The Moore Family Ch. 01


This story is short but will be continued! Only my second submitted story! Jillian smiled with excitement when the doorbell rang. She stood up from the couch and walked over to the door and upon opening it her smile got even bigger because the person on the other side was the pizza delivery boy she had been hoping for. He was tall, lean, somewhat nerdy looking with glasses and shaggy brown hair, precisely what Jillian wanted for her experiment. She looked at his name tag and it said Caleb, yes this was who her daughter, Ashley, had told her about. Ashley was blond; blue eyed, and fit, a cheerleader. Jillian was very proud of her daughter and was often mistaken for her older sister since she had had Ashley when she was nineteen. Jillian was definitely a MILF to all of Ashley’s male friends, which included the captain şişli escort bayan of the football team. Ashley could have any guy she wanted, but her preferences…well, some may find them strange. Caleb, for one, had been intriguing her for awhile. Plus, she thought he would be so horny he would keep his mouth shut about her family. Caleb hadn’t really had that much experience with the ladies yet. Ashley had found out that Caleb had lost his virginity, but that was about it. She was sure he would be dying to get freaky since he had only had sex once and awhile ago at that. As for her other preference, well….it was her parents. She loved having sex with her father, Richard. Jillian had just recently been playing with the two of them but it really turned them all on and they had decided they wanted mecidiyeköy escort bayan to make their threesome and foursome. Rather than meet someone sleazy offline, Ashley had opted for Caleb. They had all also decided that a surprise factor would make it even more hot, so when Caleb opened the door he was very surprised to see Jillian in a sexy, black negligee; he almost dropped the pizza box as his eyes roamed over her body, she definitely looked like she was twenty-six instead of thirty-sex. Jillian beamed when she saw that he liked what he saw and she gestured for him to come into the house, locking the door behind him, which startled Caleb; most of his customers didn’t do that. She took the pizza from him and asked “is this your last delivery that you have?” “Yes,” Caleb answered. escort şişli “Good, my daughter Ashley told me about you and we’re hoping that you could stay for a little while,” Jillian explained. “Ashley Moore?” Caleb sounded dumbfounded. He knew who Ashley was, she was one of the prettiest girls in their senior class, and both of them had been in young fives together so they were both eighteen. “Yes.” “Still, I can’t really stay here, I need to go back to work,” Caleb said. “Are you sure?” Jillian slinked up to him and pressed herself up against him, moving to feel his cock through his jeans. “Ma’am!” Caleb gasped, stepping back, even though he had been instantly turned on. “Ashley and I have a little experiment we’d like to do, and we’d like you to be the main star of it. Now, just let me get you more in the mood,” Jillian said and slowly sank down to her knees, drawing his cock out of his pants and sighing at the sight of his hard, young penis. “Mmm,” she murmured and rubbed his cock over her lips, sticking out her tongue and running it around the head and then up and down his shaft.

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