty dishes to the sink and started washing them while giving praise.

“So, that was an exceptional meal, I must say. I’m pleasantly surprised!”

“Well, thank you. So, were you expecting something otherwise?” Amber teased while sticking out her tongue.

Her blue eyes shimmered and her legs swung as she sat on the barstool, watching Raphael.

“Eh. I figured it would be ok but that was truly delicious!”

He was brimming with tangible enjoyment. Amber knew she was a good cook. She cooked for herself every day and she loved to eat but she was having fun messing around with Raphael.

“I’ll bet you would have eaten it all even if it was absolutely horrible and probably still would have said the same!”

Raphael shook his head in playful annoyance.

“Au contraire! Yes, I would have eaten every bite but I wouldn’t have said a word because I would have been busy choking back something much worse!”

Amber threw her head back in laughter and stood up to lightly hit Raphael’s arm before she grabbed a nearby dish towel. She jokingly snapped it in his direction and then started drying the dishes as he finished washing them.

“So, about this nightclub. What kind of place is it? And you’re going to pick out something good to wear, right? Cause I have no idea what I’m doing.” Amber’s voice was cracking slightly, exposing her nerves.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. We’ll pick out something perfect. You’re going to have lots of fun. Trust me, it only gets better!”

Raphael’s deep voice was reassuring making Amber feel a little more at ease. For some reason, seeing this big man so willing to submit to Ms. V.’s every whim gave Amber a sense of comfort. She figured he had to be a pretty understanding guy. The relationship between them all was hard to understand but Amber felt positive about it.

Plus, Ms. V. had made it clear that Amber could walk away at any time and that would simply be the end of it, which probably meant the end of seeing Raphael, too. Amber didn’t want it to be over anytime soon. The fun was just getting started.

After the pair finished doing the dishes, they made their way upstairs to Amber’s temporary bedroom. Raphael sat on the bed, directly across from the open closet, scanning Amber and assessing her features as Amber stood to the side, looking at all of the new shoe boxes.

“Ok, I have about 25 minutes before I need to be back. I remember a few dresses that caught my eye when you originally tried them on.”

Raphael stood and took the few steps over to the closet then laid out a couple of dresses on the bed. Amber remembered all of those dresses had looked exceptionally well on her. She was impressed by his taste but knew she should expect nothing less. Raphael picked up a maroon, strapless dress.

“Try this one on first.”

Amber hesitated for a split second. She wasn’t wearing a bra but he could probably already tell since her DDD breasts had been swinging freely under the cotton T-shirt all afternoon. He had seen her breasts a few times already anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. Not wanting to seem scared, Amber bit her lip and tried to take a quiet, deep breath.

Raphael had taken his seat back on the side of the bed, only a few paces away from Amber. He watched, with patient eyes, as she slowly pulled the shirt over her head and slid her shorts to the ground.

As she bent down to pick up her shorts, Amber’s full breasts hung long and low, her nipples pointing to the floor. She stood up to place them on a dresser countertop, where she had put her shirt, and her breasts returned to their normal position. Amber put on the dress and gave a little twirl for Raphael, then turned to look into a nearby, full-length mirror. The dress was definitely sexy but a little bold for Amber’s usual taste.

“It looks incredible, but it’s not the one for tonight.” Raphael said.

Still sitting toward the edge of the bed, his eyes were scanning up and down Amber’s body.

“Try this one, instead.”

He had picked up a slinky black dress with thin spaghetti straps and made of a silky material that was loose and free-flowing. The dress swung and seemed to dance by itself as Raphael handed it to her.

Amber undressed again, this time not feeling quite as nervous about stripping in front of Raphael. She could feel that her nipples were fully erect from the excitement of Raphael’s Esenyurt Escort watchful eyes, being almost naked and the rush of cool air probably helped! Raphael’s eyes continued to rake over her body, practically tickling Amber. As soon as the dress was on, she saw a noticeable shift in his reaction. This dress, she remembered as one of her favorites, felt a lot better.

“This one, definitely!” Raphael smiled, approvingly.

The material made Amber feel sexy before she even turned around to look at her reflection. It was light and silky, making it feel as if there was nothing there. When Amber finally saw her reflection, she was slightly taken aback by how good she looked.

Maybe it was because she had been so nervous at the boutique, or maybe it was the champagne, but she didn’t remember the dress looking quite that good. Even though it hung loosely, her voluptuous curves were subtly accentuated. Raphael was rummaging through the shoe boxes and the bags he had brought. Eventually, he turned around with a pair of black pantyhose and heels.

“Try these on!”

Amber giggled. She enjoyed Raphael’s enthusiasm, it was like they were playing dress up. Not only was Amber getting a thrill from undressing in front of him, he also happened to be a very good stylist.

She slid the nylon stockings up her legs. It had been awhile since she wore pantyhose but she always had loved the way they felt. That pair was a fashionable sheer black and on the back of each leg, there was a line in the middle going up and down the full length of the leg.

There was also a small decorative pattern by the ankles on the back of the legs that seductively climbed up beyond her knees, some of it disappearing under her dress. The black heels added a few inches to Amber’s height, putting her a little over five foot, eight inches tall.

Amber looked at herself, in the mirror, in disbelief. She had never seen herself look so sheik. She pulled her hair back in her hands and looked at each side of her profile, twisting her body slightly while doing so. Amber could see Raphael standing behind her.

His eyes were glued to the real-version of Amber, clueless to the fact she was staring at him in the mirror. He bit his lip as he started to slowly reach out to Amber. He had a faraway look on his face, as if he was unaware of his movements as he took a couple of steps forward.

Amber continued staring into the mirror, watching as Raphael came closer to her. They were now standing so close that her ass brushed against his pelvis. The heels had given her extra height to put them at the perfect angle to be intimate. Amber’s jaw was slowly dropping, her face full of longing and visible in the mirror.

Raphael placed his hands on each of her hips and leaned in close, pressing his body against hers. He deeply inhaled, smelling her hair and neck, sending shivers down Amber’s spine. Suddenly, Raphael jumped back as though he had put his hands on a hot stovetop. His eyes were wide, looking as if he had been snapped back into reality.

“Excuse me! I’m sorry! I think I should be going, it’s about that time anyway. Wear this tonight. We will pick you up at ten PM.”

Raphael had rushed his words while keeping his eyes on the ground. Then he turned and hurried down the stairs, never looking back. Amber was stuck in the same spot, eyes on the mirror where Raphael had been standing. She could still feel warmth on her hips where his hands had been.

Even though Raphael and Ms. V. had completely different vibes, they both left Amber with confusion, desire for more, and wet panties. She started to undress and put everything back onto hangers, hanging the dress for that night on a hook in the bedroom. There were hours before it would be time to go so she flopped onto the bed, naked..


About twenty minutes before ten PM, Amber didn’t want to go anymore but she knew she was only being overly anxious. She was fidgeting and pacing around the whole house, feeling incredibly nervous and finding herself debating whether or not she should have a quick glass of wine to help calm her. Amber was certain, however, Ms. V. would give her a few drinks during the night. She didn’t want to overdo it. The past few times Amber had been out at night drinking were at sports bars. Those were only sometimes fun and almost always made her feel awkward. Even when she went out to fancier places, it was never anything serious.

The outfit she was wearing, and had earlier considered sexy, was now making her feel uncomfortable. Her version of a risqué outfit was usually a fairly conservative dress or blouse that showed some cleavage…nothing, compared to how much cleavage her dress tonight was showing!

Amber didn’t want to get too drunk. She liked getting tipsy but usually kept it at that. She paced circles around the main floor of the house thinking about that glass of wine when the decision was made for her. She saw headlight beams through a nearby window and knew it was them. It was time to go.

Sure enough, the black car was at the edge of the driveway, a decent walk of approximately fifty yards! She couldn’t help but get a little annoyed that they never drove all of the way up to the door. Amber was dressed in the outfit Raphael had picked out, the skirt of the dress was swaying with each step, tickling the tops of her knees.

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