The Massage: Give and Get Laid



The best thing about graduate school was the abundance of coeds who no longer acted like girls. All were intelligent and mature but still in their early 20’s and very youthful. Many were truly beautiful. I quickly discovered that most were serious students, not party girls, so seducing them was quite a challenge. I dated quite a few but struck out often. After my first year I got laid reasonably often. But I usually just got to feel an occasional tit, so I beat off a lot, too. There were also a few real sluts, but sex with them was risky on several levels.

Carol was perhaps the most beautiful of the women I pursued seriously during my second year. She was a shorthaired, shapely brunette, 34C-23-35. She and I felt incredible physical chemistry, and “routine” kisses left us both breathing hard. However, there was a BIG problem. Carol was Jewish, and she had informed me early in our dating that she was going to marry within her faith, and she wasn’t going to risk getting too deeply involved with a Gentile. Her decision did not preclude going out with me, and she certainly didn’t mind a lot of just-short-of-sex action, either.

Carol was a hot tease. She often went braless, and more than once I had felt under her skirt and found she was not wearing panties. Carol would rub her body against mine until we both started to get hot, then just before it was too late to stop, she would push me away, saying, “I can’t let us do this! I can’t get this involved with you!”

Several times this happened with Carol nude to the waist holding my naked erection. Several times I was finger-fucking her when she stopped. It was frustrating, but I kept taking her out, not only because I really liked her, but I also enjoyed the challenge of trying to get her past her point of no return. I had also found out that she was on the pill, so I knew that she was “prepared.” So I kept dating her. And beating off a lot.


I almost got laid on my last “real” date with her. I took Carol to a party organized by a club to which I belonged, held at an off-campus apartment. About 20 couples began the evening, and there was a lot of drinking. By midnight the apartment was completely dark and only six couples remained. Several of these were taking turns using the two bedrooms for loud, passionate sex. Couples rotated through the bedrooms while everyone else slow-danced to sensual, romantic music. I tried to get Carol into a bedroom, but she immediately nixed that idea.

However she continued dancing with me in the sexually-charged atmosphere of the living room. As we danced, our arms were wrapped around each other and our mouths were glued together. We only broke apart to drink more wine and to use the bathroom. Carol finally reached the point of being just drunk enough to be relaxed, happy, carefree, and possibly careless. I decided to push my luck.

Carol was wearing a backless cotton sun dress that ended just above her knees. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, and I couldn’t see any panty line through the thin material. I thought – hoped! – that she was naked under her dress.

Other couples dancing around us soon carried with them the intoxicating perfume of their sexual activity. It was warm, and the smell of fresh cum and fresh pussy juice was really turning me on. I hoped it was doing the same to Carol!

It was! As the wine made Carol less inhibited and as our kisses got hotter and hotter as we danced, she allowed me to untie the straps around her neck and lower the top of her dress, bunching it at her waist, leaving her naked from the waist up. I began to kiss and caress her bare breasts. She pulled my shirt up so that her nipples were hard against my naked chest. She began to moan, “Mmmmh! Mmmmh!”

We were dancing far enough from the windows that we were in almost complete darkness. Carol sucked on my lips and tongue in synchrony with my fingers caressing her nipples. This was about as far as Carol usually went with me, but this time didn’t show any sign of stopping. Her moans became louder. I could taste fresh sweat on her breasts.

We continued dancing. Carol’s mons pubis was very prominent, and she rubbed herself against my upright and very erect penis. Her moans became little humming sounds as I stroked her bare upper body. She rubbed her hard-nippled, bare breasts against me as she moved. Our kissing was wet, hot, and aggressive. I could sense that she was approaching a climax.

As her side-to-side hip action rubbed her pubis back and forth across my erection, I began to take up the slack in the back of her dress, gradually lifting it higher and higher. When I had hold of the hem, I pulled it all the way up and I slid my hands down and rubbed the twin bare globes of her behind, verifying that she was truly naked under her dress. Carol was so drunk and aroused that she just giggled and kissed me harder. I had touched her this way before, but not when she was also topless.

Carol’s excitement continued to build. porno hikayeleri As we danced, I used my fingers to gently pull the front of her dress up from between us, and soon I had her entire dress gathered around her waist. I was dancing with an essentially naked woman. Carol started moaning and grunting and gradually lost all self-control as her passions overcame her modesty.

I used my hands on her naked behind to lift her feet off the floor, pulling her hard against me. Carol wrapped her legs around me, then twisted her hips so that the head of my upright, erect penis was firmly pressing against her just below her pubic bone. As she moved her hips, the tip of my pants-covered penis entered her. With my pants on, I probably only got about an inch of my penis into her vagina, but it was enough. Carol began to climax, wildly and with abandon.

My hands on Carol’s bare bottom held her completely off the floor as she ground her pussy against my penis, her legs twitching wildly. Her sandals flew off, and she wrapped her legs around mine, pulling hard against the backs of my calves. She cried out, “Ooooooh! Unnnh! Yesss!” loudly over and over in spite of my attempts to keep my mouth on hers.

Just as her first orgasm ended, she relaxed against me for a few seconds, then immediately begin to climax again as she rubbed against me. As exciting as it was to hold Carol as she climaxed, I was able keep from creaming my jeans because of the strain of holding her up. Besides I wanted my penis inside her when I came. I wanted to really make love to her, not just fuck her standing up in a crowd.

After several intense orgasms, Carol calmed down and kissed me. She was breathing hard and she was lightly covered with fine sweat. The sweet smell of her fresh pussy juice nearly caused me to ejaculate. As her last tremor finally subsided, I lowered Carol, and she regained her feet. She was barefoot and she leaned against me, kissing me passionately. Except for her dress around her dress she was still naked, and her legs trembled as she held me, much as they had done during her orgasms.

I slid one hand up onto a breast and gently cupped it while I caressed her hard nipple. I moved my other hand around to her abdomen, and I began to gently rub her fuzzy pubic mound. I started moving us slowly toward an open bedroom door. Carol didn’t resist, and she kept kissing and sucking on my lips as we entered the bedroom.

I moved a finger into her wet slit, and slowly slid it inside her, feeling for her G- spot. At that moment Carol suddenly snapped out of her passion as she realized that she was naked and alone in a bedroom with me. She pulled my hands away, pulled her dress back on, and announced angrily and loudly, “I want to leave! NOW!”

Carol picked up her sandals and stormed out of the apartment. I followed her with my tenting pants clearly demonstrating my state of arousal. Damn! How close can a guy get? My balls started to ache.

Carol wouldn’t talk to me as I drove her home. The aroma of her pussy juice filled the little VW, making my nuts hurt even more. As I got her to the door of her room, Carol looked me in the eyes and said, “This is too fucking dangerous. I can’t go out with you any more. We’ve got to just be friends. Goodbye.” And she fled into her room.

On the elevator to the first floor, and again on the elevator on the men’s side going to my floor, I noticed people glancing at the front of my pants. When I got to my room and pulled them off, the reason was obvious, Carol had left a huge pussy juice stain all over the front. I sniffed them, and the scent of Carol’s pussy made me hard again. My balls still hurt.

I went down the hall to the bathroom, sat in a stall, and quickly shot my wad into a handful of toilet paper. That was definitely not the way I thought I would be getting off after the way the evening had begun. Hell, I could easily have fucked her standing up! Why hadn’t I just unzipped and done that instead of trying to get her into a bed first?

I asked Carol out several times after that, but she always turned me down, usually just shaking her head and walking away. I talked to Linda, her cute, blonde, engaged roommate about the situation, and Linda told me that Carol was serious about marrying “a good Jewish boy” and that Carol was afraid of the intense attraction we felt for each other. I knew Carol was on the pill, but Linda added additional information. She said that several months before Carol had started taking birth-control pills because Carol wasn’t certain she could keep herself from having sex with me if I kept dating her. Apparently her resolve was strong enough after all. Linda’s advice was to forget about Carol – for both our sakes. Fortunately I found other ways to get laid, Three freshmen girls from the class I taught – Karla, Barb, and Carolyn – rode my pole for half the year, and that took the edge off my horniness, but that’s another story! (Sex Education Tutor by LeoDavis)


And sex hikaye that’s the way it continued with Carol for the next couple of months. I’d occasionally eat a meal in the cafeteria with Linda and Carol, but I stopped asking Carol out.

Then one Sunday morning, shortly after I had seen her sitting with some girls at breakfast, Carol telephoned me. She said she had a really bad muscle pull in her back, and she asked if I would be willing to give her a back rub. Without expecting it would be anything other than platonic, I agreed to go to her room about a half hour later.

I used the time to shower and clean up – just in case! Several times in the past I’d given back rubs that turned into incredible sex, so why not be optimistic, even with Carol?

The first hint that something might be up occurred when I knocked and Carol opened the door to her room. “Where’s Linda?” I asked.

“She’s out-of-town visiting her fiance and won’t be back until dinner time.” Carol said. So we had the room to ourselves for several hours.

Carol was barefoot, wearing a pair of tiny, loose, nylon gym shorts with an elastic waistband. If she had panties underneath, they had to be really small! Over her breasts she wore the top half of a two-piece swim suit that I’d seen her in before, and I knew it was only held up by the straps that went around her back. As Carol turned away from me, I noticed that only one of the bra-type clips on her top was fastened. Was this an accident or a signal to me? Carol liked to tease me after all.

Carol handed me some special massage oil she said was an old family recipe, and it smelled lightly of vanilla. Then she lay face-down on her bed, and I kicked off my sandals, took off my shirt, straddled her waist, and began to rub the oil around on her back. I quickly found the bad muscle pull.

Carol groaned when I rubbed her injury, and the stiff and sore muscle ran directly under the strap holding up her top. “I’m going to get oil all over your top unless I unfasten it.” I remarked, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

“Go ahead.” Replied Carol, and I undid the last clip, letting the straps fall away.

The sides of her breasts made enticing round mounds against the bed. My prick got hard and my erection pressed between her ass cheeks through our shorts.

I massaged the injured muscle hard, and Carol complained that it was very uncomfortable having her breasts rubbing against her swimsuit top, so she raised herself, tossed the top aside, then lay back down and used her hands to arrange her breasts so that she was more comfortable. Even though she was facing away from me, it was incredibly erotic watching her do this.

That was the moment I really decided I was going to try to do a lot more than rub her back! Images of my holding her naked – while we danced and she climaxed – flashed past my eyes! I inhaled and smelled the vanilla of the oil mixed with the wonderful scent of her skin. I hoped she was still on the pill. But pill or no pill I wasn’t going to waste another opportunity to make love to her, if one presented itself.

I gradually loosened and relaxed the injured area, then began to rub the rest of her back. There were quite a few little knots, but I easily rubbed them away, my oily fingers firm but gentle. Carol had her head turned toward the wall, and she was breathing slowly and deeply, obviously very relaxed.

I continued the massage, rubbing the stiffness out of her shoulders, then I worked down her arms. I kept returning to her back injury, but I was rubbing more gently now. The oil kept my fingers slippery.

I rubbed oil on the exposed sides of her breasts, and Carol giggled and told me that I was supposed to massage her back, not her boobs. “I thought there might be some stiffness there that I should rub!” I joked.

I kept playfully sneaking my oily fingers back for caresses on her breasts, but I spent most of my time rubbing her back. I gradually worked my way down to her waist, just above the top of her shorts. Then I got up, turned around on her, and I began to massage her legs, beginning with her feet which I reached by bending each leg gently upward at the knee.

Carol didn’t protest, so I continued firmly rubbing her legs. Her breathing had become faster. I found stiff muscles on the backs of her thighs, and I rubbed them out, getting my hands under her shorts and almost as high as her behind in the process. I didn’t encounter any panties! All she was wearing were the tiny shorts!

I finished rubbing the backs of her thighs, acutely aware of her near nakedness, then reversed myself once again and resumed rubbing her back. Carol’s breathing was quick and short, so I knew I was making progress.

As I worked back down to her waist, with a couple of playful rubs along her breasts, I found a stiff muscle on each side of her waist running under the waistband of her shorts, and I slid my hands under the waistband, rubbing those muscles. I could hear Carol’s breathing getting faster and louder. I seks hikaye kept rubbing just under her waistband, and Carol’s skin began to feel warmer against my fingers.

My hands under her waistband pulled on it, and Carol raised her hips, allowing me to lower her shorts a couple of inches toward her feet. The stiff muscle was still under her waistband, and my hands went lower. Again Carol raised her hips, and again I lowered her shorts. The top inch of the crack in her ass was now visible. I began to massage the stiff muscles as well as the gluteus maximus on each cheek.

The elastic waistband on her shorts slipped down to the bottom of her ass, and curly, dark pubic hair between her cheeks was in plain view. Carol’s breathing was now rapid, loud, and ragged.

I returned once again to rubbing her back, but now I ran my hands gently from her neck to the bottom of her ass, occasionally pressing hard, mostly just sliding my oily fingers gently over her skin. I reversed position again, and rubbed her legs, but this time I could only get a little above her knees because her shorts were so low. I leaned down and I could smell Carol’s aroused pussy through the vanilla scent of the oil.

I switched position twice more, and each time Carol got more excited. Finally I stepped off the bed, and while still rubbing Carol’s back with one hand, I undid my shorts and undershorts, dropping both to the floor beside the bed. My erection was throbbing with my heartbeat, and its head was a deep purple. Standing naked beside Carol’s bed, I began to rub her with both hands. Carol was still facing away from me, but I knew she had heard my pants hit the floor. She was fully aware that I was naked.

As my right hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts, Carol raised her hips, and I slowly pulled her shorts down her legs and I finally pulled them completely off her. I stood beside her bed, massaging Carol from her neck to her toes without any clothes to impede the strokes of my hands.

The oil made her skin sparkle, and she gradually spread her legs slightly apart. I leaned forward and sniffed her now visible, hairy pussy. I could see that her labia were swollen and beginning to open.

Maintaining a constant pressure and gently rubbing with my hands on Carol’s body, I slowly straddled her again, facing her head. My erect penis lay between the cheeks of her ass, and I oiled it while I rubbed Carol. I rocked forward and back. My oily erection slid sensually between the halves of her behind. Carol and I were both breathing rapidly and loudly.

Carol slid her knees up toward her head, spreading her legs apart, and I lifted myself off her so that she could do so. Then I squatted on my knees between her thighs with her pussy spread wide open in front of me. I continued rubbing her backside from her thighs to her neck. I leaned forward and my penis slid along her slit, pointing toward the bed. It slid up and down her wet pussy as I bent myself forward and back while rubbing her back.

Carol began to wiggle around on the bed, and she was making grunts and moans as she breathed. She began arching her hips as my penis moved along her pussy, and I felt the head of my penis sliding into and out of her labia. As her hip actions became more vigorous, I leaned forward and slipped my hands under Carol’s breasts and began rubbing her nipples with my oily fingers. They were hard as little stones.

With an incoherent yell, Carol suddenly rocked back on her knees, giving me complete access to her breasts and causing my penis to enter halfway into her vagina, doggy-style. I leaned forward, and I easily slid my slippery, oiled penis all the way into her, my balls slamming into her clitoris. She was so tight! The walls of her vagina gripped my penis and Carol had an immediate, violent orgasm. She screamed, “OH! GOD! FUCK! FUCK ME HARDER! YESSS! OH DEAR GOD! FUCK ME!”

As her orgasm began to subside, I started sliding in and out. After only a dozen strokes, Carol exploded again, even louder than before, “GAHHHHHHHD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! HARDER!”

Carol had several orgasms before I finally ejaculated inside her. She was in such a state of arousal that I really couldn’t tell when one orgasm ended and another began. She was so wet that each full thrust made a wet splat as our crotches collided.

When the clenching of her vagina on my penis began to end, she collapsed under me and I fell forward on top of her. My erect penis pulled out of her with an audible, wet pop. I changed positions and pushed it back into her. I could feel rippling contractions in her vagina. As we gasped for breath, I rubbed her oily body.

After several minutes, our breathing became less noisy, and I slipped out of Carol. I rolled her over onto her back, leaned forward, and we kissed for several minutes, stopping occasionally to get our breath. She wrapped her legs around me and mashed my flaccid penis against her wet, hairy pussy.

Carol had never looked more beautiful to me. She wore no makeup, her face was flushed, and she was covered with a sheen of sweat. But the just-fucked look on her face overwhelmed me with the desire to make love to her again and again. The look in her eyes reflected our passion.

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