The Morning After…


I swim upwards towards wakefulness, the slight recollection of my dreams. Images of lips and naked flesh fading fast. No doubt brought on by the previous evenings exertions. A smile playing on my lips, I stretch my stiff muscles. My shoulders are particularly stiff; I arch my back and open my arms out as far as I can reach careful not to strike my sleeping partner. It is only now I realise that my hands are tied above my head. Instantly awake, my eyes shoot open to reveal nothing, the soft feel of something silky covering my eyes. A note of panic rises within me, not helped as I realise my feet are tied to each of the posts at the foot of the bed. Remembering the night before and the games we played calms me somewhat and excites me as well. Apart from, what I assume, a silk scarf around my head I sense that I am completely naked without even the covering of a sheet. My mind notes my erection, in its usual state for the first moments after waking but rarely as hard as it is now. I smile at the idea that my penis had caught on to the situation before my brain. I call out my lover’s name. Listening intently but no reply comes. I can hear the traffic outside, the normal sounds for a Saturday morning but no sound from within the flat. I feel/sense Küçükköy escort her within the room, turning my head from side to side to no avail. Trying another sense I sniff the air to get a hint of her perfume but all that I smell are scents from the previous evening. Sweat, pussy juice and my own cum. Testing my bonds I find that they are not too tight, leaving me a small amount of movement, but the knots are strong and will not yield easily. Now much calmer I relax trying to sense my lover. If she is in the room she gives no clue to her whereabouts. All of my senses heightened I feel a warmth on my right nipple and hear the soft whisper of breath. The room is already warm but my nipple stiffens as the hot breath caresses it. A low moan escapes my lips as the lightest of warm moisture touches, glances across it. I arch my back to find no mouth directly above it. Again only silence answers my straining ears. Tilting my head to the right, trying to catch any hint of my lover’s presence. A hot tongue fleetingly licks my left earlobe and is gone. I give in to my lover’s game fully aware that I will not be able to guess where she will strike next. She is always very light on her feet and with the Mecidiyeköy escort bayan deep pile carpet masking her footsteps I would have no chance of knowing her location. A moment passes and then suddenly the head of my erect cock is engulfed in my lover’s hot mouth before disappearing once again. I swear loudly. Then the head of my cock cools as she blows across the saliva coating it. I swear again. Suddenly my left nipple is squeezed and a finger touches the skin beneath my balls. Biting my lip as my cock twitches, swearing beneath my breath. Her finger trails up between my balls along the underside of my hard member to the very tip where she smears my pre-cum. Her finger leaves my body and then I hear a gentle sucking and for the first time a quiet murmur of satisfaction escapes her lips. I want to beg for more, so enjoying the exquisite torture, torn between the desire for ejaculation and the absolute pleasure to last for as long as possible. I feel a finger pressed to my mouth, opening it quickly, my tongue racing out to lick it. Expecting to taste my own seeped juice I find my lover’s taste instead. Sucking greedily, pulling her finger into my mouth cleaning all her pussy juice from Escort Merter her finger. Again she withdraws leaving me within the world of my limited senses. A nail appears at my ankle and slowly traces a line rising up the inside of my leg, a second joins it just below my knee and a third as she scratches roughly up the inside of my thigh. When they reach my crotch the fourth joins to roll over my balls and up along my shaft to disappear once again into the ether. My cock spasms and twitches in their wake. A moment later I feel her teeth lightly biting my left nipple, stretching it as I release a guttural groan. Again she leaves me in my isolated world. I look about, unseeing, when for the first time I feel the bed move beneath me. I look up realising she is on the bed, probably standing down near my feet. A smile plays across my lips. She grasps my cock firmly, pumping once, twice, three times before releasing it. I am on the point of begging her to give me release but unsure whether the spell should be broken. She knows that she has the power over me and I am happy for her to decide our course. I remain completely still waiting for what is to come. I feel the bed move slightly as she adjusts her position. The first clue I get is when a drop of warm liquid lands on my flesh just below my navel. It is quickly followed by another landing in my navel. I can hear a wet slippery sound from above me as slowly more drops splatter onto my stomach. I realise she is standing astride me, either fingering her wet quim or using one of her toys on herself.

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