The New Au Pair From Sweden


Note to reader:

I was at a loss to find a category for this story. It didn’t really fit any of the options. All characters are over eighteen

Libby and I had grown up together in small town England and hit our teen years in the very early nineteen sixties.

Though hormones ran riot, chances for sexual activity were pretty limited in those times. Skirts were long and though some girls were inventive ( a quick cock teasing flash of thigh deliberately adjusting skirt when about to sit down in the cafe, a momentary parting of the legs revealing a glimpse of stocking top, bare thigh and a knicker flash when easing out of their seat in the college library).

Does this sound pervy? Well it was the norm for me that’s all I can say. I jacked off many times after seeing the likes. And don’t give me the poor innocent girls story. Some of them well knew what they were doing. I could even argue that they set me off on my journey to fetishes and perversions.

Libby was an attractive brunette, much sought after for dates at college. It was with me she had developed a relationship though.

Libby had firm little breasts for sure, what the guys would describe as ‘a nice handful’. She allowed me to grope them over her sweater and bra in the cinema.

Many a date I walked awkwardly home from with aching cock and balls after hours of having my hard prick stuck down the leg of my trousers.

I lived in hope that she would eventually let me feel her up, let me get my hand into her knickers.

Mondays at school were ‘do tell’ days for both boys and girls, regarding what had

happened on Saturday night dates, but mostly, apart from a very few precocious types, there wasn’t much to relate to be truthful.

Two years into my marriage my mind drifted more and more frequently to those days. When I wasn’t watching porn that is, or getting into my latest fetish. Our sex life was incredibly dull.

Lying in bed, I vividly recalled a conversation with my best friend Andrew from that time at college like it was yesterday.

I was round at Avril’s last night,’ remarked Andrew, ‘her parents were out. Things got hot.’

I was immediately all ears. I had a kink for this kind of talk. Avril Grant herself was considered ‘hot’. Rumoured to be into what the Americans called heavy petting.

‘Yeah,’ went on Andrew.

‘ We made out. I got her tits out, worked her nipples till she was breathing real heavy. Had her skirt way up.

I played with her, teased her magic button through her knickers then yanked them down. Got my finger right up her tight hairy pussy. I stirred her honey pot real good, moving my finger round and round in her sticky wet cunt. She was in a real state panting and moaning. I made her cum!’

I listened in silence. I felt turned on, envious and jealous and even a bit disloyal to Andrew for having such conflicting emotions run through me. Ashamed also that I was now dying to have a wank after hearing all this.

‘I wish to hell I knew how you get away with all that Andrew,’ I finally admitted. ‘I can hardly get anything from Libby.’

‘Listen up Tom,’ went on Andrew. ‘I know she’s a hard nut to crack but take it slow old son. You need to get her on her own more. If she thinks all you want to do is to stick a finger up her hole she’s not going to like that.

Little bit at a time. Get her warmed up. See if you can get to playing with her bare tits first.

Tell her you just want to touch her over her knickers only for a minute. There’s a little nub of flesh just above her pussy lips, that’s the magic button. If you can get a finger on that just make circles round it and see what happens. If she tries to pull your finger away don’t let her, keep going even if she gets angry or begs you to stop. Be firm! Teasing her there can be a real leg spreader, even through her knickers. There’s a chance she will surrender and open up for business.’

I always listened to this stuff with my complete attention. I was wet behind the ears. All this was a different world for me and I couldn’t get enough information. I never doubted that Andrew was being truthful, Only later did I find out that he was talking about Libby’s clitoris and the part that played in a girl’s arousal.

Then Andrew had topped the lot.

‘ Linda Gemmell,’ he half smiled briefly. ‘That last disco at college, I took her home.’

My eyes widened. This was surely. a wind up. She lived in a big house out of town. The family was rich. She was studious, a loner and wore glasses which did nothing for her. Bit heavy. Unapproachable, stand offish I would have to say. The guys mocked her behind her back.

‘Tom,’ said Andrew, ‘this is strictly between us. I have my reputation to protect. It can’t get out. I would be laughed out of college.’

I nodded. ‘Got it’, I said

‘OK then,’ continued Andrew. ‘Just wait for this. I had a dance with her half an hour before the end of the disco. I’d had a few vodkas the guys had smuggled in. She was soft and yielding and I got a hard on. When the dance finished she said Bostancı Escort she had to go, last bus.

On impulse I said that I would see her home. We went to opposite ends of the hall and eventually slipped out one at a time. Nobody saw us leave.’

I said nothing.

‘On the bus,’ Andrew went on,’ I instantly regretted it.

‘Fuck a three mile walk back and probably for nothing. She was socially out of my class and I felt really awkward, I had let drink and lust addle my brain.’

Anyway when we got to her place I decided not to push it. Unlike me I know, but I was deflated. I was resigned to a quick good night kiss. But then she took my hand.’

‘Come round the side of the house,’ she whispered.

‘She made a shushing gesture with her fingers over her lips and then put her arms round my neck and kissed me. In a few seconds we were practically eating each other. I was wild for her, thinking I wanted to ride this hottie there and then.

She opened her mouth and let me push my tongue inside. She sucked on my tongue Tom, wow.

My penis was suddenly hard as a rock. I thrust my hips into her and she ground right back. Fuck Tom she was a goer. Who could have thought it? So middle class and aloof.

And then Tom she dropped her hand onto my prick and squeezed it through my jeans!’

‘I love doing this to boys,’ she panted. ‘It’s awful isn’t it?’

‘She started rubbing and squeezing my cock. I fumbled to get my zip down, but she knocked my hand away, I tried to stick my hand up her dress but again she knocked it away. I settled for what I was getting. She had managed to get a good grip on my length trapped down the leg of my jeans and was going at me.

My cock was stuck, aching real bad.

I tried again to get my hand up her dress and this time she let me. I got my fingers up over her suspender strap and then I was feeling her warm bare flesh. She was in heat, her other hand running through my hair as I kissed her neck.

‘Don’t stop!’ she gasped,’ don’t stop!’

My hand drifted right between her legs and I had my fingers on her pussy through her knickers. Fuck that felt so good and she was going crazy.

We wrestled about. I was going to blow Tom. I pushed two fingers into the leg of her knickers and worked them up into her sticky warm twat. She wriggled and wiggled as I explored her wet hole. Her hips were churning and then she bucked and squeezed my cock terribly hard

I couldn’t hold it. I shot my load into my underwear. A real big one, on and on.. I thought I was going to pass out.

We were both trembling, holding on to one other and then we stepped apart.’

‘ I have to go,’ she said her breathing ragged.

‘My legs were shaking. I didn’t know what to say to her and just turned and left.’

J e s u s ‘ I said to Andrew, ‘what a story.’

From that moment on I saw Linda Gemmell in a completely different light. I fantasized about getting her knickers off, going down on her and licking out her wet hairy pussy while she clawed at my hair. But the reality was she blanked me completely whenever our paths crossed.

Back in my bed at home I checked the time. I needed to get up. Libby would be back soon. But first I wanked myself off imagining Linda spreading her lips and lowering herself onto my face.

Those days back then were awkward for finding privacy and for Libby and I strict parents out to prevent the great family fear of the time – the shame of unwanted pregnancy – made it even more difficult.

The cinema provided limited opportunity for furtive fooling around. It wasn’t great but it was better than nothing.

In those days Saturday night was a full house and upstairs in the balcony most seats were taken up by teen couples. Sometimes Libby and I got lucky and found seats in the back row and even hit the occasional jackpot getting seats in the corner against the wall.

When that happened Libby and I saw little of the film showing. I had my arm round her and she moved in, her head on my shoulder. Eventually my hand would drift down and lightly brush across Libby’s breast through her sweater and bra. Libby would snuggle in deeper and I would take courage from this and close my fingers over her tit and gently rub and squeeze it.

Those nights, after I had seen her home, I could hardly walk straight, crippled by my aching balls and cock from having my hard on trapped down my jeans in the cinema.

The closest I ever got to Libby’s pussy was once when we were alone in the woods near the town on a long hot summer evening. She was lying down on the short grass and was half sleeping. Her legs had parted a little and I just stood there perving on her.

I could see everything. Her stocking tops, suspender straps, the pink vee of her knickers covering her pussy. I wanted to get my cock out but it was too risky.

Finally I lay down beside her. I was really tuned on and despite protesting she let me get my hand up her dress. Slowly, my fingers inched higher over her stocking tops and onto the bare warm skin above Ümraniye Escort them.

By this time I was light headed with desire, my hard on leaking pre cum, but to my intense frustration at this point Libby clamped her legs closed and pushed my hand away.

Still, we continued dating and got engaged. I had resigned myself to not getting a fuck until we got married.


Two years on now, married with no children, we were materially very well but our sex life was practically dead.

Both of us were in good jobs. Libby at the local private hospital, me with a national print firm. Already we were well off.

Our work patterns were awkward though so when Libby had suggested we get an au pair to ease the domestic burden and look after our two pedigree King Charles Spaniels it had not taken much to persuade me that it was good idea

Libby’s Take (1)

The truth was I was bored. I admit it. Bored and sexually frustrated To be honest I sometimes wondered why we had got married in the first place, Tom was the limit now really with his creepy ways. Before he had just been a bit wet really. In a way we just drifted into getting hitched. My sexual life was deadly dull, a quick poke from Tom when he was in the mood and that was about it. I hardly ever climaxed.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t kept in shape. I was still young, still got my breasts eyed up. Plus his fetishes were a turn off. He wanted to fuck me up the arse, tie me up.

I told him he was disgusting. He wanted a threesome. I told him to get lost. He retreated into porn. We were in a rut. He was getting floppy just like his cock.

Then Elise, came as au pair. Petite, smart, efficient, very Nordic and everything changed

I came to rely on her more and more and so did Tom. We didn’t realize what we were getting into though.

I have to say I was drawn to her, having feelings for her and just closed my mind to the idea that the same could be happening to Tom.

Tom worked long hours he traveled a lot and some evenings when we were on own Elise and I would share a glass of wine.

I became conscious of a certain intimacy between us. It was just there.

She confided in me. Told about her parents, her brother, how she was looking forward to her holiday back in Sweden. Her partner Kirsten was waiting for her. She stared into my eyes when she said that.

One evening we were waiting for Tom to return. He and I had a dinner invitation. Elise had taken to fixing my hair for me.

‘Lovely dress Mrs Smart,’ she said from behind me, watching me in the mirror. She had very attractive blue eyes


Mine were drawn to her breasts. She couldn’t help but notice that but I couldn’t resist it

Shall I put your hair up Libby?’ she asked, as she laid her delicate hands on my bare shoulders. A little frisson ran through me at her touch and the use of my first name.

‘Yes,’ I answered. ‘ Better I think.’

‘Mmh,’ went Elise.’ I agree.’

She ran her elegant fingers through my hair and lifted it up. She was watching me in the mirror again and I felt my self colour a little as our eyes locked. I sat there in silence until she finished.

‘There,’ she said, ‘ job done Mrs Smart. Is it good for you?’

‘Perfect.’ I murmured thank you.

Shall I fix your earrings also?’ she inquired.

‘Please, yes,’I murmured again.

As she put them on for me those cool fingers brushed against my sensitive ear lobes and I flushed.

‘I love the scent of your eau de parfum Elise,’I said softly. I was totally aware of her body being so close to me, Completely aware that I was flirting with her.

‘Thank you, answered Elise.’ Sometimes I put it between my breasts. Mmh and sometimes I spray it up my skirt.’

She giggled. I felt a little faint.

‘You seem very stressed Libby,’ said Elise. ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying that. Perhaps I could give you a massage next time Mr.Tom is away?’

She fixed a strand of hair that had drifted loose. Her fingers drifted across my neck and I tingled.

There was a glint in her eye. She toyed with one of my earrings.

‘I will make you feel very nice Mrs Smart,’ she murmured.

I closed my eyes. For the first time in ages I felt myself getting wet.

We heard Tom’s car pull up in the driveway.

‘Thank you Elise,’ I said giving her a hug. i could feel her breasts against me. My heart was pounding as she pressed into me. I didn’t want this moment to end. She stepped back, kissed my cheek.

‘ You’re so beautiful,’ she said softly, placing her fingers where she had just kissed me.

We heard Tom’s key turn in the lock.

‘I’ll go down and fix him a drink Libby,’ Elaine said

I watched her arse swaying as she slowly walked over to the door and left. My legs had turned to water.

Later that evening when we returned by taxi from dinner we found Elise in the kitchen. She was wrapped in a short toweling robe.

‘Please excuse me Mr and Mrs Smart,’ she said.’ I just came down for some hot milk.’

Please I said Kartal Escort it’s not a problem Elise, would you care to join us for a night cap?’ That came out before I had even thought about it. Tom and I had had a few drinks. at dinner.

‘Yes please do Elise.’ said Tom,’ we would like that.’

‘Thank you are very kind,’ said Elise, ‘but I’m a little tired. Please forgive me. I will just go and read a little now. Please excuse me.’

‘Good night then,’ said Tom. I detected disappointment in his voice.

I watched her walk up the stairs. So elegant, those tight hidden buttocks that blonde hair, I wanted to touch it. If she had turned back to look she would have seen me staring at her exposed bare thighs, but she didn’t.

What was running through my mind was the thought that she was possibly naked under that robe. I had never wanted a woman before but I wanted her. I thought back to our earlier conversation when she was helping me get ready. Wishing now that I had grasped the moment and let it all out. I had everything to lose but I didn’t care. I should have told her that I was dying to touch her body,that I wanted her to take me.

Tom’s Take (1)

Was I unsettled in my marriage? Yes I was. Our sex life was shit. I admit i had become a bit perverted, addicted to porn and fetishes. I had simply completely gone off Libby.

That moment with Elise in the kitchen was a turning point. She had become a fixture in our home but now there was something else. That little robe. I had never seen so much of her legs. I was sure she had nothing on underneath it. I had turned away to fix our drinks, covering my confusion.

A week later I took the dogs out for a last wander round our extensive grounds at the rear of the house. I was going away on business for a few days in the morning As usual the dogs sniffed around in the bushes as I waited patiently.

Elise’s room and bathroom were at the back of the house and I saw the bathroom light go on. Of course the window was fitted with obscure glass for modesty, but I watched anyway. She was starting to make me feel so fucking horny.

Then the light went off and the bedroom suddenly pooled with light. I saw Elise move about the room. She had a tee shirt and skirt on and she glanced out of the window.

For a moment It struck me that she could see me, but the dogs and I were in deep shadow. She had her hair up and I watched the outline of her breasts as she untied it and shook it loose. Fuck I so enjoyed that.. I had got into voyeurism in a big way.

There was rarely a chance like this. I undid mt belt unzipped my jeans and worked them and my underwear down round my ankles. God my cock was throbbing in the cool air. I felt like a pervert but I didn’t care. I started to wank myself. This was better than fucking Libby, oh my god for sure.

Then she came right over to the window and I caught my breath as she pulled her tee shirt over her head revealing a pair of high firm breasts.

She turned her back and went over to the mirror on the far side of the room and started brushing her long blonde hair. I should have quietly called the dogs and gone in but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and now it was too late, I ogled her half naked body, my hand moving more urgently.

Elise put the brush down. Her hands went behind her. She unfastened her skirt, unzipped and eased down the garment to her feet.

I was mesmerized. desperately whacking myself off faster when I saw she had on a pair of little white cotton knickers.

Then she turned, worked them down and stepped out of them. She came back over to the window and looked out. I couldn’t believe my luck.

The fact that she was totally unaware of my presence was blowing my mind. I stared at her ripe naked body, her hairy pussy, going at my self harder and harder. My legs started to tremble as I fisted my bursting cock and I moaned as my body wracked and I started spurting cum.

The first blast shot high into the air and then three or four smaller spurts splashed out, some of it running back down my cock just as she slowly reached up and slowly drew the curtains.

That night I fucked Libby as she lay half awake complaining I had disturbed her. My mind conjured up pictures of Elise’s firm tits and hairy pussy as I urgently pumped into my wife till I climaxed and rolled off her.

The next morning Libby was having a lie in. I was packed and Elise had prepared my breakfast. She had on a tee shirt, a little skirt and ankle socks with tennis shoes. Fuck I thought as I eyed up those firm thighs from behind, wishing I could see her knickers, fantasizing about her legs wrapped around my neck.


She would be away on vacation in a month. I imagined having her before then.

She turned round from doing the washing up at the sink.

‘Shall I drive you to the station this morning Mr Smart?’ she inquired.

‘Thank you, that would be lovely,’ I answered, smiling at her.

‘No problems,’ she said. ‘Also may I fix your tie? it’s not quite right.’

‘Sure, why not!’ I let out a little awkward laugh.


Well she was up close and personal I caught a whiff of her perfume and felt my cock stir. Her tits were so close and inviting. It took me all my willpower not to put my hands on her tight little arse and pull her into me.

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