The New Boss


My name is Jacklyn. I am 27 years old and was just promoted to Vice President of BB last week. I’m not a stunner but I have an okay body with a nice shape to it. I begin working here when I turned 20 and found it to be relaxing. However what everyone called the “Upstairs Crew” were very quiet and to themselves and were wondered about a lot. So when I got the promotion, I was very excited. However Miss Jones told me I had to come in at 7:30pm for the final interview. She told me to “wear something sexy”. I looked at her like a deer in headlights and said “okay.”I settled for a short black skirt and a black open collar top. I was in such a rush, I forgot to put on a bra Girne Escort and had to settle for thongs. As I walked in the office building, I was met by her receptionist. Miss Kempt looked up at me and took off her glasses. she was pretty with large breast and a fat ass. “Don’t we look cute today,” she said in a soft tone. “Thank you,” I said as I gulped down. she looked over me and I felt my panties get wet. she leaned over to me and I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Forgot your bra at home,” she whispered. I chucked nervously “Yea.” “Oh I think you have the Job!” “Oh okay.” “You can go in.” I walked in the door and came to a desk. Magosa Escort It was large with a leather chair. Sitting in the chair, a large woman. She was tall with sharp features. Her eyes were bright and her tits were huge. She couldnt be less than a 44dd. Jackie felt her panties getting wetter and she felt her skin getting hot. “Jackie sit down,” said Miss Jones Jackie sat down and crossed her legs. “I’m glad we can meet Jackie. I see you came to this company when you was twenty?” “Yes Miss Jones.” “You can call me Ann.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “No.” “Children?” “No.”Jackie wondered why was being asked this. She stared at Ann Kıbrıs Escort tits. They juggled as Ann began to explain her role of the company. Even though, she thought of herself as straight, her mouth watered to suck on Ann’s tit. She noticed that Ann too had no bra on. Her legs began to spread out. She felt her thong getting extremely tight and rub against her wet pussy. She tried so hard to maintain her sexual needs. She now knew she had to cum or she would go crazy. “Jackie,” she heard Ann say “I have to attend to something, do you mind waiting for about 20 mins?” “No problem.” Ann began to walk out the room. As soon as I heard the door close, I relaxed. I closed her eyes and couldn’t help myself anymore. I slipped out of my thongs and began to rub my dripping pussy. It felt so good. I heard her pussy juices swish around my fingers. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my inner leg. It was warm and soft. I opened her eyes to see Ann feeling my thigh.

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